‘Cobra Kai’ Cast Talk Season 3 and ‘The Karate Kid Part II’ Characters’ Return

If you’ve been a fan of Cobra Kai since it was a YouTube series, then the wait for Season 3 has been a long one, given that Season 2 debuted in April 2019. But while we can’t know the exact numbers thanks to the extravagance of the streaming audience, it’s clear that the fan base has exploded since the show’s first two seasons debuted with a great response on Netflix last August, and these new fans are now also incredibly excited to get more episodes of the Netflix original series

The new season continues after a massive karate fight in high school that ended with Season 2, while also restoring some important characters from the history of The Karate Kid franchise that have not yet been seen in the series. Stars Ralph Macchio (“Daniel Larusso”) Both William Zabka (“Johnny Lawrence”) and their colleagues talked about what to expect this season, and the continuing appeal of these characters more than 35 years after their performance.

Return to Okinawa
” Karate Kid from Part II Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) and Kumiko (Tamlin Tomita) Return of Cobra Kai: Season 3

Daniel returns to Miyagi’s childhood home, Okinawa, in Season 3 and is reunited with the two main characters from The Karate Kid Part II in the 1986 process, his old flame Kumiko (Tamlin Tomita) and his old enemy Chozen (Yuji Okumoto).

When it came to including The Karate Kid Part II characters in Cobra Kai, Ralph Macchio said, ” It’s something that our creators do a great job of developing, it’s to take that nostalgia and then use it, in the case of Season 3, to inform Larusso about things about Miyagi, things that I didn’t even know about Mr. Mac.”

Detailing what it was like to finally share scenes with Tomita and Okumoto again, more than three decades after the opening of The Karate Kid Part II, Macchio said, ” It’s the same thing that happened with Billy [Zabka]. There’s a spirit and connection between these actors-all of us-that’s part of who The Karate Kid has become, which is so much more than us as actors, you know? He’s so well embraced all over the world. Tamlin and Yuji, I maintain a friendship with [them] every two years we connect in some way, but as far as having each other around for that amount of time, it was like being a teenager again with Lin, it was so angelic and such a [feeling] – there were five minutes and 30 years at a time, and it was kind of and how it informs even Larusso / Lawrence about everything later … Yuuji pulled him out of the park, and Tamlin, and all the characters we bring back from the past.”

He added to Makkyo, ” I love using The Karate Kid Part II because it was really Miyagi land, and we came to Okinawa [for Cobra Kai] and shot these exteriors, which was so special. We had that, and Miyagi shed some light on the show, and I think that’s a good balance for a lot of the other plot actions.”

One of the most iconic elements of The Karate Kid Part II is Miyagi’s drumming technique, which Daniel uses to defeat Chozen. Mary Mouser, who plays Daniel’s daughter Samantha Larusso, said: “The drum technique is fun and exciting because it’s another aspect that we came up with: these fantastic elements that are introduced to the real world and see how they would theoretically be applied in real combat. In my opinion, the drum technique still goes back to the characteristics of Miyagi-Do, which are about balance and equality of movement and the like.”


R600a Hubby as Miguel Diaz in Cobra Kai Season 3

Season 3 continues right after Season 2, which ended with Miguel (R600a Maridueña) severely injured by Robbie (Tanner Buchanan) after a giant school fight broke out, and when Season 3 begins, it’s unclear if Miguel will be able to walk, let alone re-do karate.

While filming this school fight sequence, Mariduena recalled what they decided on the day it was filmed: “how dark this ending must have been. Would it be the end when Robbie looked back and knew he was kicking Miguel so hard, or was it really an accident? That was the big question we asked that day, and that Tanner was definitely going crazy, like: “but he’s not a bad guy, right? It was an accident, he didn’t see it!and so I think that day we discovered it and found a really good remedy between an accident and a blow full of rage. I was a little nervous when I first read the scripts, but also, I trust our creators, John [Hurwitz], Josh [Heald] and Hayden [Schlossberg] so much. They definitely have a great way of doing things around the full circle.”

Ralph Macchio as Daniel Larusso and Mary Mouser as Samantha Larusso in Cobra Kai Season 3

Along with some nasty cuts, Sam meanwhile has a lot of emotional pain to try and work through, discovering that she attacked Tori (Peyton List) so brutally at the end of Season 2 that she was really out of blood. Mauser said while playing Sam’s injury in Season 3, ” it was really important to me. I was very excited when I was first told about where we were going after the final season 2. I remember as soon as we turned around, we all looked at each other, ” Okay, what’s next? Where are you going from here?And I remember [the showrunners] saying: “You know, this isn’t the end. It was very important to me, although it was as honest as it could be, and I think it was great that the whole Season 3 was deeper and darker on the side of heart and excitement, and kept the fun, lightness and badass. So I was thrilled to be able to sink my teeth into this and show Samantha the healing of all the ugly ways to heal from something so traumatic. It was very important for me to play it as honestly as possible and its aspects of things that I can relate to very strongly in my own life, so it was fun and not so fun and therapeutic and cleansing and good, and I’m happy to see how people react to that.”

Meanwhile, Jacob Bertrand (Eli “Hawk Le” Moskowitz) said that in Season 3, after Croesus took control of Cobra-Kai “ ” Hawk is really trying to find himself and whoever is under the new Kai that Croesus is running. I think even in Season 2, you start to see Croesus digging his fangs into the hawk and somehow manipulating it and pushing it to smash Miyagi-do and do it all. In Season 3, it’s a lot more than that.”


In the first season of Cobra Kai, John Kreese is in the second season of the television series Cobra Kai.

Macchio and Zabka are obviously a bit older than when they did The Karate Kid, but when it comes to continuing the fight scenes, Zabka said, ” I love it. I like to pick fights. When we have enough time for rehearsal, training, and choreography, it’s great. We always expect at least a good fight, but we also like to let the young guys carry the weight, as Ralph says. But yeah, you know, you stretch a little bit more and it takes a little bit longer to get high kicks and calibrate your turns and all that, but that’s the really fun part. The physicality of the characters is part of their character,so to express yourself in this way is incredible.”

Macchio said: “Yes, everything takes longer and hurts more, but you do the right preparation time and you know you have to be careful because you do things over and over and at high speed. We don’t have the time we had when we made the original film, so the most disturbing thing is that we have these time constraints and we have to get through them quickly, and we just have to stay really focused and spend a lot of time stretching before, during, and after. And you know, a little ibuprofen by the bed…”

When Macchio and Zabka started playing Daniel and Johnny, the characters were high school students, and they were asked if they ever felt like they were still in high school.

Zabka replied: “I tell my kids,’ I’m just a big kid, man.”Who wants to grow, you know? I think we’ve polished our past. Those times, high school, early college, the friendships you make, the connections you make, the music you listened to, the experiences you had, those things stay with you forever, you know? As we get older, things get a little more edgy, and we just pass it by. There’s something solid about that moment, so by feeling that way and playing that character and portraying that moment, you bring it back to the surface in a way that makes you feel like the big kid I love.”

Macchio said: “Playing characters who have stood the test of time as teenagers and a slice of our childhood certainly makes me feel like I lead a unique existence because so often I meet people and they will want to talk about this time or this place for them. So you represent young people in a way, because our characters have resonated for thirty, almost forty years. It sounds ridiculous to hear those words, but it’s true, so I’m embracing her now, because, you know, growing up is overrated, so let’s stay young, and this show allows us to do that.”

Back to Okinawa  

‘The Karate Kid Part II’s Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) and Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita) return in Cobra Kai: Season 3

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