I’ve Tried Many Workout Drinks. Nuun Is the Best.

The Exercises in the high mountain desert of New Mexico are dusty and dry. Even when you’re not sweating, the sun seems unfiltered and sharp, as if it’s sucking moisture out of your body. As someone who prefers sweaty aerobic exercise every day in this climate, I find it difficult to stay hydrated. But if I don’t drink enough liquid, the dryness prevents me from catching up: no matter how much I drink, I am often still thirsty.

I use a rotating set of drinks to your drinking odds: SodaStream sparkling Water with lime, the 100% juices, the chopped mineral water, fruit smoothies with Pulver powder and my favorite: Nuun tablets spore ($25 for four tubes).

These magic discs are easy to use. Filling fills the glass with water, throws away the tablet, and after a few minutes the tablet dissolves completely, making it a slightly sweetish, bubbly drink that I find infinitely refreshing. After jogging, I often stand with a cup in my hand and watch a disintegrating tablet appear on the surface of my cold filtered water as I wait for the first, most comfortable blow.

Of the 13 Nuun Sport flavors, I highly recommend citrus fruits, strawberry lemonade and cherry lime plus caffeine. In fact, this type of caffeine is my favorite (there are four flavors of caffeine and the dosage varies, so be sure to read the label). In most lunch breaks I come back from jogging or cycling and spit in the water. The combination of electrolytes, minerals, a gram of sugar and caffeine helps me to recover and finish my daily work.

Tablets are also useful on weekends. For traveling and jogging for two hours, I fill a separate bottle with water and a Nuun tablet and use it as a pick-up on the trail. I have tried countless other solutions during training and found that nuun products are the lightest and softest on my stomach. It makes a big difference if you make a strenuous effort that lasts half a day or longer.

Nuun also offers soluble powder packets, vitamin pills and boxes with season tickets, but for my money sports pills are best for both taste and satisfaction (some powder packets cannot be completely dissolved and granulated in water). You may have to wait a few minutes before your drink is ready, but I think that only intensifies my anticipation: this first sip usually empties about half a pint. This is so good.

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