Prove your Pokémon Mastery on the New Trivia Series, ‘Fandom 5’

Do you know your Digletts from your Dugtrios? Remember absolutely EVERYTHING about the Forgotten Realms? Secretly suspect you understand the Contintental’s rules better than John Wick? Well, you’re in luck, because Fandom’s going to give you a chance to use your pop culture trivia mastery to earn some cold, hard cash.

Our new series, Fandom 5, presents contestants with a simple challenge: answer five questions in a row about your favorite fandom correctly. But since we can’t make it THAT simple — this is costing us money! — the questions will get a bit harder as they go. In each episode, we’ll pick 8 players from the live streaming audience at home to play, for a chance to win $150 each. As if that weren’t enough, we’ll THEN randomly select one player to return for an extra-challenging final round worth an additional $500. That’s a lot of comics books! Or, if you prefer, graphic novels.

To join in and get a chance to play, all you have to do is watch Fandom 5 LIVE and raise your hand. 8 lucky contestants will connect with a producer with more instructions. Definitely be sure your microphone and camera are ready to go, though!

[OK, OK, there are a few additional rules: In order to play, you have to be 18 or older, and you have to be in the United States, DC, Puerto Rico, or Canada. But not Quebec. Sorry, Quebec! This was not my call!]

The VERY FIRST EPISODE of Fandom 5 will go live at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET on Thursday, July 2, and it’s all about the world of Pokémon. That means questions about the games, the anime, the films… you name it. (Probably not the cards!) So start reviewing your Pokédex and dust off your old copy of Sun and Moon, because there are prizes on the line. Click here to sign up! 

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