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Open World Survival, Crafting, Building Gameplay!

What’s going on guys welcome to Eco survival. This game is a very original styled survival game in the fact that you our face That’s a wolf. You are facing the ecosystem. There is an economy set in place and everything if you play with friends right now. We’re playing solo we might introduce some friends in the near future. But I thought I’d hop in alone at first there’s actually a meteor coming to the planet to destroy it.

We as Ourselves can set up industry. Set up different ways of doing things. But everything you do affects the planet itself. If we mess up hard enough. Literally kill the planet like if we go coal mining. We burn too much oil and stuff like that. You can kill the planet which is absolutely insane.

Build a civilization

We have a few different little quests off to the side. Press tab and we get our little cursor here our world view. To build a civilization in an ecosystem. You are going to need to know a lot about both use the world view to find your way around. So I got a little burp right there map out the economy and view the state of the environment. Open the map look at this map look at this thing, ooh Fancy shmancy. I’m gonna make it a little bit bigger whoa It’s circular.

That’s insane. Okay, so let’s put will put you right here. That’s a good spot for the map, right. Find an icon of the map and mouse over it to view details. This an icon that an icon I See you know icon Well. You can see the terrain and everything. How big the mountains? Are you can see all the oceans and islands and items.

Have Zero Skill?

Hey there’s me? I’m a carpenter. My house has zero skill per day. I stink open the side panel and select different world layers to view the current state of the ecosystem. We’re gonna have to move this over a tad actually. I’m do so show in world Air pollution, which there is none? Show in world Don’t even know what that means as a bunch of mushrooms. I think beans look at all the beans beets. Seems like there are no beets on my planet at all feels bad. Man Birch oh we got a birch for a couple birch forests around here. What about some bison Oh, I’m currently in a bison zone wow that’s a big bison zone.

Holy crap ok that’s pretty dope click the drop. Waypoint in the side panel to mark your position. Drop Waypoint Boom here I am you can now see the marker in the world click the arrow to bring up options. Remove it oh, Okay Remove look at that beautiful.

First Task

We completed our first task eat food mouse over the food in your toolbar to examine its nutrients. That’s corn seed Eating food eat food containing carbohydrates. Got some music there we go, we just right-clicked. We got 240 calories now provides 544 skill per day. Awesome and now claim your property open your backpack with bee and clicking the backpack icon. Drag the potpourri property claim flag. Into your toolbar and select them.

Look at a plot you want to claim and right click. Until you’ve claimed enough to fit your house a Deed will appear your image. Where you representing the property right click on the deed to set access to your rights? Well, we have a cool hat. Heck yeah Look at me I look sweet. Alright, this music is quite calming.

Claim Property

Holy crap Alright, so I don’t want to claim my property quite yet, though. I don’t think it’s completely necessary, and I also want to go back to first person. So let’s do that real quick. Beautiful I heard all this all these foods and tomatoes. And we need to find a nice spot to place our deed down like. I said I don’t want to just build it in any willy-nilly old spot. We did a nice flat spot. You know overlooking and the beautiful world that is eco. Look at all these blueberries. There’s so many Mmm. Um and make sure I have enough food.

I definitely have enough food for my current world All right, mr.. Music you’re gonna have to calm down there partner. Well like a light background music not some. I don’t want to be at a concert next to the speaker’s okay? Okay, we found some birch trees. On a nice flat spot, okay, so this is in between biomes it seems like so let me. Oh mushrooms.


Wow, there’s a lot of mushrooms here. Indeed like this spot right here. We have water It’s nice and flat we have mushrooms. There’s a lot of bushes. I hope I can clear these out. I’m assuming that we’ll be able to let’s go into our backpack. Put this on your toolbar. Now I want to go this way. Can I place it Is that connecting. Deed will appear in your inventory. Right click on the deed to set access rights, okay? Authorize royal just me screw everybody else. Perfect Royals, Dale, I like that that’s a good name.

I enjoy that Alright. So we got a few more tutorials coming right up digging as You lay out your settlement. You’ll want to begin transferring the land use the shovel to move dirt. Did they give me a shovel beautiful they did? All right, let’s move some dirt Give me that dirt well. We have to like physically move it. It’s like in our shovel whoa. That’s pretty dope alright my know topped out a tree. I guess select a stone axe in your toolbar. Nice stone axe thank you. Chop a tree until it falls over chop the felled log into pieces and pick up the pieces with e Slowly.

Chopping down the tree

But surely Chopping down the tree. I like a good birch tree. It looks like we’re losing what I think is calories down below Haha. I didn’t know he would yell timber. That’s adorable. So we get wood pulp if we knock these pieces now ah, Okay. Pick up the pieces Okay. And then we need to carry them home and and put them down and stack them. What’s a good stacking location for my wood? I like it right here.

This is a good stacking location Beautiful. So we should transfer a few more logs. Just quickly. I Know that it’s not it doesn’t want us to quite do that yet. But I’m gonna do it anyway. Because I like to Be a productive person got a smaller pieces first. There we go. I Know how much we can pick up. All right, so we carried 20 at a time. Holy crap. I’m on owed Alright, we can really just stack them huh Oh?

Oops, I may have blocked myself in a little bit. There we go. Not very easy to stack them really high but doing it anyway Look at that. I think we could build a house out of that what material. I’m assuming that we can craft some stuff down. To make it a little bit cooler for ourselves. So let’s go ahead and check out the mining tutorial now.

Stone pickaxe

Select a stone pickaxe add it to your toolbar. Target exposed rock and left click to break it apart. Pick up the stone pieces by targeting and pressing E. Seems like it’s pretty much the exact same thing as the rest of the stuff. That’s been happening so far, but we need to find a piece of stone. Okay Doesn’t seem to be able to break dirt with a pickaxe similar to something like Minecraft. The sun’s going down on this beautiful world. I wonder if I like go fast enough.

Found coal

Can I just follow the Sun? And I only oh I found coal. Now I’m placing the coal inside my little woodpile there All right. I got all the coal. He wants me to break stone. Though, which I haven’t found yet. I think there was some on the other side of the island though here. We are there’s a little bit of stone. I’m gonna move you out of the way real quick Thank you. All right got a bunch of stone now. We completed that task as well process the raw logs. So, we’re gonna have a bunch of tutorials.

But it’s good because this game is quite elaborate from what I saw. We got a little bit of stone right there our pile is filling up. I wish it like I said. Get rid of these stupid things. All right process the raw logs in order to build a house with these logs.


You’ll need to hew with them at a workbench. Select the workbench in your inventory. Looks like they’re kind of giving us everything to start which is fine. I’m perfectly fine with getting some free stuff to start mmm nice workbench. Open them up. Then we need to order some logs. It takes about 12 seconds in order to get these logs done. It’s order them. Okay,sure why it’s taking a long time now still needs two logs. Oh, we need to bring some logs over of course derp.

Let’s go ahead and bring some logs. Here we go and Boom perfect. So that’s all the logs we need to actually craft those logs. Collect hewn logs wait until the project finishes awesome.

Okay. Let’s stack these back up real quick whoops. Wish I was a bit taller and make this a little bit easier. I think There we go, let’s just make that pile wider a little better there all right.So now I’m carrying these said logs build a log house. For hewn logs in hand we only have one human hand. I’m pretty sure Tier 1 Workbench okay.

Soon logs

Let’s make it a little bit wider. They’re too hungry to work dang it you fatty, yeah. Beautiful now we’re definitely not too hungry to work. We eat a lot of tomatoes, Whoops. Here we go. Awesome should have some more soon logs in here. Place one there place one there. I need to get a whole bunch more. So let’s start chopping down some trees. And we put that away we can Collect more wood crafts in human wood. Fully enclose a room with walls and ceilings all right. So it’s time to collect some wood.

We can get the stump out might be a good idea. Maybe I can’t, Let’s keep chopping chopping. And locking her philopon, and we’re just gonna go right to the workbench with a full stack. And we’re gonna do as many. As these as possible says about a minute to do all those. Let’s keep chopping Whoops give me that Wood pulp. I’m assuming is gonna be used to make campfires down the line. There’s a whole bunch of trees above me, so let’s go chop down a few more whoa. This is some special or huh like copper or something? Sweet It’s pretty nice too fine.

Need Stone

Yeah, see we’re gonna need what 40 stone. Holy crap. Okay Stockpile. I assume that’s just storage of some sort. Got nine more hewn logs to build our sunrise ah Beautiful place. Need to go one higher, so that way we’re not hitting our head on the on the roof. Wouldn’t want to do that. I Want to be scraping my head. Wanna make it nice and comfy for ourselves. Let’s Explorer our little island a little bit more if we press em. We can kind of oh look you can even see my plot of land. Can see where I’m building. You see my pile right there. That’s pretty cool Okay Look at this.

There’s some like yellow stuff here. There’s like a snowy mountain with a giant river cut out. If we look around near us again. This is pretty much an ocean. Holy crap I Didn’t realize we’re that close to the ocean. But we have a little land bridge and like we said. We don’t have an air pollution yet fortunately enough Fortunately enough. I think we’re in a bison zone if I remember correctly. Now we’re close to a bison zone, so if we go over here we could hunt bison.


But probably not very easy to hunt them into extinction when you’re alone. Carrying eight more let’s go ahead and make a quick little stepping-stone. For ourselves to get on top of our own roof. Maybe we’ll just live one with one with the world you know do everything nice. Don’t do anything to cause air pollution, but then again if you think about it down the line. We might need to create a coal plant.

I mean it’s not something that you like you kind of just figure it out as you go. See if that’s the best option at the time. So there’s some copper there. I don’t need any more wood pulp. Maybe I’ll chop down this tree right here. We’ll just get more and more wood stack it up a little bit over by our base. So whenever we need some more wood. We’ll have it available to use. Got hit by the tree branch right there, huh?


All right we got 20 Let’s go ahead and put it in our pile. I Kind of want to put the pile like against my house Yeah, like this. This is nice you Know like a wood pile that you would have next to your house. If you had a wood stove at home to keep warm. Look at that all right. Let’s go get some more of that wood. So a tree probably gives us about 40 wood per tree probably depending on the tree. There’s probably some larger trees somewhere else in the world a Little bit more than 20 probably. Or a little bit more than 40. I’ll be like 50 or so. I Don’t like how it does it on the ground. Some reason just got a click a little bit slower.

Stacking high

It feels like maybe let’s pick these up. Let’s start stacking high. I Don’t hear a hammer at work anymore. So my workbench might be done with the hewn logs that. I currently I’m trying to get it to do. Not enough room in inventory. I gotta place these logs down real quick. There we go okay open up collect I’ve only carrying 9 right now. Unfortunately, so we’re gonna have to craft a few more. There we go and then we’re just gonna place it like that so we will be scraping our heads a little bit. I Mean I could do it a little bit in a better fashion. But it’s gonna take quite a bit of time.

Let me go get some more of this wood here. And let’s grab some wood off the pile and let’s get some hewn logs going. That’ll craft nine more, but it’s gonna take quite a bit of time. Let’s do it right the first time let’s get another stack of wood. And let’s do even more hewn logs. It’ll take about two minutes. While that’s happening we’re gonna explore for a minute. Because that should be enough logs to complete what I want to complete. Which is pretty nice? I’m gonna go for a quick swim.

Little cursor

I like how you can press tab and you have a little cursor to do what you want with it. Forage for food collect wild beets my planet doesn’t have beets. I’m pretty sure it said. Oh skill points. Holy crap I didn’t even know. Whoa whoa, whoa okay? We’re gonna get into that later. That’s way too elaborate for today’s episode.

We’re almost coming to the end now anyway. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the episode though. The games pretty elaborate and fun like. I said I’m kind of hoping that the world. Continues while I’m not playing so that way like we could do a daily episode and then in 30 days. The planet will be struck by a meteor and see how far we get. I think that could be kind of cool If that’s not the case.

30 days worth

Don’t think I’m gonna have 30 days worth of play time in the game. I just don’t think it’s humanly possible for me to do something like that. Means it is but at the end of the day. There’s other games I got to play. Okay that makes it so much harder if you have. I Don’t want to play seas here anyway. They’re kind of in the way Let’s place it over here with the copper.

I’m just gonna there yeah perfect. Give me yo logs got nine more logs. I Need a quick little staircase here. We’re not gonna do that I’m gonna do something like this. That way we have a roof. I don’t know if it’s gonna count as a roof though.

That’s the problem

So you know what just to complete the quest the sake of completing the quest. Let’s just make it. That way we scrape her head on the thing that’s what it wants us to do. Need two more logs it seems like actually if I just pick you up. And poop and poop Are you not are you not happy with this. Fully enclosed room can we build a door we must be able to build the door. Right there .Must be a way to build a door.

There is no way to build a door right now. It seems like we probably need a carpenter’s bench a carpenter’s table. Which is 20 stone in 20 wood. We will do in the next episode? Hopefully you guys enjoyed episode 1 of eco. If you want to see more. Please let me know with a comment down below and a like on the video. Subscribe, if you’re new here. And we’ll see you guys in the next one.

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