Everything we Know about the Monsters of ‘Monster Hunter’

After an elite commando team scoured the desert in search of a missing force, the last thing they expected was to find a parallel universe full of gigantic, ruthless animals. The classic year 2020, Amirit?

The group, led by Captain Milla Jovovich Artemida, must explore new ways to wage war against these giant predators if they want the chance to come home. Unfortunately, they have to fight all the way against diabolical dragons and sinister spiders, which have an unchanging feature – they are huge. But what monsters is the group confronted with, and what makes them so terrible?

Black Diablos

Black Diablos may not be the strongest beast in Monster Hunter, but a group of women is the first terrible threat Artemis and her squad face when they enter unknown territory. Unfortunately for soldiers, black diablo females are much more aggressive than males of this species. Probably because she cares too much about her eggs hidden in her belly. When the Effervescence was not enough, then it is also bigger and stronger.

With a height of 7.3 meters, the black Diablos, whom the team met for the first time, waves his humvi away like a toy. You will need the skilled help of hunter Tony Jaa if you want to destroy him, because your assault rifles barely break a crack in the monster’s hard black shed. Of course, it will not be easy to approach the animal, on its head there is a fearsome row of horns that can cause serious damage. You have to be careful when digging black diablos into the sand, they love to surprise their prey by breaking out of the ground.


High in the sky! It’s a bird! This is a plane! No, this is Ratalos, A REFUGEE. This huge winged predator not only rules the world, but also completely rules the sky. The 14-meter-high fiery Wyverna uses her tactical advantage to ambush her targets when they least expect it. It is not an easy opponent, especially considering that it surpasses the human race. No wonder he is called”King of heaven”.

This fire-breathing monster (oh yes, it fires fire from its mouth because it does, of course) has an incredibly accurate target when it spits fireballs at its victim. He also has a prickly baton at the end of the tail, just because he needs maximum ferocity at both ends. Ratalos a higher robbery is obvious animal, and it is incredibly hard to beat. The footage we’ve seen so far from the movie proves how great can Виверна – especially when it just knocks helicopters. He can even grab an entire airplane wing in the claws. The Smaug Dragon doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore, does it?


Creepy, armored spiders. Here she is, Nerscilla. Even when we write about it, we get nervous. These arachnids are not only clandestine hunters, but they have a scary set of claws that can cut their prey into ribbons. Like normal spiders, they weave cobwebs to create nests – which would certainly be a terrible place to spend your last minutes. Unlike normal spiders, they are also about twice as many people…

This Spider Scorpio hybrid also boasts a poisonous sting – because the one who created it obviously wanted to deliver some nightmarish fuel. He also has a collection of poisonous spines sticking out of his back, which is covered with the skin of another unknown monster he killed. Gross. Instead of attacking her prey head-on like black Diablos or Ratalosas, Nerscilla is a clandestine pursuer, preferring to run in the dark. Silent, but no less deadly.


Surprisingly, the world of monster hunters is not completely filled with scary animals that could tear Artemis to pieces. Sure, there are giant spiders and hippo dragons that sneak through the mythical land, but this is offset by giant anthropomorphic cats called felines… How imaginative. But when these talking shaggy companions wear armor and work with hunters on the battlefield, they are called Palico.

In addition to the talent in combat, Palikoes can offer the hunters medical help and support. Let’s hope they aren’t distracted by cat toys, mice, or the burning urge to knock things off the high places. The film shows how a retired fighter named Miouskular Chief (yes, really) raises a sword again to help Artemis and her team get home. He is above average Palico and has previously fought along with the Admiral of the research Commission (he is played by Ron Perlman). As his name suggests, head chef Meowscular is also a pretty talented chef. All we are saying is that the film takes better care of it – we want a spin-off film from Palico. Let go of the chef’s meowing.

Monster Hunter arrives December 2020.

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