How can I get ripped at home without equipment fast?

When you don’t have weights at home, strength training can be a challenge. For stronger athletes, simple bodyweight exercises and endless repetitions are probably not enough to stimulate a strength-training effect. That’s because, once you do more than 15 to 20 repetitions, you enter the zone of muscular endurance and conditioning rather than strength training, says John Mark Seelig, captain of the men’s U.S. Rafting team and owner of Goat Training in Edwards, Colorado. “Doing a bunch of reps might work for somebody for a couple of weeks, maybe a month,” he says, “but long-term, it’s not very effective, and the repetitive motion can lead to overuse injuries.” Without weights or gym equipment, how can you keep the rep scheme low while making the intensity high enough to build strength?

“With my athletes, I’ve introduced isometrics and tempos to their at-home programming,” Seelig says. Isometric exercises force muscles to contract without changing length (think static holds, like wall sits, planks, and lock-offs). Tempo increases muscles’ time under tension and emphasizes the eccentric phase of muscle contraction (when muscle fibers elongate under a load, also called negatives). “These techniques are incredibly effective for strength,” Seelig says. “You don’t need additional weight, and you can continue to progress through the workout in a linear fashion by adjusting the timing.” For those who want to improve upon their training routines at home, he recommends these moves for a full-body strength workout.

Start with a good warm-up: run for five minutes, then cycle through three rounds of pull-ups, air squats, push-ups, and single-leg straight-leg deadlifts, performing ten reps each at a steady pace. Gradually increase your speed and intensity each round. For the workout itself, aim for three to four sets of each exercise, with one to two minutes of rest between each effort. When you’re counting reps, don’t go until complete failure. “That’s a common mistake I see with home-gym workouts,” says Seelig. Adjust your intensity so that you always have one to two reps left in the tank during each set.

“Even if you’re not training for a specific goal or race, know this will help you maintain your strength. More importantly, it’s going to be good for your mental health,” Seelig says.

The Moves

Squat Hold

What it does: Strengthens the quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and core.

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Hold your chest and head high, pull your shoulders back and down, and keep your spine stacked in a neutral position. Then lower into a squat until your thighs are slightly below parallel to the floor (or as low as you can go with good form). Hold this position for 30 to 45 seconds. Then engage your glutes, and push through your heels to stand. “If you can’t reach 30 seconds, reduce the range of motion to a manageable level by staying higher in the squat,” says Seelig. “If you can easily get to 45 seconds, add weight.” If you don’t have free weights, fill a backpack with canned food, water bottles, rocks, textbooks, or anything that’s heavy until you can hit the target time range.

Push-Up Hold

What it does: Strengthens the chest, triceps, shoulders, back muscles, and core.

How to do it: Start in a standard push-up position, with your arms straight, your hands below your shoulders, and your feet together. Maintain a rigid plank form, with your body in a straight line from your heels to your head. Bend your elbows backwards along your sides to lower your chin and chest until they are an inch or two from the floor. Hold this position for 30 to 45 seconds, then push back up to the starting position.  “This is very challenging,” says Seelig. “If you can’t get to 30 seconds, elevate your hands on a bench, cooler, or some raised surface. If you can easily hit 45 seconds, elevate your feet.”

Too monotonous? Mix it up with the Bring Sally Up challenge. Play “Flower” by Moby, and lower every time you hear “down.” Hold the low position until you hear “up,” and continue like this for the duration of the song—if you can make it until the end.

Tempo Single-Leg Deadlift

What it does: Emphasizes the eccentric (lowering) phase of the movement to strengthen the hamstrings and glutes, while training balance.

How to do it: Stand on one leg, with a slight bend in your knee. Engage your core, and square your hips. Then, without rounding your back, reach forward and down toward the floor slowly (taking three to five seconds), lifting your free leg behind you until your upper body and leg are in the same plane, parallel to the floor or as far as you can go with good form. Pause for a second, then reverse the movement for one repetition. Keep your hips level (point your raised foot toward the floor) and your back straight throughout the movement. Focus on leg control and balance. To make it even harder, extend the duration of the lowering phase. 

Volume: Eight to twelve reps on each leg. Complete all reps on one leg before switching to the other.

Tempo Pike Push-Up

What it does: Strengthens the shoulders, triceps, chest, upper back, and core.

How to do it: Start in a downward-facing dog position, with your feet together and your hands just wider than shoulder-width apart (the closer your feet are to your hands, the harder the exercise). Then slowly (taking three to five seconds) bend your elbows and lower your head between your hands, just above the floor. Hold the low position for a second or two, then push back up to the starting position for one repetition. Keep your hips high and your heels low, and maintain the inverted V position throughout the movement.

Volume: Eight to twelve reps. 

Split-Squat Hold

What it does: Primarily strengthens the glutes, quads, and inner thighs, while also working the hamstrings, calves, hip stabilizers, and core.

How to do it: Stand tall, with your feet hip-width apart, square your hips, and engage your core. Then take a large step backwards to enter a split-squat stance (also known as a stationary lunge). Bend your knees to lower your hips until your front thigh is roughly parallel to the ground and your back knee is hovering just an inch or two off the floor. Hold this low position for 30 to 45 seconds, then engage both legs to stand for one repetition. Keep your chest high, your pelvis neutral, your torso upright, and your back straight throughout the movement.

Volume: Eight to twelve reps on each leg. Complete all reps on one leg before switching to the other.


Handstand Hold

What it does: Builds upper-body and core strength and trains balance, body awareness, deep breathing, and focus.

How to do it: Enter a handstand, either unassisted or with your heels up against a wall. Hold this position for 30 to 45 seconds. Remember to breathe.

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How do you pick up a snake by hand? – Water Snake Catch And Cook

Catch And Cook Water Snake

30 Day Survival Challenge Texas. Water-Snake. If you wanna eat, you gotta catch and cook it’s so nice and comfortable. And then the Outdoor…

They’re not half as big as I thought they’d be. I feel silly for being slightly afraid to swim in the river with them the other day. I’m Zachary Fowler and that’s Chris Thorn. And this is the 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas. There’s only one rule. If you wanna eat, you gotta catch and cook it. – Yes. (yawns) – Good morning. I have been up for a little while. It’s already starting to get hot. I just wish I could sleep in all day. And wake up tomorrow and the temperature’s supposed to start dropping back down again. I did not climb out of my hammock yet.

the Outdoor Vitals

It’s so nice and comfortable. And then the Outdoor Vitals, under quilt and sleeping bag, beautiful. It’s been so hot that I found a really cool thing about the Outdoor Vitals under quilt is it’s on two bungee lines, so I can just scoot it back and have no under quilt. And then if it is cold I can wake up and scoot it forward, and it’s back in place, without even getting out of the hammock. So, like in a really hot place, where sometimes the nights drop down to 40. you scoot it, you have it out, and then the other nights when it’s still 70 at night, you scoot it back and your underside stays cool and you sleep better.

I’ve just been sitting in here for the last two hours since I woke up, doing some journaling. Reading my Bible. And hanging out with God. But now it’s time to get out there. I feel like a cup of fish head soup is calling to me. So I’m gonna brave the hot day. And see what we can’t make happen. Get some more food. Yeehaw. (dramatic, suspenseful music) I’m gonna start the fire today with a Wax Wood Stick from Hangar 51. And I’ll spark it up with the new XOtech Zippo thing here. It’s like a survival Zippo. Crazy. Can’t even shake it out practically. And it’s got a rubber gasket, so it seals right closed. (dramatic, suspenseful music) Wow, that’s hot. Coffee and soup are on. Whoo-hoo. Oh yeah, look at that rich rich broth.

the life energy

That has got the life energy in it right there. (liquid sizzles) Dear Diary, why do hot dogs come in packages of 10, but hot dog buns just come in packages of eight? And who’s to fault? I seriously doubt the bun maker’s ovens aren’t big enough to do more than eight buns at a time. It can’t be helping their sales, because a thrifty person would just buy a loaf of bread. And then they’d still have plenty of bread left for sandwiches when they’re done. So I thought this was kind of neat. Had to show you, I just had my bowl of fish head soup here. And it’s got all kinds of fish head soupy scum in there. I don’t want my coffee to taste like that. Well, these leaves are like sandpaper here.

sos PAD

Not good for toilet paper, like I mentioned earlier in a video. But make a great SOS pad for scrubbing your pots and utensils. Ah. Get it good and clean. I don’t need my coffee tasting fishy. Boom, there you go, clean as can be. Ready for coffee. All right, well, I think it’s time to try and get the turtle outta there. See, it’s been like three days. Wanna see if they’ve eaten it. If they’ve eaten the insides out, it’s all cleaned up so I can bring it home with me when this was over.

This is gonna tick off the fire ants to no end, I don’t doubt. Oh yeah, here they come. Whoa. They are not happy. Gettin’ all over me. (winces) Coming out of the shell. Ah. (groans) Yikes. They are, had a couple of them bite me. Not so bad, but oh, not under my foot. Man, they are miserable little cusses. Not quite cleaned out yet. Gonna leave it in there and let them do their thing. Close. Got a lot of it cleaned out. Ugh, ow. They don’t hurt that much. It’s just an agitation.

Let me see what happens. I had a couple right here, so maybe I’ll be able to see what happens when they, over time. Whoo boy, they are really ticked off. (chuckles) They’re doing their job cleaning the shell out. (festive music) Oh! Trapped paid off, look at that. A water snake. One, wait, I see two heads there. There’s two water snakes. Yikes, I better plug this up before they get outta there. There we go. I stuck some weeds in one end. Got some weeds. Gotta work quick. He comes out the end of there, that’s it. (groans) There we go.


There we go, they ain’t coming outta that now. A bit thicker than my thumb. At least the one of them is. – Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? – They’re not half as big as I thought they’d be. I feel silly for being slightly afraid to swim in the river with them the other day. Now, now that I know what they look like, once you know what your fears look like, it’s not so bad. They’re still snakes though.

That might freak somebody out. – I hate snakes, Doc! I hate ’em! – All right. Time to get our snake cook on, get the fire goin’. Chris must not be back yet. He’s gonna be so happy when he gets back. He’s out setting traps somewhere else. Yeah! Snakes. – I see, ooh. – Hey buddy. We got water snakes. – Yeah! – And crawfish. – Dude, this is gonna be an insane meal tonight. – Two of them. – Really, two? – Two. – Nice. They’re little guys though, but yeah, they’re still gonna eat though. – All right, got our turtle that we caught last night on the fishing line.

Havahart trap

Put him in the Havahart trap. And into the water. We’re gonna have him for dinner with the snake. So I need to dispatch him and process him. Processing a turtle is a matter of pulling on the legs with a long knife blade, and working the blade in there and around underneath the shell, on top of the shell, all the way around until the legs pull free of the leg meat. And then you can clean them out the rest of the way with all the guts.

I’ll use their livers again to go down and fish. All right, turtle meat’s all processed up. Put that in the stew pot. It just looks like regular old meat. It actually tastes pretty good too. Put that in there. Let’s grab the snakes and put them in there too. There’s two. That was easy. Boom. Just zip and it’s all cleaned out, just like a fish. Not a lot to them.


Barely a handful of meat. I’ll toss that into the pot. With the turtle. We’ll put that whole thing. Whoop. That’s creepy. Still wriggling. It’ll taste good. (chuckles) Put that in the pot, put that on to cook. Get our dinner on. Dulled my knives doing the turtle up. (scraping) From Wazoo, my viking wet stone necklace, which is always around my neck. I threw a little grim guard on there too. Great little wet stone. And it’s slightly finer, so I can really bring that edge out. There we go. – Oh my goodness, this thing’s heavy. – How’d you do? – The creek has blessed us once again, man. – Wow! Oh yeah, hold it with your light behind it there. Look at the size of that water snake. – He is a beast. – That is a double cage, unlike the other one.


So he’s like twice the size, three, four times the size. – He’s about four feet, I know. Yeah, he’s a big boy. – Wow. – Oh yeah. – That’s awesome. – Our pot just got way bigger. – All right, let’s deal with this guy. Hello, fella. The other guys were easy to deal with. He’s huge. – Yes. You got gloves, you’re fine. – Got it.

  • Want my knife? – Go for it. There we go. All right. Whew! He is stinky, man. – He’s strong. – Whew! That is one stinky snake. – Big boy, isn’t he? – He looks like he’s about 3 1/2 feet and twice as thick as my thumb. So, dressed out the meat is probably as thick as my thumb all the way down. My hands are huge. All right, so our smorgasbord jambalaya just got even better. Wait, wait, got the crawdads too. Is there room for ’em? Barely. Use the shovel. Oh hey. These tonight.
  • All right, here you go, join the snake there, guys. Oh. They’re escaping. Oh, get in there. Whew, that was close. Right, snake is done. I imagine. At this point. Yes. Get in there and get some. Oh yeah. Full color. Yep. There’s a crawdad, there’s a snake. Toss them in there. Whew. They got little ashes on them. Some of it fell outta the fire. That’s okay. We don’t eat the outsides of ’em. That’s starting to fall apart. That one’s ready for sure. The little ones here. Some of that.

the bountiful feast

And don’t forget some turtle. There we go. A little (mumbles) Woodobo on it. Lord, thank you for this food. Bless this food (mumbles) Thank you for the bountiful feast you’ve given us today. Help us to get something big though. Jesus name, amen. (insects chirping) Ooh. – That one’s hot. What did I expect? Right? – Boy, this snake is all bone. I’m not even sure how to eat that. Man, I thought rainbow trout had a lot of bones. But that thing. Yikes. That’s a lot of bone.

That’s just gonna be more of a soup kinda thing. It doesn’t look like a lot on my plate. But there’s a rich rich soup broth in there. And you better believe after I’m done with this, I’m gonna have a whole giant cup and be so super duper full from that soup. You tried it yet? – What? – The snake. – Not yet. I’m processing everything. – Oh yeah, make it so you can just eat it and enjoy it.


  • Yeah. Do all the work now. – Mm. – Put her all together. Ooh, hey, thank you, Mr. Turtle. – That turtle is so good. That is so, oh, so yummy. A piece of meat just… Tastes like meat. I’m gonna save the turtle’s bones for the soup. – Oh yeah, good idea. – But definitely I would lose the crawdads because they’re covered in ashes, some of them that fell out. We could toss those this time. There’s not a lot on a turtle, but man. It reminds me of squirrel. – I think I’d be into like a big alligator snapping turtle. I bet there’d be a lot more on him. – Yeah, probably.
  • Obviously, right? The bigger the turtle. – I think this one was smaller than the other one we had. – Tastes better though, because the other one was still pretty chewy. There’s not much on these snakes. Tastes good though. I don’t think I have it in me to go all the way down catfishing. But I keep seeing a rabbit up here, and I tried to shot yesterday at it. With the sling bow and missed. So think I’m gonna go for a small walkabout before bed. And I had to tuck everything in before I leave because it’s supposed to rain.


See if I can’t find that rabbit and take him down. My favorite Simple Shot slingshots that torque. And to hunt while I’m being out here. Put my ammo in like this. Pinch it, and then pinch the slingshot so I can carry it like this. Ready to go. I just go, boom. And I’m locked, loaded, ready to go. That way I can carry the camera with the other hand here while I’m doing my thing. Whoops. Come on. Head lamp. Wow. There we go.

I am in for the night. I am so tired. Epic hunt. Epic. But we’re not gonna let you see it till tomorrow. It’s gonna be part of tomorrow’s breakfast. My slingshot, I’ve never had such an epic adventure. (adventurous music) With the slingshot, hunting wise. Oh, it’s amazing. It was so cool. So you’ll have to watch tomorrow, find out what we have for breakfast and what I got on my hunt tonight. Thanks for watching. See you guys next time. Fowler out. It’s AM. I’m done, stick a fork in me. .

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information that might save your life one day – Creepy Facts That Can Save Your Life

Common Tips

Today we are going to discuss common tips that could spare your life. The ongoing revelation of the assortment of Smith, a 55 – year-old explorer. Who got lost on the Appalachian Trail in Maine and endure 30 days. Before capitulating to presentation and starvation, denotes. The start of another end of the year period of climbers losing their direction. And in some cases paying for it with their lives.

The Journey:

You may believe that with the surprising ubiquity of TV survival appears. Everybody would definitely realize all they have to know to survive getting lost. Too bad, the unceasing journey for higher evaluations implies these shows absurdly centre on the odd. The strange and the dumb. For what reason would you invest days developing an absurd structure that can’t keep out the rain? The end result for the customary waterproof shell?

Climber Who Disappeared On Appalachian Trail Endure 30 Days Before Biting The Dust

I once went through seven days with a survivalist for a story. He was lost in the wild demonstrated to me best practices to fabricate a bow-and-penetrate – an old Native American gadget – to light a fire. Truly? What’s going on with a lighter? On another task, a survivalist trained me on what plants were consumable and how to skin a rabbit. C’mon. What climber doesn’t have a bunch of vitality bars in their knapsack?

Individuals who get lost and kick the bucket in the wild regularly have all they require in their rucksack to endure. These things are usually called the “10 basics”: folding knife, matches/lighter, guide and compass, headlamp, shades/sunscreen, waterproof shell, additional garments, nourishment, water (and decontamination), emergency treatment unit (with whistle).

To this rundown, you can likewise include new tech fundamentals. A GPS beacon, a GPS application for your cellphone, an individual locator reference point or a satellite telephone. A large portion of these requires extensive field time practice before bringing them into the forested areas.

Mountain in Utah

Two years prior, I climbed up the most astounding mountain in Utah, Kings Peak. And was amazed to discover a pack of Boy Scouts scrambling to the summit. They were in b-ball shorts, T-shirts and shoes. The scout ace was an overpowered Mormon father who offered that each fourth. Or a fifth child had a pack with water and sustenance. Such a great amount for the scout’s saying: be ready.

Having the capacity to “read” shapes on a guide – what is a mountain, what is a valley. Form lines point upstream intersection streams and point downhill intersection edges. Specially perceive these highlights in the scene around you is maybe the most important aptitude. As anyone might expect. The greatest shortage among amateur explorers (I once completed a casual study of climbers in Rocky Mountain national park. Found that under half really realized how to utilize a guide and compass).

Investigate your guide

Before taking off, leave a nitty-gritty portrayal of where you’re going. When you hope to be back with a dear companion or relative. This will expect you to investigate your guide and really have an arrangement.

Recognize tourist spots, potential dangers (stream intersections, snowfields) and separations. Leaving a photocopy of the guide with your genuine course drawn on it could be precious if something untoward occurs.

Simply ahead and bring your cell phone, completely charged, with crisis contacts as of now on it. However, don’t for a moment figure your telephone will spare you in the event that you mess up. Check the point climate conjecture for precisely where you’re going. In the event that it’s relied upon to rain, snowing or blowing, reconsider. At last, on the off chance that you can discover somebody fit and fun, run with an accomplice.

Get an elevated begin. In light of current circumstances, you ought to climb at sunrise. Everything is simpler and more secure with additional time and more daylight. In addition, in the mountains, evening thunderheads are normal and hazardous. Think lightning and hypothermia. Prior To Leaving The Trailhead, Shroud An Extra Arrangement Of Keys Some Place On The Vehicle And Tell Your Accomplice Where They Are.

Tourist spots

On the trail, you ought to be consistently coordinating tourist spots on the guide – tops, waterway intersections, signs – with their three-dimensional partners in reality. Also, monitor time. Stamp on your guide to what extent it takes to move up to a seat or through a gorge. Note conditions and grade. On one smaller than normal endeavour to New Zealand, I climbed six tops in seven days. On each pinnacle, I archived to what extent it took to go how far, vertical gain, angle, snow conditions, wind, and precipitation. These subtleties gave me enough data to solo the last pinnacle, Mt Cook, in four hours.

Take pictures, bunches of them. You’ll be satisfied you did when you get back home, and, on the off chance that you do get lost, they give basic data to finding your way back.


Having the capacity to ‘read’ forms on a guide and perceive these highlights. In the scene around you is maybe the most important expertise.

Friend behind you consistently to comprehend what the scene looks like going the other way. In case you’re on a swoon trail, you may leave minor notices of your passing. Similar to a little appendage in an improbable place.

In the event that you figure you’ve done everything right regardless, you wind up lost, well, welcome to the club. On the off chance that you climb a great deal, you’ll incidentally get pivoted.

Each putative master, realistic survival book and faltering TV program will disclose to you that you ought not to freeze. No doubt, right. Except if you get lost and discover out every now and again, being lost won’t feel good. You may well start to freeze. Try to give your frenzy a chance to pass.

There Is A Valuable Abbreviation For What To Do When You’re Lost: STOP.


 Hysterically moving quicker will just get you increasingly lost. Sit, and inhale from your stomach (short brisk breaths just increment the side effects of nervousness – dizziness, trembling, disarray). Drink and eat. With any good fortune, your amygdala (the almond-measure flight-or-battle controller in your mind) will quiet down and your cerebral cortex (in charge of balanced reasoning) will assume control once more.


Pose some fundamental inquiries. Which bearing would you say you were going? What was the last milestone you perceived? To what extent back was that? How far have you come since? Climbing on a trail with a pack, the vast majority travel just around two miles for each hour.


 Check out you: would you be able to perceive any tourist spots? Would you be able to perceive a rocky peak or arcing valley? Attempt to discover what you see around you on the guide. Get out your camera, revisit the photos and do a similar thing. Consider time. To what extent have you been climbing? How would you feel? To what extent before dusk? What’s going on with the climate? What is the climate anticipated to do? Is there regular asylum adjacent? Is there dry fuel for a fire?

Try not to move until the point that you have an arrangement. (In the event that and when you do move, do as such efficiently and attentively.) If you whistle, may somebody hear you? Do you have enough sunshine to attempt to follow your course? Would it be advisable for you to consider building fire since it is relatively dull?


 Would you be able to make a call? Can you message? On the off chance that you do the traverse, would you be able to tell anybody where you are?

Smith sent different instant messages, none of which experienced. Having a cell phone doesn’t, and shouldn’t, mean you’ll be spared. You should initially attempt to spare yourself. One of the oft-expressed purposes behind going into the wild is to have the chance to be progressively independent. Getting lost is one of those chances.

human advancement

Aside from in gorge nation, strolling downhill. Particularly in backwoods and mountains, will frequently get you out. It won’t be simple, and it will include impressive bushwhacking. However, inevitably you’ll hit a trail or old logging street. This is especially valid in the eastern US. Where it is basically difficult to ever be in excess of 10 miles from a street. (The most remote place in the lower 38 states, close to the south-east corner of Yellowstone national park, is still just 34 miles from a street. When I was there, we saw twelve wolves, two grizzlies, and no people.) Even in case you’re just moving at a slither, prop up downhill. After, state, 12-22 hours, you’ll achieve some type of human advancement.

So suppose your cellphone has no inclusion. You don’t realize how to utilize a guide and compass and you didn’t take any photos. You’re somewhat panicky – your normal lost individual. What to do? Or on the other hand in the undying verses of the Clash, “should I remain or should I go?” Depends.

Heaps of sunshine

On the off chance that regardless you have heaps of sunshine. Usually worth attempting to backtrack your way. Attempt to find your impressions, or rocks that moved when you ventured on them. Anything that is an indication of your passing. Leave evident tourist spots (minimal stone cairns, heaps of branches) up and down your arrival way. On the off chance that you do figure out how to return to the trail and know where you are, hightail it out and back to your vehicle. Regardless of whether it implies moving in obscurity – wear your headlamp. The exact opposite thing you need is an inquiry and save mission to start. That dependably puts different lives in danger.

In the event that you don’t hit a trail, and wind up much increasingly lost and confounded. Simply begin heading downhill.

safe house

In the event that it’s nearing night, remain. To start with, get warm. Put on your additional layers. In case you’re wearing a cotton T-shirt, you’ll be hotter taking it off. Having a manufactured downy against your skin. Attempt to locate a characteristic safe house. That may manage the cost of some security from wind and rain. Gather fuel and begin a little fire, enough to keep you warm yet improbable to escape hand. Eat your granola bar. On the off chance that you don’t have any nourishment left, don’t stress over it. The human body can go a long time without sustenance. Nourishment is the minimum of your worries. Water, then again, is basic: contingent upon conditions. People can live just three to six days without water. In any case, don’t go hunting down water in obscurity. Stay there, remain warm, and endure the night.

One exceptionally troublesome condition is chilly rain. A fire won’t be conceivable and hypothermia is a perilous probability. If so, hurdle up your waterproof shell, endeavour to get inside a given in or a temporary sanctuary, and run consistently set up.

the first part of the day

In the first part of the day, reassess. On the off chance that you figure you may have the capacity to remember your means. Back to a known area, attempt it, leaving breadcrumbs en route. On the off chance that this is beyond the realm of imagination. Whistle your butt off, balance all your brilliant garments on tree appendages, fabricate an SOS of rocks. Or branches in a clearing, utilize a mirror to ricochet the daylight in different ways. Move to the highest point of a slope to get cellphone benefit.

On the off chance that you do every one of these things. Chances aren’t awful that you’ll be found. Be that as it may, following a few days of pause, don’t give your vitality a chance to get so low. That you can’t attempt to get out without anyone else.

A large number of explorers get lost each year and figure out. How to discover out (normally with an extraordinary tale about barely getting away catastrophe). A couple of navigational aptitudes and the correct hardware are valuable. However, the presence of mind and serenity are vital. In all actuality, getting lost doesn’t slaughter anyone. You don’t kick the bucket from not knowing where you are. You bite the dust from awful choices.

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How do you make a survival whistle? – Survival Whistle of Bullet Shell

Emergency Survival whistle

Survival Whistle

I’m going to show you a cool little survival hack. You can use to make an emergency survival whistle out of an Empty Bullet casing. So let’s imagine. You’re stranded in the forest and you need some way to signal for help. When you glance down at the forest floor. You just happen to notice one of These cartridge casings sitting under the branch. This shell is from a two to three cartridge. But any long narrow casing like this should work now.

The first thing

We need to do is actually shave off the tip of this cartridge casing. So we’re just left with this fat part at the bottom. You can easily do that with some concrete or a Rock like this. We’re going to use that almost as improvised Sandpaper. Because what we need to do is sand the brass all the way back to this bigger casing back here. It’s going to take a little bit of work. But it is very possible to do now.

If you’re somewhere closer to civilization. You could use concrete to curb on your road. Or even a paver stone or if you even have some metal files that will work Better. But the essential idea is we need to shave this back until it gets to about there. It’s going to take a few minutes but eventually you can see. We actually get the cartridge casing ground down and there are some little bits inside. Where you can take a Sharp rock now and just kind of dig those out to clean it up.


We want the inside of that to be as smooth as possible you can see. They’re like little flakes of brass in there. That need to come off. That’s what we’re looking for right there. The next thing we need to do is come back about half to three quarters of an inch. Grind a small hole in the top in a Way that there’s a flat side on the mouth. Then a gradual sloping side toward the back. Take your casing with the open end overlapping. The edge a little bit and then tilt it a little bit and at that angle.

We’re just gonna run this back and forth. And it’s good to take a few minutes. But we want to keep doing this until we dig a hole right through. That side of the casing this is going to be the whistle. Already starting to get a hole through there. You can see it’s already starting to take the whistle shape.

Adjest Angle

This edge could be a little bit flatter. So I’m going to just adjust my angle a little bit. There we go now all this brass in here. We can just carve that out with a rock or a Knife or a file. Whatever the case may be but we just want to clean up that hole and open it up alright. So that actually went a lot faster. Than I thought maybe about two minutes. And we got this thing ground down. If you look at the profile of this casing though. You can see that There’s a vertical line near the mouthpiece. And then a sloping line for at the back of the bullet.

That’s exactly what we’re looking for. There’s still a piece on the inside there. But I can use a stick to go down there. And yeah look there’s the whole flap right there. You might just want to rub it back and forth. A few times to clean out. Some of those brass Burrs, but essentially that is our whistle.

What I need to do now is find some kind of a stick that will fit perfectly into the front piece. Here with just enough of a gap on the top to allow air to flow in. Split over that whistle on the back all we have to do is a little bit of trial. And error until we find a nice Tight fit. Then take a little bit off the top.Now we can use the rock to grind this down. To make a flat surface as well. But essentially we’re looking for something that will just fit very snugly. Inside of that casing.

The last thing to do

Is just to trim a little bit of the stick off. The tops that we Have an air gap for our air to flow through. And split on the whistle, so let’s mark that piece right there. Then either File or carve with a knife a little bit off the top. Just a sliver and that looks good. So now we have to do is break the stick off file it down. We got ourselves a whistle Mm fiber. Hey That sounds amazing so look at the positioning of that.

See how the wood is actually right on the indent. Where it starts sloping upward. So right there is a perfect bullet shell whistle. That we made with stuff. We found right here in the forest. How cool is that guys? Actually hurts my ears. Definitely loud enough to find some help. When you’re in need in the woods. So there you have a guy is a cool little trick for turning scrap bullet casings into emergency survival Whistles.

Thanks so much for joining me for this project. I’ll be looking for you the next video.

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Can you have a lion cub as a pet? – Important Survival Tool for Lion Cubs?

Lion Cubs

Lion Cubs

Lion Cubs are characters from the start,whether bold, playful,or nervous. Within a litter, cubs’behavior is more varied than between litters.Only when the elephant moves on can the mother relax with her cubs. She has two-a male and a female. They’re now six weeks old. The two cubs differ from each other. The female is more playful, her brother more timid. And there’s no disputing who’s the boss. It may have been just an accident, but sibling rivalry will be an important part of their lives as they grow up. Scientists now understand that being different to your siblings must be important, at least in lions.Perhaps it means they’re less likely to compete with each other…

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What’s inside an emergency survival bag? – $1000 Survival Emergency Case

$1000 Survival Emergency Case

Emergency Case

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is number 1 priority and for today’s video we are going to unbox $1000 Survival Emergency Case. Can you believe this? Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this. This is an actual Pillow in a Case. It’s huge! Honestly, when I ordered it I did not accept for it to be so heavy, first of all and so wide and big This is huge! I cannot wait to see whats inside.

Right here, there is a little handle and its actually like a suitcase. There’s wheels so you can roll it. So that way, you can put a lot of weight in it and don’t even have to carry it Wow! How cool of a product, that is. Also, this thing is pretty expensive so if you want to see once and a while videos like that. Definitely give this video a thumbs up so we can do more of these kinds of videos. Really expensive items like that and also very unique. Anyways, let’s open it up and see what’s inside.

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Why is it important to save lives? – Save Your Life, Survival Hacks

Save Your Life

Survival Hacks

Exploring the great outdoors can be great fun, but things can go wrong. And you can get into some sticky situations. Luckily, there are things you can do with the everyday items you bring with you or things that are just lying around that can help. Here’s our top 10 survival hacks that might just save your life. – Amazing! –

Number 10

T-shirt water filter. Clean water is essential to survive. But what if the only water you can find is filthy? Well, if you have two containers and a t-shirt, you’re in luck. Put the dirty water in one container, tear off a length of cloth from the t-shirt, run the cloth from one container to the other, and leave it for a while and you’ll have clean, filtered water in what was the empty container. Make sure to boil it before you drink it though, as this just removes the dirt.

Number nine

Everyday tinder. Apart from the app, you could use things like paper or cardboard to start a fire. But there are other great ways to induce spontaneous combustion quickly and easily. Here’s exactly what you need to do. Get a standard cardboard egg box and place a charcoal brick in each of the egg compartments. Shut the box and light one corner. Once the cardboard has burned away, the charcoal will be sufficiently lit for you to cook. It’s an instant barbecue. Maybe you could fry the eggs. Also, guitar picks are one handy tool for survivalists. Guitar picks are made out of a material called celluloid that’s highly flammable.

Simply shave off some of the pick onto a piece of wood and slot the pick between a plank. Even a few sparks will be enough to ignite the material. Also, on the off chance that you’ve been carrying around a sharpener on your adventures, it could be used to sharpen sticks to make lots of kindling.

Number eight

Replacement batteries. If you only have one battery but you need two to operate your survival torch or a similar device, you could try to utilize a metal screw that’s the same length as your battery. Put it into your device along with the battery you already have, and it should work perfectly. If you don’t have any screws that fit, you could do this hack with aluminum foil. Crumple the foil into something that’s the same shape and size as a battery and it’ll work well because screws and foil are conductors of electricity.

Number seven

Herbal mosquito repellant. If the mosquitoes are bothering you, you may need to make your own mosquito repellant.

Firstly, you could try burning some everyday household herbs like thyme. Mosquitoes don’t like strong smells and will soon scatter. Alternatively, natural peppermint works even better. You can crush the leaves and rub them on your skin. Mosquitoes will leave you alone plus you’ll smell minty fresh.

Number six

Tampon first aid. Even if you’re a guy, think about bringing some tampons on your next exploration trip. If you cut yourself badly, you’ll be pleased you did. Tampons are made to absorb moisture so they’re great for treating deep cuts. Plus, they swell up over time to take the shape of the wound. They’re also small and lightweight so you can bring lots of them.

Number five

Condom canteen. Staying with stuff you can buy in the chemist’s, you need to bring non-lubricated condoms with you too.

A condom canteen is a great way of holding a large amount of water in an emergency. Here’s how you can make one. Put the condom in a sock to protect it from punctures and then fill it up with water. You can get around one liter in there. Use a hollow tube, like the outside of an ink pen, as a spout and then simply secure it to the base of the condom with duct tape. You can even carve out a stopper from a dry piece of wood and use some cloth to make a sling. There it is, one liter of water, easy to carry from place to place.

Number four

Makeshift compasses. What are you gonna do with all that water? Well, if you get completely lost you may need to make a compass. Here’s how you can do it with just some water, a needle, and a leaf. Get the needle and rub it against your t-shirt a few times. Float the leaf in a small amount of water and place the needle on the top. The point of the needle will spin to point north. Hopefully, you can then just remember which way east, south, and west are. If you don’t have a needle or water to hand then try this. Put a stick upright in the ground so you can see its shadow and then mark the tip of the shadow in the ground with a stone.

Wait about 10 to 15 minutes and the shadow will have moved a short distance. Mark where the shadow’s tip is with a different stone. If you can draw a line between the two stones and stand on the line. Make sure the first stone is to your left. You are now facing true north. Or, if you’ve got an analog watch, you can try this. Lay your watch down on a flat surface and point your hour hand to the sun. Bisect the angle between the hour hand and the number 12 on your watch and the center of the angle will point north.

Bear in mind this only works in the northern hemisphere.

Number three

Chapstick survival. This stick isn’t just for keeping your lips moist and blemish free. The humble Chapstick has a myriad of uses in a survival situation. If you get a small cut, rub a Chapstick on there. It will help keep dirt out of there. Also, you could rub it on exposed skin to protect it from the extreme cold or use it as a sunscreen.

Additionally, Chapsticks have the same qualities as candle wax so you could stick a match in one of these and use it as an instant candle. Even better, you could rub it on kindling to make your fire burn for longer. Also, if one of your zippers get stuck, you could rub some Chapstick on there and it’ll get moving again. Finally, if you get a hole in your shoe, rub some Chapstick on it and it’ll help to seal it up and make it waterproof. Seriously, is there anything you can’t do with this stuff?

Number two

Ramen stoves and crayon candles. Ramen noodles are small and light and make a tasty snack whenever you’re exploring. But did you know you could also make a stove out of them. Here’s how. Saturate the noodle brick in a flammable liquid, set it alight and you’ll have a nice flat fire which will last for around 20 minutes.

If you can make a frame out of sticks you’ve even got a stove. Another everyday item that burns in a long, irregular way are wax crayons. Set light to a crayon and it’ll burn for 30 minutes. You can use it to light other things, like maybe your coloring book.

Number one

Uses for urine. In very hot places, you need to keep cool and stay hydrated or you’ll lose consciousness fast.

If there’s no shade or water available, you need to make your own. One way to do this is to urinate on a t-shirt and tie it around your head. It will cool you down fast and give you a fresh burst of energy, even if it’s a bit gross. If you’ve got any left in the tank after you’ve soaked your t-shirt, you can also try drinking your urine. Yes, like Bear Grylls does. If there’s absolutely no water available, your urine may be the only thing to keep you alive.

There’s one condition, though. It has to be urine from before you became dehydrated. Otherwise you’ll just wait liquid and drinking your urine will have no use at all. You can tell by the color. The clearer the better. You can even purify the water with this neat plastic bottle hack. All you need is two plastic bottles, one filled with your dirty water or urine, and the other one should be clean and empty. Make sure to remove any plastic labels if they still have them. Then, simply tape the opening of the bottles together and make sure that none of the contaminated water or liquid flows or leaks into the empty bottle.

Clean water

Place the taped bottles in an area where the sunlight is always shining and on a leveled area where there are no slopes. Sometimes it will help to place the clean bottle a bit upwards so the evaporation can collect better. But make sure it’s just a little bit so the purified water doesn’t drain back into the dirty bottle. All you have to do is wait for most of the water to evaporate into the other bottle and you’ll have clean water. It will usually take around 12 hours. And also, the rays of sunlight help to kill a lot of bacteria.

So sometimes, even placing a dirty bottle of water into the sun for a period of time will be the easiest way to kill some bacteria. So, that concludes our top ten survival hacks. Which hack do you think is the smartest and are there any that you know? Leave us comment and let us know. Also, if you learned anything new, please drop a like on this video down below. We’ll be making more of these, so even subscribe if you want to be notified of one in the future.

Thanks for watching. .

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How do you make life hacks at home? – 14 DIY SURVIVAL SIMPLE LIFE HACKS


Survival Life Hacks

Hey guys! It’s Wengie Welcome! Today we are going to talk about simple life hacks. You know guys, right here it’s 41 degrees. I’m sweatin’ But here’s the hug! Sweaty armpit hug! Have any of you guys been caught out in the cold? The dark without your phone without food, without water and you just need to survive have you guys been in that situation? I know I haven’t The closest I’ve got to a near death experience was literally like 2 weeks ago when I decided to light up 168 sparklers with a 1000 degree knife. These would not have helped at that time because I literally just needed common sense cricket noises hold up!

Mobile Phone Charging

My phone’s dead aswell now what do i do? I’m totally stranded did you know that you can charge your phone with a car charger and a 9-watt battery and some house keys? It’s actually quite simple just touch one side of the battery with the end of the car charger and the other side with the end of the key. Then press the key so that it touches the metallic part of the side of the charger. You can see that when I do this, the blue light on the charger turns on this made me so excited when I saw this clip for the first time. So secure the key onto the side and plug your charger cord into the charger and your phone connect your circuit and voila!

You have power! music so in case of emergencies. I will keep a 9-watt battery in the car with this I can charge my phone for long enough to make a phone call and get help. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, right? If you’re lost in the wild, dehyrdation is a huge problem. So finding a source of drinking water is often the first priority for a survival. If all you can find is a dirty creak, then you may not have any option. But there’s a way to filter the water first all you need are 2 containers. A piece of cloth you may wanna use the shirt on your back.

Pure Water

If you have nothing else and who knows? You may create this cool new fashion piece cricket sounds fill up one container with the dirty water. And place it one something elevated place the empty clean container. Next to it and connect the bottles with a piece of cloth. This might take a while to get going but once it starts, its actually pretty fast. The cloth will basically absorb and filter to clean water and transfer it into the clean container with the help of gravity and a unicorn! (SO CUTE) Inaudible

After a while, you will have a clean container of water! Don’t drink this immediately ’cause there might still be bacteria in it ’cause this filter only cleans out debris.

Plastic Water Container

The best thing is to boil it before drinking it. But at least it will be clean when you do! Rain is often the safest source of clean drinking water. But catching it can be pretty challenging and catching it with your mouth is not very efficient …But kinda fun you can turn a plastic bottle into a very efficient water collector just cut the end of the bottle… Then cut 3/4 on the sides of the bottle bend each of them at the base to fan them out. Now you have your own rain water catcher! Place another container underneath the opening and wait for your delicious drinking water to fill up this works. So well by taking a leaf haha, get it?

Out of nature’s book but copying the way a lot of plants collect rain water! the fanning of the petals can increase the surface area which rain is collected have you ever wanted to get some food only to realise you left your wallet or purse at home? this is the worst! especially when you’re hungry! but to ensure this never happens again just take out your phone case and fold up a 20 or 50 dollar note inside it don’t use it unless you absolutely have to! if you get lost or separated from your group during excursion or outing this extra bit of cash might save your life! woah! what the hell?!! crashing sounds crap! it’s an earthqu- coughing and choking uh..

Emergency Masks

I can’t breath… someone…please! dust and especially smoke can be extremely dangerous in fires and other disasters for us girls out there who are actually carrying emergency masks already that’s it! it’s your bra!! as weird as it sounds, it actually fits your face pretty well it even has straps so you can free up your hands for other things obviously it’s not a proper mask so make sure you get out of danger as quickly as possible! and it’s ok to look a little silly at times like this! heroic music yeah, so sometimes my imagination goes a little crazy but I gotta save my unicorn family you know? fam comes first! like you guys if you’re lost in the wild, hunger is definitely gonna be a problem!

Eventually but you won’t die of starvation for up to a whole month! the biggest problem you face is being cold especially at night wind blowing if you’re having trouble starting a fire due to rain and humidity, sometimes the best kindling is to use your own food doritos ad many other chips make for good kindling and as you can see they can burn extremely well even in the windiest of conditions there’s no point holding onto your food supplies when you’re not gonna be around long enough to eat them, right? actually that sounds kind of morbid…

Make a Fire

Let’s move on so what if you don’t have a lighter or a match to set on fire? or did you know that you could make a fire out of a water bottle or even a sandwich bag?! this actually blew my mind but as you can see, it IS possible! basically you wanna use the curved part of the waterbottle like a magnifying glass or you can fill a sandwich bag up with water and make a shape like this kinda like you’re decorating a cake then basically focus the brightest part of the beam onto any piece of scrap paper move the bottle back and forth until the beam is most concentrated and just leave it there.


You may need some patience for this part it really takes some hours as you can see after 5 minutes you can already see some smoke rising from the paper and if you take a look, you’ll notice that the black writing has slightly burnt and there are burn marks on the back to prove it! so just keep at it and you will eventually succeed! once you see more smoke, add extra pieces of paper to it and it should catch on fire all by itself on a windy day! if there’s no wind, you may need to blow on the smoke to start the fire pretty cool, right? a heimlich maneuver has been used countless times to save a choking person from certain death but unfortunately this still happens today rest in peace, me …the other me sad piano music.

Thankfully even if there isn’t anyone else around you can actually perform the maneuver on yourself find the mid-point between your rib cage and your naval and place a fist there and cup your fist with your other hand and forcely push inwards and outwards to try and dislodge your food if this doesn’t work, keep this position and find a table or chair, roughly waist height then hold hard down onto your hands and this should generate enough force to expell whatever you were choking on the key thing is not to panic so if you’re lost in the woods and all the trees look the same then…

Making a Compass

You’re probably in big trouble but if you know that a group or a civilisation is in a certain direction like north you can actually find it by making your own compass all you need is a needle, which you may have along for a sewing pack that you may have stolen from a hotel fill up any container with water and find a small leaf that you can put on the water if you have a magnet, even better! but if you don’t you can actually magnetize the needle by rubbing it onto your clothes.

Just rub it in one direction about 100 times and that will generate enough static to magnetize your needle! then, place it carefully on top of the leaf the needle will stay afloat and because we’ve magnetized it earlier the point will turn to face north as you can see this actually works even when you move the needle off north, it slowly finds its way back proving that this hack is amazing! dramatic music food is obviously something we need to have in order to survive.

Spear Shooter

Sometimes catching it is not quite as easy as it seems even the smallest of creatures can be far too agile for humans to catch especially me in order to make your own spear shooter, you need a plastic bottle, a balloon or any elastic material and a sharp stick you probably need to sharpen down a straight branch but I just use this skewer for demonstration cut the top of the bottle off and put a balloon around one end place your spear inside the balloon, pull back, aim and fire!

You’ll probably need to practice at this to get your aim right but if you’re lucky you might hit your target! in fact i hit mine after 2 goes! this is pretty cool next up is to practice on moving target meowing just kidding i would never hurt you inaudible be careful if you’re using this around other people though because this would seriously injure someone just a reminder guys: this is not a toy oh my God i love lazy nights, i can sit around, watch netflix inaudible buzzing as lights flicker wait..?! what was that?! oh well…

Crayon Candle

If your house has ever lost power and you don’t have any back up candles or flashlights did you know that a crayon could burn for up to 30 minutes? just use a lighter and melt the top part of the wax first then the paper should catch on fire this kinda works like a reverse candle with the wick on the outside and the crayons are just wax anyways so it’s not a surprise that this works so well if you want you can also drip the first few drops of wax onto a flat surface and use that to hold your crayon candle upright that way you can move it around.

Wherever you go like a lantern and it wont fall over this is a great emergency hack that might just help you get through another one of those pitch black evenings sometimes when the power goes out sometimes it’s hard to tell whether its just your house or everyone else’s house in the area.

Emergency flashlight

I usually just look outside to see if there’s any other lights on in the neighbourhood but an easier way is to just take out your phone and check for other wifi networks if you find that the usual networks around you are still on, then it’s probably just your house but if you see nothing, then it’s probably your whole area and all you can do is just chill until it gets fixed if you’re ever in a pinch and need an emergency flashlight.

The worst thing is realising you don’t ever enough batteries for it but as long as you have one working battery, you can hack your way out with some aluminium foil just tear off a strip of foil and measure up the length of your battery then fold the foil over on itself, until it matches the length of the battery then roll the foil tightly along its length until you make a tight cylinder shape it should be roughly the same height as your missing battery and it doesn’t matter if it isn’t as wide it will still work just fine next put your batteries in along with your foil to replace what you’re missing and close the lid you’ll find that you now have a working torch!

Tricky Situation

This hack works for everything, not just torches, so make sure you remember it ’cause you never know when it can get you out of a tricky situation! have you ever walked down an alleyway or a car park and felt unsafe? like someone was watching you or following you and then the hairs on your neck literally stand up if this happens take out your keys and push each key out through each gap between your fingers kinda like a inaudible knuckle.

If someone is actually there, you can turn on them with a surprise attack scream under the affects of adrenaline, you never know what you might be capable of however, only do this if you’re actually getting assaulted if you’re getting robbed, the best thing to do is just drop your purse then run away the robber will be too busy picking up your money than chasing after you.

Let is rain dollar, dollar bills I hope you guys learnt something new today! and if you guys did, don’t forget to try it out and hashtag me on #wengiecorns ’cause I love hanging out with you guys doing the week!liking your photos, seeing what you’re up to and chilling with you guys! until next week, im gonna miss you guys so much! until then, i’ll see you guys on my social media and vlog and things like that and ya! BYEEE!! love you!!

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How do you survive in the woods with nothing? – WOODS SURVIVAL CHALLENGE

Survival in Wood

Guys, Lets do a wood survial challenge. Looks like the water is coming to a boil the box words looking good it’s very bright dude that is awesome that Lantern actually works really well we just started hearing this like music playing like someone’s like music Jake the daddy-longlegs inside Danny long way hey what’s going on guys.

Actually you guys know that this has been the hardest the most extreme and the biggest box for video we have ever done we don’t even want to stop here that’s why we have a massive like goal of over 200,000 likes if we get 200,000 likes guys we will do this video but on a floating box port in the middle of a lake thus far Buddha becomes unit time of need and each about sugars give spots for Buddha its release of a box Street they made vascularity both of them so slightly so happy like a kid on Christmas.

dangers box

I know the dangers box for food I know the danger is decided to hand us for food we’re doing the 24 hour Fox sport forest challenge and I know I know it will be hard and all the difficult possible Buddha I believe to do it we train with some box sport versus volcano box board versus one how easy is that a thoughtful person thunderstorm and now I think we’re ready box for food I think we’re finally ready to take on the 24 hour force but I need just think and you just say each move on for food used to be the wave of the box so some of the line saw me change.

I believe you’re ready for your box for quests you must enter the words travel deep within them and complete the 24-hour boxberger challenge right see what is it I got here as fast as I could I’ve waited for long years for this Jacob it’s only been like two weeks okay fine it’s been like a week or two what’s still Logan I think it’s time I think it’s time today is the dead are you saying what I think you’re saying we’re doing the 24 ounce box for Boyd’s challenge are you ready for the smokin one step ahead of you buddy hey yo what’s going on guys Papa j0g baby and we are back with a brand new video and today is the day as you guys just seen it’s a big day it’s the biggest day of our lives Logan it might be the greatest day of your life you will ever have pause it make you feel you know it.

reverse question how does it make you it makes me feel so what we are going to survive in a box for for 24 hours straight guys that that’s 24 with the to f4 dude we gotta get going man we do now we’re going to get all of our gear ready and then we’re going to head down and start building this box board we’ve gotta cut us up ready for us tonight guys so we have some water bottles which we have to fill up yes we’ll need some gloves own HID headlamps definitely my survival whistle with extra matches flashlights on sand by gosh we’ve got 12 MREs those are meals ready to eat boys will be making our dinner out .

there we are gonna have a fire but we’re going to need to eat something guys there may be enough for 24 hours that’s three meals times two people Logan six meals cries this is the only mosquito repellent we have we have no mosquito repellent the other words everything ready we’re going to pack it all off the ghetto boxes ready and start hiking out because we got a box sport to make and as always we’re a little behind and the sun’s going down I don’t want to be out there in the mill the woods without a box board Jake you ready oh I’m ready dude I got to go pro ready we got the cameras all packed up my lunch bag the other money well you got the bigger bag actually no that’s okay we’re stop well you keep the bigger bag that’s good you’re being better all right guys so we’ve been traveling a little bit we’re heading towards where we’re going to be building our box for.

we a lot of caucuses as you can see I’m kind of on the mo if I had this or get Logan’s pulled in a bunch as well he’s got his bag and we are just heading down there once we get to the place we’re building we gotta go quick guys because we’re running out of sunlight and with a little before it so we legit need a place to survive so we’ve been walking for quite a while now so it has all of his cardboard on top of them we are heading down to where we kind of think we knit we haven’t ideas to where we’re going to do the box for it but we don’t know exactly where we’re going to lay it down like .

I’m just looking for looking for some solid ground Oh so with schedule what bro dude over here so nice I think we found our building spot we’re going to build great in here I believe oh all right guys here is home sweet home we got all of our equipment so I’m thinking guys is a losers I’m in the woods dude ring so creepy I didn’t think of this so to start clearly we have our little tool here part shovel part axe part knife it’s everything you want and watch there a little bit of an area here guys and then we’ll go put down the box for base Jake has pretty much made the ground flat it’s looking pretty good for our box or base so I’m going to leave the camera here and we’re going to do a time lapse time lapse begins now guys so we’re taping down the floor and Jake and I were talking this is by far the hardest build .

we’ve ever done we’re getting eaten alive by boards right now guys I’m sweating beyond this but yeah I don’t know if you guys can see them there are so many mosquitoes so many not massive spiders this is one for the books for sure after I hit that like one the date did bring one mosquito candle hopefully broad dude dude hopefully gets the bugs away I think it would be just bad so we have most of the base done the base is ready now we’re going to go ahead and start putting the walls together we have our walls here we’re currently does two walls and that is taking us like three times longer than a normal wall I don’t think we realize how hard it would be to build in the woods the reason why we’re putting so much tape down on every crevice you still the bugs don’t get in I thought it’d be more about the survival not the building so we have all the walls in the box for it the Sun is going down we just need to do the roof now others in the bug and the fact that the Sun is going down boxboard is very comfortable we’ve got both sides of the roof on now the Sun hasn’t been tied down yet but Logan’s working on all the tape inside so we have for one the little candle that’s supposed to help with mosquitoes but right now guys it’s getting dark as you guys can tell we need to get some lights in there so I’m going to break out all of our lights we have a few lanterns as well as some headlamp you can barely see it but right near that tree there I’m going to go hack that down so we get some dry wood and we need to start a fire all right guys the box for looking good it’s very bright dude that is awesome that lantern actually works really well Oh God it’s very thick here and very swampy okay it’s like really wet ground all around here here is the piece of wood that I found the law bigger than I thought it would be oh here we go timber there we go guys got some dry wood Jake the daddy-longlegs inside it’s inside of out for a jig all right well I’m just closing up the remaining holes inside the roof with tape this socks part might be the most the most structurally advanced box for we’ve ever built which is for hearing this like music play like someone’s like music nowhere I’m living asking adopters literally someone playing your second in that district breaking counties were actually in an open web cats create domestic and I’m really correct or it go lights out for a little bit until the music stops music stopping someone hey there here we are extremely late guys I’ve cut all that wood up to make a fire which is over there but we have not a chance to make a fire and honestly I don’t know if we’re gonna have time to do it like already really late I’m starving we need to get inside and make our food we’re going to put the last little bits on the box for when you get in get our bed ready and then make dinner alright so well Jacobson or I’m going to patch up all these missing areas so bugs can’t get in the time for us to get inside and get our dinner in our bed set I think we’ll wait till tomorrow to do the fire as well as go fishing because right now it’s just so dark and be honest with you it’s pretty creepy out here and I kind of want to get in the box for it this is it this is our door it’s uh it’s nothing special as with any house shoes off at the front door please so we’ll definitely feel nice because we’ve been hiking in these for the past five hours yourself guys this has been the hardest box work build we have ever done if you guys would not smash that like button yet be sure to destroy that like but right now let’s go Logan you think we get 150,000 likes listen not that’s an insane amount of life jacket let’s say in a matter like that I think we can get 150 thousand likes on this video let’s go for it I think you guys can do in fact I know you can do it and I don’t want me to allows them a little freaked out right now like animals and stuff so let’s start our dinner and your guys first or a couple Jake show you around the box boys so over here guys we’ll start off in the living quarters this is the flashlights corner it illuminates or or takes a mirror with mosquitoes coming in but that’s that’s fine there’s gonna be a few mosquitoes here they’re come on back here in a Jake’s room we’ll go to loading through next but this is papa Jake’s room I got my sleeping mat here there is a lot of dead Logan went on a bug killing spree in here if it’s energy guys we have like our kind of collective area of our collective area of stuff we’ve got some game of life to play because we’re going to be board player tonight so we’ll probably play that anti-mosquito candle which has done absolutely nothing yo guys you know what we’re like you know everyone can come in our box for we had a league our box portbou mosquitoes welcome welcome over on this time we got Logan scores well show me your room my room is pretty much the same as Jake hi guys here we go time to roll out not betting there we go all right Logan did you bring the air pump no well we messed up wood all right there we go guys this is all nice and blown up we got our nice padding Logan’s blowing up his specter we did not think of bringing an air compressor so I mean it’s not too hard it’s not a lot to blow up definitely not as much as mr.

Flamingo but it’s not bad to be honest with you guys like it’s a very little amount of air but all together once it’s all nice in there that’s nice like we have never had this before guys in any of our box for builds I think we’re going to bring this in future box for bills because this is amazing unfortunately we don’t have a fire but like I said guys tomorrow morning we’re going to do some upgrades on the box for it but it’s time for dinner and for dinner Logan we got some MREs which are really awesome if you guys have not seen me do a video on these before they are really cool they are military surplus this is what military dudes use when they go out into the the wild and they have no food nothing and these are completely self-sustaining meals so they will last for like years and years on end and they come with everything so let’s delicious let’s jump into it here did so I don’t know which one I get but it’s a three-course meal so don’t be confused with a non three-course meal we have the main entree which say what this is all right I have no idea what’s the matter tonight I guess we’re going to find out in here Oh pound cake alright so this is some cake suctioned into here so we have some cake for dessert this is a heating pad that we use to cook our food this doesn’t use any fire or anything all it needs is some water so we’re going to need that to cook it oh okay so this is what we’re actually eating this is black beans in a seasoned sauce Wow we have four kilos carbohydrate electrolyte beverage powder basically Gatorade so it comes with the Gatorade because you know you’re out and about in the doing crazy stuff this is a cocoa beverage so this is like hot chocolate there you go we got spoon this is a instant coffee and tasting water coffee fake milk getting a little bit of time to cook so I’m going to show you guys if you’ve never use an emery before it’s really simple all you need is a little of water and we have the MRE Peter and all you need to do is have you very very small amount of water there you go guys so this is gonna cook all right guys a lot of cooking we’re going to jump in to Logan’s you want to do this bun sure oh no you got crackers dude looky yo can I trade you my tortillas for crackers no what do you probably a peanut butter that what you can’t put all right well let’s uh let’s put yours in the heater so ours both finish around the same time first I’m gonna make my like gatorade mix cuz you got stay hydrated guys if you ever do go camping number-one thing you got to make sure you do it stay hydrated and this is going to be a good mix it’s going to replenish all those electrolytes that we burnt while we are still wetting our butts off trying to make this boxboard all right here’s the taste test guys I’m so thirsty but that’s amazing that’s like orange juice got a may looks good oh um thank you Jake this I’m kind of spider here it’s really good a little dry but really really good I guess so next up Logan is having his cracker and peanut butter hard to eat man it’s going everywhere let me go for that peanut butter spread that looks good room down there you go I’m gonna say it looks just like geez whatever she’s not very good yeah awesome so now it’s time for dinner it’s getting really late we’re both exhausted so I think it’s time to eat our main meal this is dinner it’s been cooking away in this here for quite some time now and I know it’s really crazy to believe this but these things are so hot like they’re extremely hot not sure whose this is oh man that’s hot yo touch that I’m boiling hot we actually found out that Logan’s wasn’t black bean it was tortellini yeah and it looks like it is my black bean or do we Rob Oh is everybody all right here we don’t here we go it in there oh dude that was good how is it nice and toasty warm oh my god is it good so really I thought it was steam coming off of that it looks like a toasty warm time to crack open my black beans and put them on my tortillas I cannot believe that this will last like three years pretty cool ooh all right kind of more like a sloppy joe but let’s just roll up our tortilla all right here you go how’s that CJ dude that’s amazing egg nice and toasty warm flow really good we just finished dinner and now we’re just enjoying our time the box for right now we’re playing a little bit of life unfortunately cuz we didn’t have time to start the fire tonight there’s not much sense of going outside and it’s just really bad with the weather right now so it is currently 1203 at night we’ve been out here for a long time it took so long to build this box for honestly guys I guess I know what you’re saying this has been the hardest box for build amber there’s literally blood from the mosquito that would be killed until it looks like this is a murder scene I think at this point guys we’re just going to hit the hay get some sleep and then we’ll get up early and continue the video tomorrow morning so we got our blankets here we’ve got our nice little mattresses heaven forbid any of us have to go potty during the night because I ain’t going out there but it’s time to go to bed look great in that cover oh my god is this all right sleep tight everyone good night I have never felt so wracked from a box for 24-hour town oh my god was years really bothersome a few things went down that we never even owned the first thing that happened something was making noise in the woods over there by the ones I mean literally behind our box for it we went out we were flashing the light this is one stuff got so scary we’re like we’re not even filming we’re thinking about running for alive we saw eyes so we’re like Kay it’s probably an animal that was fine number two we did not estimate how hot it would get in the box all right so at one point we were going with no blanket I don’t even know where the blanket was and and that was a bad idea because I love what you do but I kept waking up with like strolling both my toes bitching this time make a fire and maybe go fishing deaf Italy has seen better days the Box were kind of like shrunk a little bit I noticed I kind of repaired it but a lot of the tape was falling off yeah I guess I kind of got damp with the morning dew’ so it started like kind of fall off a little bit but Logan you want to grab the GoPro bro ah that was that was insane dude she held together real nice look at really late our roof come on me too I think if we did this again guys we definitely should have bought you donate and like incorporate it into the box build so we have some of the leftover food from our last night’s MRE I think we’re gonna have some coffee as well as maybe Logan might not be pointing and stuff like that in order to do that we need a fire and we never had a chance to build a fire last night because it got way too late who’s way too dark and Craig’s last night to make our fire so now it’s time to do it because I chopped down the tree we have some of this wood here so we’re going to use this wood as the main fire pieces inside the waterproof matches it comes with really dry wool and we’re going to use that down here to make sure that we like boxes because we only have a few matches perfect we got some fire really great to get rid of the bug the smoke is just going to clear away all the mosquitoes and all the other bugs we’re going to start boiling our water for breakfast so we have some leftover water from last night and we’re going to use this to make our coffee so we’re going to put it in our little pan here alright guys so currently we’re working on boiling the water right now we’re going to let it cook flash boil and in the meantime I think I’m going to try on some breakfast won’t be trying to feel about the fish from there yeah you guys don’t know that the Papa Jakob is one of the best fishermen inside of the town you know a lot of people have them fancy fishing rods Papa Jake likes to go with the spider-man got the new spider-man movie coming out students are ready I’ll fight I’m a fishing rod that’s gotta be good luck looks like the water is coming to a boil pretty good oh you guys not as the Warrens boiling we are going to make our coffee for the morning Oh cocoa beverage alright I might go with the Go Go beverage dude I’m kind of feels a hot chocolate what do you feel like on the copy all right now pro tip if you ever do go camping and you have to boil your own water we brought purified water but you do have to boil some you want to make sure that you boil it for at least thirty minutes a lot of people think you just like boil it for a minute and then you’re good but thirty minutes and here we go there is my hot chocolate so let’s lift that up around a little bit get it all mixed up in there and now for Logan’s coffee alright guys there we go we got loaded coffee as well now we’re just kind of chillin enjoying the fun in the Sun it’s a beautiful day here and we’re drinking our coffee in the morning well mines from cocoa all the food‘s been really great I thought that the MREs would have liked some pretty bad food but the food‘s been awesome the night was hard it was definitely really hard but waking up to this is very very beautiful and definitely I also want to try fishing guys and then I kind of realized if you look through the creek here it’s actually see-through and I haven’t seen a single fish so I don’t think fishings going to work it fortunately it looks like it’s just Coco for the morning well there’s pretty much wraps up our 24 hour box fort in the woods challenge you guys have been asking for you guys have wanted it and we finally did do high five we killed it man this has been so insane and guys it doesn’t have to stop here the box sports do not have to stop here in fact while we were sitting in there last night for hours on end having nothing to do we were talking and we had an idea we want to do a 24-hour the loading box for challenge but bring the floating box for to the woods that’s right we want to go to an actual lake and do a floating box sport in the middle of a lake if you guys want to do that if we get look at how many lights do we need we need to go big we need to go high we need to go matches you won’t go for two hundred thousand lights you’re doing it out of the light dude I think we can do it guys can we do that well there’s three savage I know they’re going to share with all their friends on Facebook that have it it’s like this I’m sweating but it’s like this guy’s we’re going to go for 200,000 like is beyond SAP but you’re going to need to share this video everywhere but if we get to 200,000 likes we will do the 24 hour box for challenge in the middle of a lake now we’re going to go cooking everything out because if you guys do go camping you want to make sure that you leave everything spotless you don’t want to leave bags behind for animals or just litter in general keep it the way it is this is a beautiful area as much as it’s been hard on us mosquitos but other than that it’s still such a beautiful place so we’re gonna clean everything up and head out

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Is PUBG a survival game? – PUBG Survival Guide: Sanhok Map

PUBG Survival Guide

PUBG Survival Guide

Recently I had a chance to try out the new PubG Maps in the clothes better. Let me tell you right now you see this goofy looking garbage this on texture turd right here. That’s actually the best map of property yet somehow after so many months. PubG has actually made a map that plays to its strengths instead of just exposing all of its weaknesses. Making everything good about the game even better. Even if you don’t think that the map looks too different. lt does play very differently and playing this was some of the most fun I’ve had with this game since it came out a year ago.

There are many things about it that are different and that will take you some time getting used to. But if you want to be one step ahead of everyone else. When it comes out you might as well keep watching because in this video I’m going to go over everything you need to know. When this map comes out being only four by four kilometers in size.

Mini Map

The new map is much smaller than the previous ones. Even though this is the most obvious difference you will also have the hardest time grasping it. When you start playing it if you open the map. You will see that the white squares are now 50 meters instead of a hundred. The black squares are 500 meters instead of 1000. So if you’re used to checking the map in Iran Jalan Miramar just think of this one as being actually. This big just keep this mental image of the map in your mind. You’ll notice that you can pair two to almost anywhere. That the distances even though they might seem very long are actually much smaller. Than your brain thinks and the same applies to the mini map. Which now covers less ground again.

If you’re used to the old mini map. Just think of this one . The circle in this new map is the best. It’s ever been we get one big first circle.  You’re already inside of. Then the next few circles are roughly 2/3 of each of the previous ones. Diameter at some point the circles start being just half of the previous ones. That goes on until the last one. If you want to secure a position in the late game circles. You might want to go to whichever island has the most land in the circle. As that’s the one that will have the best chance to actually have the final circle on it.


You will also notice that the waiting time certain circles are very short. Especially towards the end. But the actual circle moves very slowly giving you a lot of time to fight your way into the zone. Instead of just having to rush it the zone is fast enough to push you into the action. But not fast enough to kill you. You will notice that almost no one dies to the zone. So perhaps to the death thing. Because I think they finally nailed it in the previous maps. Most of the times you could kill an enemy woke up to their corpse looted. Then wait for the next fight that is not the case in this new map. With all the players cramped together in a smaller zone.

Gun Fight

Gun fights constantly lead to more gunfights. This is the single most important difference in this map. Every time you give away your position be it by driving a vehicle or taking a shot. You can bet that half the server already knows your general location. If there’s anyone nearby they’re gonna shoot you and that’s if they’re not shooting you already. Even if you’ve played this game for hundreds of hours. This map is going to kick your ass at first if you want to do well and get lots of kills. You’re gonna have to do everything perfectly.

Your landing will have to be perfect. Because if you’re late by just a few seconds you have very few places to hide.If someone gets a gun before you the scanning of your surroundings. The spotting of enemies must be also very efficient. Even if you decide not to take shots at someone the worst thing you can do. In this map is getting to a fight when there’s someone right next to you. Your hearing must also be absolutely on point in this map.

Kills/ Looting

You will constantly hear enemies run into you before you even see them. They will probably hear you as well. So you have to accurately pinpoint their location. React accordingly at times like this your close combat aim will be tested constantly. Many fights will be constantly back-and-forth guessing. Which side of the ridge your enemy will pop out.

Make sure you have an appropriate sensitivity. Because you will need to be very precise at this ranges another skill. That will save your life is peeking due to the nature of the cover. That’s all around the map you will find that peeking over trees and rocks is incredibly common. If you never learned how to do it fast and well. Maybe now’s the time to start practicing also once you’ve gotten a kill looting. Must be done extremely fast if you’re missing something important like a helmet or a scope by all means.

Don’t spend five minutes in someone else’s inventory. Because you will get killed you also want to look out for cover constantly. Move from one cover to another because if you’re cutting the open. You’re probably going to die.

Sniper Rifles

The usefulness of the art of the existing weapons is also another big difference for instance bolt-action. Sniper rifles in my opinion absolutely not worth using in this map. Long-range sights are rare and if you take a shot with say a car. Pretty much the entire map will know where you are by the time. You’ve lined up that perfect headshot. There is a good chance that someone else has already started shooting at you. This might be the only time where I actively avoid picking up bolt-action rifles.


DMR’s are still a pretty decent option for range battles. Especially if you can put a suppressor on them but still they’re louder than the average weapon. They might get you in trouble so use them very carefully. ARS are somehow even stronger than in the other maps.

If that’s even possible they cover all of the ranges that you’ll be fighting at. So having an assault rifle or even two of them is that was a good idea put an AR suppressor on them. You’re set SMGs are also more useful than before even late-game. Since you’ll find yourself in many situations where you’re suddenly very close to your enemy’s. SMG suppressors are also more common than the other kinds. That’s also a plus shotguns – are slightly more useful for the same reason.

Short Guns

There will be many situations when you and your enemy are like dancing around and opposite sides of a small Ridge. If you’re a good shot shotguns could be deadly in this situations. The limb penetration system gets added by the time this map comes out. Shotguns will definitely be much more useful than they are now. Then there’s a stealthy weapons which are crazy good in this map. Being able to shoot without giving away your position to everyone else. Invaluable you can find someone who’s already in a fight and kill them without them realizing that. It’s someone else shooting definitely put some time into getting good with these.

Because it will pay off and as for secondary and melee weapons. They seem to be as marginally useful as usual nothing new to say about them really and when it comes to items and attachments close-range scopes are as useful as ever if not more useful put a 2 times scope on an assault rifle and you’re probably set for the entire game long-range scopes are not so useful for long-range fights since they’re pretty rare but they are very handy to accurately land headshots on enemies who are peeking from behind cover you just have to know when to use them suppressors and flash hiders will help making you harder to detect so absolutely pick them up and use them.


If you get them put them on business-as-usual grenades though are even more useful. Than before the buildings are generally pretty empty which makes throwing nades in them. Actually viable although this might be a thing that they changed later. When they add a bunch of crap inside. Yeah that could be a shame frag grenades as usual are great to kill enemies. Who are hiding behind cover or even just to interrupt their healing or spook them. You can finish them off just making sure you save a few for the end game. Same as usual stun grenades as useless.

The air drops travels at a much slower speed than usual which gives everyosn’t gone anywhere. It’s still there and it’s still really annoying why they think it is a good idea used to play the others you might struggle to even get to the top ten. Consistently and in this case my advice would be to gear up early. So you don’t have to waste time later and to move to the least active areas of the map. That you minimize your encounters.

If you want more information about this strategy. I made an entire video on it you can watch it right here. But other than that that’s all for me. Thank you so much for watching I’ll catch you in the next video.

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