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Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter is a 1987 American scary thriller movie, directed by Arthur Penn and also starring Mary Steenburgen, who plays 3 roles. It is a loose remake of the 1945 film My Call Is Julia Ross.

On a snowy New Year’s Eve, a female gets in a train station to get a pouch loaded with cash money from a coin-operated storage locker. Later on that evening, she drives into a vacant parking lot and exits the cars and truck to put a phone call. As she anxiously smokes, she tells the other party she will certainly wait just a couple of even more mins.

After she comes back in her cars and truck, a male is seen in the rear-view mirror, in the rear seat, undetected by her. When she sees him, she is strangled, and her left third finger is eliminated.

Katie McGovern

In New York City, having a hard time actress Katie McGovern (Mary Steenburgen) resides in a confined house, with her out-of-work digital photographer partner, Rob Sweeney (William Russ). Her visiting bro, Roland (Mark Malone), makes the tiny room even more confining. The pair’s behind on rental fee as well as other bills, so, Katie feels the pinch to get an acting job which will assist them, monetarily.

Roddy McDowall

Checking out a list of casting telephone calls, Katie circles one: a vaguely-worded summary for a lead actress, that have to be available immediately, as well as going to take a trip. At the open-call audition, in a space full of other females aspiring for the work, Katie is hired to be spoken with by Mr. Murray (Roddy McDowall), that employs her instantly.

Dr. Joseph Lewis

The pair drive upstate right into the midst of a raving snow storm. When they come to the remote residence of Dr. Joseph Lewis [citation needed] (Jan Rubeš), he happily invites her. Dr. Lewis is a paraplegic, restricted to a wheelchair. He provides her a brief excursion of the house, which features a variety of trophies from his hunting days, including 2 large, packed polar bears. Katie asks to make use of the phone to call Rob however finds it has no dial tone. Dr. Lewis surmises the storm must have downed the lines, and Mr. Murray would drive her into town in the morning to make her telephone call, if needed.

Video Footage

Dr. Lewis describes that Katie has been employed to change Julie Rose, an actress that had a worried breakdown throughout a film shoot and was chosen as a result of her physical resemblance, as the plan is to still utilize the footage fired by Julie, with brand-new video footage of Katie.

Julie Rose

When Katie sees photos of Julie Rose (Additionally Steenburgen.), she is stunned by the similarity, saying loudly, “I could be her sis!” Dr. Lewis (who is skillfully retired from his area, and now is a capitalist in this independent film), claims a test-reel on videotape will certainly be shot tomorrow, which the director will certainly view when he arrives.

Mr. Murray

The adhering to day, Mr. Murray tries to drive Katie right into community to make her telephone call, however his automobile will not begin. Mr. Murray cuts and also dyes Katie’s hair to match the photos of Julie. Asked just how they met, Mr. Murray describes that Dr. Lewis was his psychiatrist. The shoot works out. Katie’s lines all seem to eerily explain the attack scene at the movie’s start.

Mr. Murray slips out and reconnects the vehicle’s ignition. He drives to a house, where a lady, whose face is never ever shown, sees him from her upstairs window. Mr. Murray slips the videotape via the mail slot. The hidden woman sits down, facing a display, and also enjoys the video of Katie. After the examination footage finishes, Dr. Lewis appears on the video clip to inform the anonymous woman-viewer they require to fulfill, as well as he will contact her quickly.

The Next Morning

Katie locates a notebook with Polaroids of Julie’s corpse. Horrified, she confronts Dr. Lewis, who clarifies that Julie’s breakdown ended with her self-destruction. In the parlor, Katie’s surprised by an appear the fireplace, where she sees her motorist’s certificate burning. Unable to obtain it, she hurries to her space and discovers all of her ID is missing out on from her pocketbook. Katie runs away your house without a coat. The climate is so savage, she winds up crawling to the top of a hillside where, to her horror, she admires see Mr. Murray, that informs her Dr. Lewis is stressed as well as is waiting on her.

Back at the House

Dr. Lewis claims her creativity is running wild. Katie realizes that Mr. Murray has drugged her hot delicious chocolate. In her room, she barricades the door with furniture before she loses consciousness. As she sleeps, Mr. Murray enters her room from behind a full-length mirror. Katie awakens in a fresh resting dress with a bandaged hand. She peels off the plasters to locate her left third finger has been removed and screams in horror.

Her barrier uninterrupted, Katie rapidly finds the secret door and a staircase to the attic room, which has a working phone. She calls Rob and explains that they are mosting likely to eliminate her. Rob asks where she is, but Katie can only remember unclear landmarks about the drive upstate. Rob orders her to call the cops, which she does. As she falls down, she sees the body of Julie Rose. Mr. Murray gets here as well as tears the mobile phone off the phone, taking her back downstairs to Dr. Lewis.


As Dr. Lewis restores her finger, he explains that Julie was associated with a savage bad blood with her sis, Evelyn. As an extreme treatment, Dr. Lewis had actually encouraged her to blackmail her sister, supposing that it would help her attain a catharsis. He was pleased with Julie’s progression yet did not anticipate Evelyn to eliminate her, purchasing the gunman to take her finger as proof.

Throughout his explanation, the authorities get here. Katie is confused concerning a sedative and Dr. Lewis declares that she is his individual, so the authorities leave without much of an investigation. On the other hand, Rob and Roland have begun to drive upstate, making use of the handful of ideas they need to try to locate Katie.

Katie kills Evelyn

Katie wakes to find Evelyn standing over her. Dr. Lewis offers her as proof that Julie is still active, to continue the blackmail. Katie fakes a retreat effort, tempting Dr. Lewis and also Mr. Murray away from the house. She pleads with Evelyn to help her getaway, but Evelyn is encouraged that she is really Julie and also assaults her. Katie kills Evelyn and also poses as her to attempt to escape.

Mr. Murray understands the ruse, however Katie stabs him in the neck. Dr. Lewis is additionally not tricked by the camouflage as well as lunges at Katie from his wheelchair. Using a fire texas hold’em as a prop, he follows her upstairs and at some point right into the attic room, where Katie manages to kill him. Rob as well as Roland show up with the cops, having persuaded them to revisit your house.


(grunt) (ominous music) Aaauh! (thud) (groans) (barking) (growl) (echoing scream) (Music) (beep) Really- one thirty, John you need to check in with me, you break your parole and… I don’t want you going backwards. Call me. (beep) (knocking at door) It’s open. SISTER: Hey. JOHN: What are you doing here? Consider it an intervention. I’ve seen the show- aren’t there… supposed to be friends? You don’t have any. Nice. Dobson told me he’s looking for a driver. I’m not working for Dobson.

Escaping Plan

It will get you out of here. Eat some real food. And take a bath, you stink. That’s a pretty good intervention. DOBSON: Are you going to do this? How much? I told you how much. Tell me again. -Two hundred bucks. So I gotta drive sixteen hours round trip, all night, sit there all day – know what that works out to? No I don’t. Tell me. Come on, its shit man. Oh, okay, cool, go back to bed.

Hey, hey- I’ll do it, I’ll do it. Of course you will, because you’re as smart as you are handsome and you know you have no options. Hand these out when they board. Oh man… seriously. Hey, I got you this gig cuz of what happened, -Yes. -you get another DUI, and I’m screwed, not you.


I hear you like being screwed. Happy trails. Fuck me… Jesus Christ. BRADIK: Hey. RACHEL: Hey. How’s it going? -Good. I’m Bradik. Hi. You do this a lot? Geocaching? No. No, wow, want some tips? I can give you some pointers. No. No? Wow, virgin right? (chuckling) SIMON: Oh this is it huh? Yep. Looks great, it’s my first time, I’m super pumped.

Sorry, Simon Richards… I’m the head of the world wildlife forum. John Garber, I peaked in the twelfth grade. Here, I’m really good at self-defense stuff, I can teach ya some stuff if ya want, Sure, let’s do it. Here… throw a punch. Ow. Jeez. No, in slow motion. Nobody fights in slow motion.

Sweetheart. Sweetheart, listen if you go real time on me, trigger my shit, I go lights out. I can teach you something if you want me to. Like this Steven Seagal technique, grab this guy by the hair, stick your fingers up his nostrils, right, and then, while you got the fingers in the nostrils, don’t forget the fingers in the nostrils, you wanna twist like that, ponytail flyin’ in the air.

A Reunion

Great. MARCUS: Who’s your friend? BRADIK: I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced. RACHEL: Rachel. BRADIK/MARCUS: Rachel, Rachel. LINDSAY: Hey baby. BRADIK: Rachel and me gonna be long-time friends… hi… what’s your name? How’s it going?

You know, it’s very rude not to answer a person. Hey, your highness, your chariot awaits. EVE: My chariot needs a makeover. Well, don’t be like that now. Ladies. RACHEL: Hi. MARCUS: Ah, a reunion, bringing old friends together. ROBERT: I don’t see any friends here.

Wow. Angry. Very scary, oooh. Let’s take a dump in his truck. Hey. So what’s the deal with this? Geocaching? It’s like a treasure hunt but you use GPS and riddles to find boxes hidden throughout the woods. First one who signs the logbook out, wins. Wins what? A set of steak knives. Twenty five thousand dollars. Twenty-five grand for playing tag in the woods? Shit man, I’m in. Sorry, it’s by invitation only. Well that is too bad because I would kick your ass.


EVE: Honey, you need climbing skills, decoding, Braille, Morse, ROT thirteen, just sayin’. Well I hope you use your superpowers for good and not evil. Hm, the pirates always have more fun than the navy. Oh really? Welcome big guy. Your bus stinks. Thanks, excuse me. I think I hurt the bus driver’s feelings. Hey uh, surprised to see you here, I mean, I’m happy, I haven’t heard from you.

I know, I’m sorry, I’ve been busy… Wait, wait, who’s your partner? God don’t tell me it’s him. Best navigator around, best climber too. Yeah, I know but he’s Robert. I can use the money okay? So, I don’t know what you’re thinking but… four teams? I like those odds. I’ve shown you this five times. I know you’ve shown me this five times. -You’re retarded.

Normal Human Being

Can you just talk to me like a normal human being? So two loops? -Nope, that’s fine. We’re just gonna die, You’re gonna kill us. That’s fine. Yeah this is going to be fun. Ladies… Hey it’s me. Are we good? Alright. (Music) Fill it up. Here we are with Bradik, B-dik, you all know him, you don’t need an introduction, alright, let’s meet some people on this wonderful trip we got going on here…

Let’s start with the back, alright, we have a dumb haircut with a body attached to it, what’s your name? Simon. BRADIK: So, what’s your strategy for today? It’s interesting, I downloaded an app that does calculations and projections using the Vincenty method.

BRADIK: (Snoring sound) I’m moving on from you because the audience is going to shoot themselves in the face. Oh and uh… Oh I’m sorry, I apologize. Alright, here we have Eve, hey there Eve, turn around sweetheart, come on, come on, there you are… now what does it feel like for you to be defeated in such a horrible way. Sorry, those are my questions for tomorrow. I’m going to make you my bitch. Promise? Cuz that sounds awesome. That really does, alright, go back to reading.

UFC Fight

Hey there, so, in the sixty-nine position, do you guys have to kind of like tap each other, like a UFC fight… I’m going to fucking bitch slap you so hard. BRADIK: When you guys have sex, do you have to come up for air? LINDSAY: Sit the fuck down little man. BRADIK: Sir, what is your strategy for tomorrow? Two man team, both on the same page… no one goes rogue, leaving everyone behind. For some people, teamwork is not having to take all the blame.

English Robbie

I don’t know what that means. English Robbie. BRADIK: Is that biblical? Because it sounded stupid. BEN: Stalin knew how to get people on the same page. He sat before his cabinet and got an underling bring him a chicken, it was running around back and forth, he grabbed it by the neck and plucked it, live. When he was done, bloody feathers all around. The savaged chicken wasn’t running around any more. It stayed in his lap. Quaking in terror.

BRADIK: That’s stupid, I hate you. BEN: That’s how you control people. (somber music) Is this it? That’s what the map says. You drove all night? Yeah. Did you get us lost? EVE: No, this is right. Says we self-start at 7AM. That’s in fifteen minutes. LINDSAY: Oh, shit. Let’s go. Hey, check it out. A Tarpen? Jerry-rigged it off a car. It’ll tell us the exact location of every cache. That’s fucking brilliant, I love you.


For a sponsored event this isn’t very organized. How’s your ankle? It’s good. ROBERT: Eve! Sorry, gotta go talk strategy. MARCUS: No, go ahead. BRADIK: Ugh. ROBERT: What’s the read? So we’re at five thirty-seven at thirteen point nine, nine seven.

Channeling energy through the parts of your body that touch each other, that are touching the sky, also down to the earth below… This is where I pet the tiger… and the fish swim by you, it’s like I’m in a river. JOHN: Keep working on that tiger, one day, you’ll be a lion. MARCUS: Alright everyone, set your watches… six fifty five… now. First riddle…. alive without breath, as cold as death, this tale ends with me belly up. Run past me and then look up. Cold, I’m cold…. really cold… Stop it, no really… Okay. Dead fish.

Oh you’re so smart baby. I know. Hey, Vegas has got you at four to one. Bet the farm, I’m a lock. MARCUS: Twenty seconds. Are those orthopedics? Youth and vigor are no match for age and treachery.

Bambi LastBreathes

You smell like a cheese Danish. Three, two, one… ALL: Go, go! Shouldn’t we be running? EVE: Come on! RACHEL: Hey, come on! You know, that’s a dick move. You’re tailgating. Read it. A penance you’ll pay for the acts of depravity, no way to escape for I am the center of gravity. V! We’re close. Frolicking about before the blast, Bambi looks up and breathes her last.

Who the fuck writes this shit. Deer stand. Today. Fuck you. V! For victorious! BRADIK: What’s it say? I don’t know, looks Native American. What tribe used to live in this area? Shoshone. Here, decipher codes. MARCUS: Let’s go. Wait up. SIMON: What’s it say? Read it. Do you know the answer? Where are you going? ROBERT: Got it. BRADIK: Ka-kow! Where are they going? Doesn’t matter, this will tell us exactly where to go.


Up or around? Up. Definitely, fuck. What’s the terrain rating? Fourth class, small holds, we should probably tie in. The strata slopes down and away, over here it’s angled up. Is that a Tarpen? BRADIK: Ow, shi-. EVE: Those aren’t allowed. I don’t need a Tarpen to kick your ass. Bring it on. Is your cock ever soft? Only when it’s in your mommy. BRADIK: Okay, I’ll swing on you Boris.

Because of you idiots I lost four of my sponsors. EVE: Let’s go, we got shit to do. Pussy. Navigation was your one strength, now you’re just dead weight. I brought trail mix, like you noticed. (thunking noise) Woo… Ben! Down, down, down!

RACHEL: Oh my… EVE: Oh…. ROBERT: What happened? BEN: Logger cable cut him down. EVE: Oh… RACHEL: Oh my god. What the fuck…what the fuck happened? He had an accident. Is that my beer. MARCUS: Let’s go, get us out of here. JOHN: We’re not going anywhere. The bus, fuck, it won’t start. There’s no cell coverage man. LINDSAY: Did you check the plugs? JOHN: Check them yourself. Fuck. BRADIK: Hello, anyone. Pull my finger. Go away. BRADIK: Come on…

Need to get back

Hey whattaya got for tools? Pull it. BRADIK: Holy shit. MARCUS: What the fuck? RACHEL: Oh my god. LINDSAY: That bus is such a piece of shit. RACHEL: Oh my god. MARCUS: Everyone okay? BEN: We need to get back. BRADIK: You wanna see if it still starts?

The Nearest Town

EVE: How far to the nearest town? JOHN: Two hundred miles maybe. ROBERT: Two hundred and twenty six. MARCUS: Can I see the map please? What do you guys think? I don’t know, walk, four or five days maybe. LINDSAY: Maybe a car will come by. No? Somebody has to be at the last Geocache. MARCUS: That’s what it says, we’ll be with you at the end, fifteen miles.

ROBERT: Let’s go, we have a lot of ground to cover. MARCUS: What in the fuck we following this guy for? EVE: We gotta be close. Here we go. I stood strong before people came to my feet. I stand yet, a broken Centurion guarding my progeny scattered to the wind.


Well, that makes sense. EVE: Wait, what are the lines on the back there. Here I’ll check. ROBERT: Clever. It’s the image of a hieroglyph. It represents a waterfall in the clouds. There, where the water finds it’s way down the hill. MARCUS: It’s rotted through. EVE: We gotta go guys, weather is coming. MARCUS: I don’t guys, it seems kind of sketch. The bridge is fine, I used to hunt up here with my dad.

(wood creaking) Okay, maybe just go two at a time. Go ahead. Sure, everybody go. My turn. Yeah… listen, okay coyote ugly, women, children, men, then in betweeners. (wood creaking) (loud creaking) (creaking and cracking) AHHHH! Lindsay, stay calm. Look at me, look at me… Give me your hand- give me your hand. Steady… steady…. slowly…

Reason to Kill

LINDSAY: I’m fine. BRADIK: Ugh… LINDSAY: Still waiting for your balls to drop huh little man. Listen, tit queen, you might the top with red back there but in our relationship, I do the fucking. LINDSAY: Give me a reason to fucking kill you, just give me- Why don’t you go fist yourself? Stay away from Rachel.

Oh I just want to watch. Alright enough. What! You know, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what’s with the Thompson class ring? That’s where I went to school. Really? -Yeah. That takes a helluva GPA to get into. Or a hell of an arm. So how did you… -end up driving a shitty tour bus? I said I went there, I didn’t say I graduated. Oh god I’m sorry. It’s fine.

MARCUS: Helllooo! Okay, waterfall in the clouds, now what? We think. We don’t speak. Try it. No, no, no, you think, I’m freezing my ass off here. Hellloooooo! EVE: Hey, read it again. I got to make a doodie. Gross, baby. Stood strong before people came to my feet. I stand yet, a broken Centurion guarding my progeny scattered to the wind.

Progeny Stuff

What’s all that progeny stuff? Progeny means the seeds were scattered by these winds and made this forest. Oh yeah, I knew it was about trees and wind and stuff. Hear that? Hang on a second. EVE: Oh my god. MARCUS: Holy shit. JOHN: Is it loaded? No bullets. Let me see it. I’ll hold on to it for now. Anything else? Abide by these words or in ninety seconds screams will be heard. RACHEL: What? Aw, mommy. MARCUS: Hang on a second. No sooner spoken than broken.

RACHEL: I can’t- MARCUS: Shhh. (twig snaps) (screaming) Shit! Ahhh… God in heaven… Ahhhhh! We move now! (intense music) EVE: What the hell is going on? JOHN: Just keep moving. How much further to the bridge? JOHN: Maybe a mile. Fucking voodoo shit man. What did that clue say? MARCUS: Silence Bradik. We go back to where we came in, maybe someone saw the explosion.

Hold Kjeft Du Royskatt Gris

Yeah. Let’s try our luck on the road. RACHEL: I don’t want to see it anymore. We just left her there. Maybe Robert can give one of his eulogies. “Hold kjeft du royskatt gris.” What? Sorry, I didn’t bring my English to Euro-trash dictionary. Are you ready? JOHN: Where’s Ben? BRADIK: Listen bus-boy is right, that guy is dirty, I’m telling you right now, what I say we do is we find him, we attack him, we take his stupid hat…

I could hear all of you over a mile away. I got separated after Lindsay was killed, I went back to the bridge. It was gone. What do you mean gone? I don’t know. MARCUS: I don’t believe you. You’ll find out. Fuck! ROBERT: This bridge was blown. How do we know you didn’t do it? Why come back to warn you? We can’t sit out here in the open. She’s right, we’re exposed. EVE: Come on. EVE: Is there anoher way out? JOHN: Alright, let’s take a look alright.


We got the gorge here, mountains here and here, lake here. Actually, I remember a cabin up here. It’s off-season, maybe someone will be there. EVE: Well maybe they’ll have supplies or a satellite phone or something. Wait, you wanna go back in the direction where the lesbian got torn apart like a wishbone? Her name is Lindsay you dick.

BRADIK: I’m just telling it like it is. JOHN: Easy man. What if we found a way down the gorge and followed the bank of the river. ROBERT: Too steep, we’ll never make it. MARCUS: With no equipment we’re as good as dead. EVE: So we run? ROBERT: We evade.

BRADIK: This is not the game I signed up for. We are the fucking game asshole. ROBERT: Ugh…Eve. JOHN: Split up okay! Meet at the hunter’s cabin! Just fucking great. I get stuck with C minus team. RACHEL: Wait, maybe we should wait here for help. Ben, can you tell tits on a stick that we have to keep moving. We’re all in this together. BRADIK: Together? You wanna sip cocoa, huh, rent a rowboat, maybe roast some marshmallows.


Listen, you’re either helping me or you’re in my way. Right now, you’re in my way. EVE: His tactics, feels like he’s ex-military. MARCUS: That’s not military. JOHN: How would you know? MARCUS: Because I did a tour. EVE: Well, whoever is behind this knows this is the only way out. I’m going to get a higher vantage point, see if I can see the others. With Rachel they couldn’t have gotten far.

MARCUS: If they’re still alive. Pfff… What does this mean? So he knows the area right? Yeah, he says he used to hunt up here with his dad. Yeah, hunt what? Maybe we’re not the first. Maybe his dad is out there and he’s leading us right to him. Oh come on. MARCUS: Isn’t it odd. He’s left alone with the bus and it fucking explodes. He supposedly knows the area. All I see is some jerkoff leading us into trouble. Have you noticed those tattoos under his collar line? Those are prison tats. What? EVE: See anything? No, I can’t see em’ let’s move.

Peking Duck with Salad

Ahhh… (gasping) BRADIK: You think Geocaching is any way to spend your golden years? BEN: It’s a way to test ones’ self, see what you’re made of. What are you made of Bradik? What does that mean? Adversity doesn’t make the man, it reveals who we already are. I’m tired. We need to find a way to the cabin. RACHEL: Why? You need a puppet show, huh? Do we have to spell it out for you? Like an etch-a-sketch? It’s cover, there will be food, supplies there. Well, what kind of food? Peking duck with a three-bean salad.

It’s prefix, three course, really nice, try the rib eye, get it nice and medium rare, oh and the crème brule, it’s a nice passion fruit, how the fuck should I know. Why are you so mean? Sweet, I got an idea. Look… we can avoid all that shit over there if we cut across the quarry over there. We’ll be sitting ducks. Rachel, Rachel, come here.

Just Wanna Go Home

Do wanna go that way, or do you wanna go that way? I don’t want to go either way. Okay, that’s not an option. I just want to go home. We all want to go home pretty little girl. Okay, listen to me, do you want to go the super hard climbing way, or you wanna go the super easy walking way? I want to go the non-climbing way. Halleluiah. Coming with? BEN: You guys, you’re making a mistake.

Great, that’s great advice. Okay, well you stay right there and tell me how it goes, okay? You have blood on your face. Ow! I’m just saying you’d look better without blood on your face. BRADIK: Yeah, this is a good position here. RACHEL: Looks pretty open. Are you kidding me? I could run that in under two minutes. Yeah, I used to run track. I find that hard to believe. Varsity. You should see my calves, they’re huge. What? What about me? You’ll be fine too. RACHEL: What? What is that supposed to mean? Are you coming back? No.


JOHN: You guys see any tracks? MARCUS: I don’t see anything. (gunshot) (gunshot) EVE: Is that hunters? JOHN: No, a hunter’s rounds would be more measured. Those were pretty fast. It came from that ridge. EVE: Firing at the other group? JOHN: I don’t know. JOHN: Look, I think we’re being squeezed from both sides. (gunshot) Come on, let’s go. BEN: You okay? RACHEL: Yeah.

Stay down. Bradik. Yes Ben. Are you hurt? Uh-uh. Bradik… Yes, Ben. Come back where you came, to me. Okay. Thanks Ben. Alright, those shots came from around here. Whoa, whoa, what the fuck? You’re going to throw a pebble. Just get ready to move.

Hit Bradik!

Oh, uuhhgghh… FUUUCK, ow. You hit Bradik. Throw another one. Well, what the fuck’s he doing there? BRADIK: Fuuuck. Ahhh. Ugghh. Stupid, motherfucker. Ben, sorry I called you old. I am old. JOHN: What the hell were you guys doing down there. He took a shortcut. BRADIK: Ugghhh…it hurts. JOHN: Shut up. BRADIK: Fuck you, okay. Motherfucker hits me in the head with a rock and tells me to shut up. Oh god I hope you get stabbed in the heart. I want to go home. EVE: We all do. I miss pizza.

I miss beautiful naked women. JOHN: Shut-up. RACHEL: What is that? JOHN: Hey be careful I think that could be a booby trap. It’s a cairn. Originally used to mark Celtic gravesites. BRADIK: Pussies. RACHEL: Bradik! MARCUS: What is it? BRADIK: Bullets. I mark you death, cold and bloodless… in God’s light. JOHN: Jeez that’s great. More great news. MARCUS: Give me the bullets. Why do you get to hold the gun?

Because you know me. I don’t know anyone. What, you want to give it to the ex con? You didn’t think we knew about that did you? Why don’t you pull down your collar down and show us those prison tats? Listen, fuck you Marcus! Why didn’t you say anything? JOHN: It didn’t come up, alright? I told you he was full of shit.

I’m Guilty

How does a bus just explode? You know what Robert said to me when he died? He said Eve and Marcus. What the fuck did he mean by that? EVE: What the fuck do you mean by that? JOHN: I went to prison right, so I’m guilty. You’re ex military, you know what that means? It’s a gateway drug for sociopaths. MARCUS: Give me the bullets!! JOHN: Urgh… MARCUS: Argh.. EVE: Get off.

RACHEL: Guys… BRADIK: Dicks! You ok? JOHN: Look I’m sorry, ok. Don’t fucking touch me. JOHN: I’m sorry. RACHEL: Where’s Ben? JOHN: Fuck, I don’t know. Bad things happen when Ben’s gone. Where is he? JOHN: Come on let’s go. Do not give him the fucking bullets alright? Where were you? BRADIK: I’m sorry. ROBERT: (Gasping). (growling) (Ominous music) RACHEL: Ahh… RACHEL: Please! Hey! Hey!

BRADIK: Hey! Hey!! RACHEL: Over here! BRADIK: Over here! RACHEL: Don’t go. Don’t go. Are you kidding me? I will track you down and gut you like a pig. They’re not coming back. MARCUS: Nice, Bradik. Me? Look at her frickin face, she looks like fright night. Shut up. She’d scare a monster for Christ sake. JOHN: You lead us to a dead end.


Are you sure it’s even out this way? Pretty sure, I don’t know. -You’re pretty sure? Yes, I’m pretty fucking sure. Alright I don’t know. I haven’t been in this area since I was twelve. MARCUS: So we’re going on hunches now. We are going to risk hypothermia because ex-con has a notion? Got any better ideas? Yeah, don’t follow you. Any fucking time Marcus…. BRADIK: Ok ok, listen, listen, stop, stop, it’s iced over there, we can walk across. Come on. Dickweeds! Come on. Let’s go. JOHN: Fucking ass. RACHEL: Idiot! Fucking idiot! Holy shit. That’s not a cabin it’s a mausoleum. Truce? Let’s call it a ceasefire. (glass breaking) MARCUS: That was subtle.

JOHN: Thanks. I hope you like ghosts. (stairs creak) RACHEL: What’s taking so long? Come on! MARCUS: Hey, basement’s clear. Are you ok up there? JOHN: Yep. All clear. Let’s get everyone else. It’s all clear. Ahh… Let’s go. Come on Bradik. -Ok. JOHN: Just keep it small alright? MARCUS: She needs heat man. JOHN: There’s enough wind to dissipate the smoke. Any bigger and we can be seen from a distance.

Naked our Bodies

Don’t worry about it. These things heat up pretty quick. Don’t worry. EVE: Here honey. Let’s put this around you to keep you warm. I’ve got some stuff to wipe off your face too. BRADIK: You know. If we huddle together naked our bodies would probably warm faster. What? That’s not me, that’s science fact. RACHEL: Really? MARCUS: Hey I found some vodka and beans. That stuff is good and I don’t even like vodka. What the hell is that? RACHEL: Ahh… MARCUS: Shit. JOHN: Hey, give me some. BRADIK: You know what? It’s not that bad. Its kind of what I’d imagined baby deer to taste like.

You’re a terrible cook. BRADIK: I’m sorry. Next time I’ll put some scallions in. Hey, who do you think we’d eat first if we had to? JOHN: Bradik. Big boy. BRADIK: Me? -Yeah, I’d eat you. BRADIK: Wow I’m honored. I mean you get the most cuts from the biggest cow, right? But you know how I imagine myself.

I imagine myself like Kobe beef, like I’m kind of just sitting there, people massaging me, it’s like an experience. It’s not just a meal. Wow, you’ve really thought that through didn’t you? BRADIK: You’ve never thought about this? RACHEL: Something smells. BRADIK: You’re going to be smelling something later after this, red, I’m not kidding. MMMmmm…. you guys do not know what you are missing. Well there’s an organ. EVE: You are disgusting. BRADIK: Thanksgiving dinner here people.


JOHN: You know what guys, we should really get some shuteye. Yeah, we’ll sleep in shifts. Someone will keep watch. I’ll take the first. Good night. BRADIK: Hey, does my breath smell like rat? EVE: Really? Get out of my face. BRADIK: What? I need to know. EVE: Really? RACHEL: Bradik! Go eat it in the other room. Can’t sleep? No. Mind if I sit down? Sure. How’s your nose? It’s ok. If I get a bump there, I might have to kill you. You promise? Sorry about that. It’s ok. Why didn’t you say anything about prison? I don’t know. You want to talk about it? I got into it with some guy. It was in a bar. It always happens in a bar doesn’t it? Fight broke out. The guy clocked me. I hit him back. I hit him hard.

All that shit was… How long ago? I’ve been out for a year. Let me see it. What does it mean? It means sometimes you have to pick a side. Shift change, huh? Good night John. Crazy night, huh? Uh, yeah. Makes you think? About what? What’s important. Look. I don’t know how this is going to end. Don’t say that. Don’t want to die without telling you, how much I care about you.

Rachel Loves Marcus

I care about you too Marcus. But I thought we connected that night. We lost someone who we both loved. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Thanks god you were there. I was grieving. We were grieving. It was really hard losing him that way. I just… EVE: Rachel… you okay? (gagging) EVE: Rachel! Rachel! Come on! I need light, let’s go. She’s not breathing. MARCUS: Her airway is blocked. EVE: I need a knife and I need you to go into my bag and take apart the pen. Go now!

Hold her down Marcus. MARCUS: I got her. I got her. EVE: Hold her still. Are you ready… one, two. Shit, there’s no obstruction. I need a pen. MARCUS: Thank god she’s breathing. EVE: Oh… EVE: Okay, you can’t move okay? You understand me, don’t move. We had to go into your throat, do you understand? Okay. Look, you’re going to be okay.

Anaphylactic Shock

Okay? Here, I’m going to need you to hold this. Just for a second until it holds itself in place okay? You’re doing fine. You’re going to be great. EVE: She’s in anaphylactic shock. Her throat was swollen shut. JOHN: What could have caused that? MARCUS: Granola bars. EVE: Honey are you allergic to nuts, blink once for yes, or two for no. Did you get them here? BRADIK: So it’s poison, no? JOHN: This box is clean. MARCUS: So? JOHN: So everything else is covered in dust except for this.

BRADIK: How would they know she’d eat that? Come on, look at her, she’s a poster child for eating disorders. EVE: That could have been any one of us. BRADIK: So you’re saying every move we make, is planned from the beginning. EVE: Think of the choices you’ve made. Could you have made other ones? JOHN: Not if we wanted to live. BRADIK: We’re being hunted. JOHN: No, we’re being herded. BRADIK: This is worse than Scofield. MARCUS: Scofield was an accident. This is by design. What was Scofield?

EVE: I’m going to go heat up some water. JOHN: Marcus, what was Scofield? What the fuck. You’re going to be okay. I promise. JOHN: Scofield? You want to tell me about Scofield? We were at a Geocaching event there two years ago. Who’s we? Marcus, Bradik, Robert, me and Jeremy. Jeremy- Who’s Jeremy, and why isn’t Jeremy on this trip? Jeremy was my- MARCUS: He had a climbing accident. His line got tangled, snapped during a belay. You guys were close? MARCUS: We were all close. Was Rachel there? No, we just met her this trip.

Last Moments

What about Ben, Lindsay, Simon, were they there? I don’t know, why? Just trying to put it together. RACHEL: (Gasping). (fire crackling) JOHN: Fire… FIRE! Go on, go get Marcus! Go on. Stay low. EVE: Marcus! BRADIK: (Coughing). JOHN: Get her out of here. EVE: Rachel, RACHEL! MARCUS: Come on. EVE: Nooooo! No, no. JOHN: What happened? MARCUS: He took her. JOHN: Go, come on. JOHN: Eve! EVE! No, noo, noo. JOHN: Eve, Eve.

Where the fuck is she? MARCUS: I don’t know. JOHN: Where is she? MARCUS: She was taken. JOHN: Eve! Eve! BRADIK: Guys… BRADIK: Guys, footprints. Come on. BRADIK: What are we looking for? We’re looking for our instructions. Your requiem awaits as you pass through the door, you’ll have your last judgment, I am number four.

MARCUS: The four horsemen, pestilence, war, famine…. ALL: Death. Great. Okay. There’s our door. JOHN: Yep. You guys wait here. John! EVE: Hmmf… MARCUS: What is it? It’s our marching orders. MARCUS: Compass. What language is that? BRADIK: It’s English. O death where is your victory, O death where is your sting. That’s Corinthians.

How do you know that? It’s backwards, I’m dyslexic. JOHN: Let me see it. Look, there’s a gap right there, twelve degrees, North-North East. Right there. MARCUS: You know it’s a trap right? It’s been a trap since the bus blew up but that’s where Eve’s going to be.

What about Eve?

Let’s go. Fuck. We’re expected. We can’t just walk into their trap. What are you saying Marcus? I’m saying its suicide. BRADIK: What about Eve? Eve’s dead. You know it and I know it. Look, I’m sorry but you’re not thinking clearly. How do you know she’s dead Marcus? Because that’s their game.

Look, I loved her but if we keep going we’re going to die too. She’s not dead Marcus. How do you know? She was taken, she wasn’t killed. They want us to come. We take this all the way. BRADIK: He’s right. Oh god, fuck you Bradik. I’m done. BRADIK: Wait. We’ve been friends for a long time man, everything that happened to us…

And I don’t sleep too well anymore, how bout’ you? We have to do this. This is reality Bradik, it’s not a fucking video game. If we keep going, we will die. You want to leave her there, to die. How you going to sleep with yourself after that man? MARCUS: I’ll sleep just fine. BRADIK: Look at me. Look at me.


Give him the gun. Give him the fucking gun Marcus. BRADIK: Let’s go. JOHN: See ya. (Crying) (banging) (grinder noise) (howling) What do you think? I’m thinking, it looks like a place you go into, and you don’t come out of. You got balls Bradik. Thanks. Please. Let me go alright. I walk out the door you’ll never see me again. I don’t know anything. Just let me, please… just talk to me… what do you want?! Talk to me.

So, what’s the plan? Last man back buys the beer. Let’s call it a tequila run. I’ve come to take them back. Blanks. Pathetic. Join us… now. What’s this all about Ben? Don’t fuck with me. Hands behind your back. Face there. Here Bradik, cuff him. Look the other way. Slowly. Sit. Hands. Sit. You never said anything about murder. Things have escalated. They escalated when you started killing people.

End of the Game

It’s my ant farm and I’ll shake it when I see fit. ROBERT: The Kevlar, you didn’t tell me it wouldn’t stop an arrow. The arrow collapsed your lung that’s why your skin is blue… cyanosis. ROBERT: At the end of the game the King and the Pawn go back into the same box. (gunshots) (Sobbing) (growling and banging) The accent, starts to grate. What do you want from us? We’re going to talk about my son, Jeremy.

Tribute to Game

The boy you left on the mountain to die. This is a trial? I think we are more in the discovery phase. Why don’t you just kill us? There’s no sport in that. This was a tribute to a game my son loved. I gave you a chance. A way to distinguish yourselves. Sadly you revealed weakness and a lack of character.

It was a dangerous race. Jeremy knew the risks. What about the others? There weren’t even with us. Simon, the piece of shit that he was created Jeremy’s fund. It was his own personal ATM machine. Lindsay, search and rescue, didn’t even leave the truck, He was dead. He was not dead! (Sobbing) BEN: Get in the chair.


In the chair. And Rachel? Sometimes a little fish gets caught in the net. You stupid fucking idiot. Something happened to his braking device and he dropped. All we had left were bad choices. There was weather coming. BRADIK: We pulled Eve out. Jeremy. I’m so sorry. Apology not accepted.

JOHN: Goddamn it Ben! Down on your knees. Down! You’re crazy. For two long days he crawled down jagged rock breaking his bones. When he hit the ground he crawled over a quarter of a mile on one arm… and then the wolves got him. That rope, the one carrying my son, was cut, clean with a knife. Maybe he cut it himself. You don’t… Fuck you! You fucking maniac! You want a more measured response to the murder of my son? EVE: What is it, huh? An eye for an eye until the whole world goes blind? I’m taking more than eyes.

Let’s try it again?

EVE: I was with Jeremy for two years. He told me stories about his mother, his grandfather. Even his pet turtle and he never mentioned you once. You’re no avenging angel. What was he like? My son? He was kind. And funny. And a terrible singer. (intense music) EVE: No! Marcus! Stop Marcus! EVE: What are you doing? He knew I cut the rope. I felt bad about it but Jeremy got in our way. And then you go for this piece of shit.

What about that night? It was one night. You loved me. I saw it in your eyes! EVE: Why are you doing this to me? Let’s try it again? Ok? Let’s try it again. MARCUS: It’s too late. Sorry. (Growling) Fuck. EVE: You fucking bastard! JOHN: Fuck you!! EVE: What do we do now? JOHN: We stay alive. (Music) Closed Captioning by East Pole Media, Inc.


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