The Work-from-Home Jumpsuit We’ve Been Waiting For

Dressing for work when the office is your living room is a tricky game. For the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, I walked the fine line between looking presentable and being comfortable, wearing jeans and a tee, with a “dressy” flannel to throw on for Zoom meetings, and sneakers to make me feel like the walk from the kitchen to my desk was more than just a ten-foot commute. But by July, I’d regressed to a hodgepodge of jorts and running clothes. Putting on non-stretch pants and a shirt with a collar felt impossible. 

Then I got Title Nine’s Round Trip Sleeveless jumpsuit ($139). Part of a collection that also includes a dress, pants, and shirt, it was originally intended for travel. Of course, travel looks very different now than when designer Anna Medina dreamt up the ensemble. But as it turns out, many of the features that make clothing good for long plane rides and single-suitcase trips also make it ideal for working from home. 

Every item in the collection is made from a poly-spandex blend that has the stretch of yoga tights, the strength and light weight of hiking pants, and the soft feel of PJs. But they hide all of that with clean, modern cuts that are downright stylish—and there are multiple ways to wear each piece. 

(Photo: Courtesy Title Nine)

The jumpsuit features a cropped, wide-leg silhouette, with a sleeveless top whose necklines—high and round on one side and V-neck on the other—make it possible to flip the whole thing around depending on your mood or the occasion. (The V-neck is extremely deep but looks great with a sports bra beneath it.) A set of subtle clips on each calf allows you to gather the bottom openings for a bold, tapered-leg look. All told, there are four styles in one, each simple and classy yet unique enough for my most fashionable friend to exclaim, “What is that!” the minute I walked into her front yard. 

That’s a pretty overwhelming reaction for a piece of clothing made of stretch fabric, with reflective ankle hits for bike commuting and a cinchable elastic waist. It almost feels like cheating. 

In just a month, the jumpsuit has made appearances in Zoom meetings, at socially distanced backyard happy hours, and during at-home date nights. I don’t mind putting it on after a run when I’m still sweaty, and I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it for a six-hour flight. The fabric is so durable and easy to wipe clean that I’ve even found myself kneeling down for impromptu post-work weeding sessions without changing. I can’t say all that about many other items in my closet.

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