The Dominating Duos of ‘Madden 21’

The latest edition of the Madden NFL franchise was released worldwide by EA Sports this past Friday with fans all over the world returning to the virtual gridiron. Madden 21 expands on the Superstar and X-Factor abilities system, which made its debut in Madden 20, with dozens of new abilities designed to make the NFL’s stars feel like stars in Madden.

In this Dunkin’ Duos video series powered by Dunkin’, antcap24, of Fandom’s, explores Madden 21 rosters to identify players that dominate as a duo. These players have a greater impact on the field as a pair than either player would have on their own because of their unique ratings and abilities.

Kansas City Chiefs

The reigning Super Bowl champions have what many consider to be the most dominant duo currently available in Madden 21. Patrick Mahomes’s throw power and deep throwing accuracy, combined with Tyreek Hill’s league-best 99 speed, are a big reason why the Chiefs’ offense is so explosive.

San Francisco 49ers

As much as the Chiefs are known for their offense, the 49ers are known for their dominant defense. Nick Bosa and Arik Amrstead come with complementary Superstar abilities designed to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Want to hear more? Check back next week to find out more dominating duos in Madden 21.

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