Last Shelter Survival – Gathering Monday Tips for COZ Event

Welcome to our series on the best tips for Clash Of Zone Events in Last shelter Survival. Today we are focusing on Gathering day which falls on Monday. Follow these easy tips to maximize your profits on Gathering day.

Last Shelter Survival - Gathering Monday Tips for COZ Event

Gathering Event consists of you sending your APC troops out to farm resources for the entire day. The is not much for you to do during this but there are a few tricks you can use to maximize your rewards during this time.

7 Tips for Gathering COZ Event

Last Shelter Survival - Gathering Monday Tips for COZ Event
  1. Make sure you start your gathering BEFORE the Coz event starts. You can have you units out gathering the entire night/day before the event starts. Make sure you time that they will stop gathering after the event starts ( shoot for day 0045 time to make sure you are clear). Simply take the start of new day, the hours your APCs can gather and plan appropriately. This gets you an “extra” day with a little bit of planning. 
  2.  Use the gathering buff from the Alliance Store. This buff will allow you to produce extra resources for the time you are gathering. Remember to use it BEFORE you send your troops out.
  3. Use a 50% COZ event increase ticket right BEFORE YOU RECALL your troops. So at the end of the time they have been gathering. This can greatly increase your score and allow you to hit those boxes very easily.
  4. Play as Farmer Class. This is a kind of obvious one. If you are a farmer, Gathering day is quite a bit easier as your main skill is gathering! You can also level up your class skill to improve gathering skills.
  5. Research Zone Commemoration. This tech is some of the most important in the game. There are some specific skills Carrying Capacity and Incentive Gathering that are specific for Gathering day that can help. 
  6. Build higher level gathering plots. If you are located on the map not near some high level plots, you can build them from the Build –> Resource .. buttons. Place it next to you and start gathering.
  7. Use Parts on your APC. There are increase gathering speed parts available on your APC if you create them from the parts factory. These can be time consuming and expensive, but it is worth looking into as it can greatly increase the speed at which you gather.

If you apply some of these skills together you should be able to effectively gather with a Gathering Buff, pop a 50%  when the day starts, recall the troops, and then send them back out for the rest of the day. Easy way to be getting all your COZ boxes. Gathering day is one of the easier days, so take advantage of it to do other small upgrades and things you need to be maintaining.

Monday Daily Challenges Schedule

You are not really able to double dip on the hourly challenges on gathering day, but i’ve included the hourly schedule if you want to do some extra tasks try and line them up with this schedule on world time.

Last Shelter Survival - Gathering Monday Tips for COZ Event

On to Tuesday – Upgrade building day!

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