Is turtle soup made with real turtles? – Turtle Soup: Catch and Cook

Turtle Soup

Eating like kings out in the woods. Crawfish, turtle and its soup. I’m Zachary Fowler, and that’s Chris Thorn. This is the 30-day Survival Challenge, Texas. There’s only one rule. If you wanna eat, you gotta catch and cook it. Yeah. (yawns). Good morning, overslept. I kinda went into like a coma of sleep. Don’t know what happened. My alarm set for 5:30. Gonna get up. Found out last minute that the sling bow is not considered legally as a bow. So during archery season it is not viable. Therefore, I used it on a boar and things like that at night time for out set up a blind and get a chance to get a boar as nuisance animals. Hence, that was a disappointment.

Now I just missed half of my chance. But it’s a new day. And it’s only day 2. So lots to do, lots to go on. Get on with it. Put my socks over the tops of my boots. Because there are critters around here you do not want to find in your boots in the morning. Like black widows, scorpions. Any other creepy crawlies. Protected tops of my boots. I slept good in this thing. Gotta get the knives on.

Organic Fire Starter

Whenever people ask me something if I want it for video where you know I’m like, you have it in orange? (laughs) See if they managed to keep any coals. I banked the fire last night. I’ll just restart it. Something to get these coals going, and then I can feed it with some wood. It’s got some sort of an organic fire starter in here. Look. (mumbles) bush craft. It appears to be a, all kinds of goodies going on. I got some birch bar, some natural fiber sticking out here and a little string bundle and all. In the middle of the little organic bundle of stuff is like a wax cupcake. (sticks clicking) Whoa.

That goes up fast. You know Burt was like 12 minutes. What you got going on over here, gear guy? Using the Iono survival ax. To hammer in a few nails. So before I can get (mumbles) roll. Here in a minute we’re gonna have our main 10-liter water bag. Hung up to the tree, so we basically just make some modern-day shelves. All that kit. We got a little bit of, all of this stuff is in the nice little organizer. Oh man. These things are full. Would you look at that? Oh, there’s a good pound there of crawdads.


That’ll make a nice lunch. We’ll leave them in here for now, keep them fresh. There we go. We’re gonna be boiling it, so we probably don’t need to do this, but thing works pretty good pretty quickly. So, One for the stew pot and one for me to drink. Some may consider this a cheat. But I got my favorite coffee. We didn’t bring calories but I did, at least, bring coffee. (mid tempo music) And get our soup on.

Finally. Got some building materials. After Sitting on the ground was nice enough last night, but I want a nice cozy chair. So we’re gonna build a bush craft Adirondack chair. Not really. It’s just gonna be a chair. But it’s gonna be nice and I even found a few good, some of these I see I got a nice little slingshot. Yeah. (scraping) For those of you that purchased them on the Kickstarter, to have a handmade slingshot by me. There it is, there’s one of them.

I whittle this up while I’m sitting around the fire at night. There, done. (laughs) No, it’s not done. I gotta add two pieces going back. (laughs) Nice. There we go. That’s cooked down to a nice rich broth. Take that off, let it cool. Have ourselves some breakfast. Every last drop. There we go. Cozy seat. I was worried about it sinking in because this Texas soil is so soft. We need a cup holder for my, we need a table. And an end table for my chair. Have an end table. Do a little journaling, have my coffee. A cup of crawdad soup.

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, it’s only day 2 and we’re learning so much about each other. Like Chris isn’t a morning person. (soft piano music) He should drink coffee. I wonder if he’d notice if I slipped some into his breakfast. Nah, it wouldn’t go well with the crawdad soup. All right, we’re all geared up. We’re gonna head up the trail to where we had packed in from. We left a couple more things up there, bows mainly are what we are all about this afternoon. Flint. Look at that. Nice little piece. Maybe I can make something with that later. I am certainly no Legolas. Hung up my bow when I picked up the slingshot.

A Slingshot Man

Hoping that I’d be able to use the sling bow as a bow here. I was a little bit ready for that. Not ready for them telling us that I cannot do that during archery season. It’s not considered to be an actual bow. It’s been over three years since I hung up the bow, or 2 1/2 years since I hung up the bow and decided to be a slingshot man. He’s back there blogging me for his video, if we can get this.

I can edit it out and make it look like I hit it the first time. But then he’ll put the true story on. So you can go watch it on his channel. If I really hit it in the first shot or not. Missed. There. I’m gonna practice some more. And we got other stuff to do after we see this guy show me up from twice the distance. These are worth more than gold out here and are absolute precious metals. Even though they’re made of carbon fiber. So right now we’re at 20 yards. And we’re just gonna pick a few dots and see how close we get.

The Witching hour

Little low but that’d still be in the vital. (rock music). That will do the job right there. All right, so I’m feeling pretty good about that. I got the technique down now. 45, draw and release right as I come into position. And stay within 10 yards, give or take, five or ten feet. And I won’t be just wounding things. (button snaps) Some broad heads on. Oh, there goes another deer right in front of us. We’re talking too much already. I try to get down to sit there for the witching hour. It’s the best time of night. Turkeys right down here. (object thuds) All right, no success with the hunting.

I’m going to go down here. The water’s like five feet away right here. Hoping to get something more to eat than all those crawfish that we caught earlier. And stuff. We got crawfish for bait. And I got my collapsible rod and some catfish bait, stuff like that, see if I can’t make something happen. We are back. Got skunked on the deer hunting. No more turkey hunting on the last day of season. Did not catch any fish down by the water.

Havahart trap

Still some sparks on this thing. If I get it going though. That’s all the crawdad leftovers. Put it in a Havahart trap. Hopefully we can catch ourselves something. So we can eat something more than just crawdads. Wham. Not very tall. (man mumbles) Look at that. That’s even more than was in there earlier today. So my bobber just went under.

I see something, I think we got something here. Definitely got something. What is it? Got a turtle. No way. There we go. Oh, he took the bait. He took it. Amazing. I got it, I got a turtle.  Whoo! Look at that. Beautiful. Think that these, if I’m right. It’s like a red-eared slider. All right, turtle is all processed up. Looks just like meat. Sound like (mumbles) when I say that. We got it in there with some water, chupacabra seasoning. We save the livers. Gonna use those to catch catfish. Let’s put it on to cook. All right, wow.

Bounty of Crawfish

Will you look at that bounty of crawfish? There’s gotta be, I don’t even know how many pounds of crawfish in there today. That’s a good four or five pounds. Yeah. That’s a good pile of crawfish. A good size portion for each of us. Here you go, buddy. Thanks. Beefed up. There we go. Oh. I am ready. The feast. Oh. I’ll say some grace. Lord, thank you for this food. This crawfish. And the turtle. Amen. Oh. Wow. Like the only thing that would make this better is just a big bowl of butter. That these were just drowned in. – Drowned? Yeah, drowned. It’s that late. What time is it anyway? It’s midnight. What? Holy cow. So we pretty much just went midnight to midnight eating.

Soup is Ready

We did have breakfast was crawdad body soup that was leftovers from the night before. So tomorrow morning breakfast will be the same. We’ll cook up the crawdad bodies. All right, turtle is done. Cooked up. These look good. A little bit of soup broth there at the bottom.

I will definitely not be wasting that. Gonna be drinking that down for sure. In fact I already started some soup broth here with the crawfish. I’ll just add that to it. Just make it all the richer. Eating like kings out in the woods. Crawfish, turtle. I’m loving it. That just tastes like meat. I was expecting it to taste more like turtle. Whatever that was supposed to be.

  • Right. I actually meant to say frog. But yeah, this tastes like meat. The dark meat. (Zachary chuckles). You want a wing or a leg? Found a wishbone in the turtle. It’s a turtle wishbone.
  • All right, I am in. Snug as a bug. In my rug. (laughs). In my hammock. Oh. Finished eating and then I took out another Havahart trap. Set it back that way about a quarter of a mile away from us. And put some tuna in it. Which I’m glad I did that after eating. Because that tuna actually smelled pretty darn good even though all those crawfish and turtle I ate it was just, oh, it smelled good.
  • Hopefully those Havahart traps turn us up something that we can turn into a meal. This is survival. So, within the legal ranges, we’re doing that. Whatever it takes. Possum, raccoon. Even skunk if we have to. Yeesh. So, thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. Fowler out. .

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