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Save Your Life

Survival Hacks

Exploring the great outdoors can be great fun, but things can go wrong. And you can get into some sticky situations. Luckily, there are things you can do with the everyday items you bring with you or things that are just lying around that can help. Here’s our top 10 survival hacks that might just save your life. – Amazing! –

Number 10

T-shirt water filter. Clean water is essential to survive. But what if the only water you can find is filthy? Well, if you have two containers and a t-shirt, you’re in luck. Put the dirty water in one container, tear off a length of cloth from the t-shirt, run the cloth from one container to the other, and leave it for a while and you’ll have clean, filtered water in what was the empty container. Make sure to boil it before you drink it though, as this just removes the dirt.

Number nine

Everyday tinder. Apart from the app, you could use things like paper or cardboard to start a fire. But there are other great ways to induce spontaneous combustion quickly and easily. Here’s exactly what you need to do. Get a standard cardboard egg box and place a charcoal brick in each of the egg compartments. Shut the box and light one corner. Once the cardboard has burned away, the charcoal will be sufficiently lit for you to cook. It’s an instant barbecue. Maybe you could fry the eggs. Also, guitar picks are one handy tool for survivalists. Guitar picks are made out of a material called celluloid that’s highly flammable.

Simply shave off some of the pick onto a piece of wood and slot the pick between a plank. Even a few sparks will be enough to ignite the material. Also, on the off chance that you’ve been carrying around a sharpener on your adventures, it could be used to sharpen sticks to make lots of kindling.

Number eight

Replacement batteries. If you only have one battery but you need two to operate your survival torch or a similar device, you could try to utilize a metal screw that’s the same length as your battery. Put it into your device along with the battery you already have, and it should work perfectly. If you don’t have any screws that fit, you could do this hack with aluminum foil. Crumple the foil into something that’s the same shape and size as a battery and it’ll work well because screws and foil are conductors of electricity.

Number seven

Herbal mosquito repellant. If the mosquitoes are bothering you, you may need to make your own mosquito repellant.

Firstly, you could try burning some everyday household herbs like thyme. Mosquitoes don’t like strong smells and will soon scatter. Alternatively, natural peppermint works even better. You can crush the leaves and rub them on your skin. Mosquitoes will leave you alone plus you’ll smell minty fresh.

Number six

Tampon first aid. Even if you’re a guy, think about bringing some tampons on your next exploration trip. If you cut yourself badly, you’ll be pleased you did. Tampons are made to absorb moisture so they’re great for treating deep cuts. Plus, they swell up over time to take the shape of the wound. They’re also small and lightweight so you can bring lots of them.

Number five

Condom canteen. Staying with stuff you can buy in the chemist’s, you need to bring non-lubricated condoms with you too.

A condom canteen is a great way of holding a large amount of water in an emergency. Here’s how you can make one. Put the condom in a sock to protect it from punctures and then fill it up with water. You can get around one liter in there. Use a hollow tube, like the outside of an ink pen, as a spout and then simply secure it to the base of the condom with duct tape. You can even carve out a stopper from a dry piece of wood and use some cloth to make a sling. There it is, one liter of water, easy to carry from place to place.

Number four

Makeshift compasses. What are you gonna do with all that water? Well, if you get completely lost you may need to make a compass. Here’s how you can do it with just some water, a needle, and a leaf. Get the needle and rub it against your t-shirt a few times. Float the leaf in a small amount of water and place the needle on the top. The point of the needle will spin to point north. Hopefully, you can then just remember which way east, south, and west are. If you don’t have a needle or water to hand then try this. Put a stick upright in the ground so you can see its shadow and then mark the tip of the shadow in the ground with a stone.

Wait about 10 to 15 minutes and the shadow will have moved a short distance. Mark where the shadow’s tip is with a different stone. If you can draw a line between the two stones and stand on the line. Make sure the first stone is to your left. You are now facing true north. Or, if you’ve got an analog watch, you can try this. Lay your watch down on a flat surface and point your hour hand to the sun. Bisect the angle between the hour hand and the number 12 on your watch and the center of the angle will point north.

Bear in mind this only works in the northern hemisphere.

Number three

Chapstick survival. This stick isn’t just for keeping your lips moist and blemish free. The humble Chapstick has a myriad of uses in a survival situation. If you get a small cut, rub a Chapstick on there. It will help keep dirt out of there. Also, you could rub it on exposed skin to protect it from the extreme cold or use it as a sunscreen.

Additionally, Chapsticks have the same qualities as candle wax so you could stick a match in one of these and use it as an instant candle. Even better, you could rub it on kindling to make your fire burn for longer. Also, if one of your zippers get stuck, you could rub some Chapstick on there and it’ll get moving again. Finally, if you get a hole in your shoe, rub some Chapstick on it and it’ll help to seal it up and make it waterproof. Seriously, is there anything you can’t do with this stuff?

Number two

Ramen stoves and crayon candles. Ramen noodles are small and light and make a tasty snack whenever you’re exploring. But did you know you could also make a stove out of them. Here’s how. Saturate the noodle brick in a flammable liquid, set it alight and you’ll have a nice flat fire which will last for around 20 minutes.

If you can make a frame out of sticks you’ve even got a stove. Another everyday item that burns in a long, irregular way are wax crayons. Set light to a crayon and it’ll burn for 30 minutes. You can use it to light other things, like maybe your coloring book.

Number one

Uses for urine. In very hot places, you need to keep cool and stay hydrated or you’ll lose consciousness fast.

If there’s no shade or water available, you need to make your own. One way to do this is to urinate on a t-shirt and tie it around your head. It will cool you down fast and give you a fresh burst of energy, even if it’s a bit gross. If you’ve got any left in the tank after you’ve soaked your t-shirt, you can also try drinking your urine. Yes, like Bear Grylls does. If there’s absolutely no water available, your urine may be the only thing to keep you alive.

There’s one condition, though. It has to be urine from before you became dehydrated. Otherwise you’ll just wait liquid and drinking your urine will have no use at all. You can tell by the color. The clearer the better. You can even purify the water with this neat plastic bottle hack. All you need is two plastic bottles, one filled with your dirty water or urine, and the other one should be clean and empty. Make sure to remove any plastic labels if they still have them. Then, simply tape the opening of the bottles together and make sure that none of the contaminated water or liquid flows or leaks into the empty bottle.

Clean water

Place the taped bottles in an area where the sunlight is always shining and on a leveled area where there are no slopes. Sometimes it will help to place the clean bottle a bit upwards so the evaporation can collect better. But make sure it’s just a little bit so the purified water doesn’t drain back into the dirty bottle. All you have to do is wait for most of the water to evaporate into the other bottle and you’ll have clean water. It will usually take around 12 hours. And also, the rays of sunlight help to kill a lot of bacteria.

So sometimes, even placing a dirty bottle of water into the sun for a period of time will be the easiest way to kill some bacteria. So, that concludes our top ten survival hacks. Which hack do you think is the smartest and are there any that you know? Leave us comment and let us know. Also, if you learned anything new, please drop a like on this video down below. We’ll be making more of these, so even subscribe if you want to be notified of one in the future.

Thanks for watching. .

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Survival Life Hacks

Hey guys! It’s Wengie Welcome! Today we are going to talk about simple life hacks. You know guys, right here it’s 41 degrees. I’m sweatin’ But here’s the hug! Sweaty armpit hug! Have any of you guys been caught out in the cold? The dark without your phone without food, without water and you just need to survive have you guys been in that situation? I know I haven’t The closest I’ve got to a near death experience was literally like 2 weeks ago when I decided to light up 168 sparklers with a 1000 degree knife. These would not have helped at that time because I literally just needed common sense cricket noises hold up!

Mobile Phone Charging

My phone’s dead aswell now what do i do? I’m totally stranded did you know that you can charge your phone with a car charger and a 9-watt battery and some house keys? It’s actually quite simple just touch one side of the battery with the end of the car charger and the other side with the end of the key. Then press the key so that it touches the metallic part of the side of the charger. You can see that when I do this, the blue light on the charger turns on this made me so excited when I saw this clip for the first time. So secure the key onto the side and plug your charger cord into the charger and your phone connect your circuit and voila!

You have power! music so in case of emergencies. I will keep a 9-watt battery in the car with this I can charge my phone for long enough to make a phone call and get help. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, right? If you’re lost in the wild, dehyrdation is a huge problem. So finding a source of drinking water is often the first priority for a survival. If all you can find is a dirty creak, then you may not have any option. But there’s a way to filter the water first all you need are 2 containers. A piece of cloth you may wanna use the shirt on your back.

Pure Water

If you have nothing else and who knows? You may create this cool new fashion piece cricket sounds fill up one container with the dirty water. And place it one something elevated place the empty clean container. Next to it and connect the bottles with a piece of cloth. This might take a while to get going but once it starts, its actually pretty fast. The cloth will basically absorb and filter to clean water and transfer it into the clean container with the help of gravity and a unicorn! (SO CUTE) Inaudible

After a while, you will have a clean container of water! Don’t drink this immediately ’cause there might still be bacteria in it ’cause this filter only cleans out debris.

Plastic Water Container

The best thing is to boil it before drinking it. But at least it will be clean when you do! Rain is often the safest source of clean drinking water. But catching it can be pretty challenging and catching it with your mouth is not very efficient …But kinda fun you can turn a plastic bottle into a very efficient water collector just cut the end of the bottle… Then cut 3/4 on the sides of the bottle bend each of them at the base to fan them out. Now you have your own rain water catcher! Place another container underneath the opening and wait for your delicious drinking water to fill up this works. So well by taking a leaf haha, get it?

Out of nature’s book but copying the way a lot of plants collect rain water! the fanning of the petals can increase the surface area which rain is collected have you ever wanted to get some food only to realise you left your wallet or purse at home? this is the worst! especially when you’re hungry! but to ensure this never happens again just take out your phone case and fold up a 20 or 50 dollar note inside it don’t use it unless you absolutely have to! if you get lost or separated from your group during excursion or outing this extra bit of cash might save your life! woah! what the hell?!! crashing sounds crap! it’s an earthqu- coughing and choking uh..

Emergency Masks

I can’t breath… someone…please! dust and especially smoke can be extremely dangerous in fires and other disasters for us girls out there who are actually carrying emergency masks already that’s it! it’s your bra!! as weird as it sounds, it actually fits your face pretty well it even has straps so you can free up your hands for other things obviously it’s not a proper mask so make sure you get out of danger as quickly as possible! and it’s ok to look a little silly at times like this! heroic music yeah, so sometimes my imagination goes a little crazy but I gotta save my unicorn family you know? fam comes first! like you guys if you’re lost in the wild, hunger is definitely gonna be a problem!

Eventually but you won’t die of starvation for up to a whole month! the biggest problem you face is being cold especially at night wind blowing if you’re having trouble starting a fire due to rain and humidity, sometimes the best kindling is to use your own food doritos ad many other chips make for good kindling and as you can see they can burn extremely well even in the windiest of conditions there’s no point holding onto your food supplies when you’re not gonna be around long enough to eat them, right? actually that sounds kind of morbid…

Make a Fire

Let’s move on so what if you don’t have a lighter or a match to set on fire? or did you know that you could make a fire out of a water bottle or even a sandwich bag?! this actually blew my mind but as you can see, it IS possible! basically you wanna use the curved part of the waterbottle like a magnifying glass or you can fill a sandwich bag up with water and make a shape like this kinda like you’re decorating a cake then basically focus the brightest part of the beam onto any piece of scrap paper move the bottle back and forth until the beam is most concentrated and just leave it there.


You may need some patience for this part it really takes some hours as you can see after 5 minutes you can already see some smoke rising from the paper and if you take a look, you’ll notice that the black writing has slightly burnt and there are burn marks on the back to prove it! so just keep at it and you will eventually succeed! once you see more smoke, add extra pieces of paper to it and it should catch on fire all by itself on a windy day! if there’s no wind, you may need to blow on the smoke to start the fire pretty cool, right? a heimlich maneuver has been used countless times to save a choking person from certain death but unfortunately this still happens today rest in peace, me …the other me sad piano music.

Thankfully even if there isn’t anyone else around you can actually perform the maneuver on yourself find the mid-point between your rib cage and your naval and place a fist there and cup your fist with your other hand and forcely push inwards and outwards to try and dislodge your food if this doesn’t work, keep this position and find a table or chair, roughly waist height then hold hard down onto your hands and this should generate enough force to expell whatever you were choking on the key thing is not to panic so if you’re lost in the woods and all the trees look the same then…

Making a Compass

You’re probably in big trouble but if you know that a group or a civilisation is in a certain direction like north you can actually find it by making your own compass all you need is a needle, which you may have along for a sewing pack that you may have stolen from a hotel fill up any container with water and find a small leaf that you can put on the water if you have a magnet, even better! but if you don’t you can actually magnetize the needle by rubbing it onto your clothes.

Just rub it in one direction about 100 times and that will generate enough static to magnetize your needle! then, place it carefully on top of the leaf the needle will stay afloat and because we’ve magnetized it earlier the point will turn to face north as you can see this actually works even when you move the needle off north, it slowly finds its way back proving that this hack is amazing! dramatic music food is obviously something we need to have in order to survive.

Spear Shooter

Sometimes catching it is not quite as easy as it seems even the smallest of creatures can be far too agile for humans to catch especially me in order to make your own spear shooter, you need a plastic bottle, a balloon or any elastic material and a sharp stick you probably need to sharpen down a straight branch but I just use this skewer for demonstration cut the top of the bottle off and put a balloon around one end place your spear inside the balloon, pull back, aim and fire!

You’ll probably need to practice at this to get your aim right but if you’re lucky you might hit your target! in fact i hit mine after 2 goes! this is pretty cool next up is to practice on moving target meowing just kidding i would never hurt you inaudible be careful if you’re using this around other people though because this would seriously injure someone just a reminder guys: this is not a toy oh my God i love lazy nights, i can sit around, watch netflix inaudible buzzing as lights flicker wait..?! what was that?! oh well…

Crayon Candle

If your house has ever lost power and you don’t have any back up candles or flashlights did you know that a crayon could burn for up to 30 minutes? just use a lighter and melt the top part of the wax first then the paper should catch on fire this kinda works like a reverse candle with the wick on the outside and the crayons are just wax anyways so it’s not a surprise that this works so well if you want you can also drip the first few drops of wax onto a flat surface and use that to hold your crayon candle upright that way you can move it around.

Wherever you go like a lantern and it wont fall over this is a great emergency hack that might just help you get through another one of those pitch black evenings sometimes when the power goes out sometimes it’s hard to tell whether its just your house or everyone else’s house in the area.

Emergency flashlight

I usually just look outside to see if there’s any other lights on in the neighbourhood but an easier way is to just take out your phone and check for other wifi networks if you find that the usual networks around you are still on, then it’s probably just your house but if you see nothing, then it’s probably your whole area and all you can do is just chill until it gets fixed if you’re ever in a pinch and need an emergency flashlight.

The worst thing is realising you don’t ever enough batteries for it but as long as you have one working battery, you can hack your way out with some aluminium foil just tear off a strip of foil and measure up the length of your battery then fold the foil over on itself, until it matches the length of the battery then roll the foil tightly along its length until you make a tight cylinder shape it should be roughly the same height as your missing battery and it doesn’t matter if it isn’t as wide it will still work just fine next put your batteries in along with your foil to replace what you’re missing and close the lid you’ll find that you now have a working torch!

Tricky Situation

This hack works for everything, not just torches, so make sure you remember it ’cause you never know when it can get you out of a tricky situation! have you ever walked down an alleyway or a car park and felt unsafe? like someone was watching you or following you and then the hairs on your neck literally stand up if this happens take out your keys and push each key out through each gap between your fingers kinda like a inaudible knuckle.

If someone is actually there, you can turn on them with a surprise attack scream under the affects of adrenaline, you never know what you might be capable of however, only do this if you’re actually getting assaulted if you’re getting robbed, the best thing to do is just drop your purse then run away the robber will be too busy picking up your money than chasing after you.

Let is rain dollar, dollar bills I hope you guys learnt something new today! and if you guys did, don’t forget to try it out and hashtag me on #wengiecorns ’cause I love hanging out with you guys doing the week!liking your photos, seeing what you’re up to and chilling with you guys! until next week, im gonna miss you guys so much! until then, i’ll see you guys on my social media and vlog and things like that and ya! BYEEE!! love you!!

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Survival in Wood

Guys, Lets do a wood survial challenge. Looks like the water is coming to a boil the box words looking good it’s very bright dude that is awesome that Lantern actually works really well we just started hearing this like music playing like someone’s like music Jake the daddy-longlegs inside Danny long way hey what’s going on guys.

Actually you guys know that this has been the hardest the most extreme and the biggest box for video we have ever done we don’t even want to stop here that’s why we have a massive like goal of over 200,000 likes if we get 200,000 likes guys we will do this video but on a floating box port in the middle of a lake thus far Buddha becomes unit time of need and each about sugars give spots for Buddha its release of a box Street they made vascularity both of them so slightly so happy like a kid on Christmas.

dangers box

I know the dangers box for food I know the danger is decided to hand us for food we’re doing the 24 hour Fox sport forest challenge and I know I know it will be hard and all the difficult possible Buddha I believe to do it we train with some box sport versus volcano box board versus one how easy is that a thoughtful person thunderstorm and now I think we’re ready box for food I think we’re finally ready to take on the 24 hour force but I need just think and you just say each move on for food used to be the wave of the box so some of the line saw me change.

I believe you’re ready for your box for quests you must enter the words travel deep within them and complete the 24-hour boxberger challenge right see what is it I got here as fast as I could I’ve waited for long years for this Jacob it’s only been like two weeks okay fine it’s been like a week or two what’s still Logan I think it’s time I think it’s time today is the dead are you saying what I think you’re saying we’re doing the 24 ounce box for Boyd’s challenge are you ready for the smokin one step ahead of you buddy hey yo what’s going on guys Papa j0g baby and we are back with a brand new video and today is the day as you guys just seen it’s a big day it’s the biggest day of our lives Logan it might be the greatest day of your life you will ever have pause it make you feel you know it.

reverse question how does it make you it makes me feel so what we are going to survive in a box for for 24 hours straight guys that that’s 24 with the to f4 dude we gotta get going man we do now we’re going to get all of our gear ready and then we’re going to head down and start building this box board we’ve gotta cut us up ready for us tonight guys so we have some water bottles which we have to fill up yes we’ll need some gloves own HID headlamps definitely my survival whistle with extra matches flashlights on sand by gosh we’ve got 12 MREs those are meals ready to eat boys will be making our dinner out .

there we are gonna have a fire but we’re going to need to eat something guys there may be enough for 24 hours that’s three meals times two people Logan six meals cries this is the only mosquito repellent we have we have no mosquito repellent the other words everything ready we’re going to pack it all off the ghetto boxes ready and start hiking out because we got a box sport to make and as always we’re a little behind and the sun’s going down I don’t want to be out there in the mill the woods without a box board Jake you ready oh I’m ready dude I got to go pro ready we got the cameras all packed up my lunch bag the other money well you got the bigger bag actually no that’s okay we’re stop well you keep the bigger bag that’s good you’re being better all right guys so we’ve been traveling a little bit we’re heading towards where we’re going to be building our box for.

we a lot of caucuses as you can see I’m kind of on the mo if I had this or get Logan’s pulled in a bunch as well he’s got his bag and we are just heading down there once we get to the place we’re building we gotta go quick guys because we’re running out of sunlight and with a little before it so we legit need a place to survive so we’ve been walking for quite a while now so it has all of his cardboard on top of them we are heading down to where we kind of think we knit we haven’t ideas to where we’re going to do the box for it but we don’t know exactly where we’re going to lay it down like .

I’m just looking for looking for some solid ground Oh so with schedule what bro dude over here so nice I think we found our building spot we’re going to build great in here I believe oh all right guys here is home sweet home we got all of our equipment so I’m thinking guys is a losers I’m in the woods dude ring so creepy I didn’t think of this so to start clearly we have our little tool here part shovel part axe part knife it’s everything you want and watch there a little bit of an area here guys and then we’ll go put down the box for base Jake has pretty much made the ground flat it’s looking pretty good for our box or base so I’m going to leave the camera here and we’re going to do a time lapse time lapse begins now guys so we’re taping down the floor and Jake and I were talking this is by far the hardest build .

we’ve ever done we’re getting eaten alive by boards right now guys I’m sweating beyond this but yeah I don’t know if you guys can see them there are so many mosquitoes so many not massive spiders this is one for the books for sure after I hit that like one the date did bring one mosquito candle hopefully broad dude dude hopefully gets the bugs away I think it would be just bad so we have most of the base done the base is ready now we’re going to go ahead and start putting the walls together we have our walls here we’re currently does two walls and that is taking us like three times longer than a normal wall I don’t think we realize how hard it would be to build in the woods the reason why we’re putting so much tape down on every crevice you still the bugs don’t get in I thought it’d be more about the survival not the building so we have all the walls in the box for it the Sun is going down we just need to do the roof now others in the bug and the fact that the Sun is going down boxboard is very comfortable we’ve got both sides of the roof on now the Sun hasn’t been tied down yet but Logan’s working on all the tape inside so we have for one the little candle that’s supposed to help with mosquitoes but right now guys it’s getting dark as you guys can tell we need to get some lights in there so I’m going to break out all of our lights we have a few lanterns as well as some headlamp you can barely see it but right near that tree there I’m going to go hack that down so we get some dry wood and we need to start a fire all right guys the box for looking good it’s very bright dude that is awesome that lantern actually works really well Oh God it’s very thick here and very swampy okay it’s like really wet ground all around here here is the piece of wood that I found the law bigger than I thought it would be oh here we go timber there we go guys got some dry wood Jake the daddy-longlegs inside it’s inside of out for a jig all right well I’m just closing up the remaining holes inside the roof with tape this socks part might be the most the most structurally advanced box for we’ve ever built which is for hearing this like music play like someone’s like music nowhere I’m living asking adopters literally someone playing your second in that district breaking counties were actually in an open web cats create domestic and I’m really correct or it go lights out for a little bit until the music stops music stopping someone hey there here we are extremely late guys I’ve cut all that wood up to make a fire which is over there but we have not a chance to make a fire and honestly I don’t know if we’re gonna have time to do it like already really late I’m starving we need to get inside and make our food we’re going to put the last little bits on the box for when you get in get our bed ready and then make dinner alright so well Jacobson or I’m going to patch up all these missing areas so bugs can’t get in the time for us to get inside and get our dinner in our bed set I think we’ll wait till tomorrow to do the fire as well as go fishing because right now it’s just so dark and be honest with you it’s pretty creepy out here and I kind of want to get in the box for it this is it this is our door it’s uh it’s nothing special as with any house shoes off at the front door please so we’ll definitely feel nice because we’ve been hiking in these for the past five hours yourself guys this has been the hardest box work build we have ever done if you guys would not smash that like button yet be sure to destroy that like but right now let’s go Logan you think we get 150,000 likes listen not that’s an insane amount of life jacket let’s say in a matter like that I think we can get 150 thousand likes on this video let’s go for it I think you guys can do in fact I know you can do it and I don’t want me to allows them a little freaked out right now like animals and stuff so let’s start our dinner and your guys first or a couple Jake show you around the box boys so over here guys we’ll start off in the living quarters this is the flashlights corner it illuminates or or takes a mirror with mosquitoes coming in but that’s that’s fine there’s gonna be a few mosquitoes here they’re come on back here in a Jake’s room we’ll go to loading through next but this is papa Jake’s room I got my sleeping mat here there is a lot of dead Logan went on a bug killing spree in here if it’s energy guys we have like our kind of collective area of our collective area of stuff we’ve got some game of life to play because we’re going to be board player tonight so we’ll probably play that anti-mosquito candle which has done absolutely nothing yo guys you know what we’re like you know everyone can come in our box for we had a league our box portbou mosquitoes welcome welcome over on this time we got Logan scores well show me your room my room is pretty much the same as Jake hi guys here we go time to roll out not betting there we go all right Logan did you bring the air pump no well we messed up wood all right there we go guys this is all nice and blown up we got our nice padding Logan’s blowing up his specter we did not think of bringing an air compressor so I mean it’s not too hard it’s not a lot to blow up definitely not as much as mr.

Flamingo but it’s not bad to be honest with you guys like it’s a very little amount of air but all together once it’s all nice in there that’s nice like we have never had this before guys in any of our box for builds I think we’re going to bring this in future box for bills because this is amazing unfortunately we don’t have a fire but like I said guys tomorrow morning we’re going to do some upgrades on the box for it but it’s time for dinner and for dinner Logan we got some MREs which are really awesome if you guys have not seen me do a video on these before they are really cool they are military surplus this is what military dudes use when they go out into the the wild and they have no food nothing and these are completely self-sustaining meals so they will last for like years and years on end and they come with everything so let’s delicious let’s jump into it here did so I don’t know which one I get but it’s a three-course meal so don’t be confused with a non three-course meal we have the main entree which say what this is all right I have no idea what’s the matter tonight I guess we’re going to find out in here Oh pound cake alright so this is some cake suctioned into here so we have some cake for dessert this is a heating pad that we use to cook our food this doesn’t use any fire or anything all it needs is some water so we’re going to need that to cook it oh okay so this is what we’re actually eating this is black beans in a seasoned sauce Wow we have four kilos carbohydrate electrolyte beverage powder basically Gatorade so it comes with the Gatorade because you know you’re out and about in the doing crazy stuff this is a cocoa beverage so this is like hot chocolate there you go we got spoon this is a instant coffee and tasting water coffee fake milk getting a little bit of time to cook so I’m going to show you guys if you’ve never use an emery before it’s really simple all you need is a little of water and we have the MRE Peter and all you need to do is have you very very small amount of water there you go guys so this is gonna cook all right guys a lot of cooking we’re going to jump in to Logan’s you want to do this bun sure oh no you got crackers dude looky yo can I trade you my tortillas for crackers no what do you probably a peanut butter that what you can’t put all right well let’s uh let’s put yours in the heater so ours both finish around the same time first I’m gonna make my like gatorade mix cuz you got stay hydrated guys if you ever do go camping number-one thing you got to make sure you do it stay hydrated and this is going to be a good mix it’s going to replenish all those electrolytes that we burnt while we are still wetting our butts off trying to make this boxboard all right here’s the taste test guys I’m so thirsty but that’s amazing that’s like orange juice got a may looks good oh um thank you Jake this I’m kind of spider here it’s really good a little dry but really really good I guess so next up Logan is having his cracker and peanut butter hard to eat man it’s going everywhere let me go for that peanut butter spread that looks good room down there you go I’m gonna say it looks just like geez whatever she’s not very good yeah awesome so now it’s time for dinner it’s getting really late we’re both exhausted so I think it’s time to eat our main meal this is dinner it’s been cooking away in this here for quite some time now and I know it’s really crazy to believe this but these things are so hot like they’re extremely hot not sure whose this is oh man that’s hot yo touch that I’m boiling hot we actually found out that Logan’s wasn’t black bean it was tortellini yeah and it looks like it is my black bean or do we Rob Oh is everybody all right here we don’t here we go it in there oh dude that was good how is it nice and toasty warm oh my god is it good so really I thought it was steam coming off of that it looks like a toasty warm time to crack open my black beans and put them on my tortillas I cannot believe that this will last like three years pretty cool ooh all right kind of more like a sloppy joe but let’s just roll up our tortilla all right here you go how’s that CJ dude that’s amazing egg nice and toasty warm flow really good we just finished dinner and now we’re just enjoying our time the box for right now we’re playing a little bit of life unfortunately cuz we didn’t have time to start the fire tonight there’s not much sense of going outside and it’s just really bad with the weather right now so it is currently 1203 at night we’ve been out here for a long time it took so long to build this box for honestly guys I guess I know what you’re saying this has been the hardest box for build amber there’s literally blood from the mosquito that would be killed until it looks like this is a murder scene I think at this point guys we’re just going to hit the hay get some sleep and then we’ll get up early and continue the video tomorrow morning so we got our blankets here we’ve got our nice little mattresses heaven forbid any of us have to go potty during the night because I ain’t going out there but it’s time to go to bed look great in that cover oh my god is this all right sleep tight everyone good night I have never felt so wracked from a box for 24-hour town oh my god was years really bothersome a few things went down that we never even owned the first thing that happened something was making noise in the woods over there by the ones I mean literally behind our box for it we went out we were flashing the light this is one stuff got so scary we’re like we’re not even filming we’re thinking about running for alive we saw eyes so we’re like Kay it’s probably an animal that was fine number two we did not estimate how hot it would get in the box all right so at one point we were going with no blanket I don’t even know where the blanket was and and that was a bad idea because I love what you do but I kept waking up with like strolling both my toes bitching this time make a fire and maybe go fishing deaf Italy has seen better days the Box were kind of like shrunk a little bit I noticed I kind of repaired it but a lot of the tape was falling off yeah I guess I kind of got damp with the morning dew’ so it started like kind of fall off a little bit but Logan you want to grab the GoPro bro ah that was that was insane dude she held together real nice look at really late our roof come on me too I think if we did this again guys we definitely should have bought you donate and like incorporate it into the box build so we have some of the leftover food from our last night’s MRE I think we’re gonna have some coffee as well as maybe Logan might not be pointing and stuff like that in order to do that we need a fire and we never had a chance to build a fire last night because it got way too late who’s way too dark and Craig’s last night to make our fire so now it’s time to do it because I chopped down the tree we have some of this wood here so we’re going to use this wood as the main fire pieces inside the waterproof matches it comes with really dry wool and we’re going to use that down here to make sure that we like boxes because we only have a few matches perfect we got some fire really great to get rid of the bug the smoke is just going to clear away all the mosquitoes and all the other bugs we’re going to start boiling our water for breakfast so we have some leftover water from last night and we’re going to use this to make our coffee so we’re going to put it in our little pan here alright guys so currently we’re working on boiling the water right now we’re going to let it cook flash boil and in the meantime I think I’m going to try on some breakfast won’t be trying to feel about the fish from there yeah you guys don’t know that the Papa Jakob is one of the best fishermen inside of the town you know a lot of people have them fancy fishing rods Papa Jake likes to go with the spider-man got the new spider-man movie coming out students are ready I’ll fight I’m a fishing rod that’s gotta be good luck looks like the water is coming to a boil pretty good oh you guys not as the Warrens boiling we are going to make our coffee for the morning Oh cocoa beverage alright I might go with the Go Go beverage dude I’m kind of feels a hot chocolate what do you feel like on the copy all right now pro tip if you ever do go camping and you have to boil your own water we brought purified water but you do have to boil some you want to make sure that you boil it for at least thirty minutes a lot of people think you just like boil it for a minute and then you’re good but thirty minutes and here we go there is my hot chocolate so let’s lift that up around a little bit get it all mixed up in there and now for Logan’s coffee alright guys there we go we got loaded coffee as well now we’re just kind of chillin enjoying the fun in the Sun it’s a beautiful day here and we’re drinking our coffee in the morning well mines from cocoa all the food’s been really great I thought that the MREs would have liked some pretty bad food but the food’s been awesome the night was hard it was definitely really hard but waking up to this is very very beautiful and definitely I also want to try fishing guys and then I kind of realized if you look through the creek here it’s actually see-through and I haven’t seen a single fish so I don’t think fishings going to work it fortunately it looks like it’s just Coco for the morning well there’s pretty much wraps up our 24 hour box fort in the woods challenge you guys have been asking for you guys have wanted it and we finally did do high five we killed it man this has been so insane and guys it doesn’t have to stop here the box sports do not have to stop here in fact while we were sitting in there last night for hours on end having nothing to do we were talking and we had an idea we want to do a 24-hour the loading box for challenge but bring the floating box for to the woods that’s right we want to go to an actual lake and do a floating box sport in the middle of a lake if you guys want to do that if we get look at how many lights do we need we need to go big we need to go high we need to go matches you won’t go for two hundred thousand lights you’re doing it out of the light dude I think we can do it guys can we do that well there’s three savage I know they’re going to share with all their friends on Facebook that have it it’s like this I’m sweating but it’s like this guy’s we’re going to go for 200,000 like is beyond SAP but you’re going to need to share this video everywhere but if we get to 200,000 likes we will do the 24 hour box for challenge in the middle of a lake now we’re going to go cooking everything out because if you guys do go camping you want to make sure that you leave everything spotless you don’t want to leave bags behind for animals or just litter in general keep it the way it is this is a beautiful area as much as it’s been hard on us mosquitos but other than that it’s still such a beautiful place so we’re gonna clean everything up and head out

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The Worst Natural Disasters – Tips

Natural Disasters

The Worst Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are terrifying and unpredictable, so much so they make people feel helpless. After all, when a natural disaster strikes there isn’t much you can do other than pray, right? Not at all. Because if you follow these 10 tips you’ll significantly improve your chances to survive the world’s most common natural disasters. (bright electronic music)

Number 10:

Volcanic eruption. Volcanic eruptions are, without a doubt, one of the most destructive events that you can experience.

But on the bright side, scientists nowadays can pretty much predict when a volcanic eruption is likely to occur. So, you should have enough time to leave the danger zone. But if for some reason, you’re caught off-guard during a volcanic eruption, here’s how to stay safe. If you’re outside, you obviously need to run as soon as you hear an explosion or any loud noise for that matter.

Make sure you look up every once in a while to avoid objects that might be falling in your direction. It’s highly advisable you head towards higher grounds in order to avoid lava rivers. But your primary goal should be to find a shelter that isn’t filled with ash. You see, ash is particularly heavy when wet. It therefore puts too much pressure on the structure which might cause the roof to collapse.

Emergency backpack

If you’re visiting a volcano, make sure to bring an emergency backpack with a respirator and goggles to protect yourself from toxic gases that are released into the atmosphere as a result of volcanic explosions. Also, one of the most dangerous things about volcanoes are pyroclastic flows which are are fast-moving currents of hot gas and volcanic matter that moves at about 100 kilometers per hour.

And if that isn’t horrifying enough already, these flows can reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees celsius, and travel long distances, up to 15 kilometers, at speeds of up to 700 km/h. The best way to survive one of these flows is to heed warnings, and stay out of their way in the first place, but if you’re still caught in the path of one, try to find some sort of strong cover.

If its not adequate, and you’re very close to the flow, your best bet is to run, or drive as fast as you can to safety. Stay away from the valleys and pray you can outrun it. Unfortunately, because of how unpredictable and destructive they are, there’s very little else you can do.

Number nine:

Snowstorms. When a snowstorm hits, you obviously want to stay in the comfort of your home. And if there’s one thing you really need in your home during a snowstorm, that would have to be a running water. But unfortunately, water pipes tend to freeze in extremely low temperatures. That’s why it’s important to wrap your pipes with foam insulation.

Next, make sure to have your food supplies ready on time, because you need to avoid grocery shopping during a snowstorm, after all. But if you’re already outside when the snowstorm hits, you need to find some sort of shelter immediately to avoid freezing to death. If you can’t find some sort of cave not occupied by a bear, you should build a snow shelter. Start by digging a hole into the snow on the side of a hill, discarding the extra snow downhill.


Carve into the snowbank at an uphill angle. This will create a sleeping area above the doorway which is important since hot air rises, so you’ll stay warmest at the top of your cave. You should also use a skinny branch to create some ventilation holes so that you don’t choke and die from your own exhaled carbon dioxide during the night. Finally, pack snow into the entrance to seal yourself inside. Snow acts as a great insulator. So this should keep you warm enough to survive the night. Or if you’re driving, make sure to stay in your car.

If you’re in an area prone to blizzards, you should seriously consider keeping essential survival items in your vehicle, such as snow chains, extra clothing, a signal light and an emergency kit. Or your car’s stuck, stay inside it, and turn your headlights on, to warn other drivers who may potentially be able to help you. Also, only turn your heating on for approximately 10 minutes per hour as to avoid running out of gas. Just before you run the engine, check your tailpipe to ensure it isn’t blocked by snow. Remove that blockage or the carbon monoxide forced into the interior of your car, which will poison you.

Number eight:

Tornadoes. Meteorologists usually warn about upcoming tornado’s 15 to 30 minutes beforehand. But given the fact that tornadoes can swirl up to a speed of 300 miles per hour, it’s important to act fast. And by acting fast I don’t mean running, because no matter how quick you are, you can’t possibly outrun a tornado.

Instead, you should first attempt to take cover in a basement. If you don’t have a basement, just get to the strongest room without windows on the lowest floor, lie on the ground and cover your head with your arms. Ideally, try to get under a strong table to protect yourself from fast-moving debris. Use sofa cushions, mattresses, and blankets for some extra protection. Bathrooms are also a good place to hide because they’re fortified by pipes. If you’re in your car, and you don’t have enough time to outrun it or reach some sort of shelter, park your car in an open area, furthest away from trees, or any other objects that might fly into you.

Wrap blankets and other puffy items of clothing around your head and pray you don’t go flying. In fact, if you find a ditch or spot that’s lower than everything around it, dive into the dirt like a mole. Trees and debris will flying like bees so keep your head down!

Number seven:

Hurricanes. Hurricanes seem to be more common now than ever especially around the Caribbean. And given how devastating and costly they can, it’s pretty important you know these tips to stay safe. First, you should plan ahead, and know how to evacuate to a local shelter in the event you don’t have a car. Also, make sure to have emergency supplies, consisting of any medications you may need, as well as three days of non-perishable food that doesn’t require cooking, and three days of water, providing a gallon of water per-person, per-day.

Helpful battery-powered radio that can receive broadcasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If a hurricane warning is issue, bring inside anything that can toss inside by the wind and close and board up all windows and doors with plywood unless you have hurricane shutters.

Extra supply

Fill up your car with gas, and if you’re in a high-rise, make plans to stay with friends between floors three and 10. If you live near a river or flood planes, or in a mobile home, you should evacuate. Before the storm hits, fill up your bath with water for an extra supply if it need, and unplug any appliances and gas tanks. When it hits, stay away from doors and windows, and hide in the most secure place of your home, similar to when a tornado hits.

That radio is essential, so listen out for more updates regarding the hurricane. The radio will also give you evacuation orders or instructions on how to survive in your shelter. If you evacuat, you shouldn’t return home until you’re advis to do so. But once you are home, it’s important that you avoid down power and if you spot structural damage or smell a gas leak, stay far away as it can be extremely dangerous.

Number six:

Avalanche. If you’re someone who enjoys Alpine skiing then an avalanche is probably your biggest nightmare. One moment you’re having the time of your life, and the next a huge pile of snow is threatening to bury you alive. That’s something no living being wants to experience, but in case you do, here’s how you may just survive one.

If you’re near to a tree, try to grab onto it and climb it. If there’s no tree, then you’re in for a ride, but don’t loose hope. Immediately cover your mouth to avoid swallowing snow, and try to avoid crashing into anything. Most people die from being unable to breathe, so remember this tip, as it may save your life: try to keep your head above the swelling cloud of snow around you.

Whatever it takes, thrashing, kicking or breaststroke, just try to stay on top. Keep hold of a backpack of clothing items, as they’ll act as cushions in case you hit anything. If you’re covered, once the snow settles, all you can do is wait for rescue. All that snow around you will set like cement, but if you can, try to punch your way to the surface. The problem is, sometimes you don’t know which way is up, so experts suggest you spit. The direction your dribble moves with gravity tells you which direction to move.

Try to punch or kick your way to the surface, or at least create an air-shaft this way.

Number five:

Wildfire. As usual, its best to stay away if you foresee this event. But if not, remaining calm and clear-headed may save your life. If you’re on foot, and caught in the middle of a wildfire, immediately protect your airways by covering your mouth with a wet cloth and stay low to the ground. If you can quickly climb something or reach higher ground to locate the source of the fire, try to do so, and then formulate 3 different escape plans.

Try to stay uphill from the flames and downwind from the fire. If the wind is blowing past you and into the fire, you need to be running into the wind. If the wind is blowing from the fire, towards you, then you need to run away perpendicular to the fire. Remember that winds carry sparks which may ignite elsewhere, so head for non-flammable terrain. If you’re trapped, or at home, hunker down, and clear as much flammable material as far away from your shelter.

If the fire hasn’t reached you yet, sprinkle water around your house, cut off any fuel or gas lines, and remove potentially flammable items that may catch alight from embers like overhanging branches and leaves from your eaves. When inside, close and border off your doors and windows, and coat them with water, and wet your clothing to keep you cool in the intense heat.

If you’re in a car, roll up the windows, close the air vents, and don’t drive through heavy smoke. If you must stop, stay in your vehicle, and park as far away from trees as possible.

Number four:

Landslides. Thankfully, most landslides can be anticipated. So if the authorities order you to evacuate, do so. They can be very dangerous. But, if you’re caught in the middle of one, the only thing you can do is remove yourself from its path as soon as possible. Avoid river valleys and low areas, and if you’re driving, proceed with caution and never cross flooded streams; they’re much stronger than they look. Also, before you cross bridges, always look upstream to make sure you won’t be swept away by any oncoming currents.

If you cannot escape, curl up and cover your head with your hands. If you’re trapped in a building, and it isn’t safe to leave, then move to a safe room on the second floor.

Number three:

Tsunami. As is the case with most natural disasters, getting prepared for a tsunami will greatly increase your chances of surviving one. Prepare an emergency supply kit and create an evacuation plan in the event of the disaster. If you see warning signs, like rapidly receding ocean water or animals moving away from the beach, you should start evacuating.

Grab that emergency kit if its close by, and immediately head towards higher ground and only stop once you’ve reached a safe distance, which is usually 100 feet above sea level, or two miles inland. If its too late for all that, climb trees or buildings to remove yourself from the splash zones, and hold on tight. If the worst happens, and you get swept into the water, grab onto something that floats. Do anything you can to keep your head above the water until the tsunami is over. In the case of the ensuing flood, barricade your windows and doors against floodwater, and then unplug all your electrical devices.

Number two:

Earthquakes. Earthquakes aren’t unusual, but some areas in the world are more prone to them than others, so if you live in an at-risk area, make sure to have a survival kit ready, and secure down and bolt heavy items that could pose a risk. If you’re inside your house, stay away from anything that might fall on your head. Ideally, your entire body should be underneath the table with one hand covering your head and neck while you hold on with the other.

That way you’ll protect your head from falling objects. If you’re outside during an earthquake, stay away from trees, power lines and anything that could fall, including walls and repeat the previously mentioned procedure. If you’re driving, pull over, stop, and stay there until the shaking ends. In this case, you should avoid power lines and overpasses.

Number one:

Thunderstorms. If you can hear thunder, you’re within striking distance of thunder, but stay calm, and follow these steps, and you should be fine. Seek shelter in a fully enclosed building; open structures are not safe. Once inside, stay off electronics, plumbing, and corded phones. Lightning can travel through these items. Remain indoors until 30 minutes after thunder ends. If you’re outside, and there’s no enclosed building nearby, but there is a car, get inside it, roll up the windows and stay off your electronic devices. If you’re out in the open, your best bet is to crouch down in an open space, on the balls of your feet, with your feet together to minimize your contact with the ground.

Put your hands over your ears to protect yourself from acoustic shock which can damage your hearing. If you’re with a group, leave at least 20 feet between each person to decrease the risk of more than on person getting struck.

Finally, don’t take a boat out on the water if a thunderstorm is predicted. If you can’t get to land in time, anchor the boat, lie down, or and stay inside a cabin on the boat. Avoid touching metal and don’t use any electronic devices. So which tip did you find most useful? Did you learn something new? Let me know in the comments section down below. And thanks for watching. (bright electronic music) .

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PUBG Survival Guide: Sanhok Map

PUBG Survival Guide

PUBG Survival Guide

Recently I had a chance to try out the new PubG Maps in the clothes better. Let me tell you right now you see this goofy looking garbage this on texture turd right here. That’s actually the best map of property yet somehow after so many months. PubG has actually made a map that plays to its strengths instead of just exposing all of its weaknesses. Making everything good about the game even better. Even if you don’t think that the map looks too different. lt does play very differently and playing this was some of the most fun I’ve had with this game since it came out a year ago.

There are many things about it that are different and that will take you some time getting used to. But if you want to be one step ahead of everyone else. When it comes out you might as well keep watching because in this video I’m going to go over everything you need to know. When this map comes out being only four by four kilometers in size.

Mini Map

The new map is much smaller than the previous ones. Even though this is the most obvious difference you will also have the hardest time grasping it. When you start playing it if you open the map. You will see that the white squares are now 50 meters instead of a hundred. The black squares are 500 meters instead of 1000. So if you’re used to checking the map in Iran Jalan Miramar just think of this one as being actually. This big just keep this mental image of the map in your mind. You’ll notice that you can pair two to almost anywhere. That the distances even though they might seem very long are actually much smaller. Than your brain thinks and the same applies to the mini map. Which now covers less ground again.

If you’re used to the old mini map. Just think of this one . The circle in this new map is the best. It’s ever been we get one big first circle.  You’re already inside of. Then the next few circles are roughly 2/3 of each of the previous ones. Diameter at some point the circles start being just half of the previous ones. That goes on until the last one. If you want to secure a position in the late game circles. You might want to go to whichever island has the most land in the circle. As that’s the one that will have the best chance to actually have the final circle on it.


You will also notice that the waiting time certain circles are very short. Especially towards the end. But the actual circle moves very slowly giving you a lot of time to fight your way into the zone. Instead of just having to rush it the zone is fast enough to push you into the action. But not fast enough to kill you. You will notice that almost no one dies to the zone. So perhaps to the death thing. Because I think they finally nailed it in the previous maps. Most of the times you could kill an enemy woke up to their corpse looted. Then wait for the next fight that is not the case in this new map. With all the players cramped together in a smaller zone.

Gun Fight

Gun fights constantly lead to more gunfights. This is the single most important difference in this map. Every time you give away your position be it by driving a vehicle or taking a shot. You can bet that half the server already knows your general location. If there’s anyone nearby they’re gonna shoot you and that’s if they’re not shooting you already. Even if you’ve played this game for hundreds of hours. This map is going to kick your ass at first if you want to do well and get lots of kills. You’re gonna have to do everything perfectly.

Your landing will have to be perfect. Because if you’re late by just a few seconds you have very few places to hide.If someone gets a gun before you the scanning of your surroundings. The spotting of enemies must be also very efficient. Even if you decide not to take shots at someone the worst thing you can do. In this map is getting to a fight when there’s someone right next to you. Your hearing must also be absolutely on point in this map.

Kills/ Looting

You will constantly hear enemies run into you before you even see them. They will probably hear you as well. So you have to accurately pinpoint their location. React accordingly at times like this your close combat aim will be tested constantly. Many fights will be constantly back-and-forth guessing. Which side of the ridge your enemy will pop out.

Make sure you have an appropriate sensitivity. Because you will need to be very precise at this ranges another skill. That will save your life is peeking due to the nature of the cover. That’s all around the map you will find that peeking over trees and rocks is incredibly common. If you never learned how to do it fast and well. Maybe now’s the time to start practicing also once you’ve gotten a kill looting. Must be done extremely fast if you’re missing something important like a helmet or a scope by all means.

Don’t spend five minutes in someone else’s inventory. Because you will get killed you also want to look out for cover constantly. Move from one cover to another because if you’re cutting the open. You’re probably going to die.

Sniper Rifles

The usefulness of the art of the existing weapons is also another big difference for instance bolt-action. Sniper rifles in my opinion absolutely not worth using in this map. Long-range sights are rare and if you take a shot with say a car. Pretty much the entire map will know where you are by the time. You’ve lined up that perfect headshot. There is a good chance that someone else has already started shooting at you. This might be the only time where I actively avoid picking up bolt-action rifles.


DMR’s are still a pretty decent option for range battles. Especially if you can put a suppressor on them but still they’re louder than the average weapon. They might get you in trouble so use them very carefully. ARS are somehow even stronger than in the other maps.

If that’s even possible they cover all of the ranges that you’ll be fighting at. So having an assault rifle or even two of them is that was a good idea put an AR suppressor on them. You’re set SMGs are also more useful than before even late-game. Since you’ll find yourself in many situations where you’re suddenly very close to your enemy’s. SMG suppressors are also more common than the other kinds. That’s also a plus shotguns – are slightly more useful for the same reason.

Short Guns

There will be many situations when you and your enemy are like dancing around and opposite sides of a small Ridge. If you’re a good shot shotguns could be deadly in this situations. The limb penetration system gets added by the time this map comes out. Shotguns will definitely be much more useful than they are now. Then there’s a stealthy weapons which are crazy good in this map. Being able to shoot without giving away your position to everyone else. Invaluable you can find someone who’s already in a fight and kill them without them realizing that. It’s someone else shooting definitely put some time into getting good with these.

Because it will pay off and as for secondary and melee weapons. They seem to be as marginally useful as usual nothing new to say about them really and when it comes to items and attachments close-range scopes are as useful as ever if not more useful put a 2 times scope on an assault rifle and you’re probably set for the entire game long-range scopes are not so useful for long-range fights since they’re pretty rare but they are very handy to accurately land headshots on enemies who are peeking from behind cover you just have to know when to use them suppressors and flash hiders will help making you harder to detect so absolutely pick them up and use them.


If you get them put them on business-as-usual grenades though are even more useful. Than before the buildings are generally pretty empty which makes throwing nades in them. Actually viable although this might be a thing that they changed later. When they add a bunch of crap inside. Yeah that could be a shame frag grenades as usual are great to kill enemies. Who are hiding behind cover or even just to interrupt their healing or spook them. You can finish them off just making sure you save a few for the end game. Same as usual stun grenades as useless.

The air drops travels at a much slower speed than usual which gives everyosn’t gone anywhere. It’s still there and it’s still really annoying why they think it is a good idea used to play the others you might struggle to even get to the top ten. Consistently and in this case my advice would be to gear up early. So you don’t have to waste time later and to move to the least active areas of the map. That you minimize your encounters.

If you want more information about this strategy. I made an entire video on it you can watch it right here. But other than that that’s all for me. Thank you so much for watching I’ll catch you in the next video.

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Turtle Soup: Catch and Cook

Turtle Soup

Turtle Soup

Eating like kings out in the woods. Crawfish, turtle and its soup. I’m Zachary Fowler, and that’s Chris Thorn. This is the 30-day Survival Challenge, Texas. There’s only one rule. If you wanna eat, you gotta catch and cook it. Yeah. (yawns). Good morning, overslept. I kinda went into like a coma of sleep. Don’t know what happened. My alarm set for 5:30. Gonna get up. Found out last minute that the sling bow is not considered legally as a bow. So during archery season it is not viable. Therefore, I used it on a boar and things like that at night time for out set up a blind and get a chance to get a boar as nuisance animals. Hence, that was a disappointment.

Now I just missed half of my chance. But it’s a new day. And it’s only day 2. So lots to do, lots to go on. Get on with it. Put my socks over the tops of my boots. Because there are critters around here you do not want to find in your boots in the morning. Like black widows, scorpions. Any other creepy crawlies. Protected tops of my boots. I slept good in this thing. Gotta get the knives on.

Organic Fire Starter

Whenever people ask me something if I want it for video where you know I’m like, you have it in orange? (laughs) See if they managed to keep any coals. I banked the fire last night. I’ll just restart it. Something to get these coals going, and then I can feed it with some wood. It’s got some sort of an organic fire starter in here. Look. (mumbles) bush craft. It appears to be a, all kinds of goodies going on. I got some birch bar, some natural fiber sticking out here and a little string bundle and all. In the middle of the little organic bundle of stuff is like a wax cupcake. (sticks clicking) Whoa.

That goes up fast. You know Burt was like 12 minutes. What you got going on over here, gear guy? Using the Iono survival ax. To hammer in a few nails. So before I can get (mumbles) roll. Here in a minute we’re gonna have our main 10-liter water bag. Hung up to the tree, so we basically just make some modern-day shelves. All that kit. We got a little bit of, all of this stuff is in the nice little organizer. Oh man. These things are full. Would you look at that? Oh, there’s a good pound there of crawdads.


That’ll make a nice lunch. We’ll leave them in here for now, keep them fresh. There we go. We’re gonna be boiling it, so we probably don’t need to do this, but thing works pretty good pretty quickly. So, One for the stew pot and one for me to drink. Some may consider this a cheat. But I got my favorite coffee. We didn’t bring calories but I did, at least, bring coffee. (mid tempo music) And get our soup on.

Finally. Got some building materials. After Sitting on the ground was nice enough last night, but I want a nice cozy chair. So we’re gonna build a bush craft Adirondack chair. Not really. It’s just gonna be a chair. But it’s gonna be nice and I even found a few good, some of these I see I got a nice little slingshot. Yeah. (scraping) For those of you that purchased them on the Kickstarter, to have a handmade slingshot by me. There it is, there’s one of them.

I whittle this up while I’m sitting around the fire at night. There, done. (laughs) No, it’s not done. I gotta add two pieces going back. (laughs) Nice. There we go. That’s cooked down to a nice rich broth. Take that off, let it cool. Have ourselves some breakfast. Every last drop. There we go. Cozy seat. I was worried about it sinking in because this Texas soil is so soft. We need a cup holder for my, we need a table. And an end table for my chair. Have an end table. Do a little journaling, have my coffee. A cup of crawdad soup.

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, it’s only day 2 and we’re learning so much about each other. Like Chris isn’t a morning person. (soft piano music) He should drink coffee. I wonder if he’d notice if I slipped some into his breakfast. Nah, it wouldn’t go well with the crawdad soup. All right, we’re all geared up. We’re gonna head up the trail to where we had packed in from. We left a couple more things up there, bows mainly are what we are all about this afternoon. Flint. Look at that. Nice little piece. Maybe I can make something with that later. I am certainly no Legolas. Hung up my bow when I picked up the slingshot.

A Slingshot Man

Hoping that I’d be able to use the sling bow as a bow here. I was a little bit ready for that. Not ready for them telling us that I cannot do that during archery season. It’s not considered to be an actual bow. It’s been over three years since I hung up the bow, or 2 1/2 years since I hung up the bow and decided to be a slingshot man. He’s back there blogging me for his video, if we can get this.

I can edit it out and make it look like I hit it the first time. But then he’ll put the true story on. So you can go watch it on his channel. If I really hit it in the first shot or not. Missed. There. I’m gonna practice some more. And we got other stuff to do after we see this guy show me up from twice the distance. These are worth more than gold out here and are absolute precious metals. Even though they’re made of carbon fiber. So right now we’re at 20 yards. And we’re just gonna pick a few dots and see how close we get.

The Witching hour

Little low but that’d still be in the vital. (rock music). That will do the job right there. All right, so I’m feeling pretty good about that. I got the technique down now. 45, draw and release right as I come into position. And stay within 10 yards, give or take, five or ten feet. And I won’t be just wounding things. (button snaps) Some broad heads on. Oh, there goes another deer right in front of us. We’re talking too much already. I try to get down to sit there for the witching hour. It’s the best time of night. Turkeys right down here. (object thuds) All right, no success with the hunting.

I’m going to go down here. The water’s like five feet away right here. Hoping to get something more to eat than all those crawfish that we caught earlier. And stuff. We got crawfish for bait. And I got my collapsible rod and some catfish bait, stuff like that, see if I can’t make something happen. We are back. Got skunked on the deer hunting. No more turkey hunting on the last day of season. Did not catch any fish down by the water.

Havahart trap

Still some sparks on this thing. If I get it going though. That’s all the crawdad leftovers. Put it in a Havahart trap. Hopefully we can catch ourselves something. So we can eat something more than just crawdads. Wham. Not very tall. (man mumbles) Look at that. That’s even more than was in there earlier today. So my bobber just went under.

I see something, I think we got something here. Definitely got something. What is it? Got a turtle. No way. There we go. Oh, he took the bait. He took it. Amazing. I got it, I got a turtle.  Whoo! Look at that. Beautiful. Think that these, if I’m right. It’s like a red-eared slider. All right, turtle is all processed up. Looks just like meat. Sound like (mumbles) when I say that. We got it in there with some water, chupacabra seasoning. We save the livers. Gonna use those to catch catfish. Let’s put it on to cook. All right, wow.

Bounty of Crawfish

Will you look at that bounty of crawfish? There’s gotta be, I don’t even know how many pounds of crawfish in there today. That’s a good four or five pounds. Yeah. That’s a good pile of crawfish. A good size portion for each of us. Here you go, buddy. Thanks. Beefed up. There we go. Oh. I am ready. The feast. Oh. I’ll say some grace. Lord, thank you for this food. This crawfish. And the turtle. Amen. Oh. Wow. Like the only thing that would make this better is just a big bowl of butter. That these were just drowned in. – Drowned? Yeah, drowned. It’s that late. What time is it anyway? It’s midnight. What? Holy cow. So we pretty much just went midnight to midnight eating.

Soup is Ready

We did have breakfast was crawdad body soup that was leftovers from the night before. So tomorrow morning breakfast will be the same. We’ll cook up the crawdad bodies. All right, turtle is done. Cooked up. These look good. A little bit of soup broth there at the bottom.

I will definitely not be wasting that. Gonna be drinking that down for sure. In fact I already started some soup broth here with the crawfish. I’ll just add that to it. Just make it all the richer. Eating like kings out in the woods. Crawfish, turtle. I’m loving it. That just tastes like meat. I was expecting it to taste more like turtle. Whatever that was supposed to be.

  • Right. I actually meant to say frog. But yeah, this tastes like meat. The dark meat. (Zachary chuckles). You want a wing or a leg? Found a wishbone in the turtle. It’s a turtle wishbone.
  • All right, I am in. Snug as a bug. In my rug. (laughs). In my hammock. Oh. Finished eating and then I took out another Havahart trap. Set it back that way about a quarter of a mile away from us. And put some tuna in it. Which I’m glad I did that after eating. Because that tuna actually smelled pretty darn good even though all those crawfish and turtle I ate it was just, oh, it smelled good.
  • Hopefully those Havahart traps turn us up something that we can turn into a meal. This is survival. So, within the legal ranges, we’re doing that. Whatever it takes. Possum, raccoon. Even skunk if we have to. Yeesh. So, thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. Fowler out. .

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Survival fishing hike and jungle Cook

Survival fishing hike and jungle Cook

Survival Fishing

Here is Noah and we are going to find survival fishing source. I have no idea what we said, as the microphone didn’t work. We took 2 banana’s, some rice, nuts and dried fruit. I have no idea what we said, as the microphone didn’t work. We took 2 banana’s, some rice, nuts and dried fruit. Total food was 1.5kg The first find we have is wild ginger, the berries you can eat. You take the blue shell off and suck on the membrane around the seeds, then I spit he seeds out. You can also eat the root off this plant, like commercial ginger. This is an interesting one, Gress Tree’s or Black Boys.

3 Nights in the Wild

When they flower you can get nectar from their stalks. We just left the track in and now going into the bush. Following a creek to another creek, and where we are going there are no roads! We will do 3 nights in the wild. Hopefully we aren’t too much skinnier when we get out. We need to find a place we can walk, this is terrible. Trying to make our way down to the creek.

After about 2 hours of walking down hill, we have found the big creek. It looks really nice, have a look at that. There is some food in this here. I think we will try to get crayfish for bait. We have some beautiful Gotu Cola here. 6 leaves a day, 3, 4, 5, 6. Will keep you young for ever, mmmmmm… Very tasty, a little bit bitter. Tastes like bitter grass. Makes you live longer. There are two toads there, one really big one. All that black stringy pearl stuff is their eggs.


Not good for the environment. Noah will save the planet by catching these toads. They swim pretty fast when disturbed. She just closed her eyes again. Got her, he will most likely hang on. There’s their eggs. Some big toads. Frogs legs for dinner, yummo! Just crashing though the bush, and I smelt something, this tree here. This is Lemon Myrtle tree. We will take some and make nice tea out of it. This is the first pond we have come to, and we have already seen…

Boney Bream, Jungle Perch and a 5 foot long Eel. This is my fishing set up, just some 60 pound mono-filament line. There’s Mr Boney Bream swimming. Noah has his line tied to his waking stick. We are just having a nibble on fruit and nuts, and hope to catch lunch. We should camp down there. Sounds good to me. That is a white pig, right down the end.

White Pigs

Two white pigs. Looks like they heard us. Hello piggies, hello piggies! You can grab them, that’s an 80kg pig! And the one at the back is even bigger. Alright maybe I might go…. ha ha. Get out, go on, get out… I was a bit worried there for a second, ha ha ha. We have found camp for the first night. A really nice pond down here, Noah has already got the eel line in. And we will be up in the bushed here. This is our private little river and we have a nice beach down there.

The hammocks are in the gully here. Amongst some nice trees. Nobody will see us. No, nobody could see us in here! These are small prawns or shrimp. There is also a small fish above him. What do have there Noah?

Poison in Frogs

I have some lovely french frogs… These are cane toads and pests in Australia. And the white stuff you see is poison. It only makes you blind. I think it will do more than that! It’s coming out of the legs too, that’s poison. Think twice before you eat that poison toad. But look at the size of the legs! We have been in the bush for… 6 hours. Ha ha ha, Noah is getting hungry. We will give him a go. While Noah is cooking Cane Toad legs, I will film these cute frogs. There’s 2 now, there goes one. Here is Noah’s attempt at gourmet toads legs ala frog.

Let it be noted, that I don’t think he should eat that. When there was poison coming out just 5 minutes ago! So, I love you all and I hope I will see you again. And if Noah doesn’t die tonight, I will try some tomorrow. But one of us should survive. Toad legs going onto the fire. They don’t look much different to chicken legs, except they had poison dripping off them before.

Where is the salt? You need salt for that? Mmmm. Yummy? Tastes like… Chicken? mmmmmm, no. Tastes like smoked pork. Does it? Ossobuko this bit. That’s it, Noah has eaten Toads Legs! We think it’s an eel, yep it’s an eel. It’s a little tasty one, a very good size. That is the one we saw. Just drag him right up on the bank. Perfect size. Morning of day 2, and he’s still ALIVE! It didn’t kill me! Toad legs again tonight…

Barramundi dinner

Lets go hiking. Noah has been walking along the creek.. And he saw a Barramundi right at our feet. What I have done is got a leaf with a hook in it. I have a stick to lower it near the fish. And catch Barramundi dinner. Here’s a Bull Rout. This is like a freshwater Stone Fish. They are very poisonous. Very camouflaged. He doesn’t think we can see him. We are about to pop out on a creek.

There are 2 pigs in front of us. Lets see how close we can get. There are a lot in the bushes to our left. Noah is always thinking about food, he just asked if i have a knife ready? Yes she smelt us. My leaf lure didn’t work. I’m going to make a bamboo fish trap or scoop.

Bending of Knife

I am using some cane we found in the forrest. Split it down the middle. I will make lots of thin pieces. Until I have this pieces to work with. Once i have then pretty thin, I will remove the excess. That will make them more flexible. Run the knife down like that. If I try to bend that it will break. So I will use fire to bend it.

There we go, a much tighter bend. Now I will weave a fish net or scoop. Just like a scoop net. Always alternate the weave. Once it is started it is actually very vast. Over, under, over under… Just make sure the holes are the right size for your quarry. An hour and a bit and I have a fish catching device. Just finish it off with a handle. That will catch us live bait for tonight. Scoop the fish up. It’s half an hour after dark. Look we have a small fish, for bait.

We just came back from getting live bait. There goes the line, we just caught a Mangrove Jack and the line is going off again… Do you have light? The water is down here, we just re-set the line and.. Noah you do the honors, it feels eel-ish. Good, very big. That is a nice Eel. Nice, perfect size.

Mangrove Snapper and an Eel

We have dinner now, we have Mangrove Snapper and we have Eel. We are not going hungry tonight. And Andy is not eating Toad legs tonight. NO! I’m not eating Toad legs at all. There is todays catch. 2 Mangrove Snapper and an Eel. The line just went off again and I let another Mangrove Jack go. That is more than enough for us for dinner. Soon we will have full stomachs. A green tree snake has been coming down the hill. Chasing a cute yellow frog. Had a good feed last night and some breakfast this morning. We saw a Bull Rout in the creek so we made a bow and arrow.

Toxic Fish and the Toxic Toads

Bring on the toxic fish and the toxic toads, lets test him out. If the Bull Rout is not there, we will shoot some toads. Only a little deep. Ha ha, it’s very refreshing. Sometimes in the bush you score and I have scored. These are Brambles or Raspberries, and very tasty. Sweet and juicy. There are lots here. You find them on the edge of creeks. He Noah, I have some Raspberries. A good reason to watch when walking, a Red Bellied Black Snake! He is very fat, very healthy and 1.5m long. He is hunting and doesn’t know we are there.

Normally they will try and flee when they see you. They have the ability to restrict venom when they bite you. They are not too dangerous, but I stay away from them anyway. 300m past the rainforest and the creek has changed. Nice pools but completely different. When you thin the creek gets smaller… It opens up into an oasis. This is an amazing find. Water lilies, palm trees and deep water, just amazing. It is like a big blue oasis water hole. Stunning with this moss. We will keep walking today.

Monster Eel

It didn’t do that when I jumped on it. Noah on the last night of our trip got a monster Eel. That will be a good tasty Eel, a huge meal. Very happy. We have eaten very well. Hello Mr Eel, yum yum. An hour and a half after catching the Eel, and it is looking very tasty. Half smoked and hals hot cooked, some salt and yum yum. Mmmm. That is perfect. Magical, magical. A little salty, a little smokey, very nice. Nice omega oils in there. Ok, my turn now. Here is a tree we saw from the other side yesterday. You can see Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks.

Yes, it’s chasing it. We could eat Barramundi for lunch. He is looking at it. My bush made lures didn’t work, my home made lures would. You can still see the Barra sitting in there. Noah is eating last nights Eel for lunch. Just a lunch break before we climb out. 2 kg of smoked Eel to power me up the beautiful mountain. Beautiful adventure done. .

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Nine Survival Myths

Nine survival myths that could actually hurt you. There are many rules out there explaining how to behave in emergency situations, but are all of them really effective? In fact, some of those survival tips are myths that are not only useless but also potentially dangerous.

Myth number one

If you’re bitten by a snake, you need to suck the poison out. In fact, snake venom enters the bloodstream extremely quickly, and it doesn’t accumulate at the bitten area. Trying to suck it out is ineffective.

Moreover, if you put your mouth on the bite, you might get venom into your mouth and esophagus. The better solution is to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. To prevent poison from moving through the bloodstream, a bite victim should remain calm, keep the wound below the level of the heart, and drink plenty of liquids.

Myth number two

If you get lost in the forest, you need to find some food immediately. In fact, this is not entirely true. A healthy person can live without food for quite a long time: up to six weeks. Your first priority is actually to find a source of safe drinking water and build a shelter where you can hide from extreme weather. Talking about the shelter, do you know how to build a great one?

Myth number three

Alean-to is a great shelter from bad weather. In fact, just building a lean-to isn’t enough. Before you get started on a suitable shelter, you should assess your surroundings and weather conditions. You need a shelter that can protect you from the wind, rain or scorching sun. That’s why you should build up a layer to insulate you from the cool ground at night.

Myth number four

The fluid in a cactus can save you from dying of thirst. In fact, only some types of cacti provide relatively safe drinking water. You can also get moisture from the cactus named opuntia. But most of the time, cacti are poisonous. Drinking their fluid will make you sick, causing you to vomit up precious liquid and leaving you more dehydrated.

Myth number five

If you encounter a bear on the trail, play dead. In fact, bears don’t want to attack, much less eat you. All they want to do is just to protect their territory. So if you suddenly see a bear, stop and back away slowly, keeping a close eye on the bear. Also, keep your distance. This will show the bear that you don’t have any pretensions of its territory.

Myth number six

If an animal eats something, you can eat it too. In fact, some berries and mushrooms that are deadly to humans aren’t poisonous to many animals and birds. So you can eat only those berries and mushrooms you can accurately identify as edible species without a doubt.

Myth number seven

Moss grows on the north side of a tree. In fact, moss can grow on all sides of a tree – it depends on environmental conditions. Don’t rely on this popular myth while trying to find your way out of the forest or you will get lost.

Myth number eight

If someone gets hypothermia, you need to put them into a hot tub. In fact, never do that. Also, never rub the frostbitten areas because this may cause further tissue damage.

You also shouldn’t use hot water or a heating lamp to warm the victim. Instead, you should warm the person’s core up gradually in order not to cause shock to their body. Use blankets and place some warm water bottles under their armpits.

Myth number nine

Finally, the last one. If a shark attacks you, you should punch it in its nose. You might have heard this myth in some movies or news. Even if this is true, not many people have enough strength to do this, especially underwater. In fact, eyes and gills of the shark are much more vulnerable.

Also, try to put a solid object between you and the animal – for example, a diving mask or swim board. So, what is the most dangerous situation you have been in? What helped you to survive? Let us know in the comments below, and if you’re visiting our channel for the first time, click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life. .

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Six Survival Tips You Don’t Know

Mythical Survival Tips

Six Survival Tips

How you gonna survive D’s Nuts? – Let’s talk about survival tips. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) – Good Mythical Morning. – Get our wild Post Apawcalypse shirts. It’s part of our Mythical storywear collection at – Now you probably already know that my survival instinct is one of my most well developed instincts, right after my basic instinct instinct which is my instinctive ability to know if Basic Instinct is on TV at any given time.

But today Link, I’m gonna test your survival instincts and I’m gonna also enlist some Mythical team members to come up with some crazy fake answers as we go. It’s time for D’s Nutz: Crazy Survival Tips. Okay Link, just like our typical multiple choice game, I’m gonna read you a question with some answers. As you know, our D options are typically just jokes.


  • Some better than others. – Yes. For today, the D option, I’m gonna actually turn to our Mythical team members for a little help. – Oh there they are. – Hey. – Yes, we’ve got Christine, Jordan and Emily. So they’re gonna be giving us the D answers. – Because D is gonna be nuts. – It’s always gonna be nuts! – Okay. – Every time. – Yeah. – It’s gonna be nuts so what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna give you those answers and then I’m going to give them the opportunity to buzz in and get their D answer.
  • As many as they want, I mean one apiece, but as many of the people can go if they want and then I’m going to pick the one that’s my favorite. You can help me with that if you want to. – Sure. – And then at the end, if you get three of these questions right, you’re going to get to share a very special prize with a person who got the D the most.
  • All right, I’m ready. – All right. Here’s the first question. Ain’t no party like a solo sailboat party out in the deepest part of the ocean that you didn’t tell anyone you were throwing. – Bad idea. – But if you boat capsizes and you’re treading water alone, what item can you use from your person, that’s yourself, to increase your chances of survival? – Okay. – Can you A, turn your pants into a makeshift life perver, preserver? – Perverter? – Perverter. Preserver! B, turn your shoe laces into a makeshift fishing line.


C, turn your socks into a makeshift water filter, or D. (electronic chime) Christine. – Turn down for what? – Oh! (chuckles) Yeah. Emily. – You’re gonna take out your human hair and make a small human out of your human hair and then you have a friend and you’ll never die alone. – Ooh, nice. (electronic chime) Jordan? – You can turn your fedora into a signifier to show all these seagulls that you’re the annoying guy at brunch. (Rhett laughs) – The old fedora signifier. I like a hair doll– – Hey seagulls! I got some hot Star Wars takes. Is what the fedora is saying. – As much as I like the signifier, you know what, I think I gotta go with Christine, turn down for what? I mean you know, that was consistent with the theme.

  • I like being friends with a hair doll, so, if you can make those for me. – Okay. – What is your answer? – Sock as a water filter? – Mm-hmm. – That’s my guess. – Well Link, you’re wrong. – Oh. – It’s A, your pants, you simply tie the ankles together in a air-tight knot– – And then (blows air). – Then hold the waist open and fly it around to collect air, hold the waist under water and pop the ankles over your neck. Voila, life vest. And the other great thing about this is whoever rescues you will get to see your junk.
  • Well I’m wearing underwear. – Next question, unfortunately not every deserted island has a Ralphs or even a CVS. If you find yourself hungry for protein and you need to fish but you don’t have bait, what can you use to lure your next meal? – Okay. – A, hair. B, spit, C, a scab, or D. (electronic chime) Jordan. – Your dad’s Netflix password. – Oh. – Because the fish have really been hearing some good things about Russian Doll.

Tinder dates

(Rhett laughs) They just haven’t been able to make time to see it so you’re like hey, you can use my dad’s Netflix password and then you know, hey can be all caught up for their Tinder dates when you have to talk about that kinda thing. (electronic chime) – Christine. – A really good picture of yourself from a few years ago and like a flirty caption ’cause nothing lures a meal like looking like a snack so.

Ooh. – Lookin’ like a snack. – Nice, okay, you know what. – Fish like snacks. – I have heard good things about that Russian Doll so I think I’m gonna have to go with Jordan. – Uh, but I would like a snack. – What’s the real answer, Link? Any of these seem, spit or scab, mm, could both work. I think a scab is a tasty fish snack. – Okay, you’re wrong. The answer is B, spit. The fish will think the spit is food and swarm to it and incidentally this is also how my wife and I met.

robot apocalypse

That’s not the way he met his wife. – Okay we all know the robot apocalypse is nigh. At this point it’s all about preparation. According to Dr. Robert Richardson of Leeds University, what’s the best way to stave off an invading robot army? Is it A, paint your shelter with straight lines and different configurations to confuse their visual sensors, B, build a short rock wall around your shelter with a moat behind it to short circuit their electronics, C, light numerous fires on the outskirts of your shelter to distract their heat sensors, or D, Jordan.

  • I think you eat a little bit of metal every day until you develop a taste for robot flesh. – Mm. – Oh turn the tables. – Yes, Christine. – I think you would build alliances with the robots and invest money into robot communities and just build a long-lasting friendship with the robots and also flame-throwers. – Ooh, nice. – Also flame throwers. – Christine 2020. (chuckling) – Okay you know, I like to eat and sometimes I like to eat metal. So Jordan you get the D. – Thank you, Daddy. (laughing) – Link, what’s your answer?
  • You know what, I think that the rock wall and the moat is a killer combination for robots. B. – You know what, you’re going to die because the answer is A, you paint your shelter with lines, they’re visual. – It’s all hypothetical. – Their visual sensors will likely struggle with complex patterns and if it turns out the robot apocalypse isn’t real, you can just say it’s a Banksy. (chuckles) – Boom. – All right the best way to stay alive when you’re stranded in the wilderness is to always be prepared with handy multi-functional tools.

emergency weapon

Which of the following personal items can help provide drinking water, fire, and a weapon in an emergency, all three of these things? A– – Water, fire and weapon. – A condom. B, reading glasses. C, sleeping bag liners. Or D. (electronic chime) Jordan. – An Inspector Gadget. Remember that show– (laughing) From the late 80s? – Just add one of those. – Come on, 80s kids get me, right? ♪ Duh duh duh duh Inspector ♪ ♪ DuckTales ♪ – Big fan of Penny.

  • DuckTales. – I’m just, I’m relying on nostalgia. – Oh okay good, good, yeah. – For approval. – Emily? – I’m gonna say Timothee Chalamet. He’s really versatile. (laughing) – He is, yeah he’s good in everything. He’s good in everything. – I like that, okay Emily– – Very sharp. – You get the D. You get the D. Link, what’s the answer? – I’m gonna go with Timothee Chalamet. – Ooh, that’s not, well it is an option, but it’s– – B, reading glasses.

start a fire

There’s glass involved and I know that can start a fire. – The answer is A, condom. (laughs) – What? – A condom can be used to store water, it’s also highly flammable and can be used as kindling and is super stretchy and can be used to fashion a slingshot. It can also be used during sex with a mirage. (laughs) – What if you bought the condoms like 10 years ago and you haven’t used ’em yet, could you still like, you know, maybe use ’em for this? – Yeah, I’m sure, yeah. – Cool.

Yeah that’s what I meant to do then. (laughing) – Okay Link, you’re horrible at this game. – Can you give him a pity point and me actually. – You’re going for the queen negative sweep at this point. Always pack a lunch– – Survivin’ ain’t easy. – If you’re venturing out into the wilderness alone. But if you do find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with no food, you can use the universal edibility test to decide if a plant you come across will nourish you or kill you.

How do you test if something is edible?

You A, spit on it, then smell it. B, rinse it in water, then hold it up to the sun. C, smell it, then rub it on your arm, or D. (electronic chime) Emily. – You eat it and then you wait and you see if you die. (laughing) – Jordan. – You squish it between your butt cheeks and say, I’m a good boy. (laughing) (electronic chime) – Christine. – You wrap it up and you smoke it but that may make you more hungry. – Ooh ho ho ho ho. – Whoa, dude. – Whoa! (Jordan coughs) – I like Emily’s technique, she gets the D.

  • But I think the correct answer is C, you smell it and then rub it on your arm but you may lose an arm. – Ding ding ding. – Yes! – Link, you’re right. You got one right, yes, you check it for strong unpleasant odors and then you rub it on your skin and wait a few minutes to make sure it doesn’t burn, itch, or give you a rash. So basically like dating in college. (crew member laughs) (team laughing) – Darren. – Yeah! – Okay. Last one. Our bodies are 60% water and we need to constantly replenish it or we’ll die. – Sure, always stay hydrated. – But if you’re out in the wilderness without a source of water and it’s not raining, you can harvest some water with what two objects? A, a spiderweb and a spoon.

B, a handful of moss and a brick. C, a plastic bag and a rock, or D. (electronic chime) Jordan. – A penis and decent aim. (laughing) (cackles) – That’s good. – Bear Grylls did that, yeah. – Yes, mm-hmm. (electronic chime) Christine. – A Postmates delivery and a smile. – Oh ho ho ho, yes. (electronic chime) Emily. – A dirty half-full Nalgene bottle you found in the lost and found and your own tears. – Aw. – You know what, I think you probably would have cell service out there these days so I’m gonna give the D to Christine.

Woo woo! – Postmates. – Link, what is your answer?

I think the correct answer is a… (sputters) A handful of moss and a brick, B. – No. – I don’t know why– – It’s plastic bag and a rock. – A rock? – So you drop the rock in the bag, you create a reservoir, then tie the bag tightly around a branch with leaves on it and water will evaporate out of the leaves and condense at the bottom of the bag. Now if you tie them around a tree in Guy Fieri’s yard, you get Mountain Dew, so just be very aware of that.

Okay, Link, you only got one right and our panelists each got two Ds! – Ooh, good work guys. – Which means, guys, the three of you get to share D’s Nut Butter. Oh D’s Nutz Butter. (chuckles) Link, you don’t get any of it, as much as you would like it ’cause you only got one right. – All right, good work Mythical team though. All of your answers were always wrong. – (chuckles) Yes they were.

Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Pedro and I’m at the Amazon Basin in Brazil and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Amazon Basin. – Careful. Click the top link to watch us match the team member to their desert island survival items in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – We insist that you grab some of these Mythical bands for your wrists. Collect all five now at and tell us how much you love them by leaving a review on the product page. .

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Survival Gadgets Put to the Test

Survival Gadgets

Today I’m going to show you survival gadgets. Let’s check this out. So this gadget I got here. One of these things. Pretty cool. It is a survival gadget. I’m gonna open this out, and it comes with a replacement rubber. So, all I have to do is just unscrew this part. And unscrewing this is really easy, it just spins. Let’s take it apart so you see how it works.

You see the little screw that this rubber is put on? And then you screw this back up so it doesn’t fall off anymore. Just screw it tight so it doesn’t fall out and boom. Here you go it stretches out and shoots. What’s cool about this, it stretches a lot. And at the same time, it’s really doable. But, if it breaks, you have another replacement.

Definitely an awesome gadget. You can just keep it in here. Don’t forget about safety when shooting stuff. You never know. It might ricochet back into your eye. As you can see these are pretty big size of rocks. Let’s load one up and shoot it, and see what happens. Woah! It flew like twenty feet. Really easily. So let’s test this out again. Drop a rock inside of it, stretch it out, and shoot. Wow! This is awesome.

Cooking Sheet

I got here a cooking sheet. twang If I hit it, you’ll hear that noise. Boom! Second try! Made it! Wow! Let’s find another rock. These square rocks work the best. Wooh! Little bit to the right. Boom, made it. Dead center! Wow! That’s actually pretty easy to aim. Boom! Wow! twang in distance Wooh! Did you hear it? It ricocheted! So in case I need, so in case there is a little prey over there in a survival situation you have to eat. So, Boom! Dead center. Woah! That ricocheted so fast. As you know, fire is essential, and survival matches, there is a few burns out of it, so I’m going to check out these two burns.

First, I’m going to go with this one. I’m going to stick it into the water, hold it under water for a few seconds, take it out, shake it off from the water in case it dropped it, you know. So now I’m just going to open it as you can see the matches are actually still dry. So let’s try to start it. Oh, it broke off. Let’s keep trying to start it.

Wind resistant

Okay it’s on. It lighted up. Looks like they are wind resistant, that’s for sure. Let see it close up. Alright, it’s lighted up. Wind resistant. But, not so much water resistant. It doesn’t turn back on. So, this match is actually pretty good. Shake it up, and it’s burning again. But, they kind of burn off way too fast. And look, the wooden part doesn’t burn. I don’t know. Now let’s try these matches. I’m going to dip it all the way in with water. You see it’s submerged all the way in water. I’m gonna take it out. Guess what? The striker is actually inside right now. So I’m gonna dry it with my t-shirt. Before I open it.


Let’s see what this one’s all about. They used a lot of matches. Look at this much. Amazing. Way bigger this is. There is a little packet with a lot of strikers inside of it. Looks like there is two strikers inside of it. So, we’re going to stick one a side. All the way in. Boom. And now, by itself, we’re gonna dip the match in all the way. Now we’re gonna dry it out and I’m gonna strike it. No problem. It’s burning a lot longer than the other matches.

Dip it in the water, shake it up. And it’s burning again. How cool is that? Still burning. Let’s strike two matches at once and see which one will burn longer. One lighted out, and look at this. This one is still burning. So my pick is these matches. The container is actually screw on top. It’s definitely a lot more durable. This one is pop on so I think accidentally you could spill it.

Matches burn under water

Let’s see if these matches burn under water. And then I’m going to take it out. And look, it’s still burning. Pretty amazing, huh? Love these matches. Definitely a thumbs up for me. For this gadget I got here survival paracord bracelet. What you can do with the bracelet is unwind it, and use the rope for building a shelter. Also, it built in over here, a fire starter flint. As you can see it sparks a lot.

Boom. So it’s built in into here. Boom. Here’s the flint, and here’s the blade for it to spark. All you need a little bit of a coconut husk, or char cloth. Let’s see what it is going to look like. Look at this. Coconut husk really lighted up. Very very simple. Pretty amazing, huh? As you can see, it’s burning really really well. This survival bracelet works really amazing.

Handheld chainsaws

First of all you get paracord, and you got the flint. Awesome. For this survival gadget, I’m going to compare two different handheld chainsaws. One you already see has better handles than this one. This one has a lot more blades. Only every third one, there is a blade. This one uses chainsaw blades, this one, just regular saw blades. But as you can see one is going in and out, so it should be going through the wood really easily.

Let’s go test them out, and find out which one is better. Here is a pretty good subject, for cutting the piece of wood. So let’s try this out. First we’re going to try out this little chain. Let’s see what it does. So looks like I’ll grab it like this, into my hands and just start cutting it. Oh, not bad. Kinda hurts my hands with the handle. But look, this is pretty fast.

Wow! Almost no effort. I love this. Uh! It kinda gets stuck, so you gotta keep pressure on it. Boom. Wow. That was pretty easy. Look how thick this is. Wow. Did not expect it for this one to do that well. Well now, let’s test this one out. Alright, ready, set, go. Wow. This one is a lot faster. Wooh! Did you see how fast that was? That’s crazy. So, I give this one a thumbs up. A big thumbs up! This one works, but this one works way faster.

Survival situation

In a survival situation, you don’t wanna waste to much energy. That felt so good I wanna try it again. Wow! Did you see that? That’s easy. Look how big of a chunk I just did it. Here’s a dead tree. Let’s see how long it will take me to take it down. Not too big, but at the same time not too small.

Alright, let’s do this. Boom. Wow. You see this? Thumbs up for me for this gadget. For this survival gadget I got here, fire starter piston. What I’m gonna do is pull it out. Do you hear it? So now I’m going to push it back in, and you see it doesn’t push all the way in. What I’m going to do is hold it like this, smash it like that, and start a fire. As simple as that. So here I got a little bit of char cloth. I’m just going to stick it in here. You see char cloth is over there. I’m going to do is just smash it like this. Then you take it out. And you see it’s burning.

Coconut husk

Get some kind of flint, this is a coconut. Coconut husk. If you have to get more char cloth. And boom, we got a fire. Awesome. For this survival gadget, as you can see I’m in this rainforest. In case, if it’s raining a lot, you see everything is wet, I cannot start a fire. Or, if I’m on the move, I wanna drink water, but I don’t wanna stop, boil water, then drink it. LifeStraw. It filtrates 99.999 water born bacteria. So it’s pretty cool. It’s made for the third world countries, where the water system is poor, or there is no good quality water. They can use it and drink water straight out of the river like that. I’m gonna test it out, and see if it tastes good or not. It’s open from the top right here, and now I just have to open from the bottom.

Water Filter

Boom. Check this out there is a filter. Now I’m supposed to just stick it in and drink out of it. There is a lot of mud over here. I wouldn’t drink the water without boiling it, because there is a lot of bacteria in there. So I’m going to put my knee over here. It’s almost impossible to drink it from. I guess I gotta submerge it a lot more. Mmm. Wow. Tastes like regular water. Mmm. Actually tastes really good. After I’m done drinking, all I have to do is, blow it out so it doesn’t clog the filter. Awesome. It says it can filter up to a thousand liters or gallons. I don’t remember. I’ll post it in the description.

It’s really awesome it will last you a long long time. So definitely some gadget to have in a survival situation. Gonna test out this pocket stove. It’s raining outside, really hard to start fire, so here you go, little pocket stove. Let’s unpack it and see what it looks like. Boom. So, looks like it unfolds like this. That’s it. You set it down. And then it comes with a couple of these dry fills. So I’m just gonna open it. It’s like a little tablet. I’m gonna just, you see, it’s a perfect fit over here.

Just like that. Then we’re pretty much just going to light it up. You see, it’s really easy to light it up. It’s already burning. So just place it carefully. You see it works like little legs over here. And this is where you put your pot on.

Heating up water

If it’s too windy, you can kinda close it in this position. Okay, it’s burning well, let’s put the pot on top of it. Boom. You see it sits really well. Just look at this. The pot’s standing on really easily. Even though it’s sitting on a wet log, look how easy it is. It’s already heating up water. You see all that steam? I just put it on for like a minute there. One of these little tablets will definitely make you a meal. What I did is get more solid fuel cubes?

It comes I think in twelve. Each one of them easily will make you a meal. This is awesome. It’s not even close to burning out. Not even half way yet, that cube. Of course, this pot is really dirty. This is just an example. It’s boiling really really wet. You hear how sides of the pan is so hot. pan sizzles So definitely success. Look at how much water we boiled. Awesome. After you cook with that, and you want to use your pocket stove again, all you have to do fold it back in, throw it in your backpack, and it’s ready to use again, later.

Regular flint

Also, get yourself a regular flint. In a survival situation, you never know when you’re going to forget matches, or run out of matches, or your matches are going to get wet. Or the lighter will run out. So it comes with this little piece of metal. And magnesium on this side, and a striker on that side. Do it with a knife if you want to. Don’t need that much magnesium when you start a fire. But I think it will look really cool. This is not the best flint, it’s one of the cheaper ones, but nevertheless, you see it works really well. Puts up the flame pretty good. Look at how much magnesium that is.

We can definitely start a fire with that. Pretty awesome, huh? So simple flint is perfect for survival situation as well. Lightweight, and you can make lots and lots of fires. .

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