What Happens When You Kill The Ender Dragon 100 Times

The Ender dragon is a host of enemy bosses that appears in the final dimension and is also recognized as the main enemy and the final boss of Minecraft. The Ender dragon is a large dragon that breathes fire, spews fireballs and can fly with great ease and maneuverability.



The Ender dragon spawns immediately when a player first arrives at the end. Players can also summon them again after the fight is over by placing four final crystals on the edges of the exit portal, one on each side. During re-summoning, a series of explosions resets Obsidian columns, iron bars, and final crystals.


After the defeat, the final dragon slowly rises and slowly disappears. There is an Explosion of 12,000 experience points-enough to bring a player from Level 0 to level 68. A Dragon egg is also produced above the central rock structure of the island. This structure generates an exit portal that allows the player to return to the higher world and reappear at their spawn point.

Each completed Dragon battle also creates and finishes the Gateway portal within 75-100 blocks of the exit portal. up to 20 can generate.

If a Respawn dragon is killed, it only receives 500 experience points and does not summon any other Dragon eggs.


The Ender dragon is a large black dragon with bright purple eyes. This is the largest crowd implemented in the game. Only the unimplemented giant is bigger. She has some dark gray features, such as the wings and various other parts of her body. Just like the eyes of Endermen and spiders, the eyes of the Ender Dragon are visible through the darkness, so a player can see them coming through the dark sky of the end.


The Ender dragon will spawn at all levels of difficulty; however, in peaceful mode, it still shoots harmful fireballs, but its body does not hurt. The Ender dragon Rushes at a player and destroys all the blocks it passes through, except for the blocks that naturally form on the central island (such as endstone, Obsidian, base rock, and iron bars) and indestructible blocks like weeping Obsidian and Respawn anchors.

Ender Dragons attack by charging to a player’s lower waist, their wings being plugged in and dipping down. If she is hit with anything while heading towards a player, even a fist, she turns around and flies away. If something other than the endstone (also different species), rock, iron bars and Obsidian touches it, it will break through. The final crystals sitting on Obsidian towers will heal them. Ender dragon flies in the sky and shoots purple fire, shipping fee (ender acid). Unlike a Ghast fireball, this final acid cannot be distracted. After a while, she will descend and float above the inactive final portal, while constantly spraying final acid from her mouth, like a dragon breathes fire when it attacks.

The 5×5 Obsidian platform Spawn Point may not be directly connected to the central island of the end. Therefore, it may be necessary to build a bridge. It is a good idea to bring the scaffolding blocks to the end, especially those that the Ender dragon cannot destroy (such as Obsidian and iron bars), so that a player can access the main island. The Alternative is to bring ender beads.

Once you have reached the end, it is important to destroy as many ender crystals as possible before pursuing the boss, preferably with a bow or snowballs, although it is necessary to climb some of the towers to break iron bars around some of the crystals. However, climbing Obsidian towers can be extremely dangerous, as there is a high probability that a player will fall and die, and even if a player does not fall, ender’s dragon will probably eliminate a player anyway. One way to mitigate the damage is to have boots with a high feather that enchants, or a bucket of water that you can put under you to undo the fall damage. Using an Ender bead on the floor below is also a good way to mitigate fall damage, even if it still deals moderate damage to the player.

Due to the way the iron bars are connected to blocks around them, it is possible to shoot an arrow through the bottom of the iron bars to hit the crystal inside. If the tower is low enough, this method can completely eliminate the risk of climbing towers. However, it should be noted that the organization of shooting can take a long time depending on the abilities of a player and focus on what could leave them open to the attacks of the Ender Dragon.

After that, a player must defeat the real Dragon Ender. An experienced archer with a powerful bow can deal a lot of damage to the dragon. However, if the dragon is perched on the starting portal, it becomes necessary to use a sword, since it is immune to Arrows at this time. Critical blows are an excellent means of Sword. If you are under the head of the Dragon Ender, a player can hit you while encountering minimal risk of injury or death from the Dragon’s breath.

You can also use beds as they explode in the same way as TNT when you try to use them at the end. All you have to do is dig a deep hole of a block, wait for the dragon Ender to dive you in, and blow up the bed when it is at hand.

Take everything to the end that might possibly be needed. The worst thing in the end is the potential to run out of resources and get stuck (this includes food, you want to be able to replenish health at every possible opportunity), as a player cannot return alive to the higher world unless they manage to defeat the Ender dragon.

Wear a carved pumpkin to prevent the Endermen from attacking, but make sure it reduces the amount of armor a player can have and greatly affects vision. Beware of the endermen as well as the Ender dragons. Endermen are as likely to kill a player as the Ender dragon if no pumpkin is worn. Never stay in one place. If the Timing changes accordingly, it is very difficult for the Ender dragon to score a hit. Have enchanted weapons and armor. Enchanted bows and swords deal far more damage to Endermen and the Ender dragon, while enchanted armor offers more protection from damage.

If possible, fight the dragon in groups. Attempts to kill the final dragon with one person are much more difficult. If you hit the Dragon’s head, all the damage of the weapon is dealt; if you hit it elsewhere, a quarter of the regular damage is dealt.

Always keep an eye on Endermen as if provoked, they could prove to be an even greater threat than the dragon itself. Look as much as possible to limit the attention of the Endermen if you are not wearing a pumpkin.


Based on the scale from 1 block to 1 meter, it would be about 7m head-to-tail and 3m or so tall.(22ft 1119 3 32 inches from head to tail and 9ft 107 6 64 inches or more.)
The” outer end ” can really be achieved without killing the dragon. It is about 1000 blocks from the central island.
If by Modding / Hacking / commands the Dragon Ender is created in the upper world, the portal that spawns below leads to the end if it is killed. However, this is no longer the case since Update 1.9 Combat.
This can be imitated using / summon ender_dragon ~ ~ ~ {Dragon phase: 1} as the dragon moves but does not attack the player.

It is possible to get the Wilt to fight them, but the wilt will cause almost no damage, as the Ender dragon will not suffer any damage from status effects and/or mob attacks.

Enderle can be used as a little inefficient tunnel drilling or mining equipment. When players change their game, they can get the Ender dragon to destroy the ores in the form of drops to improve things.

If Ghasts are generated at the end via Spawn eggs or orders, your fireballs can hit the Ender dragon, although fireballs cause little damage (if any).

The Dragon Ender was the first Boss to be released. Many speculate that the giant should be the first boss. This has never been confirmed.

The Ender dragon cannot destroy any entity like the Minecart.
There is an Ender Dragon plush toy that has recently been opened to the public.
The Ender Dragon Plush

He did a Reddit article about the dragon, called it ” her ” and called it Jean.
The dragon Ender can fly beyond the limit of the world and the maximum generation distance of the terrain. See Distant Countries.
If ender’s dragon is killed above an Obsidian Tower, part of the tower is removed as shown.
In 1.9, the dragon Ender can shoot the Dragon’s breath, which acts as instant damage in combination with Knockback III, making death virtually impossible.

There is a rumor that someone killed the Ender dragon with only 3 beds. This is not confirmed.
If you use a glass bottle and click on the Dragon’s breath during the attack, it receives the Dragon’s Breath item, which allows it to create persistent potions.

Red Dragons was to be included in the game by Notch, but they were eventually scrapped and replaced by Ender Dragon. Dinnerbone says he’s still interested in adding those tame, mobile monsters that are unlikely as bosses.
The Ender dragon can hit the Endermen while flying. This makes the Endermen hostile to the dragon.
The final dragon is a woman, because when she dies, she leaves an egg.

There is an error that occurs when the kill Animation starts and it needs to be deleted as much as possible, and when the Animation ends it restart.So you can make a farm exp

The Ender dragon is a host of enemy bosses that appears in the final dimension and is also recognized as the main enemy and the final boss of Minecraft. The Ender dragon is a large dragon that breathes fire, spews fireballs and can fly with great ease and maneuverability.

After defeating the dragon Ender 20 times when you return to the whole world, a white horse with wings awaits you as a reward. If you climb it and jump off a cliff, you can fly it as if using Elytra.

Unlike Elytrae, there will be no durability / repair issues.

The Pegasus will be a “normal” horse in other respects, eat the same things, wear horse equipment, etc. if you are bred with another horse, you will only get a normal colt.

My original idea was to save it from a Terminal Island, because Pegasus is the source where Elytra comes from. And since the Pegasus flight would have an advantage over the Elytra flight and should not render the elytra obsolete, I thought, ok, then the Enderdragon will have to be defeated several times to spawn a special final Island on which the Pegasus will be found.

However, since I’m not sure it would be easy to return to the main island and then to the upper world with a horse, I thought Pegasus would be waiting for you when you return to the upper world.

I didn’t write this at first, as I wanted to keep it short to see if people want a flying horse, or if they think it’s overwhelmed 🙂

Other people have taken up the idea of Pegasus, for example here, and I will repeat here what I commented There. Because I don’t understand why people are so fiercely opposed to Pegasus or an Elytra saddle:

A: horses and elytra are already game components. Having both in one place is not like a new means of Transportation. You can either ride the horse on the ground, or fly with it, not both at the same time and not faster than usual. It’s the same as riding somewhere with your horse, then putting on your Elytra, and then getting back on a horse after you’re done flying. This way, when you reach new countries, you don’t need to look for / bring a saddle and spend a lot of time looking for a new horse.

B: now with the ghost, people suggest using a lead to hang it while it is flying. Or people suggest chicken parachutes. Should all new fun ideas of Transportation be rejected simply because they are new? Even if you are imaginative and not playful?

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