How do you level up fast in last shelter survival? – Last Shelter Survival tips – Hero day is pay day

Laster Shelter Survival Tips

In today’s video I’ll show you guys a tip a trick. That I feel like everyone knew about but I’ve been told. Otherwise something that’s gonna change your life on Thursday pay day now. Let intro play my name is opto op to the o from state 122. And I am over 300 million kills I’m the president baby. That is why you should listen to me Thursday is the easiest day to get clashes of zone chest. As well as daily chest. Especially for player that are not base level provide. I was convinced that everyone knew about that trick. But I’ve been told otherwise which spawn that this video…

This video I use one of my farm level 15 to show you guys. How easy it is to get three daily box and three clash of zone on box. if I also speed things up it because it takes me about 10 minutes per base. I didn’t want to bore you to death I’ll leave that to the other youtuber out there. That was that was useless burn. So here come the tricks how you need to do is level up all the heros. You don’t need or do not use a dilly to leveled wall but to level 7 is fine. As well you all know their first two skills or 1 skill.

XP buffs

if you don’t have enough XP buffs and then you split them doing. So give you points for gaining XP unlocking skills. Also using medals you lose 20% of your mettle by doing. So but you know what this is really not a big deal and the amount of medals and XP and bucks and resource. You get in return is totally worth it now make sure to do this through quality. Lee is the all Hero deal 1 not the shitty one with the zombies. if you don’t remember the right Daily well now. it’s a real waste with that simple tips on Thursday now it. Becomes a real payday you’re welcome now.

I would like to take a few moments to thanks everyone that has been supporting me your guys been awesome I’ve just hit an important mark with 500 subscriber all insane is that in about a month I could not have hope for better this is blowing my mind I also take I would also like to take a few seconds to take a few second to thank because you know what in life if you have no one that hates you you’re doing something wrong so for you in these states that are trying to kill me or ruin my reputation thank you so much you’re awesome as well and I love you I hope you guys enjoy that short video and I see you guys next time.

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