What do you think are the three skills needed for survival? – The rules of survival in the forest in summer: tips for modern man

The policies of survival in the forest in summer: ideas for modern guy

Familiar with the benefits of world, the majority of people do not know what to do when they remain in the severe conditions of the wild. However, some handle to make it through thanks to smart. The situation of a 17-year-old schoolgirl Juliana Margaret is commonly recognized: she entered a plane accident – the aircraft crashed in the exotic jungle. The girl remained alive as well as had the ability to live in the woodland for regarding 9 days. Thankfully, a few days earlier, her father told her the regulations of survival in the forest – this conserved Juliana. We will aid to complete the Holy place!

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Tips and tricks for survival in the forest for modern man

methods for survival in the woodland for modern-day guy “> 

How to stop a panic The natural surroundings today does not affect people as before. He rarely experiences wild without methods of interaction, landmarks as well as prepared food. But what to do in an extreme scenario? First of all, it is essential to suppress fear as well as panic and bear in mind a few policies that will assist collaborate actions in the woodland as well as make it through.




It is required to really feel the pulse, wait on interior soothing as well as normalization of breathing. Screaming, running, anguish are the adversaries of this situation. The STOP guideline will help the target endure:

  • C – sit down.T -now you need to think about the area in which you locate yourself.About -to examine the environment, plants,
  • fauna.P – prepare short-lived housing as well as food.
  • Sidetracked ideas aid to draw yourself together

: you require to bear in mind amusing moments, rhymes, jokes to suppress a panic.

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Landmark as well as terrain

An individual needs to remember his location. Usually, rescuers stop working to find a survivor due to constant motion. To prevent this, you need to mark the area with stones, sticks or improvisated means. You ought to stay in your clothing even in case of heat (dangerous insects, branches can harm the body) and also do not remove the headwear.

If the sufferer obtained shed in the woodland, he needs to attempt to keep in mind exactly how he concerned this area. Often it is feasible to call emergency situation rescue 112.


How to navigate in the forest

  • How to navigate in the forest When searching for food, excommunication from the area, recognition marks must be left – marks on trees made with sharp items or stones. There is no need to make marks on each trunk, this will certainly make it challenging to discover food – just the primary shifts and also transforms ought to be marked.You need to listen
  • thoroughly. An individual might be near a roadway, river, train, or harmful animal.If there is
  • a river nearby, you need to go with the flow to help with the look for lifeguards.You ought to not take a trip during the night as well as in extreme heat. You need to care for the over night stay and take refuge prior to sunset.It must be in the color to stay clear of sunstroke.
  • In addition, you ought to pay attention to natural compasses that aid to endure. The

    sun increases in the summer in the northeast, and embed in the northwest. In fall as well as springtime, the sun sets in the west as well as climbs in the east. To establish the moment, you can make a sundial by pointing the stick at a circle of light, and also lowering the other to the ground -it will certainly be 12 hrs.

    “/ > Timber is another terrific compass. Moss, mushrooms near it indicate the north. Additionally, the tree on the north side is darker and also tarnished. On the south side you can find a mound, a hive, and also the crown is thicker there. If it has actually rained recently, the south side will certainly dry out quicker. In berries hanging on the shrubs, the south side is much better tinted.

    It is also necessary to keep track of the tracks, since there might be a predator close by.

    Fire is salvation

    The campfire website should be secure in the evening. Before you dilute it, you need to collect the dust from the tree and also branches with a margin to preserve the flame.

    Fire, bonfire in the forest

    < img src =”https://hendmeid24.ru/wp-content/auploads/835210/ogon_koster_lesu.jpg”alt= “Fire, bonfire in the woodland”/ > A small shelter for fire wood (from fallen leaves, other branches or improvised ways) need to be built so that they do not get wet in the rainfall. You can try to light a fire utilizing completely dry moss, turf, and also a completely dry stick.

    Shoelaces can also help make fire. You need to make a hole in a dry tree and also build a bow from the laces and sticks, safeguarding the laces at the ends. A stick is put right into the hole and a bow is threaded. After that, you require to start turning the device until a spark is received that will fall on dry moss. If the spark goes out, the action is repeated.

    We should not forget about securing the fire from wind or water

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    Fire is the basis of survival, yet the search for logs requires to be alternated with the search for food. Before the opening night, you require to have time to prepare. The hut may not be squared away away, however it is required to gather a supply of food and also start a fire.

    How to survive in the summer in the forest

    < img src= “https://hendmeid24.ru/wp-content/auploads/835209/vyzhit_letom_lesu.jpg”alt= “How to endure in the summer in the woodland”/ > A bonfire can be a threat-no requirement to construct it next to combustible branches, trees, or shrubs. If you have a lighter with you, or after a crash, there are some fuel books, after that you need to spend them moderately – a fire will be available in useful in the coming evenings.

    Hut as well as various other real estate

    Construction of a hut in the forest

     Building of a hut in the woodland It is essential to save one’s stamina after excellent job. Eventually you can not make a hut, construct a fire and seek food.

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    A fantastic place to construct real estate is a fallen tree. On it you can develop a single-hut hut – a number of sticks require to be laid on a fallen tree. If they are not, you can unload a tiny tree yourself. This is easier to make with a sharp object. It can be used rock, and a tiny tree to pile down with cobblestone.

    After laying the sticks on a dropped tree, you need to cover them with dry moss or a carpet of turf. It is required to close all the spaces to protect yourself at night. A single-hut hut can be hazardous considering that on one side it does not hide. It is easy to finish it approximately the gable, therefore totally shielding itself from the wind. To do this, you need to build 2 single-hut huts on a curved tree from two sides. The back wall is called for to maintain heat.

    A full-fledged sanctuary needs to be strong and also keep equilibrium. Furthermore, you must try to make added support from rocks or ropes. Do not ignore enhancing the fallen tree with sticks or stones – if it entirely drops, after that the job will certainly fail.

    The very best sanctuary is a cave. However, its intelligence is a hazardous line of work. Before you most likely to the cave, you require to make sure that there are no killers and also snakes in it .

    You ought to not quickly climb right into the cavern – you need to view it for a number of days, since the killer could leave looking for food.

    In winter season, you can develop a residence out of the snow – it flawlessly retains warm.

    Food as well as food

    Food in the forest

    Food in the forest  In the near future, you require to find food to get a boost of power and strength. Food should not be a risk. It is required to avoid brilliant bugs, caterpillars. In this instance, you might have to get over some preference obstacles, because the main task of guy is to make it through.

    Bugs include a lot of protein, and they are not so challenging to discover. You should construct a little bag from improvisated means as well as gather them. It is better to cook insects at the stake – without warmth treatment, they do not require to be eaten, considering that they can carry conditions. You can capture fish in the river, locate berries in the forest. The main thing is to consume just familiar food.

    Therefore, survival in the woodland is based on fundamental expertise and also skills. Thanks to them, you can behave calmly in difficult scenarios. A man will certainly be found if he himself adds to this.

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