Madden Training Camp

There aren’t many areas of expertise gamers could offer Navy sailors that you would expect them to benefit from. However, in this rare instance, some top Madden pros and actual NFL athletes are here to offer essential tips to up the sailors’ Madden game.

Ahead of the Muthead Pro-Am presented by America’s Navy, the captains of Team Goats and Team Glory, each consisting of two Madden pros and two NFL athletes along with one sailor (the captain), had a 1-hour training session with some of their teammates to improve their game ahead of the action. Here’s the lineup:

Team Goats

  • Joke – Madden Pro
  • Cleff – Madden Pro
  • Derwin James – NFL
  • Anthony Harris – NFL
  • Chief Smith – Team Goats Captain, US Navy

Team Glory

  • Dcroft – Madden Pro
  • Hollywood Brown – NFL
  • Boogz – Madden Pro
  • Denzel Ward – NFL
  • CTN2 Bufford – Team Glory Captain, US Navy

Check out the videos to see how the teams got along. Who’s your money on; Goats or Glory? Tune in to the tournament to find out – Friday, July 17 @ 8PM EST on

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