What You Can Do With a Mandalorian Helmet

In Star Wars lore, the Mandalorians were an ancient class of warriors that date back thousands of years to the beginnings of the Old Republic. As we see in the Mandalorian, wearing the helmet was a sacred duty at all times for the warriors who followed the Mandalorian code. The helmets are made of blaster and lightsaber resistant beskar steel, making them a must-have to increase your chances of survival in the dangerous Star Wars galaxy. But they also supported a whole host of other technologies and tools to make the Mandalorians feared opponents in battle. It is no wonder that the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett takes the Mandalorian armor for himself, according to the tradition of his father Jango Fett-none of them has agreed beyond that, credo Mandalorians. If you manage to get your hands on an authentic Mandalorian helmet, here are the superpowers you might have.

See over long distances
The most common feature of the Mandalorian helmet is a robust telescopic zoom, and a telemetry function. It is shown in almost all Mandalorian helmets in Rebels and the Clone Wars, and we also see that Din Djarin uses it several times in Mandalorian. On many headsets, the magnification capacity seems to be connected to your targeting rangefinder, which looks like some kind of antenna when stored in the top position. You often see Mandalorians turning the rangefinder in front of your eyes when you need a good look at your target. However, Djarin did not mount the rangefinder on the side of his headset like Boba Fett, and instead the telescope zoom function is controlled by an interface he wears on his left arm.

The trail of a

See over great distances

Boba Fett’s smartest move is also the first time we see him really in action: after Han Solo announces his plan to escape Darth vador’s pursuit in the Empire Strikes Back by swimming with the trash of the star destroyer, we discover Fett’s ship, the slave i, following closely. In his cockpit we see Boba Fett with his rangefinder down and look at some kind of rifle scope or monitor. In all likelihood, Boba Fett uses the combination of his targeting area and Slave I’s navigation computer to analyze the path of the Millennium Falcon and beat Han Solo in Bespin with enough time to set a trap in Lando Calrissian’s dining room.

Track a starship

Boba Fett’s most clever move is also the first time we really see him in action: After Han Solo announces his plan to finally escape Darth Vader’s pursuit in The Empire Strikes Back by floating away with Star Destroyer garbage, we spot Fett’s ship the Slave I following close behind. In his cockpit, we see Boba Fett with his targeting rangefinder down and peering into some sort of scope or monitor. In all likelihood, Boba Fett uses the combination of his targeting scope and the Slave I’s navigation computer to analyze the Millennium Falcon’s course and beat Han Solo to Bespin with enough time to set up a trap in Lando Calrissian’s dining room.

Scan footprints

Back to the ground, the thermal imaging capability of the Mandalorian helmet could penetrate thick walls. At the same time, the thermal improvement was so sophisticated that it could detect new footprints during a career. In the Mandalorian episode “Sanctuary”, Din Djarin follows former rebellious soldier Cara Dune after he suspects that she has captured the child. Djarin mentions finding footprints again with his helmet in the final episode of the “Redemption” season, while he searches the tunnels for a way to return to the Mandalorian mystery.

Watch your back

According to Star Wars: Attack of the Clones: the Visual Dictionary, Jango Fett’s helmet includes a new feature that has never been seen in movies before. Around the crown of the helmet is a “pineal eye sensor”, with which Jango can see fat behind him. Handy to have when you fear someone sneaking up behind you, or to keep a total tactical awareness during a fight.

Set a trap

Mace Windu beheaded Jango Fett during the Battle of Geonosis, and the child Boba Fett vowed to take revenge on the Jedi master. After infiltrating a group of young clone interns, his first attempts on Windu’s life only resulted in the crash of a Republic cruiser — which Windu survived. But when Windu and Anakin Skywalker on, inspected the wreck in The episode ” war of the clones “R2-D2 Come Home”, discovered the headphones of Jango Fett. Anakin picked him up to investigate and set off a bomb that young Boba Fett had hidden inside. The explosion trapped the Jedis under the rubble until R2-D2 could provide help to save them.

Listen in on conversations

In the Mandalorian episode “The lie”, Din Djarin uses the powerful thermal camera of his rifle to look through the walls of a building to see the client and Dr. Pershing discussing the Yoda-like child. What is even more impressive is that the Mandalorian presses a button on the side of his headset so that he can clearly hear the client asking the doctor to “pull out the necessary material and deal with [the child].] “Hearing that they are planning to kill the creature drives Djarin to save them by breaking his relationship with the bounty hunter’s guild and forcing him to flee.

Mount a headlamp

You may wonder why, if your helmet already has a thermal vision to grant the opportunity to see in the dark and through the walls, a Mandalorian would have to attach a torch to his helmet, as Din Djarin does in the final episode of the season “Redemption.”But while thermal vision is useful to track hot bodies, it is less useful in the cold vacuum of space, where you need to repair your spacecraft in operation or work on the ship’s controls after a sudden power failure. Djarin seems to attach his headlamp mainly out of politeness, so Cara Dune and Greef Karga can follow him through the tunnels under Nevarro.

Trick it out

Mandalorian helmets are instantly recognizable throughout the galaxy, with a rounded top and a T-shaped visor that completely covers the face. However, few of these helmets are identical, giving the wearer considerable flexibility to customize the exact look of their armor. Compared to the relatively no-frills bucket Din Djarin, Boba Fett painted his helmet in red and green. Sabine Wren has her helmet with colorful patterns. Although this personal flair reflects his independent personality, even Sabine’s mother, Ursa Wren clan chief, wears a detailed yellow design on her helmet. In Mandalorian, the humorless gunsmith decorated her helmet with spikes and ornate hardware. This is a surprising amount of personal freedom given the Mandalorians ‘ strict code and respect for their armor. But in a society where everyone has to keep their helmet at all times, personalization is probably necessary to distinguish who is who.

Launch a missile

In the animated series Rebels, Manadorians often attack with the only missile of their jetpacks. But only in the last episode “the Marshal” of the Mandalorian do we see that someone is actually using the helmet to target the jetpack missile. The marshal holding the episode uses Boba Fett’s helmet, which he has acquired from some Tatooine Jawas, flips the targeting rangefinder and uses it to get a missile lock on a fleeing landspeeder. The marshal fires the missile again later in the episode against a Krayt dragon. Fans might even realize that when Boba Fett’s helmet snaps into a target, a chime sounds that resembles Darth Vador’s TIE-hunter attacking the Death Star in new hope.

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