How many bricks do I need for a rocket stove? – Day Twenty – Three Survival Challenge

Premitive Technology Clay Rocket Stove

Premitive Technology Clay Rocket Stove. Day Twenty-Three Of Thirty Day  Survival Challenge Texas. There’s only one rule. If you wanna eat, you gotta catch and cook it. (Upbeat music) Good morning, I had a nice sleep-in after that Thanksgiving Day feast. It’s a new day, new adventures to be had. I have no idea what’s gonna happen, ready to get out there though, let’s do this.

♪ The sun is out almost every day ♪ ♪ My job is glorified child’s play ♪ ♪ Most parts are working in my brain ♪ ♪ I can’t complain ♪ (rock music) ♪ I can’t complain ♪ ♪ Hey hey hey ♪ ♪ We can find some good in everyone ♪ ♪ Some will make us smarter ♪ ♪ Some help us have fun ♪


Here’s our acorns after several boils last night and steeped. I wonder if they’re, if that removed enough of the tannins. That they’re taste okay, let’s see. Not bad. They have less of a nutty flavor than they did yesterday. When I ate one but, also yesterday when I ate one. They made my mouth almost numb. And they say they actually work now.

That’s good. And if we get something else to eat. We can mash them up and make a paste. And like how they pan sear them and give them a nutty flavor. It’s not definitely still not something you wanna like. Pop in your mouth like peanuts, but. Maybe I can also roast them with some of that adobo spice we brought with us.

little rocket stove

It’s actually pretty warm and nice. I think I’m gonna head down to the river. And see if I can’t catch some fish, and make myself a little rocket stove. Also some coffee, and be cozy, and do my thing. It’s actually warm enough to change into a t-shirt. ♪ We can take our time to get where we need to go ♪ Bag’s getting full, my hat.

♪ Everywhere there’s traffic and faceless road ♪ ♪ And if we’re late because of a broken down car ♪ ♪ Well I bet we wouldn’t walk that far ♪ ♪ Give me a blister and I will make a fire ♪ ♪ Oh if he did it will only take me higher ♪ ♪ I can put my hood up when it begins to rain ♪

fishing effort

Just marking the trail off, Chris is gonna come over and join me later. So, it’s not the best trail just yet. That way he can find me. And he can join me, and see if we can’t double team that fishing effort. As much as I might like to keep this super secret, super special, fishing location to myself. It is his super secret, super special bug out location. That this is located at, so I gotta show it to him.

♪ To be alive at all ♪ ♪ I can’t complain about the life that I’ve been given ♪ ♪ With the ups and the downs I’ll be happy that I’m living ♪ ♪ And I’m swimming in the middle of my possibilities ♪ ♪ I’ve built them up to stand from zero to the sea ♪ ♪ I can’t complain about the life that I’m living ♪ ♪ With the ups and the downs I’ll be happy that I’m living ♪ Getting better, still need a bit of work.


I’m only half way down, but the rest of it gets a little easier. Need some loppers! Camera doesn’t do it justice. That’s a, that’s one steep hill. Well let’s make this place more habitable. A neat little location. I’m thinking a patio, with a grill set up, you know. I don’t know, we’ll see. Maybe just digging out somewhere to stand here. And somewhere to walk there, an easier way to get down and grab the fish out.

So they don’t lose them off the hook would be pretty darn epic. Get fishing, and then make some stuff. Could have sworn I saved the gills. Smells fresh enough. So yesterday, if you were watching, I caught two fish down here, two nice size catfish on gills. On a very tiny hook, so I’m doing it again. Got some gills from the other catfish. I’m gonna toss it out there, yesterday I did it with a bobber.

Today, I’m just going for putting it on the bottom. Because I want it to sit for awhile when I’m working on things. Maybe catch the bigger ones that are all the way on the bottom. I do love this little reel. It is the cheapest little simple thing. But it fits in your pack, and I’d get a different one. Or I’d get a more expensive one, and/or build one. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when I get home. I’ll build my ultimate survival fishing, fishing reel kit set.

25-pound catfish

Something that can handle a 25-pound catfish, or a little trout. Bloop! It feels like a good day after last night’s meal, with the little oranges and everything. If you’re watching this channel for the first time. You have no idea what we’re talking about. And you didn’t catch on quite completely with the trailer at the beginning. This is 30 Day Survival Challenge, day 23. Unless I’m wrong, it’s right here, it’s day 23. And uh, we are out in the wild of Texas, surviving.

There’s only one rule. If you want to eat, you gotta catch it and cook it. Check out the playlist below, for all of our previous days, where you can catch up on the story line, and everything you’ve missed, as well as the playlist below for DropForgedSurvival, Chris’ channel, ’cause we’re doing this dual survival-like Survival Challenge.

Shovels, best tool ever

Now I get a line in the water. Let’s see if we can’t make this place more habitable. Get a rocket stove with some coffee going. Aha, useful, useful, useful, worms. Shovels, best tool ever. Whew, that’s dirty, gotta clean it. All right, it’s done! My little home away from home for fishing. A little spot for my pole to lock in over there. And then I got my pack hooked onto a branch there. That I made a spot for, steps that come up and out.

The rocket stove with the Bear Bowl, making some delicious coffee for me while I sit here. And then in this direction, I carved a path down along the side. So I can walk up, cast, work on my fish, bringing them in. And cleaned up and made some steps coming down here. So I can get to the fish. And my perfect little seat area, where I got carved out.

So I can just recline, read, and wait for the coffee to be done. Ahh yeah, woo hoo. Comfy, oh this is real comfy. Push in my sticks, keep them burning. Aha, ah, the lap of luxury here. Yee-haw, do I have to get up to cast? Uh oh, catch some branches more than fish today. A lot of stuff in the water from the wind. All right, here we go, oh! I don’t even have to get up to cast! Oh, I just need a fish. Now I just need a fish.


Come on fishy fishy (whistling) or maybe I need to find some pecans. Last night when I opened up those fish I checked in their stomachs, and I could swear, the only thing in their stomachs was mashed up wild pecans. And I don’t know how to get a wild pecan on a hook. But I’m pretty sure I can figure it out.

Maybe yesterday I caught the only two fish in here, who knows? Okay, cowboy coffee is done, set it aside, let that cool off. That turned out awesome. Ha, I was just reading in Psalm 91, and I think this verse applies to the fish, more than it does to me today, because I’m not catching anything.

And it says, Oh, I think they won this one today. I have not caught anything this morning. But my coffee is good, my coffee is good. I guess I’ll finish my coffee, give it a couple more minutes, I’d be better served by going up to the camp and having a cup of fish head soup, and building something. All right, let’s do it.

difference in temperature

Well, that’s, what a difference in temperature! You come up out of that river basin and it’s like 70 something degrees up here. It was like 50 and cool and comfortable down there. Holy cow! So I set another line for while I’m gone, put three hooks on it and some gills.

So maybe when I come back this evening there’ll be something there. And I tried to go down the river a little bit to see if I could find out where that gar is splashing. Man, that is just thick and tough in there, so. I’m gonna come at it from another angle. And check those other lines by coming down and around, when it’s thick and tough in here, it’s thick and tough in here, yeehaw Texas.

another raccoon

Hey, whatcha got there? – Hey buddy! – Somebody’s got another raccoon. – I do! – Uh oh, yay, raccoon, I mean yay food! How’d you do it? – Well, the traps were actually a bust, believe it or not. – Oh no kidding! – Well it’s just ’cause they’re having to get used just have to get used to the area. I’m imagining they have to figure out there’s food here, I’m thinking. Which I’m not worried about. No, I just decided to do a little bit of perimeter checking and checking the trees and stuff.

So uh, I saw this guy, and saw him up a tree. Went for it, had my bow out, I didn’t expect to get anything, but with wintertime, when a lot of the vegetation, the fruits, the natural habitats, and the food.


They’re just going away, the creatures like rabbits, raccoons, all the little critters will be end up working overtime, you’ll see hogs and deer out in hours you’re usually not seeing them. It’s just because the food is going away, so they’re having to go farther, work longer, and just have longer hours to make the same amount of calories happen.

Especially some of them trying to hibernate for the winter. I don’t know, I got lucky, I’m not mad though. – No, it’s food, it’s food, we got food! Well that’s good ’cause I was skunked on the catfish. – Aw man, I mean, this is good, we coulda stewed this over night. – Yeah, yeah well there, I mean, the day’s still early, there’s still plenty of time. All right, so he’s got us a raccoon again. The raccoon slayer has struck again! So, we’re eating at least that.

hibachi raccoon

We gotta come up with some new ways to cook it. So that we don’t go completely stir crazy with that. We’re gonna do some hibachi raccoon this time? Oh hey, at least if we get another catfish, this time we can fry some in the fat, that was really good when we did that like a week ago.

There’s a good amount of fat on this raccoon.  Nice. It’s ’cause it’s winter, they’re bulking up, that’s why they’re in search of food so desperately. (feet crunching) – Brought those raccoon liver, the raccoon’s liver down I’m gonna re-bait those catfish lines. Maybe there’s even a catfish on the line. I haven’t checked these ones today.

They’re hard core heavy-duty, so. See what we can do, if there’s something, or if we can make there be something. Whole lotta nothing. Boom! All right, I’m gonna head down this way and set a new line, always looking for new opportunities, that’s what it’s all about, put in the work, you get the fish. I found a wild pecan. (knife cracking) Not very big, look at the size of that guy, he’s a tiny one.

cleanesT MEAT

The tiniest one, oh, it’s got the cleanest looking meat inside though. I gotta think about this tonight, like. How can I get this on a hook and see if that’s what they’re actually hitting. Ugh, that is just so sweet and good though, I don’t know if I wanna give up to the catfish. Well here’s three, I’ll give that a try with that.

I gotta come down here and scavenge for these tomorrow. I’m not big on scavenging for stuff unless I see a lot of it. It’s like right now, I wanna get up there and run around and look for rabbits. Man that looks so much like a turkey up there, especially from over here. ‘Till I got closer and it’s just a knot turkey. (crickets chirping) All right, our new raccoon’s on the smoke. And we are cooking the front two legs in the pot here. All right, dinner is ready, oh yeah.

Do you want a wing or a leg?

Well you get one choice, which one do you want? I’ll just take the top one, man. Ack! It’s falling apart! That’s a good sign though! Yeah, yeah we did it! No, you did. Champion! It’s like gravy at the bottom. I wanna save that actually, that sounds about right. It is just falling, right off the bone. Yeah! Super tender meat. So good! – How is it? Does it need any spices? Yeah, I might add just a smidge of chupacabra, but that adobo, that was epic.

Already flavored it?

  • Oh yeah. It’s on point! – Oh yeah. I was not looking forward to more raccoon, but this stewed up really well. – My hope is extra commitment in the kitchen is reflected in the standard of his food. You can close your eyes, and actually count flavors, steps. Very good. I’m pleased to say he stuck to a small– – Raccoon. And everything’s freshly cooked. This is the kind of food, they should be serving.
  • Real, hearty, rustic, wholesome, nice texture, and perfectly cooked. Lovely. (beep) me. – Wow, by cooking it too long, so the water cooked off, there’s almost like a bit crispy bit and it’s really good. Well, you nailed it, you did a good job, you done good. You cooked a good raccoon there, Chris. It’s got a good– – I’ll give all the credit to GSI and Texas firewood. – I’m getting full quick, ’cause I had a big cup of fish head soup.


  • So glad we got that back on the menu. Just to have some broth and stuff. Yeah raccoon does not make a good broth. – Makes a fatty broth for sure, but you know, I hear what you’re saying – Yeah, it’s just so greasy.
  • I mean in Fear Factor I had a coagulated blood bowl. – Yeah. – It’s a thing. – I had blood sausage and stuff. – I think that’s weird. – Yeah, definitely going out for grasshoppers tomorrow. Something to change up the thing. Fried up grasshoppers in raccoon fat, that’ll be interesting. All right honey, it’s time for bed. It’s not your fault there wasn’t anything to shoot at today. We looked, we looked, we’ll look again tomorrow.


Oh, there we go, I am in my hammock, cozy. And comfy (yawn) I think all in all, not a bad day. I had fun down by the river, making my little spot, and carving my rocket stove and drinking coffee and just. Even though I didn’t catch anything, it was still a pretty cool little spot, and fun to hang out, I wish I had a river like this on my land at home, I’ve always wanted to live on a river or a lake or something, you know? Someday, maybe I’ll get a little piece of land where I can have a little lake house or something. And uh, dinner was good, a little on the sparse side, but it doesn’t really bother me.

I mean, the amount of eat, heh, the amount of eat. The amount of meat that I actually ate was probably as much as a single drumstick, with the skin on, and the amount of fat that I had, because my piece had some damage to it, so I was just like eh, whatever, I’m good. So I ate around that and called it good. And I did have a cup of fish head soup broth.

more calories

That’s not a lot of food, but like, your body’s in high gear and I’m, eating so much more calories than I did, you know, when I did this for 87 days on History Channel’s Alone show. You know, that was like a fish a day of trout. That’s not nearly as many calories as what I ate for dinner even. Feeling pretty good, feeling pretty sleepy.

I will see you guys tomorrow. Thanks for watching, Fowler out. .

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