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Finally, the agonizing Wait for the release of “Wonder Woman 1984” is over. After the original release date in December 2019 was postponed several times due to a pandemic, Wonder Woman 1984 will be released in theaters around the world later this December.

Well, considering that it’s been quite a while since we last saw each other, Lasso DC, Amazon Warrior, Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) waves in action, Фэндом here to warn you. So read on, while we tell you everything you need to know about the 1984 Wonder Woman.

Finally Back in Action

In her first solo film “Wonder Woman”, Diana took part in the First World War and took her on a world tour from her home on the hidden island of Femiskira.

In “Wonder Woman 1984”, we will be a few decades behind the neon spectacle of the 1980s (the key to the solution is not so hidden in the title), in the middle of the Cold War. Here we come across the more mature, confident but cautious Diana, who made her home in America while working at the Natural History Museum. Although, of course, she has not given up the fight for peace, as she continues to use her heroic pseudonym Wonder Woman.

Other places, both new and familiar, will also appear in Wonder Woman 1984, such as the home island of Wonder Woman-Femiskir.

What is the plot?

This time Diana will face not one but two opponents; the first of them will be Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), a dangerous businessman and powerful media magnate. The second is Barbara Ann Minerva (Kristen Wig), Diana’s ex-girlfriend and colleague, who later became a dangerous predator known as the cheetah.

From the trailer we know that God is proposing to realize people’s wildest dreams, but his benevolent promises seem more like the promises of a snake oil salesman in very beautiful clothes. In the meantime, Barbra-in dealing with trust issues caused by the fact that she is so close to the literal princess goddess – has turned her world upside down mysterious museum benefactor, interested in rare gems…

The Heroes

Diana Prince is certainly the least surprising mention here; what is the movie Wonder Woman without Wonder Woman? As we have already mentioned, this is the other side of Diana; not exactly the naive warrior princess from the first film and not the optimistic unifying force from the Justice League (2017). Instead, we are dealing here with something average; we are watching Diana trying to reconcile herself to the consequences of her immortality as the world flies past her.

Nevertheless, the decades have passed since Wonder Woman left Diana some nice new tricks to brag about; for example, using her lasso to whip lightning into the sky and catch bullets.

Also in the trailer it can be seen that at some point Diana will swap the well-known red, white and blue Amazon for a shimmering gilded cupid (complete with wings). Although it will be the first live debut of Cupid’s Golden Eagle, it is not new to DC Lore at all. Cupid appeared several times in comics and other media, and the first time-in the infamous comic series of 1996 “The Kingdom has Come”.

Steve Trevor returns surprisingly after his supposed heroic sacrifice at the end of “Wonder Woman”. Despite the mysterious consequences of his return, the reunion of Steve and Diana looks positive. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see Steve back in action; this character is one of the most famous and important allies in the history of Wonder Woman (you know, except Superman and Batman).

Where Diana had difficulty understanding the world in the first film, here Steve will have difficulty adapting to all the changes that took place after his disappearance many years ago. So get ready for a healthy number of tropes and jokes from the 80s at his expense.

The unraveling of the nature of Steve’s return will undoubtedly play an important role in the story, and fans will speculate on a possible connection with the villain Maxwell Lord. Speaking…

The Villains

Maxwell Lord IV may not be one of DC’s most recognisable villains, but he is certainly one of the most dangerous. The character has had many different incarnations of the years, with the most frequent traits carried across being his immense wealth and telekinetic/psychic abilities, which are usually used to persuade/brainwash unwitting victims.
The villain is no stranger to Wonder Woman either, having frequently crossed paths with her and the rest of the justice league’s heavy hitters. Lord proved to be a powerful adversary, pushing Diana so far that in one instance, she killed him to save Superman (much to superman’s behest), though he would later return to life.

It’s unclear as to what Pedro Pascal’s version will be like in Wonder Woman 1984 and what, if any, powers he will have. Pascal himself has said, ‘The thing I love most about Max Lord is he’s not a fighter – his shirt doesn’t come off, he doesn’t have any moves or anything like that.” That that doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous. What we do know is that he’s the head of Black Gold international, fleecing investors of their money under the promise of oil that he’s yet to find. Whatever his involvement with Diana, it’s safe to say that this villain will prove to be a big problem.

Barbara Ann Minerva is the third character in the history of DC Comics to be nicknamed the “Cheetah villain”. The Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman’s oldest and most dangerous enemies, similar to Lex Luthor and Superman or Joker and Batman.

In most pictures you are character cursed to wear guardian spirit of the cheetah, which, in addition to that ensures your namesake, gives him a high strength and lightning reflexes that claim to be with Diana. In addition, the cheetah has razor-sharp claws and canines.

The 1984 version of Wonder Woman, played by Kristen Wig, seems to be a combination of the villain’s various origins in DC; Barbara will begin as Diana’s friend and colleague before the charm of the Lord’s offering takes her down a dark path and begins her transformation into an “Apex predator” known as the cheetah.

“Wonder Woman 1984 “seems to be an exciting, unexplored Chapter of”Wonder Woman”. The positive early reactions already indicate that the film was definitely worth the wait! So we hope that you enjoyed our Wonder Woman 1984 acceleration course and that you are as excited as it will affect the rest of the DCEU.

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