How can I free myself from quicksand? – How To Survive Quicksand | Primal Survivor

Survive Quicksand Primal Survivor. Actually, this is a– a little bit more serious than I thought. What makes this dangerous is, if you can’t get anything to grab onto to get yourself out of these situations, with this hot sun you could die of sunstroke. Fighting against it will suck me deeper into the sand. The way out is staying calm and making only small movements. It’s like loosening up concrete.

Survivor quicksand It’s a very strange feeling, getting water to basically lubricate in between all the sand and mud. Once I work my legs to the surface, I can pull myself out by grabbing onto the side and kicking. Thankfully, one of my cows didn’t get in here. A huge, heavy cow, you’re not going to be able to get it out by yourself. God! Exhausting. Before we go any further, I have to wash all this sand off.survivor quicksand When you’ve got all that grit in your clothing, it’s grinding against your skin. And you get all that chafing. Out here, it could lead to infection, which is just going to magnify the problems. Now my clothes are clean. I can carry on. .

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