The Connection Between the Navy and Gaming

At a glance, you may not think of a big connection between the skills you acquire playing video games and those you need to serve in the Navy, but as actual members of the Navy tell Fandom, there’s actually quite a lot bonding the two.

Check out our video above to see what NC1 Michael Rogers and ETN1 Joshua Jones told us about how gaming keeps the Navy connected. Then, check out the video below, in which Rogers and Jones explain how gaming, in fact, helps them to be better at their jobs.

As part of Fandom’s partnership with America’s Navy, the Fandom Warzone Pro-Am will be presented on Sunday, May 31st at 4:30pm EST/1:30pm PST.  The tournament will be produced by eFuse, an online professional social network for e-sports and video games, and Mainline, an online tournament organizer.  The event will be broadcasting on the Fandom twitch channel

Fans can apply for a chance to play with their favorite athlete or streamer in the Fandom Warzone Pro-Am Sunday on eFuse here. The eight lucky winners will be announced Saturday, May 28th at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT.

If fans do not win an opportunity to play in the tournament, they can watch the streamed event on the eFuse platform at, where shoutcasters Chris Puckett and Anthony “Nameless” Wheeler will be giving the play-by-play.


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