Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Lets check out my Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review. This game is the sixteenth overall installment in the Call of Duty series, as well as a reboot of the Modern Warfare sub-series. It launched on October 25, 2019, for Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Infinity ward, who is responsible for 7 other Call of Duty titles, is the developer and Activation is the publisher. This new game seeks to reboot the Modern Warfare Story arc of the series. There was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007)  and also Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered(2016) which can cause some confusion about the title but this Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is in fact a brand new game.

Single Player Campaign

The single player campaign part of the game has been designed to be as “real life emotional” as war usually is. Many times in war, the major first world nation countries have all the advantages. They have advanced technology, night vision goggles and top of the line weapons and training. So sometimes less fortune nations instead will use all the tactics they have at their disposal instead of this advance technology. This is where you will see them doing things like putting you in the line of fire of regular civilians, or using civilians to carry out task – especially women and children. Call of Duty Modern Warfare puts you in these ‘real life’ situations and takes you on an emotional ride. Is that lady reaching for a gun or a baby? Will you shoot or hold fire and die? These choices are plentiful in the game and leave you will a feeling of dread as you make your way through the levels. Watching civilians get tortured, children used as death pawns and much more horrible things. These have been “questionable” parts of this game, but this is in fact what war really is like.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

The majority of the game takes place in Urzikstan a fiction country that is under occupation of Russia, but the game also uses terrorist attacks from a group called Al-Qatala. Hitting close to home yet? I won’t spoil the story more than that as it is a good emotional play through. Be prepared.


Although the campaign has been set on being one of the most brutal and realistic ones to date, many people play Call of Duty strictly for the online player portion. There are old school favorites here like Team Deathmatch, but also new versions like Cyber Attack and the 2 vs 2 Gunfight.  Let’s dive into the Call of Duty Multiplayer review section.

These are the currently available Multiplayer modes in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Cyber Attack
  • Domination
  • Search and Destroy
  • Headquarters
  • Hardpoint
  • Free-for-all
  • Gunfight
  • Kill Confirmed

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Let’s talk a bit about each one.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is the classic standard your team vs them. The only goal is to kill the other team and gain points. Each kill made gets points for your team. First team to 100 wins.

Cyber Attack

Two teams of six players face off against each other. You both try to grab the EMP in the center of the map and then bring it to the enemies side where it will blow up their data center. You can be revived by your team mates. You win by killing all the members of the other team, or by blowing up the enemy data center. You will play 6 rounds to finish and win.


Domination is a king of the hill type experience. You need to hold 3 points on the map for as long as possible. the more spots you hold, the more points you get per second and per kill. 1 point will be closer to your side, 1 in the middle and 1 closer to the enemy team side.

Search and DestroyCall of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Two teams of 6 where you will either defend an object or seek it out to destroy it. Unlike cyber attack if you are killed during the round, you are out and can’t be revived.


Another king of the hill type experience, where you must capture and hold the headquaters.  While your team holds the headquarter you do not respawn if you die. 


Yet another king of the hill type game mode. Two teams of 6 must fight to hold the points. Each point will only spawn at one time and you must hold it until the next point spawns. The match is over when you acquire 250 points

Free For All

Its you alone against everyone else. For the the lone wolf player, kill everyone you see. Each kill gives you points and the top 3 finishing players win. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review


Two teams of 2 players. Gunfight is a fast action showdown. After 40 second a flag will spawn in the middle of the map. Hold the flag for 3 seconds to win. Whichever team has one player left standing also wins. This mode is super fast.

Kill Confirmed

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

This version of the game is basically Team Deathmatch, with the minor exception that you must pick up dogtags from the people you kill.  You won’t get any points unless you can pick up the dogtag. Similarly if your team mates are down you can pick up there dog tags and stop the enemy team from getting the points. 

Ground War

Ground war has been beefed up to include 32 vs 32 players. This mode allows you to spawn in tanks, helicopters and on your team mates. The maps are large and spawn times are quick. It feels a lot like well, Battlefield. It is a fun battle experience where you hold points on the map.


The multiplayer version of this game has been built from the ground up. There is a ridiculous amount of customization for your guns via an area called the gunsmith. You are able to add up to 5 attachments to each gun, allowing you to customize till you get your perfect killing weapon. The game has attempted to go for a very realistic approach. Footsteps are very loud. You will need to play with headphones to get the best advantage. This also means you need to be sitting in corners, camping and waiting for your prey to approach. If this is not your play style, expect to be frustrated.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Special Ops in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

For the first time since 2013, there is no zombie mode in this version of the franchise. They have instead returned to the cooperative “Special Ops” mode previously present in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Special ops lets you do a co-op 4 player mission. Unfortunately the campaign mode doesn’t let you do a co-op experience, but Special ops does. These fun missions give you objectives to complete with many spawning enemies to take down. They are fun and difficult. 

Final Thoughts 

Call of Duty Modern warfare offers a lot of modes for your buck. There is a very realistic and at times emotionally difficult campaign story line to complete as well as countless modes in multiplayer. The special ops missions are fun to play with your friends. Over all the release of the Call of Duty series will be time well spent if you are a fan of the franchise. 


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