Last Shelter Survival Hero Development Trick

Last Shelter Tips and Tricks:

Here you are going to know about Last Shelter survival hero development TRICKS!

Thursday or the fourth day of the Clash Of Zones event is Last Shelter Survival‘s Hero Development Day. You can easily count on this by following a few Last Shelter Tips, last shelter survival tips and  last shelter survival tips and tricks simple tricks. This is how you get points on the development day of the latest Shelter Survival Champion.

First of all … when a new day starts, there is a 1/2 hour buffer window, you will get free hero tickets, but the COZ has not started yet..make sure to wait until the start cuz you don’t get lost in them. Points!

Second, you should always try to calculate your development in coz days with hourly tasks to get the most out of it. Click on “Event” and “Daily Challenge” to see what will be unlocked during that hour. You want to try to have a lot of things that coincide with the event cuz. If it’s a bad watch, try coming back later to see if you can have a better watch. Of course, if you only have a certain time to play in a 24 hour period then you can skip that, but double accumulation of rewards is very useful and is the key to the game.

During this challenge, you can see that unlocking group tickets, spending medals of wisdom, gaining experience, unlocking skills you will earn all points for completing daily challenges and challenge coz … if..h good hour.

Let us start.

Before doing anything … tap on 50% collision zones, and increase your score.

Money saved in employment tickets

Then go to the champions. Get money from the boxes with all the employment tickets you saved for the week. If you haven’t saved any of them, you should still have them free daily. Then cross your fingers and hope for good heroes If you don’t have any memorizing them, it’s okay … you’ll be the next time you know!

Go back and check the daily task to see if you have opened the daily square. Cash out of your daily box.

Unwanted heroes upgrade

Choose a hero that you did not publish or use. (This should be most of them. Green Champions don’t do much for you.) Click on their level. Use Hero EXP to upgrade your heroes.

Put int mond these last shelter survival tips and tricks

Green champion minimum level 6 maximum level 12

Blue Champion reaches minimum level 6 maximum level 20

From purple to minimum level 6, and maximum level 25 (only for very high level players … most of you will want to keep your purple heroes)

Improved heroes’ skills improved

This will allow you to unlock their skills … Tap on the hero you just upgraded and then unlock his next skill. Open it with medals of wisdom and money. Bamn. Improve this skill to level 3 or 4. Do the same with this skill improvement skill as much as you can. Don’t worry if you use all your medals.

To split characters

After you have updated here as much as you can, press the small x button on the hero screen to split the hero. You will see a screen that shows how much money and medals you will return. Divide the hero. You will get the most money, a champion card and a big wisdom medal

Pay bonuses

Return to the main screen and check your daily tasks. She should have received the second chest. Also check out the event coz to see where you are, unlock your chests. You can easily earn millions if you save for this event every week and use a 50% coz ticket.

And there are a few tricks to develop a survival hero of last resort

There are some final things you can do to increase this number …

The exchange of medals at the Military Academy. Be careful not to exchange medals for the heroes that use them, which may require improvement.

Kill zombies all day long! This will increase the hero’s experience, as well as give you much-needed resources.

Do not forget to do everything that will give experience to assigned heroes, use of skills, rapid development, etc.

Actually upgrade champion orange used. Choose one champion at a time. Improve your skills one by one to get the best results. Skills 2 and 5 will allow you to kill other best players. Skill 6 – Awakening – should be unlocked as soon as possible.

Upgrade your developed heroes. These heroes will work for you 24 hours a day, unlike APC heroes, so don’t neglect them! Improve skills that suit your style of play.

Use heroes tokens to tap shards. Focus on one hero at a time. If you don’t have the icons yet, you will start receiving them if you follow this guide – they are in the 3rd area of ​​the Daily Challenges.

Last Shelter Survival Hero Development Trick

Last Shelter Survival Hero Development Trick
Last Shelter Survival Hero Development Trick

Last Shelter Survival Hero Development Trick

Last Shelter Survival Hero Development Trick

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