Pro Tips to Play Marvel’s ‘Spider Man: Miles Morales’ Like an Expert

The sequel to Insomniac 2018 Spider-Man is without a doubt one of the greatest games of the new generation. The expanded world of websligning combat, which follows directly from the first game, explores the “new guy”, Miles Morales, who brought Spider-Verse to fame along with a whole host of enemies and allies to entertain you for hours.

The game is not long, and if you follow the main plot, then it should give you about 8-10 hours of gameplay. But endless side quests, trials and collectibles, not to mention the extensive upgrade system you can explore, still deliver many solid hours of action.

To get the most out of the game, we’ve compiled this guide so you can play like a pro in no time.


Obviously the fight plays a big role in the game, but the movement as a whole is basically what the game’s software engine is all about. You’re actually starting a mid-cross-city run game that gets you right into the action so you know it’s the key.

To stay agile during the flight and optimize your journey, you can hold a circle as you walk along the wall to move quickly through the corners. Reach the edge of the building and Miles will automatically shoot with the spider web to quickly wrap around the corner.

If you want to redirect into the air, familiarize yourself with L2 to slow down time and get your web shooter where you want. Convenient for precise movements and quick escape.

Use enemies against each other by unlocking skills with which you can use web shooter to scatter them around. Suspended enemies can also be turned into web bombs (if you have improved this ability) by hanging them from above with the dismantling of the fence. Step aside and you will be prompted to bomb web by falling alongside other enemies and doing damage. Very useful in stealth missions.

Speaking of stealth, it’s always helpful to practice ceiling demonstrations, especially in missions where you don’t want to warn anyone of your presence. Crawl over the ceiling and aim at the enemy you choose before pressing the square to pull it out and tie it to the ceiling. Try this with camouflage if you want to be sure that they remain hidden.

Gadgets and Upgrades

Miles has fewer gadgets than Peter in the prequel, but they are very powerful and useful when used properly. Gravity Well is your best friend here as it attracts enemies in a single mass when it is thrown. Equip it as quickly as possible to destroy large groups of enemies and disarm them all at once. Distance mines and a holographic drone are less useful, but can still be useful when fighting many enemies, although they require some planning.

The Skill Tree is a place where you can spend skill points to unlock and upgrade your attacks and abilities. You have three branches to follow: camouflage skills, poison skills and combat skills with a number of challenge skills including.

Poison attacks are the most powerful in the game, so take your time to develop and unlock them. A synaptic breakdown will double the length of your toxic stun, so be sure to unlock it as soon as possible. You can do this from the fourth level, and it only costs you one skill point. Use poisonous attacks basically if you have a charge, as this will greatly facilitate the smelling of groups of enemies.

Camouflage is very useful for secret missions and avoiding unnecessary fights when you have little health. It’s helpful to focus on updates that allow you to stay in stealth mode for as long as possible. Invisible Strike is a particularly good upgrade, as it does not cost camouflage energy when using poison attacks.

The strength of the suit is how you customize the appearance of your character. Some costumes are given to you as you go through the game, while others must be purchased with technical details and activity marks. Try to equip the induction grid and the poison pulse together to draw the power of the poison with each blow and to numb the poison with every sixth blow. The two together will make you feel practically unstoppable in close combat.

Side Quests and Unlocks

However, the Skill Tree is not the only place where you can improve your movements. Peter’s tests are a useful way to earn more skills and specific moves that are excellent for certain enemies and need to be completed early.

Finding time capsules throughout the city also gives you an easy way to get skill marks. If you stand in front of each of them and press on the triangle, you get three tokens fast. There are a total of 15, but it is not easy to find.

You can ignore the game’s quick start menu and press the PlayStation button on the remote to switch to card mode. The map menu gives you tasks and quests you have yet to complete, and selecting one of them will take you exactly where you need to go to get started.

Finally, don’t forget that you can unlock the gameplay of Into the Spider-Verse. First you have to buy an animated costume that you can make on level 13 with 18 activity marks and four technical parts. Then attach the Bam! Bach! Bam! visor Mod and atmosphere Verse Mod will give you 24 fps animations and stylized Comic response to attacks. To make a relaxed autumn pose from the film, make sure you have enough height during the free fall, hold the square, then hold L3 and press up. It takes a while to get it right, but once you’ve done it, you’re basically playing your own movie.

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