How to buy food in a pandemic and whether it is worth disinfecting vegetables and fruits: advice from a microbiologist

Do you need to decontaminate the packaging as well as exactly how risk-free are recyclable bags.

Don Schaffner, a food microbiologist at Rutgers University, published a thread on Twitter concerning getting and also processing food during a pandemic. He kept in mind that increasingly more information from incompetent resources is currently showing up on the Web, and also mottled suggestions can not just elevate panic, but also injured. In his point of view, one of the most harmful point is recommendations from medical professionals who have nothing to do with microbiology and also food.

I am a food microbiologist. Would you like to learn through me pointers on exactly how to deal with children? Barely. Which is why you must not listen to advice on food health or microbiology from physicians that are entirely uninformed around.

First off, he told whether purchases should be sanitized: “Is it worth decontaminating the product packaging of items? I do not believe that this has any clinical justification. It is far better to clean your hands if you took something from a possibly contaminated package – and also this rule does not work just throughout a pandemic. Always clean your hands and also/ or treat them with an antibacterial before consuming. “Lifehacker has a Telegram network, where we release the most recent details on the prevention and also control of coronavirus. Subscribe!

He further discussed how to clean fruits and vegetables – and there is absolutely nothing complicated.

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