Turn Your ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Knowledge into Cash on ‘Fandom 5’

Grab your boomerang, jump on your sky bison and, whatever you do, look out for incoming cabbage. Cause Fandom wants to help you turn your mastery of all the fundamental elements of Avatar: The Last Airbender trivia into cold, hard, cash on our new series, Fandom 5.

Unlike manipulating the fundamental properties of life itself, the challenge is simple: answer five questions in a row about your favorite fandom (in this case, Aang & Co.), and win a prize. But there’s just one little Fire Nation-sized problem: the questions get progressively tougher the further we go. We’ll pick 8 players from our live chat room to compete, and anyone who gets all 5 questions in a row with no mistakes wins $150 Earth Kingdom tokens. AKA dollars.

To play, all you’ve got to do is watch Fandom 5 LIVE and raise your hand. Sign up now by clicking here, so you don’t forget!

During the show, our producer will contact the 8 random contestants with further instructions. Just be sure your microphone and camera are ready to go, and that your arrow tattoos are looking clearly-defined and sharp.

A few more rules: to play, you’ve got to be 18 or over, and you have to live in the United States, DC, Puerto Rico, or Canada — except for that Quebec part of Canada. Sorry, Quebec… We can’t do it.

Our extra special Avatar-themed Fandom 5 is happening on Friday, August 14 at 12 pm ET/3 pm PT. And let’s be honest… may be the only way to return home and restore your honor. Just saying.

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