How do people survive being lost in the wilderness? – Top 10 Survival Myths Busted

Survival Myths

Most of us first learn what we know about survival from what see on movies and TV. But in reality most of what you see on TV will end up getting you killed in the wild! So today, I am busting the Top 10 Myths About Survival! Stay tuned! Food is your top priority!

The movies often show the lone survivor struggling to find a source of food. But in reality, food is NOT your top priority! Shelter, water, fire these are all higher priorities on your list than food. Without these you could die in days maybe even hours. However you can survive anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks without food Food is important, sure!

3,3,3 Rule

But make sure you take of your shelter, your fire and your water first Dont forget the 3,3,3 rule. You can survive weeks without food. 3 days without water and 3 hours without shelter! You should suck the venom out of a snake bite! Today they teach that you SHOULD NOT suck the venom out of a snake bite.

It can cause serious life threatening damage to your wind pipe! If you are bitten by a snake your best chance for survival to get to a hospital. Because that is stocked with the anti-venom as soon as possible! You can spark fire by friction, if you are just persistent enough! Often times in movies they will show the lone survivor trying to start a fire. And he is not getting anything at first. But he just keeps persisting and eventually he has smoke. Than a flame and he has fire but in reality persistence is not enough.

Most Important

You have to have the rite conditions. And the materials have to be dry and you have to have the right technique! Simply grinding two pieces of wood together for hours upon hours. This is not automatically going to create you fire. Shelter means a roof over your head! Actually you will loose more body heat to the cold ground below you. Than you will to the air above you. It is more important to create a bed. That will insulate you from the ground. Than it is to create a roof that will protect you from the wind.

Bear Attack

If a bear attacks you, just play dead! So this one is partly true! This really only applies to grizzly bears. Grizzly bears usually only attack you. If you are some how invading there territories. So by playing dead they wont see you as a threat anymore. Now if you are attacked by a black bear. And you decide to play dead well. The chances are they are just going to eat you! It’s not going to be very pretty.

If you get attacked by a black bear you have to fight back! You cant just play dead. You need to boil water for 10 minutes to disinfect it. In reality as soon as the water hits that boiling point. It is already to hot for any of that bacteria to survive. Any further boiling past that point is really just a waist of fuel. And a waist of water due to evaporation.

Moss only grows on the north side of tree’s! Well, no not really. Maybe in some specific spots you will see this. But it very common for moss to grow all the way around the tree. Especially in shaded areas or near water.

Running water

Running water is always to drink! True running water might be safer to drink. Than still water but you don’t know where that water is coming from. There might be a swamp just a quarter mile up the river feeding it. Your best bet is to find a source of water. That has been naturally filtered through the earths surface. Such as coming out the side of a mountain. Or if you were to dig a hole in a sandy bank close to a stream. Let the water filter through the soil and filter it naturally.

But play it safe, your best bet is to always boil your water! You can drink salt water in small amounts! NO, salt water will do nothing but dehydrate you quicker! The only safe way to make salt water safe to drink is by boiling it. Than catching the steam as it rises up in a container or a tarp. And as it forms into water droplets. They will roll down into a seperate container. That is not contaminated with the salt water.


All cactus on drinking water inside. So this myth perpetuated by the old western movies. But the truth is even after heavy rains cactuses have very little moisture inside of them. Even the famous barrel cactus. That is often seen in old cowboy movies is mostly empty. And 4 out of 5 cactus barrel cactus species. Actually contain toxins in them that if you drink they will give you diharia.

So there you have it there are 1the Top 10 most common survival myths. If you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give me a thumbs up down below. If you guys know of any other survival myths let me know in the comments. And as always don’t forget to subscribe for more survival and prepping videos. .

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