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Shelter Survival

Today we are going to share some tips of shelter survival. This is acer of spades team TSE state 268. We are number one and I’m sitting here on one of my mini accounts. I’m thinking to myself what in the world can I tell the amazing viewers that go on my youtube. Each and every day looking for new content and new information.

I just figured out three additional tips that will optimize and help your game. I’m super excited about this one. Because as usual. It’s a few things out there that will help tweak things. Make things a little better for you that. I may or may not have mentioned and you may or may not know. One of which actually comes from a very special friend.

Best Tip

He has the best tip of the entire day. So I’ll go ahead and save that for the last tip. I’ll make this short and sweet but before we get into it as usual. Please look down right now right underneath this video screen. Hit the like button. It’s really quick it’s really simple and it helps my channel it keeps me going God knows. I need to have more visibility because as I’ve been told by many other individuals.

Some of the best content on last shelter, don’t take that lightly. Appreciate every compliment. But let me get some more visibility like and of course subscribe. There gonna be AI cards that pop up in the top right with additional videos. That link to everything that we’re talking about and even more importantly. I’m going to drop some links in the description below. This way you guys have a quick and easy shortcut to anything else.

That you might need to know pertaining to this video. Now I just got a new job so there’s a lot of pressure on me. My team is really missing me we changed. The reset it’s not helping for my timing. I’ve got to do a lot better so shout outs to team TSE. Especially the our force. The newly-appointed bogs and and many other individuals. Thank you for holding it down while I’m going through what I’m going through.

center battle

Next we got a huge launch center battle tonight. Hopefully I can record that for you guys too. But without further ado let’s go ahead and get started with tip number one. Actually falls right into the category of my purse perfect excuse me passive farm video. How to make the perfect passive farm things have changed. Slightly a bit but not enough to update that video.

It’s still relevant go ahead and knock that out and you’re gonna learn a whole lot. But more importantly when I go into any of my accounts. I stop in at least once a day at the minimum so that I can collect my free tickets. Collect any gifts that I might get and even more importantly fill that ration truck now. Why do I fill the ration truck because I’m trading in easy to obtain resources. When I do the ration truck in exchange to have 30% more production come to all my resources.

the ration truck

Now understand that the ration is used with food. Which is the easiest resource that we can get along with water. Which we don’t use for anything else other than the ration truck. I mean it might be something else like you know whatever donating it stuff. But other than that typically it’s just for the ration truck now. What’s cool about this is that the ration being online takes a lot of electricity.

Basically says I can click and hold while this guy’s going to it. I can move it back and even though the ration truck is off-road. You don’t see that countdown you’re going to see that the workers are still going to come back. And fill that up and you’re gonna see it happen right now. On video now what’s significant about this even though. It doesn’t seem like a big deal guys. I typically leave my ration truck as I’m going through all the multitude of my accounts very quickly.


On the road and before I took this trick into consideration it was costing me electricity and I would log on to multiple accounts seeing that my electricity was all drained up if you do not have an optimized City for saving electricity guys please watch my how to save electricity video and last shelter survival I’ll also put that as in a link in the description below but for now that you got that basic situation going and you’re increasing your production by thirty percent let’s move on to tip number two.

Clearly tip number two is gonna be my second favorite tip this one I’ve named timed upgrades so as you can see this particular account that I have of one of my accounts here it was actually in case you guys are wondering was donated by a friend that does not play the game anymore.

valor Knight

I maintain this account her name was valor Knight shout outs to valor she actually named one of her one of her AP C’s ace of my spades so you know she knows I love it thank you so much Val for everything and I’m still maintaining your base we’re up to level 20 now boo we’re making it happen alright but what I do on every single one of my accounts no matter which one it is is I go through anything that needs to be upgraded and I immediately start the upgrades so that I can continue pushing each account a little further every single day now when doing this okay using just a little bit of excess resources that I may or may not be using in my account for now.

I eventually run into a point where all of these upgrades are going to finish if not at the same time at a very similar time now what does that mean for this account on what does that mean for me ultimately you’re going to be in a situation where if you’re not timing these upgrades you’re going to miss out on a whole lot of diamonds and a whole lot of rewards from gold chests and things like that and for anything else when I get tired of upgrading stuff I just go ahead and send them out to explore so that I can get those wonderful energy fragments and things like that I’ll go ahead.


Once you start your upgrades for either any of your zone or anything you’re doing little do you know they actually don’t end until you log back on the account now this is significant because what that means guys is if I’m on my main account and that account says that it’s building or tech or training speedups what that ultimately means is I can log on to each and every one of my other accounts that have already had buildings and technology starting and and instantly complete them all at the same time as long as all the time has passed since I started them so in some cases like let’s say I was putting this base at the level 21 which is nowhere near ready to do as well as doing a large zone commemoration tech like I do on all my accounts the zone.


Commemoration video will be down in the description below as well as lots and lots of resource buildings maybe even houses I can instantaneously end them all at the same time simply by logging on on the right hour now if you happen to log on during a speed-up hour you are missing out on massive rewards that the game will not give you side note and a quick side tip if you already achieve certain chests like let’s just say I achieved all this chest.

This hour which I could do but I’m doing a video for you guys long story short if I don’t collect it it will end up inside of my mail under system so you’ll see here individual reward for classic zones Alliance reward for classic zones etc all of those things end up there and those is simply the chest that I did not collect all you have to do is hit this Marquez red button a freakshow.

presidential matches

I already saw your presidential matches like eight times and then guess what it will instantly collect all those chests that you didn’t collect and that will happen throughout all of your accounts as long as you log on once a day to make the game notice that you saw those accounts in the first place let’s go on to the final most exciting and most important tip of the day this last and final tip like I said this is probably the best tip of all tips but hey some of them you already knew some of you don’t if you know this one.

I did the best I could with that but if you don’t know which most of you don’t this is going to be a big one so as you know I started off telling you about my passive farms and even in my second tip we moved on to multiple accounts if you don’t already have farm accounts or any additional accounts I’ve already got a how to build a farm video there and I already have my person perfect passive farm video in the description below you’ll have both I’ll put the all things farm video in the description below this big tip came from my good friend Niles gray.

level 25

This man is a level 25 bass with a wealth of knowledge and he has permitted me to share his exact blog excerpt that he typed up for his team to do this tip this tip is called one email for all accounts guys when I first started I made email after email and I went through every single step necessary to make it all happen and god only knows how much time that took and how difficult that was Niles has streamlined this and he’s wrote it all out so I’m going to show you guys right now in although I already knew this tip I know too many people out there. Especially new players do not so let me share with you the exact excerpt right now just as a brief excerpt Niles writes.

The next thing you need to do is bind your new farm account if you do not bind it you won’t be able to switch back and forth and after 15 days it’ll just disappear off the map this is obviously in regard to making a farm account then it says each farm account needs a different email address unless you use a gmail account which I highly recommend by using a gmail account you can modify your email account address with the period that I am 30 recognizes as a different email but Gmail doesn’t see the difference for example each of the following email addresses would work for creating a new I am 30 account but all the verification emails would be received by the first email address.

multiple email accounts

So you don’t need to create multiple email accounts so as an example he uses last shelter survival at gmail.com that particular one would contain no periods except for the one that’s you know gmail.com but then you could continue to put periods and placements further down the list that would also qualify as new email addresses says here if you run out of variations with a single period feel free to add as many periods into the address as you want don’t use other special characters only periods once you get the confirmation email and click verify you can switch back and forth between the accounts congratulations on your new farm also by the way he continues to go down and if you would like to see the passive and active management.

He’s actually linking to one of my videos so shout outs to Niles gray you are the MVP for tonight and you definitely made the video brother thank you so much for everything you do oh and sidenote he actually gave me the gift of being able to enjoy armed supply so I will have a video featuring that very soon as soon as I get armed supply activated again Niles you’re the MVP and that is it for this video guys if you found this information even remotely helpful you know what to do like and subscribe guys also please please please leave any suggestions for any videos future videos in the comment section below and guys thank you so much for watching as usual I hope you have a good day

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