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Catch And Cook Water Snake

30 Day Survival Challenge Texas. Water-Snake. If you wanna eat, you gotta catch and cook it’s so nice and comfortable. And then the Outdoor…

They’re not half as big as I thought they’d be. I feel silly for being slightly afraid to swim in the river with them the other day. I’m Zachary Fowler and that’s Chris Thorn. And this is the 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas. There’s only one rule. If you wanna eat, you gotta catch and cook it. – Yes. (yawns) – Good morning. I have been up for a little while. It’s already starting to get hot. I just wish I could sleep in all day. And wake up tomorrow and the temperature’s supposed to start dropping back down again. I did not climb out of my hammock yet.

the Outdoor Vitals

It’s so nice and comfortable. And then the Outdoor Vitals, under quilt and sleeping bag, beautiful. It’s been so hot that I found a really cool thing about the Outdoor Vitals under quilt is it’s on two bungee lines, so I can just scoot it back and have no under quilt. And then if it is cold I can wake up and scoot it forward, and it’s back in place, without even getting out of the hammock. So, like in a really hot place, where sometimes the nights drop down to 40. you scoot it, you have it out, and then the other nights when it’s still 70 at night, you scoot it back and your underside stays cool and you sleep better.

I’ve just been sitting in here for the last two hours since I woke up, doing some journaling. Reading my Bible. And hanging out with God. But now it’s time to get out there. I feel like a cup of fish head soup is calling to me. So I’m gonna brave the hot day. And see what we can’t make happen. Get some more food. Yeehaw. (dramatic, suspenseful music) I’m gonna start the fire today with a Wax Wood Stick from Hangar 51. And I’ll spark it up with the new XOtech Zippo thing here. It’s like a survival Zippo. Crazy. Can’t even shake it out practically. And it’s got a rubber gasket, so it seals right closed. (dramatic, suspenseful music) Wow, that’s hot. Coffee and soup are on. Whoo-hoo. Oh yeah, look at that rich rich broth.

the life energy

That has got the life energy in it right there. (liquid sizzles) Dear Diary, why do hot dogs come in packages of 10, but hot dog buns just come in packages of eight? And who’s to fault? I seriously doubt the bun maker’s ovens aren’t big enough to do more than eight buns at a time. It can’t be helping their sales, because a thrifty person would just buy a loaf of bread. And then they’d still have plenty of bread left for sandwiches when they’re done. So I thought this was kind of neat. Had to show you, I just had my bowl of fish head soup here. And it’s got all kinds of fish head soupy scum in there. I don’t want my coffee to taste like that. Well, these leaves are like sandpaper here.

sos PAD

Not good for toilet paper, like I mentioned earlier in a video. But make a great SOS pad for scrubbing your pots and utensils. Ah. Get it good and clean. I don’t need my coffee tasting fishy. Boom, there you go, clean as can be. Ready for coffee. All right, well, I think it’s time to try and get the turtle outta there. See, it’s been like three days. Wanna see if they’ve eaten it. If they’ve eaten the insides out, it’s all cleaned up so I can bring it home with me when this was over.

This is gonna tick off the fire ants to no end, I don’t doubt. Oh yeah, here they come. Whoa. They are not happy. Gettin’ all over me. (winces) Coming out of the shell. Ah. (groans) Yikes. They are, had a couple of them bite me. Not so bad, but oh, not under my foot. Man, they are miserable little cusses. Not quite cleaned out yet. Gonna leave it in there and let them do their thing. Close. Got a lot of it cleaned out. Ugh, ow. They don’t hurt that much. It’s just an agitation.

Let me see what happens. I had a couple right here, so maybe I’ll be able to see what happens when they, over time. Whoo boy, they are really ticked off. (chuckles) They’re doing their job cleaning the shell out. (festive music) Oh! Trapped paid off, look at that. A water snake. One, wait, I see two heads there. There’s two water snakes. Yikes, I better plug this up before they get outta there. There we go. I stuck some weeds in one end. Got some weeds. Gotta work quick. He comes out the end of there, that’s it. (groans) There we go.


There we go, they ain’t coming outta that now. A bit thicker than my thumb. At least the one of them is. – Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? – They’re not half as big as I thought they’d be. I feel silly for being slightly afraid to swim in the river with them the other day. Now, now that I know what they look like, once you know what your fears look like, it’s not so bad. They’re still snakes though.

That might freak somebody out. – I hate snakes, Doc! I hate ’em! – All right. Time to get our snake cook on, get the fire goin’. Chris must not be back yet. He’s gonna be so happy when he gets back. He’s out setting traps somewhere else. Yeah! Snakes. – I see, ooh. – Hey buddy. We got water snakes. – Yeah! – And crawfish. – Dude, this is gonna be an insane meal tonight. – Two of them. – Really, two? – Two. – Nice. They’re little guys though, but yeah, they’re still gonna eat though. – All right, got our turtle that we caught last night on the fishing line.

Havahart trap

Put him in the Havahart trap. And into the water. We’re gonna have him for dinner with the snake. So I need to dispatch him and process him. Processing a turtle is a matter of pulling on the legs with a long knife blade, and working the blade in there and around underneath the shell, on top of the shell, all the way around until the legs pull free of the leg meat. And then you can clean them out the rest of the way with all the guts.

I’ll use their livers again to go down and fish. All right, turtle meat’s all processed up. Put that in the stew pot. It just looks like regular old meat. It actually tastes pretty good too. Put that in there. Let’s grab the snakes and put them in there too. There’s two. That was easy. Boom. Just zip and it’s all cleaned out, just like a fish. Not a lot to them.


Barely a handful of meat. I’ll toss that into the pot. With the turtle. We’ll put that whole thing. Whoop. That’s creepy. Still wriggling. It’ll taste good. (chuckles) Put that in the pot, put that on to cook. Get our dinner on. Dulled my knives doing the turtle up. (scraping) From Wazoo, my viking wet stone necklace, which is always around my neck. I threw a little grim guard on there too. Great little wet stone. And it’s slightly finer, so I can really bring that edge out. There we go. – Oh my goodness, this thing’s heavy. – How’d you do? – The creek has blessed us once again, man. – Wow! Oh yeah, hold it with your light behind it there. Look at the size of that water snake. – He is a beast. – That is a double cage, unlike the other one.


So he’s like twice the size, three, four times the size. – He’s about four feet, I know. Yeah, he’s a big boy. – Wow. – Oh yeah. – That’s awesome. – Our pot just got way bigger. – All right, let’s deal with this guy. Hello, fella. The other guys were easy to deal with. He’s huge. – Yes. You got gloves, you’re fine. – Got it.

  • Want my knife? – Go for it. There we go. All right. Whew! He is stinky, man. – He’s strong. – Whew! That is one stinky snake. – Big boy, isn’t he? – He looks like he’s about 3 1/2 feet and twice as thick as my thumb. So, dressed out the meat is probably as thick as my thumb all the way down. My hands are huge. All right, so our smorgasbord jambalaya just got even better. Wait, wait, got the crawdads too. Is there room for ’em? Barely. Use the shovel. Oh hey. These tonight.
  • All right, here you go, join the snake there, guys. Oh. They’re escaping. Oh, get in there. Whew, that was close. Right, snake is done. I imagine. At this point. Yes. Get in there and get some. Oh yeah. Full color. Yep. There’s a crawdad, there’s a snake. Toss them in there. Whew. They got little ashes on them. Some of it fell outta the fire. That’s okay. We don’t eat the outsides of ’em. That’s starting to fall apart. That one’s ready for sure. The little ones here. Some of that.

the bountiful feast

And don’t forget some turtle. There we go. A little (mumbles) Woodobo on it. Lord, thank you for this food. Bless this food (mumbles) Thank you for the bountiful feast you’ve given us today. Help us to get something big though. Jesus name, amen. (insects chirping) Ooh. – That one’s hot. What did I expect? Right? – Boy, this snake is all bone. I’m not even sure how to eat that. Man, I thought rainbow trout had a lot of bones. But that thing. Yikes. That’s a lot of bone.

That’s just gonna be more of a soup kinda thing. It doesn’t look like a lot on my plate. But there’s a rich rich soup broth in there. And you better believe after I’m done with this, I’m gonna have a whole giant cup and be so super duper full from that soup. You tried it yet? – What? – The snake. – Not yet. I’m processing everything. – Oh yeah, make it so you can just eat it and enjoy it.


  • Yeah. Do all the work now. – Mm. – Put her all together. Ooh, hey, thank you, Mr. Turtle. – That turtle is so good. That is so, oh, so yummy. A piece of meat just… Tastes like meat. I’m gonna save the turtle’s bones for the soup. – Oh yeah, good idea. – But definitely I would lose the crawdads because they’re covered in ashes, some of them that fell out. We could toss those this time. There’s not a lot on a turtle, but man. It reminds me of squirrel. – I think I’d be into like a big alligator snapping turtle. I bet there’d be a lot more on him. – Yeah, probably.
  • Obviously, right? The bigger the turtle. – I think this one was smaller than the other one we had. – Tastes better though, because the other one was still pretty chewy. There’s not much on these snakes. Tastes good though. I don’t think I have it in me to go all the way down catfishing. But I keep seeing a rabbit up here, and I tried to shot yesterday at it. With the sling bow and missed. So think I’m gonna go for a small walkabout before bed. And I had to tuck everything in before I leave because it’s supposed to rain.


See if I can’t find that rabbit and take him down. My favorite Simple Shot slingshots that torque. And to hunt while I’m being out here. Put my ammo in like this. Pinch it, and then pinch the slingshot so I can carry it like this. Ready to go. I just go, boom. And I’m locked, loaded, ready to go. That way I can carry the camera with the other hand here while I’m doing my thing. Whoops. Come on. Head lamp. Wow. There we go.

I am in for the night. I am so tired. Epic hunt. Epic. But we’re not gonna let you see it till tomorrow. It’s gonna be part of tomorrow’s breakfast. My slingshot, I’ve never had such an epic adventure. (adventurous music) With the slingshot, hunting wise. Oh, it’s amazing. It was so cool. So you’ll have to watch tomorrow, find out what we have for breakfast and what I got on my hunt tonight. Thanks for watching. See you guys next time. Fowler out. It’s AM. I’m done, stick a fork in me. .

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