‘The Simpsons’ Knowledge Can Be Exchanged For Goods and Services on ‘Fandom 5’!

Is your head packed with a lot of cromulent information? Think missing a Simpsons trivia question sounds unpossible? If so, we want to see YOU this Friday on our new series, Fandom 5, where you can turn your library of Fallout Boy factoids into cold, hard cash.

The rules are simple: just answer five questions about your favorite fandom (in this case, you know… The Simpsons) and you remove the stone of shame and attach the stone of triumph. Plus you’ll win a prize! There’s just one catch though… you have to spend the night in a haunted house. Er, I mean, the questions get harder the further you go. Hey, it’s a standard clause.

We’ll pick 8 players from the live chat room to compete; anyone who gets 5 questions in a row right with no mistakes wins $150. To play, all you need to do is watch Fandom 5 LIVE and raise your hand during the show. Sign up now by clicking here, so you don’t forget!

During the show, our producer will contact the 8 random contestants with further instructions. Just be sure your microphone and camera are ready to go, and that you don’t fall asleep, even though that’s where you’re a Viking.

A few more rules: to play, you’ve got to be 18 or over, and you have to live in the United States, DC, Puerto Rico, or Canada — except for Quebec. Or Shelbyville.

The first-ever Simpsons-themed Fandom 5 is happening on Friday, September 25 at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT, and it’s going to be… EXcellent… <twiddles fingers>

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