How to Purify Water in The Forest for Survival

Filter Water

Hey what’s up guys. Shawn Ryan vigilance elite here with Jeff Reid from frozen Trident kennel. Hey we’re gonna talk today about How to Purify Water in the Forest. So as clean as this all looks and it is clean it still needs to be filter. Why don’t you tell us. Yeah so yeah we’re right where we’re at you can see what’s around us. But what is up the stream right now.

We don’t know there could be a dead animal in there bear shit moose. Like there’s bacteria in this stream right now. That’s why you filter it in a survival situation if you drink the water unfiltered not a good thing. Because you get sick yeah you’re on your own. No one’s taken care yet so that’s why filtering water is important. We’re not going to be out here squeezing water out of bear shit or moose shit. Maybe if we see a unicorn shit I might do that.

How to Purify Water in the Forest

Filter Water Through Plastic Bags

Anyways we’re just going to go over a couple different ways to do it. And stuff to put your water in. So this is a real popular one I see a lot of people use in are these little plastic bags. They’re great and they’re compact but I hate them. Because if you get a hole in this thing. You in this is all you have to put your water in. Then you’re kind of screwed so another reason those things are bad. I mean I talk a lot about cold weather up here. Because I mean most of time it’s cold this thing plastic. When it gets cold it’s going to be brittle and break apart. So that’s what I recommend.

Nalgene bottle these things are pretty much indestructible. Slam it on pretty much anything it’s not going to break. They make all kinds of pouches you can put these things in. When it is freezin that will keep your water from freezing once it’s filtered. You can take it back to your campsite or your shelter or whatever you’re staying in.

Yeah you know a lot of the water filters that you can get out there. And will screw right on top of this damn thing. So that the water goes directly in there. Then you know you’re good to go alright guys. So the first method we’re going to talk about is iodine tablets right here.

Iodine Tablets

These are I think it says 400 milligrams. So this will treat up to one liter of water or 34 ounces. That what’s that thirty-two perfect thousand milliliters. Yeah liter yep go ahead fill it up. You want to make sure you’re getting all that in there. Because definitely wanna get sick. All right see it dissolving in there. It’ll dissolve now. What you do it’s not immediate you don’t dump that in there.

Start drinking it it’s going to take four hours for this to work. You throw it in there throw it in your pack. You get on with whatever you’re doing. Then four hours later you’re good enough to drink it. So that’s one way not necessarily the most tasteful way. But it does or the easiest way yeah. But it’ll get you out of a pinch. They’re super light to carry around with this. I know that works. I’ve used that before.

How to Purify Water in the Forest Through MSR Pump

Alright guys the second way that we’re gonna show. Is this little MSR pump. So basically what you do unwind this hose like. You get this little piece of styrofoam here. This kind of helps you control the depth. You don’t want this thing drag it on the bottom of the river. Or you can even use this in stagnant water. You can pump this and it just sucks the water up through this tube. Through the filter and this thing you can screw right on top of that Nalgene bottle. That we were talking about at the very beginning.

Let’s pump it like that. Control your depth good to go. One thing you need to do after you’re done. For your your trip is you just boil it and sanitize it for the next time. Otherwise it’s gonna start getting all moldy and nasty and shit. I want to make sure you clean these things when you can. How we want to do this. I’ll just show you it doesn’t pump this. Isn’t gonna be like a hose. It’s a little more like a trickle.

I’ll show you how much water we’re actually going to get out of it. At a time make this thing a little deeper dragon. So that’s about as much as they’re gonna get. Keep pumping so now screw this right on top by Nalgene bottle. To get this back out to some depth just keep pumping.

I think they say it’s about 80 pumps for this to fill this whole. Thing up I’m not going to fill the whole thing up. Just for times sake but there it is you can see it’s super clean. You can drink it right after pretty good.

Filter Water With Life Straw

Now let’s go to Jeff with the next method in how to purify water in forest. I got the LifeStraw right here. This thing’s pretty badass. Super lightweight doesn’t take up hardly any room. It’s easy to use if you don’t know how to use it. You look at the picture. It just shows you popping these things off putting it into water. Use it like a normal straw. So easy a Navy SEAL can use it. I’m good yeah. When you’re done using it. It just says to blow out all the extra water out. So you don’t have any contamination for your next use. Super easy to use pretty awesome thing.

I’m going to say this is probably my favorite filter. One of the good things about this instead of those ones. That you have to keep pumping all the time to fill this thing up. The nice thing about the LifeStraw is you need to go away from a water source. It’s easy to fill up whatever container. You’re using put the lid on it. Anytime you want to drink just do this best way. To do it easy on you there’s not any pumping. This thing will filter up to 4,000 liters.

Filter Water Through Boiling

This thing will last a long time a fourth method is just grabbing the water. If you got a fire and boiling it. They say you got to boil it for what 60 seconds.One minute so you get it boiling you. Let it roll once you get a rolling boil no less in not one minute. If you’re up like a mile high. Or if you’re you up in the altitude three minutes. Me personally I’m just gonna blow it for three minutes.

Anyway just to be safe you’re always on the side of safety with water. You know what make yourself sick. So we just went over what four methods on. How to purify your water three of them are products one of them is fire. But you can find these products in my Amazon. Chuck Jeff felt frozen try that on Instagram subscribe to my channel. And see you next week good Barry what.

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