Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Beginners Guide

Remember Last Shelter Survival Doomsday is a whole new section to the game and things will be a little chaotic while everyone learns the many new features.

Placing the Alliance Tower Building

First things, The alliance leader will need to place the first alliance building. This building will be in the desert part of the map. Your alliance will need to have donated enough stone to the tower so you can build. This is under the alliance store You can pick where to put the tower pretty much anywhere you like in the desert, but try and pick a location that is not near zombies or Wendals. When your alliance users teleport in make sure they are far enough away from the center to build tiles all the way around the new center building.

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Beginners Guide

Start Doomsday Last Shelter

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Beginners Guide

Everyone in the alliance can start attacking the tiles, blank or with resources around the center tower blue squares. Try to work with your team mates and don’t attack the same tiles. There are two goals for this initial section. Build Honor structures to defend the new Alliance center and gather resource tiles/plots.

Forge a Path

Every single tile on the map can now be occupied by you or your alliance mates. They have to be touching and existing tile of yours already. You can build diagonally. You are attempting to reach the various new resource plots on the map starting with Level 1 resources. You just send your APC’s to attack these tile/plots like normal resource plots. After you conquer the plot, your APC will return to you. You will get a small amount of stone blocks from each tile. You will also unlock some daily quest in the bottom left. Open these ASAP and get enough stone to start building your 4 honor structures.

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Beginners Guide

Start Building your honor structures

Once you have enough stone blocks from attacking tiles listed above (or you can purchase certain doomsday packages)., you will be able to start placing your 4 honor structures to help protect the tower. Honor structures that are a key part of doomsday. When you just start you will only be able to build 4 buildings. You want to make sure there are no holes or spaces around the center alliance tower.

How to build Honor Structures for Doomsday Last Shelter

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Beginners Guide

Click on the main screen, Doomsday icon at the top right and then select the Honor tab and finally, build. From this screen you will be able to build one of each 4 basic honor structures on any tile that is occupied by your alliance. A Production Plant, Virus Research Facility, Assault Fortress, Guardian Fortress. These do not need to be in a specific order, but try and surround your Alliance tower with your other Alliance members. When you click the build menu select one of those structures and then the map should show tiles you can build on with a stone amount. If you don’t have enough stone to build yet, go back to attacking tiles or look for the bonuses in your daily mission doomsday section.

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Beginners Guide

Upgrading your Honor Structures and Taking over more Advanced Tile Plots

Now that you have conquered some tiles and build your four initial buildings you need to focus on upgrading these! Each hour the tiles you have taken over will produce resources, BUT you need to harvest them via the Doomsday Territory Tab. (Main menu -> Doomsday Icon -> Territory). At the bottom click on Harvest. You now have some contaminated resources that you need to clean up. You do this via your processing plant. Click back to the main menu and then click on your processing plant. Chose an infected resource and then start processing. In several hours you will get back regular oil,water, food, iron resources as well as some new items you need to upgrade your buildings. You should try and harvest, and clean regularly from this point on. You want to focus on upgrading your Virus research center ASAP as that is what will allow you to attack larger tiles with less damage.

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Beginners Guide

You can only attack tiles in order. So you need level 1 infected food plot before you can attack level 2 infected food plot, kinda like the zombies on the map. Work with your alliance members to branch out and claim the many resources scattered around the map. You will also need to abandon empty plots on your quest to claim resource tiles. You can do this from the Territories screen. From this screen you can see how many “empty plots” you own and abandon them from this screen. This will not sever the connection from the other plots. You only need one alliance owned tile and anyone in your alliance can attack any tile or plot next to it. It take 30 minutes to leave the plot, so you will need to leave, wait and then branch attack out again. Keep abandoning and attacking higher level tiles. Make sure you don’t attack tiles higher than your Virus immunity level when starting out. Rinse and repeat. Attack tiles, harvest resources, clean resources, upgrade your buildings with cleaned resource items.

There is much more to Doomsday last shelter, but this should get you a start in the right direction!

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