What Happens When You Kill the Ender Dragon 20 Times in Minecraft

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Dragon Ender is one of two Minecraft bosses, the other is withered. He lives after all and is generally considered the final Boss of the game, even if he was added First[I only]. The dragon is a highly anticipated Boss to fight as his downfall gives the player access to the outer islands of the end via the final gates portal. It will also activate the exit portal and allow the player to return to the afterlife.

Equipment checklist
Defeating a dragon can require a lot of preparation, and depending on your own skill level, different preparations may be required. Here is the most ideal collection of equipment for a beginner:

  • Diamond or netherite serrated enchanted sword, plunder III and Fire appearance (to throw optional)
  • Arc enchanted by force V, flame and Infinity (optional punch)
  • 1 arrow (or without Infinity, multiple stacks)
  • Full set of diamond or noetherite armor enchanted by protection IV and Unbreakable III (boots enchanted by the fall of feathers IV)
  • Diamond or netherite enchanted pickaxe with a touch of silk and IV or V efficiency
  • At least 10 golden apples
  • Highly nutritious foods such as steak, pork chops or bread
  • 6 slow drop potions or longer
  • 6 or more healing potions or regeneration potions
  • 6 or more power potions
  • Several piles of cobblestones or other cheap building blocks
  • Ender Chest
  • A few piles of Ender beads
  • Bucket of water
  • Several piles of glass bottles to collect the breath of the dragon
  • Torches to collect the dragon egg after the battle
  • Snow blocks or iron blocks and pumpkins to spawn golems that will deal with endermens
  • Sculpt a pumpkin to carry it and avoid the endermens until the player produces golems
  • Enchanted Crossbow by Quick charge III and piercing or multiple shot (optional)
  • Enchanted Trident III or enchanted Trident III (option)
  • One or two enchanted apples (optional)
  • One or two totems of immortality (optional)
  • Roles of elements
  • Sword
  • The sword (diamond or noetherite) is used to deal damage to the dragon on its perch, since it is safe from Arrows at that time.

Secondary use will be for caused endermens. The knockdown is ineffective against the dragon, but useful against the endermens. The fire aspect will make the Enderman more difficult to fight, as they teleport, taking damage for each fire tick. Looting will strengthen Ender with pearl drops.

The bow will be the main weapon of the player; [beginner, intermediate] both to destroy the final crystals and against the dragon as it flies through the air. More than two to three stacks of arrows, or Infinity, are needed for the first try, although you can do without it much less with practice.[intermediate, advanced]

If you are lucky enough to collect snow blocks on your travels, it is a good idea to keep them until you get infinite or craft funds or buy a large number of arrows. If you reach the final portal with a limited amount of ammo, you can keep your dragon arrows and use snowballs to destroy most, if not all, of the final crystals. The prior practice of shooting at the target is always a plus, although the fast speed of throwing snowballs can compensate for the inaccuracy if you bring enough. Discarded eggs and even ender beads can be used in the same way against finished crystals, but the main thing is to use something lighter than arrows rather than heavier. The Pearl, although precious, will teleport you to the top of the Obsidian Tower after the destruction of the final Crystal, if this is where you want to be, provided that you do not miss and teleport to where you do not want to be.

If you are lucky enough to collect a stock of luminous stone or luminous dust, you can turn the arrows you have into spectral arrows that make no difference against the Ender Dragon or the finished crystals, but you eventually get twice as much ammo.[Java Edition Only]

If a player does not want to use a bow, a crossbow is a great alternative. The advantages of a crossbow are that it has a greater range of fire and can deal more damage than a normal bow. However, the Crossbow can not be enchanted by infinity, so when you use it, the arrows can end. On the other hand, with an armor-piercing spell, the arrows thrown can pass through non-moving entities, so that it is possible (although difficult) to destroy several final crystals in one shot. Fireworks are not recommended because they do not destroy the final crystals and do no damage to the Ender dragon. In addition, Multishot can significantly increase your strike speed, while the dragon spins very high around the tops of the towers, where there is usually a waste of arrows to try with an ordinary bow or crossbow.

Ender dragon has an attack power of 15♥ × 7.5 with the head on a difficult difficulty. This is the third most powerful direct attack of any hostile crowd, led by a defender and a destroyer. In the Bedrock Edition, it is paired with wither’s dash attack, making it the fourth most powerful. Therefore, the player must, but is not obliged to, wear a full set of diamond armor or defense IV enchanted Noetherite.[beginner] wearing armor increases your chances of not dying, but it is not necessary.[advanced] because one of the most serious damage that can be avoided during combat, – this is fall damage, the fall of the feather IV on the player’s shoes can be critical.[beginner] spikes are also recommended because they will deal damage to any endermens caused when they attack the player.[beginner] Ender dragon can also face an incredible knockdown that the resistance to the fall of noetherite’s armor can alleviate somewhat.[start]

When a player enters the end, they can appear underground, so some kind of pickaxe[Beginner-Advanced] is vital to extract the stone through the end to reach the surface.Diamond, Netherite, and / or me-v efficiency may be required to extract quickly enough to finish before being attacked, {{Mark / beginner}] but iron is adequate, and even stone or wood can work.[advanced] a diamond pickaxe with a touch of silk is required to retrieve Ender’s chest.

Healing objects
Even if a player is well protected, he will probably die at least once.

Golden apples are the most effective healing object because they provide Absorption that will protect the player from most damage during healing. Bring 20 or more.

Powerful healing potions and advanced regeneration potions are also recommended.

Enchanted golden apples can heal players more than usual, but they are extremely difficult to find, so keep them only for extreme cases.

The totem of immortality can be used after the player has explored the Forest mansion or stopped the RAID. Place it in a free slot, and in case of fatal damage, the totem will explode and give regeneration with temporary absorption. Being equipped, you can not have a shield, which can be more important when blocking a charged attack.

There should never be a time when a player does not have food with him. Cooked pork chops, steak and pumpkin pie are among the most nutritious foods, so bring at least a stack of one of them. Golden carrots are even better, but more expensive. The player can also bring a cake in case he needs to eat quickly, because the cake can be instantly put and eaten without delay. However, the cake has a low saturation and saturation of hunger, so it is better to bring healing potions for hard-to-reach places.

Potions are extremely useful in battle to improve the player’s performance. Due to the dragon’s ability to repel, fall damage, and the possibility of being thrown from rocks, advanced slow-fall potions are almost mandatory. Power potions, jump potions, and speed potions can also be used to enhance the player’s abilities during combat. Master Turtle potions can also be used to reduce the damage caused by finite crystals, evil endermens, and the dragon.

Potions can also be used for emergency healing. Golden apples can serve as a healing substance, as they will allow them to regenerate, while being protected by Absorption. However, they are effective only when the player takes a reasonable amount of damage. In case of emergency, such as reducing health to 4♥♥, it is recommended to use healing potions as they heal the player instantly. It is recommended to turn them into spray potions, as they can be used faster than normal potions and heal them as quickly as a player can throw them.

Regeneration potions can help the player regenerate faster than golden apples, but they should only be used if the player takes damage over time, as the dragon can deal damage instantly.

Blocks can be useful for riding on towers. Harder blocks like cobblestones are better than softer ones. However, for dragon combat, you will need protection blocks from dragons, such as endstone or Obsidian. It is recommended to use blocks for mounting on higher towers and simply pull the end crystals on the courts from the ground. Also, the player may need blocks to build on top of towers that have cells around the end crystals. In addition, they can throw the Pearl of Ender to reach the top. The player can use ender blocks or beads for the bridge on the central island if they appeared on an Obsidian platform outside the main island.

Stairs can be an alternative to blocks for climbing Obsidian poles, since the player will not need to break the stairs to go down. Stairs are usually easier to place down, unlike blocks, in which case the player has to jump each time.

Ender Chest
Ender’s chest can potentially be used as it can store items that the player will not use during combat. It can only be restored with a silk pickaxe. All the chests of Ender in the world, including in different dimensions, are interconnected. Thus, even if the player ends up dying, all items in Ender’s chest will be safe. If the player makes a new ender chest, all the items that were originally there will still remain there.

Ender Pearl
After all, ender beads are extremely useful. The player can use them to climb the tops of the high towers or, if spawn’s platform is far from the island, the player can use them in such a way that he does not have to waste his blocks. Also, if they are high in the air or they are knocked off the edge and they do not have a slow-falling potion, the player can use ender’s bead to teleport to the island (you can also use the slow-falling potion to try to slide to the edge). Unfortunately, the bead does not fall faster than the player at most speeds, so it is not a reliable method to avoid falling damage, especially during large launches with Ender dragon. An alternative to the slow dropping of potions is to cover the main island with water or try to place water before touching the ground. Ender beads can also be used to summon endermites to distract endermens.

Empty bottles
The player must bring a lot of glass bottles, as they can be used to collect the breath of the dragon. It can be assembled from persistent purple clouds emitted when the Dragon’s fireballs hit the ground or when the dragon breathes sitting on a perch. Because the Dragon’s breath deals magic damage, it can pierce the player’s armor, so be very careful with it.

Trident is highly recommended, but it is difficult to obtain and is not necessary. To obtain it, the player must kill the drowned person who holds it, ideally with the plunder sword III. The Trident will be damaged, so you need to get a second one and combine them on the anvil to repair it completely or use the repair enchantments. However, if a player throws his Trident into the void, it will disappear and will not return to the player, even if there is a loyalty spell on the object.[Java Edition Only]

The Trident can be used to pump the player to the end of the crystals and easily destroy them. The player must enchant it with Riptide III so that it can develop into final crystals. However, the player will need a bucket of water to do this, so the player must bring at least three buckets of water.

Bucket of water
A bucket of water is extremely useful when the player fights a dragon and even before the start of the fight. It can be used to extinguish the lava that occurs when searching for the final portal. After all, if a player falls from the tower and does not have enough ender beads or potions that fall slowly, water can be used to prevent them from falling. Water can also help them cope with provoked endermens. If enderman chases a player, throw water at their feet (or yours) and enderman will take damage and teleport. The water also neutralizes enderman and he will again ignore the player. Just make sure that the water is not directed to the vacuum, as it will flow in this direction, pushing them into the vacuum.

If ender’s dragon throws the player high, he can use a bucket of water to undo the fall damage. If the player has two buckets of water and a pickaxe, then they can make an endless water generator and gradually flood the end, stopping the endermens, and the fact that the dragon can throw the player at a high level is no longer a threat, the more the end is flooded, it also eliminates the use of pumpkins and MLG water buckets.

Beds can be extremely useful for dealing a lot of damage to the dragon. Placing them down when the Ender dragon is on the portal and blowing them up will take up to 1/5 of the Ender Dragon’s health. Although this is a good strategy, it is extremely dangerous and you need to be careful. The main way not to take damage is to enter the Ender portal, place a bed, place a block next to this bed, and then right-click. This will reduce the damage to zero, because the explosion will not fall to hit you in the leg, and the block you placed will prevent your head from hitting.

Alternatively, terminal crystals can be used instead of layers. If you place several end crystals on the portal, wait for the dragon to point down and perch on the portal, then pull the crystals from the bow or throw an egg/snowball into it. The dragon will take explosive damage, plus 10 additional damage points if the Crystal was destroyed when the dragon is loaded with it. This is much safer than using beds, and explosions of finished crystals do not create the fires that create the beds. However, end crystals cost more than beds, which will cause significant damage to the terrain.

Portal search

All players start the battle with the dragon Ender with the eyes of Ender, as they are needed to find and activate the final portal that is in the Citadel. To make it, you will need an Ender bead and a piece of Blaise powder. You will need to allocate 12, because you will need up to 12 to activate the portal, and you will also need a few extra eyes to find the fortress.

To find the fortress, cast Ender’s eye in the air and he will float to the nearest fortress. Then it will fall back to the floor and you can lift it and throw it again. However, the eye has a chance of breaking when you throw it, so take at least 15 eyes with you. Watch for Ender’s eyes until they float down, which means the fortress is below you. If the eyes direct you to the village, the fortress will most likely be under the village meeting point.[Be only]

Dig underground to find the fortress. You can dig in a cave or even a ravine, so it will be difficult to find. Use water to extinguish any lava that stands on the way. Continue exploring the cave or continue digging until you see stone bricks that would indicate that you have found a fortress. Once you have entered the interior, take out your torches so that you can mark your exit and illuminate the area.

Another method for determining the location of anchor points is to use angles in which Ender’s eyes move from two different points to mathematically calculate the coordinates of the anchor point. Given the coordinates of the two points of the World (X1, Z1) and (X2, Z2), as well as the exact angles under which Ender’s eyes move, A1 and A2 (all measured from the Debug screen F3), the fortress is at the following coordinates:

X = (Z1-Z2-x2cot (A2) + X1cot (A1)) / (bed (A1) – bed (A2))

Z = (X2 – X1-Z1tan(A1) + Z2tan(A2)) / (tan (A2) – tan(A1)),

where Tan (X) is the tangent function and COT (X) is the cotangent. Using this method to find the starting point of the search, it is usually possible to find a fortress using only three or four eyes of Ender.

Portal number
Continue exploring the corridors of the fortress until you find the last room of the portal. Collect any chest loot you find. Once you see the portal room, run as fast as possible, because the active spawning of the silver fish is sitting on the broken staircase leading to the portal. Kill all the silver fish in the room and destroy the fright. You can also place a stone brick staircase in an empty space to complete the staircase, which will make the climb to the portal more fluid.

To activate the portal, simply insert ender’s eye into each portal frame. Some of the gantry frames may already contain an eye. Once all the frames in the portal are filled, the portal activates and emits a loud dragon-like roar, “reminding” that you are about to fight the Ender dragon.

The final Hall of the portal in the fortress, with the portal activated.
Since the journey to the end is one-way, don’t even think about jumping into the portal until you rearrange your inventory so that your dashboard contains the following:

  • Sword
  • Bow or crossbow
  • Hoe
  • Golden apples
  • Slowly falling Potion
  • Ender Pearl
  • Power supply (full battery)
  • Blocks (full stack)
  • Empty bottles
  • Put any items you won’t use in battle, such as loot found in the fortress, in your ender chest. Lift Ender’s chest using your silk pickaxe. Be sure to wear all the armor, but wear a carved pumpkin instead of a helmet. Holding the beads of Ender in your hands, enter the portal when you are ready.

Entry at the end
When you jump into the portal, you instantly teleport to the end, without giving time to escape. When you finally arrive, you will appear on a 5×5 Obsidian platform. The platform usually forms on the surface of the island, so you can just leave. If it forms underground, dig it to the surface with a pickaxe. If it is far from the island, throw the Ender gem on the island to save your extra blocks.

Reach the center of the island as quickly as possible and if you see a dragon diving on you, quickly jump out of its path. Drink a slowly falling potion in case you get shot. Before the fight, you will have to do a few things.

Because falling into the void will kill you and destroy your equipment, you need to stay as close as possible to the center of the island, or at least inside the circle of towers. If you are knocked down, you should immediately discard the Pearl of Ender. If you are fast enough and aim correctly, you can teleport from the void to the surface.

It is recommended to take backups with you, as they will deal with endermens while they fight the dragon. They can also clear an area in the center of the island so you have more space to move around. Snow golems or Iron golems make a better backup because they have stronger and more effective attacks than tamed Wolves. The only difference between the two is that the Iron golems will actually attack the endermens, while the snow golems will only chase them away. Bring enough materials to spawn at least five golems.

Until you have spawned your golems, you must carry a carved pumpkin to avoid the endermens. The best time for their appearance is when the dragon rests on its perch, as it will not attack you or your golems. You also need to spawn them on the sides, in case he releases the Dragon’s breath.

Once reinforcements are generated, rearrange your inventory so that your hot panel contains the following:

  • Sword
  • Bow or crossbow
  • Hoe
  • Golden apples
  • Slowly falling Potion
  • Ender Pearl
  • Blocks (full stack)
  • Power supply (full battery)
  • Empty bottles
  • Once your inventory is properly organized, quickly remove the pumpkin mask and wear a helmet. The fight against the dragon will begin.

Destruction of finite crystals
The destruction of the finished crystals is a key part of the battle, as they heal the dragon. When all the crystals are active, the dragon will recover faster than you would have hoped under normal conditions. It is possible to defeat the dragon as long as some crystals remain, provided that the dragon spends enough time away from them, but it is better to destroy them all. One end of the crystal is at the top of each Obsidian column. Usually around an empty exit portal there are eight to ten towers of different heights. The crystals on the highest towers can be difficult to see, but the healing ray they emit when the dragon is nearby will give their location. Try to destroy the crystal while it heals the dragon, because the dragon will take 10♥♥♥♥♥ of damage if you do so.

Ender dragon is healed by an end Crystal.

The easiest way to destroy crystals is to shoot them with a bow or crossbow. You need to move so that you can see it at least partially, aim your shot just above the crystal and adjust the view if necessary. In case of destruction, the Crystal will produce a powerful explosion. If you did not see the explosion, you will know that it was destroyed by hearing the sound of the explosion. You should always shoot crystals on the shortest towers as they are the easiest to shoot and if you use a crossbow you should check how many arrows they have after each shot.

Trying to climb to the top of the towers is extremely dangerous. Even if you build using anti-dragon material, such as an endstone, a dragon can easily take you down as you climb. For this reason, do not start climbing the towers before drinking another slowly falling potion. However, it is necessary to somehow climb to the top of the checkered towers, since pulling them from the ground is ineffective. If you choose to use the support method with blocks, place water below so that in case you are dropped from the platform, you can safely land in the water. In addition, if you use water and bring the Trident Riptide with you, climb into the air and land at the top of the towers. However, this technique may not be reliable.

Using ender beads is faster and safer than accumulating. A trick to measure your Ender Pearl shot is to fully load your bow or crossbow and release the arrow just above the top edge of the cage. If you throw the Ender bead at exactly the same angle, it will hit a block under the arrow’s trajectory, teleporting you to the cage. Break into the pickaxe cage and wait for the dragon to fly, because it cannot break the iron bars. If you have strong enough armor and are subject to Absorption, hit the crystal in the cage with your sword. Otherwise, build a few blocks from the crystal and shoot it with a bow or crossbow.

Once the crystal in the cage is destroyed, do not go down because some towers are higher than the cage. Build several blocks above the checkered tower and shoot the highest ones with a bow or crossbow. If the dragon makes you fall and you are not prone to a slow fall, you should use the Ender bead to stop your fall if you did not start with water. Drop the bead at the top of the tower in the cage and try to shoot those higher again. You can also throw a bead on the tops of the high towers and destroy the crystals with your sword. If you are on the highest tower, you can check how many crystals have been destroyed and how many remain. It is also a good place to shoot a dragon.

Kill the dragon
If you are not sure that you have destroyed all the crystals, let the dragon fly away. If you see a healing Ray, you will know that there is crystal left. After the last crystals are destroyed, you can start attacking the dragon. You can also replace your extra blocks with a bucket of water, as you will not need any more blocks. There are many ways to attack a dragon, but there are also many things to watch out for.

The dragon has three types of attacks: body attacks, breathing attacks, and dragon fireballs. The more crystals you destroy, the more The dragon will attack you. It will deal 10♥♥♥♥♥ damage if it hits your head, but its wings will only do 5♥♥♥ damage (without armor). Dragon breath will deal 3♥♥ Damage per second. The dragon has an extremely high throwing ability and can throw the player into the air at a deadly altitude, so he must continue to drink his slowly falling potions when he is exhausted. They will make the player immune to all damage from the fall.

Monitor your health at all times. If you get at least 6♥♥♥ damage at once, hide behind the tower and eat a golden apple. You must use your healing potions if they are about to die to recover instantly. If the totem of immortality in your hand goes out and you have another totem, quickly throw it in your left hand and immediately resume the fight.

The breath of the dragon

Dragon ender perched and released the breath of the dragon.
It is extremely useful to collect the breath of the dragon during the fight, as it can be used to prepare persistent potions, which can help if you want to fight the dragon again or want to fight the withering (if you decide to fight the dragon first).

To collect the Dragon’s breath, wait for the dragon to perch and make its breathing attack, or shoot a dragon fireball, one of which swells into persistent purple clouds. The only difference is that the Dragon’s breath instantly comes from a respiratory attack, while you have to wait for the fireball to hit the ground. To pick it up, just stretch the empty bottle and pick up the clouds in the same way you fill the water bottle. However, you should avoid contact with clouds, as the clouds will hurt you. Armor cannot protect you from the damage caused by the Dragon’s breath, because it is considered magical damage. The breath of the dragon can be stacked, so you need to collect as many as possible. In addition, the remaining bottles of your used potions can increase your collection.

While the dragon is flying, you can shoot him with a bow or crossbow. However, it is difficult to shoot the dragon because it can fly fast and the shots will miss if they do not align correctly. It is recommended to shoot at a point on the flight path of the dragon, which is the area in front of him, and he will fly far enough to fall under the arrow. Basically try to shoot him in the head, because the dragon takes the most damage on his head.

The more crystals you destroy, the more The dragon will dive into the portal. When it flies over the portal, it is safe from Arrow damage and you will be forced to use your sword. Here, get as many critical hits as possible, which will cause more damage, and it is possible to get more critical hits when you have a slow fall. It is also recommended to drink a force potion, as you will deal more damage using the force that the potion gives.

After a few minutes, you will begin to notice a pattern in the behavior of the dragon. He will dive into the portal once for each turn, so you need to make sure that you still have the power of potions when the dragon sits down. Memorize the dragon’s attack pattern so that your attacks are effective until the end of the battle.

Once 200♥ × 100 damage is dealt, the dragon will die and lose four rare rewards.

When he is killed, the dragon will fly away and disintegrate, and bright purple rays of light will burst from his body. Then it will explode and trigger a sound effect that will gradually disappear into the endless darkness of the end, leaving almost no trace of what it has ever been there. Then four rewards will appear.


What does the Ender dragon look like a few seconds after the murder.
Once the dragon is gone, the experience balls will be dumped by the rain from the sky. These balls can raise a player from Level 0 to level 68, which is worth 12,000 experience points. Some balls may fall into the portal, so do a few rounds around the portal, then sneak along the edge of the portal to catch a few more. As it takes more and more experience to get a level at higher levels, they will have enough to do more than ten spells of Level 30. The player does not need to receive the enchantments they will use; they can simply enchant additional equipment to use as a backup kit. The best time for a player to enchant the extra equipment is once they get home, in case they die and lose all the valuable levels they have gained (unless you have a lot of farming experience to get more levels than that).

Dragon Egg
The second reward is the dragon egg. It is at the top of the portal when it first appears. However, it cannot be broken directly, as the egg teleports if the player tries to do so.

Instead, touch the egg once and let it teleport to the endstone block. If the player cannot find it, follow the purple teleportation particles. To lift the egg, place the torch on the two blocks below and break the extreme stone block on which it is located. Because the egg obeys the law of gravity, it will fall on a torch and break like a collector’s item. If you forgot to bring a torch, take it out of the exit portal frame.

Alternatively, if the player has a piston and a Redstone source (such as a lever), place the piston facing the egg and light it with the Redstone source. The egg will always break like a collector’s item. To prevent the egg from falling into the portal, cover it with blocks.

If the player uses one of these strategies, he will successfully get a dragon egg. At present, it has no other purpose than to serve as a trophy to show that the player has defeated the Ender dragon, but it can serve as a perfect decoration or addition to the trophy room at the player’s base.

End of the portal
Perhaps the greatest reward for defeating the Ender dragon is the portal of the final gates, which is generated after the death of the dragon. The player cannot pass through it normally because it is too narrow to pass. The easiest way to get into it is to throw an Ender bead through it, but it is also possible to sprint through it if the player has a bucket of water, or fly over it with elytra if the player already has one. In villages and looting, the player can also use hatches to crawl through the portal. This portal is sometimes considered the only reason to fight a dragon, as it gives the player easy access to the outer islands of the end, which are the only place where the player can find the final cities, shulkers, choral trees, elytra, and the dragon’s head. Without an arrival gate, they are about 1,000 blocks from the main battle zone against the dragon (in both directions). Note that you can live on the outer islands and just walk around and you can find a lot of treasures. If you have gone too far and want to return, you can jump into the void as long as you have “keep inventory”.

Exit the portal
Since the fight is going on after all, the most important reward is to get out of the portal, which is the only way to get home. It appears all the time, but is only activated when the dragon is killed. The portal looks like a rock fountain, with torches on the sides, and the “water” of the fountain is made of Portal blocks that will take the player home.

When the player jumps into the portal, he will be treated to the end of the poem, which will tell him that he basically “finished” the game. Even if it can be ignored, it is still highly recommended to read it. They will then be reborn in the higher world at their rebirth point, which can be the rebirth point of the world, the rebirth anchor, or the last bed the player slept on. After that, the player can safely return to his base.

To take revenge on Ender’s dragon, the player must revive it with end crystals. To do this, the player will need seven shards of glass, an eye of Ender and a tear of Gast. The player will have to go to the underworld to get some of these materials.

To revive the dragon, Place Four end crystals one on each side of the exit portal. The crystals that will be placed will instantly disable the portal, shoot rays at the tops of the towers and drop crystals and cells on the towers. After that, all the crystals will shoot rays into the sky in harmony. The player will hear an extremely loud roar and see a powerful explosion that will resurrect the dragon and start the fight again.

To revive the dragon, place the final crystals in the configuration shown below.

The following dragons will lose less experience and will not drop another dragon egg, but it is still useful because it is the only way to get more dragon Breath. In addition, it will create another final gateway that can be used to more easily find other Final cities, but the player will have to prepare the same equipment again. However, if the player really wants to fight again, he can use new equipment that can not be used in the first fight.

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