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PUBG Survival Guide

Recently I had a chance to try out the new PubG Maps in the clothes better. Let me tell you right now you see this goofy looking garbage this on texture turd right here. That’s actually the best map of property yet somehow after so many months. PubG has actually made a map that plays to its strengths instead of just exposing all of its weaknesses. Making everything good about the game even better. Even if you don’t think that the map looks too different. lt does play very differently and playing this was some of the most fun I’ve had with this game since it came out a year ago.

There are many things about it that are different and that will take you some time getting used to. But if you want to be one step ahead of everyone else. When it comes out you might as well keep watching because in this video I’m going to go over everything you need to know. When this map comes out being only four by four kilometers in size.

Mini Map

The new map is much smaller than the previous ones. Even though this is the most obvious difference you will also have the hardest time grasping it. When you start playing it if you open the map. You will see that the white squares are now 50 meters instead of a hundred. The black squares are 500 meters instead of 1000. So if you’re used to checking the map in Iran Jalan Miramar just think of this one as being actually. This big just keep this mental image of the map in your mind. You’ll notice that you can pair two to almost anywhere. That the distances even though they might seem very long are actually much smaller. Than your brain thinks and the same applies to the mini map. Which now covers less ground again.

If you’re used to the old mini map. Just think of this one . The circle in this new map is the best. It’s ever been we get one big first circle.  You’re already inside of. Then the next few circles are roughly 2/3 of each of the previous ones. Diameter at some point the circles start being just half of the previous ones. That goes on until the last one. If you want to secure a position in the late game circles. You might want to go to whichever island has the most land in the circle. As that’s the one that will have the best chance to actually have the final circle on it.


You will also notice that the waiting time certain circles are very short. Especially towards the end. But the actual circle moves very slowly giving you a lot of time to fight your way into the zone. Instead of just having to rush it the zone is fast enough to push you into the action. But not fast enough to kill you. You will notice that almost no one dies to the zone. So perhaps to the death thing. Because I think they finally nailed it in the previous maps. Most of the times you could kill an enemy woke up to their corpse looted. Then wait for the next fight that is not the case in this new map. With all the players cramped together in a smaller zone.

Gun Fight

Gun fights constantly lead to more gunfights. This is the single most important difference in this map. Every time you give away your position be it by driving a vehicle or taking a shot. You can bet that half the server already knows your general location. If there’s anyone nearby they’re gonna shoot you and that’s if they’re not shooting you already. Even if you’ve played this game for hundreds of hours. This map is going to kick your ass at first if you want to do well and get lots of kills. You’re gonna have to do everything perfectly.

Your landing will have to be perfect. Because if you’re late by just a few seconds you have very few places to hide.If someone gets a gun before you the scanning of your surroundings. The spotting of enemies must be also very efficient. Even if you decide not to take shots at someone the worst thing you can do. In this map is getting to a fight when there’s someone right next to you. Your hearing must also be absolutely on point in this map.

Kills/ Looting

You will constantly hear enemies run into you before you even see them. They will probably hear you as well. So you have to accurately pinpoint their location. React accordingly at times like this your close combat aim will be tested constantly. Many fights will be constantly back-and-forth guessing. Which side of the ridge your enemy will pop out.

Make sure you have an appropriate sensitivity. Because you will need to be very precise at this ranges another skill. That will save your life is peeking due to the nature of the cover. That’s all around the map you will find that peeking over trees and rocks is incredibly common. If you never learned how to do it fast and well. Maybe now’s the time to start practicing also once you’ve gotten a kill looting. Must be done extremely fast if you’re missing something important like a helmet or a scope by all means.

Don’t spend five minutes in someone else’s inventory. Because you will get killed you also want to look out for cover constantly. Move from one cover to another because if you’re cutting the open. You’re probably going to die.

Sniper Rifles

The usefulness of the art of the existing weapons is also another big difference for instance bolt-action. Sniper rifles in my opinion absolutely not worth using in this map. Long-range sights are rare and if you take a shot with say a car. Pretty much the entire map will know where you are by the time. You’ve lined up that perfect headshot. There is a good chance that someone else has already started shooting at you. This might be the only time where I actively avoid picking up bolt-action rifles.


DMR’s are still a pretty decent option for range battles. Especially if you can put a suppressor on them but still they’re louder than the average weapon. They might get you in trouble so use them very carefully. ARS are somehow even stronger than in the other maps.

If that’s even possible they cover all of the ranges that you’ll be fighting at. So having an assault rifle or even two of them is that was a good idea put an AR suppressor on them. You’re set SMGs are also more useful than before even late-game. Since you’ll find yourself in many situations where you’re suddenly very close to your enemy’s. SMG suppressors are also more common than the other kinds. That’s also a plus shotguns – are slightly more useful for the same reason.

Short Guns

There will be many situations when you and your enemy are like dancing around and opposite sides of a small Ridge. If you’re a good shot shotguns could be deadly in this situations. The limb penetration system gets added by the time this map comes out. Shotguns will definitely be much more useful than they are now. Then there’s a stealthy weapons which are crazy good in this map. Being able to shoot without giving away your position to everyone else. Invaluable you can find someone who’s already in a fight and kill them without them realizing that. It’s someone else shooting definitely put some time into getting good with these.

Because it will pay off and as for secondary and melee weapons. They seem to be as marginally useful as usual nothing new to say about them really and when it comes to items and attachments close-range scopes are as useful as ever if not more useful put a 2 times scope on an assault rifle and you’re probably set for the entire game long-range scopes are not so useful for long-range fights since they’re pretty rare but they are very handy to accurately land headshots on enemies who are peeking from behind cover you just have to know when to use them suppressors and flash hiders will help making you harder to detect so absolutely pick them up and use them.


If you get them put them on business-as-usual grenades though are even more useful. Than before the buildings are generally pretty empty which makes throwing nades in them. Actually viable although this might be a thing that they changed later. When they add a bunch of crap inside. Yeah that could be a shame frag grenades as usual are great to kill enemies. Who are hiding behind cover or even just to interrupt their healing or spook them. You can finish them off just making sure you save a few for the end game. Same as usual stun grenades as useless.

The air drops travels at a much slower speed than usual which gives everyosn’t gone anywhere. It’s still there and it’s still really annoying why they think it is a good idea used to play the others you might struggle to even get to the top ten. Consistently and in this case my advice would be to gear up early. So you don’t have to waste time later and to move to the least active areas of the map. That you minimize your encounters.

If you want more information about this strategy. I made an entire video on it you can watch it right here. But other than that that’s all for me. Thank you so much for watching I’ll catch you in the next video.

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