Can You Go Back To The End After Killing The Ender Dragon

Until the end
To get to the end, a player must first find a rare final portal that leads to this realm. Due to the scale of a Minecraft world, it is almost impossible to accidentally stumble upon the final portals, as they are in randomly generated fortresses, deep underground (unless a player found them with a specific seed). To find a final portal, a player must acquire and use one or more ender eyes. These are handcrafted items made by combining Blaze Powder with an Ender bead. The final portal can be located by glancing at Ender in the air (by right-clicking while holding the item down), causing it to fly through the air and other blocks until it finally falls. A player must throw several eyes of Ender and pick them up. Several eyes are needed because there is a high chance that Ender’s eye will break and disappear. It will probably take several throws to approach a fortress, which is indicated when an eye of Ender floats to a place after the throw. Use each throw to get the general Direction you want to go and make a reasonable distance before throwing it again.

Once a player has found the final portal inside the fortress, a player must repair it with several more ender eyes. Activating the final portal requires 12 ender eyes or less, as some ender eyes are usually pre-filled in the portal generated naturally in the fortress. However, it is possible to find a few eyes of Ender in chests in the fortress. It is best to be prepared with an excess of Ender’s eyes before leaving. The 12 eyes of Ender must be placed in the frame of the final portal that surrounds the final portal. Once all 12 are available, the final portal becomes active. In case of contact with one of the portal blocks, a player is teleported to the end.

The end consists of several large islands that surround the main island. Many other small islands can be scattered further away from the larger islands, some of which have terminal cities. On these islands are also found medicinal plants and special blocks such as violet and terminal stems. All islands are made of end Stone and float above an endless black void. Among the blocks found on the main island are Obsidian, which forms the healing pillars of the Ender Dragon, the stone blocks on the tower, and the special blocks known as Ender crystals, which float above the columns and heal the Ender dragon.

Inner End
As soon as a player enters the end, a long horizontal purple bar appears at the top of the screen. This indicates the health of the Dragon ender flying above him (unless a player has already killed him before). A player will spawn in a random place, sometimes in a small space underground, surrounded by end stones. The only way to leave the end is either to kill the Ender dragon, and then take the exit portal, or to die. In creative mode, it is also possible to build a final portal at the end and thus return to the higher world.

There are tall Obsidian columns that surround the center of the main island and form a circular shape. On these columns are final crystals that regenerate the health of the Ender Dragon when it is nearby. These crystals can be destroyed by a single beat. Some are protected by iron bars, which can make it difficult to aim the Crystal. However, since they explode when they are destroyed, it is recommended to use a bow with the infinite spell. They can also be safely destroyed by a thrown egg or a snowball.

After defeating the Ender dragon, an exit portal opens in the central rock structure with a single Dragon egg. When you cross the starting portal, the final credits are triggered, giving a player the “end” performance before returning to the higher world instead of the player’s last spawn point. Before defeating the Dragon Ender, it is impossible to return to the world without dying. That being said, it’s best to create a few Ender chests in which items can be stored and then access them from any Dimension to avoid losing important items while Ender crystals are destroyed.

The end was in Java Edition 1.0.0 (Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 4), Pocket Edition 1.0.0 (alpha-, and CU1/TU9/PS 1.00/Switch Patch 1.

The exit portal that appears after the victory over the dragon Ender can be destroyed in creative mode. The only way to return to the world, when the starting portal is destroyed, is death.
When a bed is placed at the end and “asleep”, it explodes as in the basement and sets fire to the neighboring area. This is a useful tactic for a player who wants to deal fast and powerful damage to the Ender dragon. The explosion of the bed can also be triggered by remote snowballs to avoid damaging the player.
Just like The Nether, the dial of the watches moves quickly back and forth between day and night, and the compasses rotate quickly in a circle, unless you use a Lodestone block.
Above the exit portal to Oberwelt is an Ender Dragon Egg. If you click on the egg, it will be teleported to another area at the end. There is one of two ways to get the egg, either by building a platform around the egg, then placing a piston facing the egg, then activating the piston, or by finding the egg in the new area (5-10 blocks) and placing a torch/plate underneath (can be underground).
It is impossible to create a Nether portal at the end, but it is possible to create a final portal in the Nether.
If you end up drinking a potion with night vision, everything appears pink / reverse colors.
The Welker can be called at the end. Although he attacks the dragon Ender, he can not do damage.
It is possible to generate Ghasts at the end with cheats. However, the Ghasts automatically attack the Ender dragon, just like withering.
If a final portal is created at the end in creative mode, it results in final credits, similar to the exit portal created when the Final Dragon died.
Entering a final portal has a 3D particle effect similar to entering a Nether portal.
In some versions of Minecraft, it is possible to create a final portal for the peaceful mode and survival mode.

What do you do after defeating the dragon Ender?

hit the dragon ender 20 times (Watch YT vids on, like 2 bring you back from the ded)

get Electra

Full house

beat a woodland mansion

head to an ocean monument and kill the former Guardian

raid (if you haven’t done so yet)

making a big city

make a nether base and final

get any type of pet

mine straight down (cuz y not)

the other fortresses (es r 3 in the rock and 128 in java)

making a railway

complete a map (4/4 levels)

trade with villagers at the highest level

making a Nether Portal transport system

trap all monsters as pets

Place 2 Creepers in a boat

making an Enderman farm with an endermite

make firm arrow with a skeleton spawner

make an XP farm from blocks of Magm and other things (preferably in the Nether)

make a Parkour course 2 height

jump into the void (either take ur stuff or drop it at home, ur choice)

wait until the caves and cliffs are updated and take over from the Guardian

making Redstone stiff

robbery of a gas Station

name a sheep jeb_

making a home from TNT

make your horse be struck by lightning (it will be a skeleton horse)

make a Netherithacke (cuz-y not)

making homes all over the world

making a house from heaven

find a mooshroom Island biome (good luck, they are really rare)

make a pvp arena

find an apple of God (enchanted Apple)

make a dance armor stand

get all the music floppy disks

making a fish farm afk

Get all the crowd heads

make a bridge over the outer islets (normally u would use a portal)

connect all the villages in your world

making an ice base

make a castle of slimblocks

make a Nether portal without mining Obsidian (watch the dream)

make a respawn anchor

making lodestone

connect a compass to the Lodestone

start with an axe to kill crowds

get repair on everything you own

the framework of all your netherite things

fighting ghosts

blow up a sand temple

make traps around your world

making an underwater canyon base

starting a forest fire

burning a forest house

burning a Pillager outpost

hang ominous banners around your world

get a Fortune 3 pickaxe

get a plunder 3 sword

resurrect the Ender dragon and spawn a wilt and fight both at the same time

make the withering and Ender Dragons fight against each other

show your world on yt

start a new world and one it

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