New Jedi Await in ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’

When Lucasfilm announced for the first time that they were opening the “Star Wars” chronology with the introduction of a completely new time span, their ambitions were great. The action “High Republic”takes place about 200 years before the events of the” Ghostly Threat”. A time when the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order buzzed with benevolent efficiency, content and confident in their good intentions and incorruptibility. The LucasBooks department has promised novels and comics for all ages that will immerse fans in a whole new era of Star Wars.

They did not joke around. In January 2021, the first three novels will appear during “Star Wars: The High Republic”. The Light of the Jedi by Charles Soul is an introductory novel for adults, Claudia Gray is for the crowd YA and the Muttest by author Justin Ireland and illustrator Petur Antonsson is for middle-class readers. I was lucky enough to get advanced copies of all three before the release, and it is clear that Lucasfilm did its due validation. All three books are so interconnected that they reinforce each other without being critical to the understanding of the other two. All three are full of knowledge and a large ensemble of actors who immediately breathe life into an environment that is both familiar and alien. Even if you usually shy away from reading books labeled “For children,” and “In the Dark” and “Trial of courage” are entertaining enough and well written for an adult audience.

The trio of books have been falling apart in the Highest Republic for weeks, at a critical moment in the Galactic Republic. When a hyperspace anomaly triggers a catastrophe that threatens the food basket of the Outer Ring, the delicate diplomacy between the republic and the border regions – basically everything from the inner ring to the outer ring — threatens to disintegrate. Looking at dozens of intelligent species in the galaxy, the Higher Republic wastes no time in demonstrating the extent of its history through the “hereditary start-up incident” and its effects in the galaxy, especially in the Hetzel system. An agricultural solar system, with a technologically improved growth times, every surface of every planet and moon in Hetzel is optimized to provide trillions of life forms in the outer Ring. Hetzel scientists are also working on advanced biotechnologies such as new applications of bacta algae.

Without spoilers below is a primer for many of the most important movers and shakers in a distant galaxy at a time when Master Yoda was not yet on the Supreme Council, and Anakin Skywalker was just a foggy prophecy in the musty Jedi archive. Some of these characters could appear on Disney+, with the recent announcement of The Acolyte, a live TV series taking place at the end of the Great Republic. A new era has begun.



Concept art of Avar Kriss

A human Jedi woman at the age of 30, Master Avar Kriss is one of the main characters of “Jedi Light”. With a beautiful white electric lightsaber studded with green filigree to give it the look of Rapier, the jewelry matched the green hue of your Kibera crystal. A rare talent, gifted force who can master Криссу communicate with other Jedi, it runs a kind of switch to the mind of any context during battle. Avar calls it listening to the” song ” of power. It’s a difficult skill that makes you an invaluable team member during the Legacy Run crisis.


As a member of the Jedi Council, the presence of Master Jorah Malley can be felt in all three books. The Togruta woman is connected to almost all the other Jedi on the list, whether through personal or professional connections. As the Great Republic begins, Jora Malley finds herself at a crossroads; she will leave the Jedi Council to take control of the Jedi Order’s objects on the Republic’s new “great work” — the Star Lighthouse. The highly anticipated enterprise in the Outer Ring, Star Lighthouse, represents the future, a massive space station designed to bring stability and hope to the edges of a known galaxy. Ahead of its great dedication, the Republic is pinning its hopes on this project; if successful, more lighthouses will spread across the entire outer ring until the entire galaxy is under one banner. And if it doesn’t work? Decades of diplomatic work will be destroyed, perhaps forever.


With a light in his eyes, a big black thick beard and a tendency to wear leather clothes instead of Jedi robes, Master Douglas Sunvale is a somewhat strange duck. In Port Heilip, the last Station to Refuel, before he leaves “civilization” and the brim has a Master Sunvale the width and the lack of supervision, in order to help his shy Padawan Irmi Empath to recover. Sunvale showed her compassionate nature in other places and also accepted young Avon, the senator’s daughter, who was sent by her absent mother and seemingly forgotten before the test of courage. Kind and caring master Sunweil is a natural parent figure.


Concept art of Loden Greatstorm

A dark blue Jedi master with a green lightsaber, Loden, The Great storm loves his calling. When disaster strikes the Hetzel system in the light of the Jedi, he and his Padawan are among the first to react. With a mixture of physical strength and benevolent compassion, the Great Storm takes every opportunity to teach its teenager that the best way to help people is to understand what drives them. Love and fear. Hope and anger. Elucidating the motives of a person or group can de-escalate most situations. Most.


When the Jedi think “incomparable scientist and mystic”, they think of Master Kogmak Vita. A slender man with black hair down to his shoulders, Master Vitus dedicated his life to the ancient history and folklore of species throughout the known galaxy. Clever in handling the lightsaber with the blue blade, Kogmak prefers to use logic and mathematical probability to solve problems. Especially after the events of twenty-five years before darkness, when a series of reckless decisions like Padawan left scars on Master Vitus that may not be visible. Now? He returns to the Outer Ring, to the Starlight…and to the place that put him on the path of life so many years ago.


An eccentric Jedi man, Elzar Mann’s philosophy of life is: “It is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.”Contemporaries and friends of Master Avar Kriss and Master Stellan Gios, Master Mann turns out to be an assistant to more than fifty of his Jedi colleagues in the Hetzel system during the Jedi Light. While his esoteric approach to power prompts many to think, Elzar shrugs off their fear. He is not trying to tell anyone that the path they have taken to enlightenment is wrong; Therefore, the opinion of others on his path is irrelevant.


Concept art of Stellan Gios

In those days when they were Padawans, Stellan Jios played the role of reason with Jorah Malli and Elzar Mann. As a Jedi master Gios landed on the Karagon Weiner. A born Optimist, Master Джиос known as the former teacher of Knight-Jedi Вернестры Рвох, sensitive to the force, and the former child Prodigy падавана Стеллана. It is also known for its unique lightsaber. While it contains the usual blue Kiber crystal, Master Jios has created a cunning golden cross that expands when the lightsaber is lit. Stella will appear in the upcoming” Star Wars: High Republic “comics and the novel”Rising Storm”.


Concept art of Yoda in Star Wars: The High Republic

About 700 years in the time of the High Republic, Master Yoda enjoys great respect among his colleagues as a Jedi of extraordinary “luminescence”.”Its force in force shines even at the other end of the galaxy. Not yet a member of the Supreme Council, Master Yoda spends his days with the youngsters and teaches them the basics of how to become tools of Light.


The Umbaran Jedi, known as the Jareni Eagle, feels abandoned as the seeker of the path. Now on the lonely road — peacefully broken with the institute that raised her — Adler feels compelled to return to the Outer Ring in the darkness. Force calls her, and she listens, wearing only clothes on her back, credits on the account, and his double lightsaber, which when lit, glows white. Fortunately, her old friend, Master Kogmak Vitus, is also on his way to the edge of the galaxy. The two shared a trauma as Padawans that changed their lives in the Outer Ring. Maybe now they will find peace and quiet together.


Concept art of Vernestra Rwoh

Mirialan Vernestra Rwoh, who grew up in the Jedi temple of Hynestia, is the youngest Jedi to have achieved the rank of Knight in a test of courage in modern times. Encouraged by his human master, the human Stellan Gios, Vernestra, at the age of fifteen, submitted to trials Jedi…et continued their first attempt. A year later, she was tasked with monitoring Avon Starros, the daughter of a Galactic Senator, as a delegation of ambassadors from the Dalna sector went to begin negotiations for accession to the Republic. Instead of feeling pride or arrogance, Vernestra only feels the great weight of responsibility and is determined to show The Jedi Council that she is worthy of the historical honor she deserves. But Vernestra has its secrets; The force calls him and forces him to turn his purple lightsaber into a rare and difficult to master lightsaber.


The former human Padawan of Master Jora Malli of the High Council, Dez Rydan is a bit of a legend and a role model for young students. Rydan’s adventurous nature, which only gained his Jedi Knight status eight years before the start of Into the Dark, led him from Christophsis to Zeitooine. With a clash of black hair and golden skin, he looks more like a dashing holovid star than a sorcerer Monk. But behind her charming smile lies uncertainty. As he ascends the ship to Starlight Beacon, he hopes his new adventure will ease the uncertainty and self-doubt that haunt him.


Concept art of Keeve Trennis

Living in an era that has inspired legends and myths for centuries can be exciting…or intimidating. Cool relief Jedi Knight Keeve Trennis falls into the latter category. Just weeks after her Padawan promotion, she was assigned to Starlight Beacon, the dark-skinned human woman is intimidated into collaborating with living legends like Master Jora Malli. Although she is a great Jedi herself, Keeve struggles not to compare herself to those who have had decades of experience. His story will be set in the comic book Star Wars: The High Republic.


A Jedi duros called to help light the Jedi during the legacy run disaster. As the leader of a small task force, Te’ami has a cascade of deadly problems and does not have time to weigh his options. She fully trusts the force to guide you and your team to do the right thing.


Mikkel Sutmani is an ithorian Jedi who is part of Te’ami’s team when Light of the Jedi begins. He communicates with his other pilots through a translator, as his species is not able to speak easily.


Nib Assek is a human Jedi assigned to Te’ami’s fighter pilot group during the Legacy Run disaster at the beginning of Light of the Jedi.


Concept art of Lula Talisola

A young Padawan, under the direct guidance of Master Yoda, Lula Talisola has a Secret. She and her two friends, Qort and Farzala, travel randomly with the tiny Jedi when the Legacy Run disaster occurs. While most Jedi are drawn to the densely populated Hetzel system, Lula and others are the only Jedi to support near TRYMANT IV. The only problem? Lula seems to know that his Mission will fail. Does she have the gift of Provident? The comic book Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, hopefully put some light on your sense of premonition.


Concept art of Reath Silas

At Seventeen, the current human Padawan of the high councilor Jora Malli knows that he is average in his links with the troop. To compensate for this and make himself worthy of being chosen by such a revered Jedi Master, Reath Silas works twice as hard as his comrades. But his true love is the Jedi Archive on Coruscant. While other padawans are working on their lightsaber shapes, Silas devotes all his free time to studying the holocrons of ancient history and tradition. While Silas is proficient with his green lightsaber, he prefers intellectual missions. When Master Jora announces to him that they will leave Coruscant for Starlight Beacon on the outer edge, the brown-haired boy is devastated to say goodbye to everything he has ever known for a space station beyond the edge of civilization. Silas finds himself on the path of darkness.


Built more like a farm hand than a Jedi, human Padawan Irmi Cantaros is blond and stocky. At fourteen, he was grateful, under the Supervision of master Douglas Sunvale if Malin began. As a natural Empath, Irmi diminishes his own Talent as a mere power of observation rather than power. Instead, he focuses on his painful shyness and awkwardness in social situations. Sometimes he fights with jealousy for Vernestra, but knows that he will find his own way in his own time. If he could only properly rebuild his lightsaber during meditation so that the blue crystal of Kyber could shine in him with more than one faint light, he knows he will find the clarity of purpose he desperately needs.


Concept art of Bell Zettifar

The human Padawan of Master Loden Greatstone, eighteen-year-old Bell Zettifar loves to fly. He likes to feel the wind in his Dreadlocks. He likes to help people. He likes to defend the innocent with his lightsaber and disarm the bad guys. Well, if only he could learn to focus on the Moment, use force so naturally and swing his blade in the light of the Jedi.


Concept art of Burryaga Agaburry

The Wookiee Padawan of Jedi Knight nib Assek, the Shyriiwook specially learned so she could take him as her apprentice. Assigned to Te’ami in the light of the Jedi during the Legacy Run disaster, Burryaga Agaburry shows a natural gift for recording the life signatures of vulnerable people and sending them to other nearby Jedi.



The leader of the Galactic Republic, during the High Republic. Chancellor Lina Soh, a tiny human woman, seems tender, even fragile. It’s an illusion. During her term as chancellor, Lina Soh hammered the core and the colonies into a collective whole. Their motto for the galaxy is “” we are all the Republic.”A visionary with plans for many great works on the border — the inner edge, the central edge, and the outer edge — seems to have the Galaxy’s best interest in his heart. But do those who live on the outskirts want the Republic to bring “civilization” to their region? Or is it simply colonialism with another name?


As Supreme Commander of the Republic Fleet, human Admiral Kronara collaborates with Master Avar Kriss for the opening of Light of the Jedi. Prominent colleagues Kriss and Kronara work in Tandem to fight against time and physics to save billions of lives in the Hetzel system.


At the age of twelve, dalna’s honesty shot wishes he was subjected to his cultural Tradition of metamorphosis. A series of studies that help his earthly men determine their life path. Honesty spent his young life dreaming of joining the ranks of the Dalnan Army. But his parents insist that he accompany his father — Dalna’s human ambassador — with the rest of the delegation in a test of courage at the Starlight Beacon. A conscientious, honest son, although he makes it known, he believes that it is a waste of time that brings him back only from his peers, each of them will have completed his metamorphosis if the delegation is to return.


Tech genius. Scientific mind of your age. Senator’s daughter. Zw. All of them describe Avon Starros, a young human girl accompanied by an assassin who has become a nanny named Jay-Six. Avon is taken to the edge of civilized space by his angry and absent mother and spends his days running wild. Her mother hasn’t called for a month and the teacher she was supposed to live with was gone when Avon and Jay arrived. Fortunately, Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh and Jedi master Douglas Sunvale keep them in mind, especially now that Senator Starros has ordered his daughter to accompany the Dalna ambassadors in a daring test on the Starlight Beacon.


The minister responsible for the Hetzel sector in light of the Jedi. A true believer, Ecka refuses to leave his people to their fate and remains at the head of coordinated efforts to save billions of life forms throughout the solar system.You are his responsibility and he takes it seriously.


Keven Tarr, a young midshipman in the Ministry of technology, is a technology virtuoso. His ambition burns when he was assigned to Minister Ecka’s team before Light of the Jedi. With its considerable capabilities, Tarr can persuade information from satellites and other devices if all the others have failed.



Seventeen-year-old Affie Hollow is part of the Byrne Guild, which operates transport ships all over the outer edge and loves her life. A tan, brunette man, Affie Co-pilots the ship on behalf of his adoptive mother — and Idol Scover Byrne. When Into The Dark begins, Affie finds himself on a Mission to Coruscant to host a group of Jedi. For someone who grew up in the outer area of the border, the planet and the Sorcerer monks are little more than myths. Affie is initially unfazed by one or the other.


At another time and place, Leox Gyasi would be colloquially known as”Dirty Hippie”.”The pilot of the ship has abilities that could be called pre-Natural, his mystical pearl strings hanging from his Cockpit and his visible person on his flesh (since he keeps his shirt open to the waist at all times). With dark blonde hair and a spice stick (still legal for now) still nearby, Leox subscribes to a Laissez-Faire attitude to life; just like, enjoy the ride, man….you know? While the Jedi in Into The Dark Don’t know what to think of Leox, his co-pilot Affie knows he’s a trusted man in their corner.


A Vintian, Geode seems to be a series of rocks the size of a man. Rounded rocks with flint flakes, Geode Navigation for the ship running in the dark. He’s not talking. He has no eyes or mouth. He moves, but never when someone looks. But Leox and Affie swear that he is a “wild guy” and an old friend.


A little human girl from the outer edge with blue stripes in her hair and a dress as patched as the ship she travels in, Nan is in trouble after the Legacy Run disaster. With his companion and protector, a pale old Zabrak known as Hague, Nan finds his way, which is closely related to those on the ship in the dark.


After decades of military service, the human Hedda Casset drives her Transport and cargo ship as if she had never left. This makes you a valuable member of the Byrne Guild and a respected captain on the outer edge. Now in his 60s, Captain Casset loves his ship, The Legacy Run and the sense of purpose it gives him.


A mysterious Lasat working with the Hutts, Lord Isamer belongs to the underworld group known as the leadership. A stable Galactic Republic is bad for business. Twenty-five years before the events of Into the Dark, Lord Isamer for years launched a program to destabilize the outer edge, sow mistrust in the Jedi and the Senate, and allow cartels to penetrate the cracks that are created there.


Monster. Myth. Border jumper. No one knows where the Nihil come from, what they want or who their guide is. The Nihil are made up of a mixture of species from the entire known galaxy and have one thing in common: the love of Chaos. Brutal Pirates they appear as ghosts to attack the outer edge in cities and space, rural farmland and remote outposts. Covered in strike tattoos to indicate their rank and achievements, pierced and wired with bodily modifications, the nihil strike terror into the hearts of the outer marginal settlers. Their thorny and bulky vessels on the horizon evoke death… if you’re lucky.

Star Wars: The High Republic Could Have Some Familiar Faces

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