Is Johnny Silverhand a Bad Guy

Johnny Silverhand is one of the most important and playable characters from the entire universe of the cyberpunk series. He is an influential musician, Rockman, singer and guitarist of the Band Samurai. While fighting the evil ones, he is also a fighter against all evil.

In Cyberpunk 2077, he is played by Keanu Reaves, who also played Ted, Johnny Utah, Neo and John Wick.

Johnny Silverhand, originally born as Robert John Linder, is a very well known and influential artist in America. A former veteran of the U.S. Army, the rockerboy movement defines what it is today. He was the singer of the samurai group, one of the most prominent figures fighting against corrupt government and corporations. Johnny focuses most of his anger on the Arasaka society, due to the kidnapping of his girlfriend, Old Cunningham, leading to his alleged death, which may or may not be his fault. He is charismatic and quite charming, but is also known for being irrational, impulsive, and a manipulator often referred to as a terrorist.

Johnny was involved in the conflict in Central America, which was seen as a senseless massacre by a corrupt and manipulative government. When the secrets were revealed, many American soldiers abandoned their weapons. They wanted to fight the government, by leaving the army. However, the state used its power to generate strong propaganda and bring its citizens back against the deserters by persuading them to hate.

Silver hand was one of those who had no intention of waging a dirty war. He returned to Night City and started a new life. However, the military has changed his life forever, including his name. Silverhand – from its cybernetic arm of money replacing the lost arm in war. Every time he looked at himself, he was reminded of his mission – the rebellion.

In the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, a punk can be seen holding Silverhand’s solo album.

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