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Survival Ever-Stew

Survival  Ever. Stew Slice these and peel ’em. You ready? Oh yeah.  I’m Zachary Fowler. That’s Chris Thorn. And this is the 30 day Survival Challenge. Texas. There’s only one rule. If you wanna eat. You gotta catch and cook it. Day 29. Day’s lookin’ nice. Got a couple hours of sleep. I don’t know what to get up to today. Checking on my fishuation down by the water. Hopefully we got a catfish. One last nice fish would be good.


Otherwise. all we have is the ever stew. Which is about. I don’t know. It’s got a lot of good stuff still in it. But I mean it’s raccoon. well if you can call raccoon, possum and catfish bones and bits. Cartilages and little bit of meat good. It will probably be just drinkin’ like that like broth. Be nice to have one big wild feast today. So maybe we got a catfish. Let’s get out there and find out.

Ah. man. Now it’s time to eat. Planes that fly over everywhere. The majority of it at least. I love Texas. The next two then. How long I take to get to it. Alright, breakfast is ready again. Beautiful place. Praise God. It’s a lot bigger around this. Think I might just burn these old underwear. Startled. it’ll run off. Here we go. fried grasshopper. Let’s see. Yeah. that wouldn’t go over well. Thank you for this beautiful adventure. I do love this little clay. You know. Embankment here. What I wouldn’t give to have this in my backyard at home. Now Lord. Where’s the fish? Did I catch all four fish that are here? Caught some good.

Sized fish

I caught ’em on gills. If you haven’t seen that yet and you’re wondering what in the world’s goin’ on. This is day 28. This is the last full day. So you might not wanna watch this. You might wanna go back to the beginning and see all the stuff that we’ve caught. And cooked and all the adventures that we’ve had up to this point. It’s been pretty awesome. And those of you that were with us for this whole time. Thanks for watching. I mean there’s still plenty to go. This is just the beginning of the day and the episode. but like man. Just wanna say thank you guys for all your support and I can’t wait to do it again. You know. I haven’t gotten any big game yet.

Something might happen tonight. So that’s pretty obvious now at this point. unless the cover photo’s got a boar on it. It’s alright though. I did manage to get two rabbits with the. 50 caliber air rifle. Failing to do so is just an opportunity to do so better at a next time. And that’s what I look forward to is an opportunity always to do something bigger and more adventurous the next time. So. I’m not disappointed. I hope you aren’t disappointed. That just got me thinking. Just imagine how beautiful this would be.

Rocket stove

Can you imagine this? Like. If I had the time. And this was my spot here. Like. digging this back like 10 feet and having like a 10 foot circle area with dug into the hillside seating. Not just dug into the hillside. Rocket stove seating. So in the cold evening. You know. Those couple nights that we’ve had that have been like 30 something degrees. We could come down here. Have your rocket stove bench heated up.

You got your lines in the water and you’re fishing for catfish and you got your little grilling area goin’ and some coffee brewing on your rocket stove. Ah! If anybody in Maine has a location that I can bug out to and wants me to build somethin’ like that for them so I can do it in a YouTube video. let me know. Leave it in the comments below. That would be sick! That would be so much fun! I got the bug.


My new goal in life: to work hard enough that I can buy a spot with a hill of clay to dig a patio. That’d be awesome. I can just picture it. (birds chirp) Yikes! Four pages left! This adventure is wrapping up just in time. Funny thing is. Yesterday’s where I left off was right where I’m sitting right now. like heading back to camp after checking on my fishuation. Havin’ a cup of ever stew. I feel like a six year old on a road trip. Because the only thing that’s going through my mind these last couple days is “Are we there yet?”. And “Can we stop for ice cream?” . There we.


Gonna see if I can’t find myself some squirrels. Saw one or two on the other side of the river. couple different times. but there’s not much else to do today so I’m gonna see if I can’t pop one. And if I gotta pop it from this side and then swim across. it’d be something to do. and I’d really like one nice last meal out here. so that’s my goal. That and see if there’s some other way to catch a fish.

Bringin’ in one of my fish lines. I brought the other one in that was over there ’cause that hasn’t produced anything. Well either has this one. but I might try and put ’em out and get one more fish. Still trying. even if it means just breakfast tomorrow before we leave. And it just crosses my mind that I haven’t had a bath in a long time. since my birthday. November 6. and this is day 29. Tomorrow I can take a shower. ’cause we’re all done. but I’m gonna go home to a tundra. I’m trying to work up the courage. Thinking about jumping in. It would be so nice. It’s hot out today.


I’m gonna stop bein’ a coward. Because who knows when the last time. who knows when the next time I’ll get a chance to jump in a river is. Got my shmug for a towel. Probably still covered with thorns. Oh well. I was just thinking to myself. Don’t know when the last time is I went swimming in November. Oh yeah. I think it was a year ago when I tested out Chris’s DFS whatever survival kit and I jumped in the pond through the ice water at home. I’ll put the link right there if you wanna see it.

It was pretty crazy. So we’re gonna test it out. Bear Grylls style. Oh this is cold! This is cold! Oh this is a bad idea! That feels good! This is a bad idea. Ow! That bottom is so rocky! Oh. that’s refreshing. Oh. that was a lot colder than I thought it would be. Maybe the temperature difference between the water and how warm it is. Worth it. Now I got some energy too. See if I can’t go find some more fish.


I just want one last good meal. you know? Not just to have the old raccoon soup. the ever stew. Oh. don’t I just feel like a million bucks now. Hello. . Howdy. Hey. I was like. oh squirrel! Oh. it’s not a squirrel. it’s Chris. Chris has come down to the river. . I’m in the middle of scene mode. though. . You’re in the middle of a scene? Three minutes earlier he would’ve seen too much.

It’s only 100 yards through some of that and this last bit. but man it’s a tough push. especially right here. Phew. So much easier when I just come down over the hill from camp. Alright. all the lines are set. and the single lines that used to have the power bait dough have been brought in. One last chance. One last chance to catch something for either dinner tonight or breakfast tomorrow morning. I don’t hear any squirrels. I’m not sure what to do with myself. Phew. that’s not an easy hike on an easy day. but with the air rifle in hand as well. yikes.


Alright, back through the woods to camp. (mellow folk music) Dessert. Now I just gotta roast these up to bring the sugars out. Well. maybe not that one. That one looks a little bad. whoop. And then slice these and peel ’em. so we can get the. don’t eat the glochids. those little spikes on there that get in your tongue. Yep. that really stinks. Look at that beautiful. They look like a beet. but they taste like a cross between a raspberry and a pear. with like a weird kiwi.ish. seed center.


Probably eaten like 70 of these things. Not many since we came to the newest property here ’cause there really isn’t. This is the only plant that I’ve found with them on it. Think once I’ve had my applesauce I’m going to bed. I am tired. after seeing that boar in the field. Kinda drop the ball there by running for my air rifle. Instead of. I shoulda seen where it was going first and then gotten the air rifle and tried to circle around on it. Especially gotten the camera out first thing.

So all I can do is tell you about oh. how I saw this 400 pound boar. It gets bigger every time I tell the story. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was 400 pounds. ‘Cause my pig Meg. which is like 400 now or something. she looked maybe smaller even. I don’t know. We don’t have her anymore. Neighbors have her now ’cause she had run off. and that’s a whole other story. but. Pigs and adventures and going on alone. It would have been very hard and very boring if we had done the full 30 days at this property and not done the first 20 at Bob Hansler’s. There was so much more there.


Maybe a little bit more time I coulda figured out what was goin’ on with the catfish. Chris is back from his walkabout. You ready for one last treat before the end of it all? I made pie. . You made pie? . I made pie! Well. pie filling. The cactus tunas. I’m just about to put them over the fire and turn it into a like. Basically. pie filling. . I’m not gonna say no to sugar. . Sweet huh. . That is tart. . Holocaust victims. after the.. well. we haven’t been in that bad of shape as they are. They came out and they gave ’em .. . I wouldn’t dare compare myself to them.

  • like sugar and stuff like that and it killed a bunch of ’em. . Yeah. learned. that in history. . And I toasted some more of the oranges too. . I can smell ’em. They smell like oranges this time. You did a good job. they’re not overly done. I don’t smell burnt. Smells good. . Mm. So many seeds in these. Watch. this is gonna be so good we’re gonna be like. man. why didn’t we do this earlier? I mean. over at Bob’s these were just so juicy all on their own.
  • Yeah. and they were prevalent. . Yeah. and prevalent. it was like. what was the. It’s not like we had a pie crust to put ’em in to make a. . Could you imagine if we actually made like a pecan pie crust out of it or something? Like if pecans would’ve been in season? . From the wild pecans? . Yeah. that would’ve been so good. A little earlier in the season and we would’ve gotten more wild pecans. .


  • Got lucky and found the nesting spot of a turkey and grabbed a turkey egg and had the binding agent. (laughs) We coulda made that happen. . That woulda been. that’s a video and a half right there. . ‘Cause that woulda been a epic video actually. . Wait. is that even possible. finding wild turkey eggs? . Uh. Assume so. . Don’t think I’ve ever heard of that. . I’m assuming they lay eggs. since all birds do.
  • It’s not like they keep ’em in pouches or something. but like how in the world? . Gotta find their nesting spot. . That’s gotta be illegal though too. . And it’s understandable. We legitimately got five. no six of ’em total. . Six raccoons? . Six total raccoons. (raccoon sobs) And we ended up letting that one little one go. . Oh. okay. . So that would’ve been seven. . It cooked down to like half of what I thought it was going to be. (crickets chirp) Alright. here we go. You ready? .
  • Oh. yeah. . Ooh. look at that. Here you go. . Nice. . Have at it. Cheers. Congratulations! Tomorrow. 30 days. man. We did it. . 30 days. . Woo.hoo! It tastes even more like raspberry now. This could actually be a thing. . No. people actually make jam out of the cactus root. . Yep. yeah they must run it through a Foley food mill though to like get the seeds and stuff out. . Mm. Nope. I’d add some sugar to this. or some Stevia. but you could put this on like chicken or something. . Marinade and then grill.

wild ride

Definitely a fitting end. This is like the first time we’ve had dessert. Ugh. I’m in bed. Can’t even begin to tell you how good it feels. Still really early. like 7:30. but I don’t care. I was up so late last night. It’s been a wild ride ’cause it’s been warm and then cold and warm. All kinds of different weird foods for us to eat: rattlesnake. possum. and I don’t know what you call it.

The dichotomy of getting along with somebody else for that long and putting up with their eccentricities and them putting up with yours. And being in such a beautiful place. Tomorrow morning we get up. I gotta go down. check all my traps and lines and haul ’em all in and pack ’em all up. And we’ll have either whatever I caught for breakfast or some more ever stew and then we’re outta here. Thirty days. all of November. Those of you who are watching. tomorrow’s the last episode. And I am going home. back to Maine. which will be pretty much just airing the wilderness living challenge that I filmed in Canada.

I’m gonna go to sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow for the final episode. Fowler out. .

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