The New Rules of Adventure: Colorado

From the backcountry ski area to Via Ferrata, there have never been more or less good ways to reach it from the outside-and Colorado is at the forefront. We teamed up with Land Rover to celebrate this modern spirit of adventure and launch its brand new Defender, the most iconic adventure car ever. Below are the three newest and coolest adventures of Colorado. Then embark on the new rules of adventure to get even more inspiration from around the country.

Rule #1: Backcountry Skiing Is No Longer an Out-of-Bounds Affair

Discover the first backcountry ski resort in the country: the Backcountry Blueberd, with 1,200 hectares of great terrain before Christ and many attributes of the ski resort. Although there are no chairlifts here—everything works for people-Bluebird offers Ski Patrol, guides, equipment rental and lessons, a cabin and a warming cabin, as well as avalanche courses. The limited, avalanche-estimated but completely untreated terrain includes much of the 9,845-foot-long Bear Mountain on the continental watershed, with 1,245 feet of vertical and seven marked skin marks. The main area is bordered by another 3000 hectares of protected, inaccessible terrain. Mount Super COVID-aware: One contactless check-in and only 200 guests are allowed per day. There is no accommodation on site, but you are allowed five nights of free camping, and Blueberd is only 30 minutes from the steamer.

Rule #2: Cliffs Aren’t Just for Climbers

Rocks Urey, the world capital of ice climbing, are suitable home for the newest via ferrata in Colorado—850 iron steps traversing the air, dizzying stairs and crossings through the canyon on the open walls of the canyon Унмпагре. “The bottom line is what we call the sky ladder,” says Marc Luppenplatz, whose guides in San Juan provide equipment and guides for the half-day walk. “You walk through a 75-foot span of the canyon, which rises at a 35-degree angle, with ropes that swing.”Via Ferrata was laid by local stone and ice farmers -” People who like to hang on ropes and drill holes all day.”This means that it shows the beauty of this place while offering challenges and a vibrant exposure. It is best for free, if you have the right equipment. Or rent a set of San Juan guides at your store in the city. The track will reopen next spring when the ice melts.

Rule #3: The Adventure Continues After Dark

“I tell people: come around the mountains, stay behind the dark sky,” says Charlie Allison of Dark Skies Vacations. But nowadays it is more and more often the other way around. Charlie rents several secluded country houses with views of the Sangre de Christos by day and the dazzling sky by night. They are all located near Westcliffe (about three hours south of Denver), the first certified Dark Sky community in Colorado. No city lights, low humidity and 300 clear nights a year-all this creates a great atmosphere. A hot tip is to order an architectural showcase called Rancho Bendito, which has its own 17-inch telescope, but bring your own telescopes to enjoy a heavenly show in one of the objects. Or to Westcliffs Bluff Park and Smokey Jack Observatory. Spend the day hiking, fishing, horseback riding or just looking at sangres while waiting for the sunset

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