Which Adventuremobile Is Right for You?

Are you sick of sleeping in a tent? No judgement—us, too. While tents are great for backcountry excursions and still the most affordable way to spend a night under the stars, a growing number of people are ditching them for camping vehicles. In 2019, the North American Camping Report by KOA found that the interest in truck campers, RVs, camper vans, or glamping doubled from the year before. Camping under a solid roof usually means a warmer, drier, and more comfortable night of sleep. Plus, you can leave your adventuremobile packed with the basics, making it easier to head out the door at a moment’s notice. 

The only problem is zeroing in on what to get. A van or a truck camper? A rooftop tent or a teardrop trailer? With more ways than ever to sleep outside, navigating the advantages and disadvantages of various vehicles can temporarily take over your life. (Not that we’d know.) So we designed this flowchart, below, to help you find the one that’s right for you. 

One last pro tip: no matter what you think you want, it’s a good idea to rent one first if you can afford it. With more companies renting every type of setup, it’s easier than ever to try something out before you make the commitment to buy.

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