Last Shelter Survival – Upgrade Buildings Tuesday Tips

Our next chapter on the Weekly Clash of Zones event for Last shelter Survival. Today is Upgrade buildings day! Let’s get into some top Upgrade Building tips.

There are two types of rewards.. So get them both!

Each day of the coz event there are two boxes you are shooting for achieving. The Coz Event boxes as well as the hourly daily challenges. If you plan accordingly you can “double dip” your tasks to achieve maximum rewards for minimum effort.

How to get maximum rewards on Upgrade Building Last Shelter Survival?

The best way to double dip is time the hourly challenges up with what the day is for. Today we are focusing on Building upgrades, so the best time to upgrade will depend on what you are focusing on. Here is the schedule on world time so adjust for where you are in the world and plan accordingly. The absolute best timing is to pop your 50% coz increase ticket towards the end of the hour challenge, do some upgrades to get your daily challenge boxes and then while that 50% is still going into the new hour finish up some more to get the new daily challenge boxes! Maximize your profits here and you will be rolling around in diamonds and resources.

Last Shelter Survival - Upgrade Buildings Tuesday Tips

If you did gathering day effectively you will hopefully have enough resources to upgrade some buildings. If not remember to use your stored resources to achieve these goals.

How much Do the Buildings Give me for Upgrades?

When you are upgrading buildings, not all buildings are the same! Calculate how much the buildings are worth by click on the building –> details —> More information. The next level of power multiply by 1000 fto find out how much each one is worth. So in this picture example : Upgrading Vehicle war room to level 9 from level 8

Last Shelter Survival - Upgrade Buildings Tuesday Tips

Here is the Breakdown of that Formula with Real Numbers. 696-377 = 319 X 1000 = 319000

Which Buildings Do I Want to Upgrade for CoZ Event?

The main buildings you want to focus on are :

Last Shelter Survival - Upgrade Buildings Tuesday Tips
  • Chip factories
  • Garrison hall
  • War Rooms
  • Missile Buildings

Even if you don’t overly use these buildings yet, they are all worth a lot of COZ points. Try and focus on them on upgrade day for maximum benefit. These buildings do require chips from the chip factories, so try and remember to make those throughout the week so you can build them when you need to. Of course upgrading any building on this day is what you need to be doing. If you are smart you can plan a large upgrade like a base, barrack upgrade that might take a few days to end during the upgrade time.

What about Crafting Parts?

You can also craft parts to get points on Upgrade day. This can been expensive and time consuming. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the effectiveness of this. If i am working on some upgrades I will try and time them for this day, but I agree I tend not to focus on crafting too much. I will explore in a future article perhaps.

Like Gathering Day, Tuesday Upgrade buildings isn’t too complicated as long as you time things in advance.

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