What Wonder Woman Was Actually Up to in the 1980s

Fans have been looking forward to Wonder Woman’s 1984 debut since the sequel was announced that followed Wonder Woman’s 2017 success. Of course, the oracle could not predict all the obstacles that stood in the way of the 80s movie “Patty Jenkins Helmed”, which was finally shown in some cinemas-but especially on the HBO channel Max — on December 25.

To try to feel some of his comic-book-inspired films, let’s dig into the stories of Wonder Woman that DC published during the film’s decade of action.

The Story Of Two Realities

When the 1980s began, it was a strange time for a Wonder Woman. The popular TV series starring Linda Carter recently ended in 1979, but continued to live in the heart and repeat itself for the next decade. The same goes for her appearances in the highly anticipated animated series “Super Friends”. In the comics, however, their stories did not exactly blow people’s heads. Even with big names like Roy Thomas, Gene Colan, Gil Kane and Don Heck, these stories — while still entertaining, funny and even progressive at times — are not welcome as obligatory character performances. But fortunately, as the decade passed, great things awaited ahead.

Wonder Woman and the JSA

Before you delve into the wonder woman exploits of the 80s, there is something that also requires an upgrade: the multiverse. When these comics were published, DC decided to offer readers a variety of realities. Earth – 1 was the home of the Justice League and its deeds, while Earth-2 was a world where the justice society was founded and continued to be heroic until it basically hung up its coats and allowed the next generation to take over. as from such names as Infinity Inc. So at that time two wonder women were running around to varying degrees. Earth-2 Diana married her longtime companion Steve Trevor, and the couple had a daughter named Lita, who later became the hero of Fury.

A few Amazonian warriors got to know each other and quickly became friends, but the Earth-1 version was the one that played in the series “Wonder Woman” until the 80s. To get an idea of how these two realities worked together, the Judgment in Infinity from Wonder Woman of 1982 # 291-293 provides a great example.

In this extended story, the wonder woman of Earth-1 discovered a strange creature called Richter, who sent four horsemen of the apocalypse to Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-S (a reality inhabited by Shazam and the like) and Earth-X (where the Nazis won World War II). To save these realities, she collaborated with various heroes such as Power Girl, Huntress and Supergirl.

Hard Restart

In the middle of the decade, DC decided to arrange its titles and end multiple realities with a story entitled “Crisis in endless Countries”. This series of 12 issues, which had connections in every title along the way, eventually erased everything from the face of the Earth, leading to an entirely new universe (commonly referred to as New Earth) and a new Wonder Woman volume in 1987.

George Perez’s Wonder Woman #1 cover

This new series, written and drawn by the legendary George Perez, found that the Amazons were the reincarnated spirits of the women whose lives were taken from them. These women, led by Ippolita, flourished in art, science and sports, but could not fulfill their deal with the goddesses. After a bloody battle with the troops of Hercules, which was partly provoked by Ares, the goddesses to life on Femiskir far away from the Rest of the world.

There Hippolita finally created a daughter from the mud at the sea. Blessed with the great powers of the gods, the child sighed, so Diana was born! She became the daughter of the whole island and learned from her sisters when she grew up to be a formidable warrior.

When the Paradise island Oracle said they should send the best to stop the destruction of the planet Ares, the Amazons held a tournament to see who would be their champion. Although her mother forbade it, Diana still stepped into the mask and eventually earned that honor by becoming a Wonder Woman.

The Kingdom Come golden armor

George Pérez’s work on the character became one of the most mentioned periods in Diana’s 80-year history. Perez captured the mythological elements he and Marv Wolfman were immersed in with the new teenage Titans and expanded them into a world that has since had a huge impact on almost every version of Wonder Woman, including in the movies. In fact, the armored warrior who took on the role of the character later influenced the armor of the Golden Eagle, which first appeared in 1996 in “The Realm of the Future” and now debuts on the big screen in “Wonder Woman 1984”!

Claws Come Outwards

For decades, the cheetah has been one of Wonder Woman’s most persistent enemies. Priscilla Rich, the first version to debut in 1943, was a jealous secular lioness who became a costumed criminal after Wonder Woman overtook her at an event. In the 1980s Wonder Woman # 274, Rich’s niece Deborah Domain became the new Cheetah.

Barbara Minerva’s Cheetah

The name Barbara Minerva-that’s Kristen Wig’s secret personality in the movie-appeared after the crisis resurfaced and was founded in 1987 in Wonder Woman #7. Minerva was an heiress, like her predecessors, but raised the cheetah’s mantle to a new level and became a hybrid of human and animal!.

As the 1980s established her new personality, Barbara Minerva’s current version of the comics — from the reality known as The New 52, which described the story on the same scale as the crisis in the infinite lands — seems to have influenced Viig’s choice the most. She is a super-intelligent woman who has mastered several languages and twice became a doctor of archaeology, who eventually becomes a cheetah that moves between human and animal form. The trailer gives the impression that Minerva Wiga begins as a silent scientist and turns into a wild cat rage.

We Need to Talk About Max.

In addition to the cheetah, there is another outstanding villain in” Wonder Woman 1984 ” -Maxwell Lord. Played by Pedro Pascal in the film, this character is a media personality who tries to offer people their heart’s desire (suffice it to say that they should probably be suspicious). While an interesting look at the character is reminiscent of the ubiquitous TV presenters and advertisers of the time, the specific connections to the comics are a little nebulous.

Justice League International’s Max Lord

Maxwell Lord first appeared on the comic stage as a businessman who wanted to rule the world’s premiere super team on the pages of the classic International Justice League. Shadow, like many businessmen of the 80s, Lord was partially possessed by the powerful AI, after he was freed from this burden, an alien genbombe discovered hidden superpowers in a part of the population, including Max. Now he had the ability to control the thoughts of others, but it was not easy for him.

Much later-in 2005, in the “Countdown to Infinite Crisis” – it turned out that the Lord all the time secretly built a power base and eventually took control of a spy organization known as”Shah and Mat”. He even went so far as to kill one of the members of the Justice League, the Blue Beetle. The Lord in the film tries to take pieces and fragments from the character’s long history and at the same time create something unique for Pascal to play with.

What happened to Steve?

Supposedly dead in the first movie Wonder Woman, it was a little surprising to see Steve Trevor Chris Pine not only alive, but apparently not aged in the 1980s. The Comics of this Era laid the Foundation for the story of Steve Trevor’s return.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor from the Golden Age

The pre-crisis comics had two Steve Trevor, just like a few wonderwomen. We were talking about a family man on Earth-2 who married a Wonder Woman, but the Earth-1 version has been killed in recent decades. Trevor, who reappeared in the early 80s, came from another alternate reality in Wonder Woman # 322. However, after the fight with Eros, Steve was exposed to a violet ray that gave him all the memories of Steve Diana knew. The couple struggled together until the crisis spelled out the story.

With Pérez’s” Wonder Woman ” reboot, the relationship between Steve and Diana has changed a lot. As seen in the 1987 film Wonder Woman # 2, he was an older man who wanted to do the right thing but had no romantic spark that developed in other versions of their relationship – including the popular version that Chris Pine played on screen.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on December 25 in some theaters and on the channel HBO Max.

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