How do you store fishing line in a survival kit? – Survival fishing hike and jungle Cook

Survival Fishing

Here is Noah and we are going to find survival fishing source. I have no idea what we said, as the microphone didn’t work. We took 2 banana’s, some rice, nuts and dried fruit. I have no idea what we said, as the microphone didn’t work. We took 2 banana’s, some rice, nuts and dried fruit. Total food was 1.5kg The first find we have is wild ginger, the berries you can eat. You take the blue shell off and suck on the membrane around the seeds, then I spit he seeds out. You can also eat the root off this plant, like commercial ginger. This is an interesting one, Gress Tree’s or Black Boys.

3 Nights in the Wild

When they flower you can get nectar from their stalks. We just left the track in and now going into the bush. Following a creek to another creek, and where we are going there are no roads! We will do 3 nights in the wild. Hopefully we aren’t too much skinnier when we get out. We need to find a place we can walk, this is terrible. Trying to make our way down to the creek.

After about 2 hours of walking down hill, we have found the big creek. It looks really nice, have a look at that. There is some food in this here. I think we will try to get crayfish for bait. We have some beautiful Gotu Cola here. 6 leaves a day, 3, 4, 5, 6. Will keep you young for ever, mmmmmm… Very tasty, a little bit bitter. Tastes like bitter grass. Makes you live longer. There are two toads there, one really big one. All that black stringy pearl stuff is their eggs.


Not good for the environment. Noah will save the planet by catching these toads. They swim pretty fast when disturbed. She just closed her eyes again. Got her, he will most likely hang on. There’s their eggs. Some big toads. Frogs legs for dinner, yummo! Just crashing though the bush, and I smelt something, this tree here. This is Lemon Myrtle tree. We will take some and make nice tea out of it. This is the first pond we have come to, and we have already seen…

Boney Bream, Jungle Perch and a 5 foot long Eel. This is my fishing set up, just some 60 pound mono-filament line. There’s Mr Boney Bream swimming. Noah has his line tied to his waking stick. We are just having a nibble on fruit and nuts, and hope to catch lunch. We should camp down there. Sounds good to me. That is a white pig, right down the end.

White Pigs

Two white pigs. Looks like they heard us. Hello piggies, hello piggies! You can grab them, that’s an 80kg pig! And the one at the back is even bigger. Alright maybe I might go…. ha ha. Get out, go on, get out… I was a bit worried there for a second, ha ha ha. We have found camp for the first night. A really nice pond down here, Noah has already got the eel line in. And we will be up in the bushed here. This is our private little river and we have a nice beach down there.

The hammocks are in the gully here. Amongst some nice trees. Nobody will see us. No, nobody could see us in here! These are small prawns or shrimp. There is also a small fish above him. What do have there Noah?

Poison in Frogs

I have some lovely french frogs… These are cane toads and pests in Australia. And the white stuff you see is poison. It only makes you blind. I think it will do more than that! It’s coming out of the legs too, that’s poison. Think twice before you eat that poison toad. But look at the size of the legs! We have been in the bush for… 6 hours. Ha ha ha, Noah is getting hungry. We will give him a go. While Noah is cooking Cane Toad legs, I will film these cute frogs. There’s 2 now, there goes one. Here is Noah’s attempt at gourmet toads legs ala frog.

Let it be noted, that I don’t think he should eat that. When there was poison coming out just 5 minutes ago! So, I love you all and I hope I will see you again. And if Noah doesn’t die tonight, I will try some tomorrow. But one of us should survive. Toad legs going onto the fire. They don’t look much different to chicken legs, except they had poison dripping off them before.

Where is the salt? You need salt for that? Mmmm. Yummy? Tastes like… Chicken? mmmmmm, no. Tastes like smoked pork. Does it? Ossobuko this bit. That’s it, Noah has eaten Toads Legs! We think it’s an eel, yep it’s an eel. It’s a little tasty one, a very good size. That is the one we saw. Just drag him right up on the bank. Perfect size. Morning of day 2, and he’s still ALIVE! It didn’t kill me! Toad legs again tonight…

Barramundi dinner

Lets go hiking. Noah has been walking along the creek.. And he saw a Barramundi right at our feet. What I have done is got a leaf with a hook in it. I have a stick to lower it near the fish. And catch Barramundi dinner. Here’s a Bull Rout. This is like a freshwater Stone Fish. They are very poisonous. Very camouflaged. He doesn’t think we can see him. We are about to pop out on a creek.

There are 2 pigs in front of us. Lets see how close we can get. There are a lot in the bushes to our left. Noah is always thinking about food, he just asked if i have a knife ready? Yes she smelt us. My leaf lure didn’t work. I’m going to make a bamboo fish trap or scoop.

Bending of Knife

I am using some cane we found in the forrest. Split it down the middle. I will make lots of thin pieces. Until I have this pieces to work with. Once i have then pretty thin, I will remove the excess. That will make them more flexible. Run the knife down like that. If I try to bend that it will break. So I will use fire to bend it.

There we go, a much tighter bend. Now I will weave a fish net or scoop. Just like a scoop net. Always alternate the weave. Once it is started it is actually very vast. Over, under, over under… Just make sure the holes are the right size for your quarry. An hour and a bit and I have a fish catching device. Just finish it off with a handle. That will catch us live bait for tonight. Scoop the fish up. It’s half an hour after dark. Look we have a small fish, for bait.

We just came back from getting live bait. There goes the line, we just caught a Mangrove Jack and the line is going off again… Do you have light? The water is down here, we just re-set the line and.. Noah you do the honors, it feels eel-ish. Good, very big. That is a nice Eel. Nice, perfect size.

Mangrove Snapper and an Eel

We have dinner now, we have Mangrove Snapper and we have Eel. We are not going hungry tonight. And Andy is not eating Toad legs tonight. NO! I’m not eating Toad legs at all. There is todays catch. 2 Mangrove Snapper and an Eel. The line just went off again and I let another Mangrove Jack go. That is more than enough for us for dinner. Soon we will have full stomachs. A green tree snake has been coming down the hill. Chasing a cute yellow frog. Had a good feed last night and some breakfast this morning. We saw a Bull Rout in the creek so we made a bow and arrow.

Toxic Fish and the Toxic Toads

Bring on the toxic fish and the toxic toads, lets test him out. If the Bull Rout is not there, we will shoot some toads. Only a little deep. Ha ha, it’s very refreshing. Sometimes in the bush you score and I have scored. These are Brambles or Raspberries, and very tasty. Sweet and juicy. There are lots here. You find them on the edge of creeks. He Noah, I have some Raspberries. A good reason to watch when walking, a Red Bellied Black Snake! He is very fat, very healthy and 1.5m long. He is hunting and doesn’t know we are there.

Normally they will try and flee when they see you. They have the ability to restrict venom when they bite you. They are not too dangerous, but I stay away from them anyway. 300m past the rainforest and the creek has changed. Nice pools but completely different. When you thin the creek gets smaller… It opens up into an oasis. This is an amazing find. Water lilies, palm trees and deep water, just amazing. It is like a big blue oasis water hole. Stunning with this moss. We will keep walking today.

Monster Eel

It didn’t do that when I jumped on it. Noah on the last night of our trip got a monster Eel. That will be a good tasty Eel, a huge meal. Very happy. We have eaten very well. Hello Mr Eel, yum yum. An hour and a half after catching the Eel, and it is looking very tasty. Half smoked and hals hot cooked, some salt and yum yum. Mmmm. That is perfect. Magical, magical. A little salty, a little smokey, very nice. Nice omega oils in there. Ok, my turn now. Here is a tree we saw from the other side yesterday. You can see Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks.

Yes, it’s chasing it. We could eat Barramundi for lunch. He is looking at it. My bush made lures didn’t work, my home made lures would. You can still see the Barra sitting in there. Noah is eating last nights Eel for lunch. Just a lunch break before we climb out. 2 kg of smoked Eel to power me up the beautiful mountain. Beautiful adventure done. .

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