How do you make a survival whistle? – Survival Whistle of Bullet Shell

Survival Whistle

I’m going to show you a cool little survival hack. You can use to make an emergency survival whistle out of an Empty Bullet casing. So let’s imagine. You’re stranded in the forest and you need some way to signal for help. When you glance down at the forest floor. You just happen to notice one of These cartridge casings sitting under the branch. This shell is from a two to three cartridge. But any long narrow casing like this should work now.

The first thing

We need to do is actually shave off the tip of this cartridge casing. So we’re just left with this fat part at the bottom. You can easily do that with some concrete or a Rock like this. We’re going to use that almost as improvised Sandpaper. Because what we need to do is sand the brass all the way back to this bigger casing back here. It’s going to take a little bit of work. But it is very possible to do now.

If you’re somewhere closer to civilization. You could use concrete to curb on your road. Or even a paver stone or if you even have some metal files that will work Better. But the essential idea is we need to shave this back until it gets to about there. It’s going to take a few minutes but eventually you can see. We actually get the cartridge casing ground down and there are some little bits inside. Where you can take a Sharp rock now and just kind of dig those out to clean it up.


We want the inside of that to be as smooth as possible you can see. They’re like little flakes of brass in there. That need to come off. That’s what we’re looking for right there. The next thing we need to do is come back about half to three quarters of an inch. Grind a small hole in the top in a Way that there’s a flat side on the mouth. Then a gradual sloping side toward the back. Take your casing with the open end overlapping. The edge a little bit and then tilt it a little bit and at that angle.

We’re just gonna run this back and forth. And it’s good to take a few minutes. But we want to keep doing this until we dig a hole right through. That side of the casing this is going to be the whistle. Already starting to get a hole through there. You can see it’s already starting to take the whistle shape.

Adjest Angle

This edge could be a little bit flatter. So I’m going to just adjust my angle a little bit. There we go now all this brass in here. We can just carve that out with a rock or a Knife or a file. Whatever the case may be but we just want to clean up that hole and open it up alright. So that actually went a lot faster. Than I thought maybe about two minutes. And we got this thing ground down. If you look at the profile of this casing though. You can see that There’s a vertical line near the mouthpiece. And then a sloping line for at the back of the bullet.

That’s exactly what we’re looking for. There’s still a piece on the inside there. But I can use a stick to go down there. And yeah look there’s the whole flap right there. You might just want to rub it back and forth. A few times to clean out. Some of those brass Burrs, but essentially that is our whistle.

What I need to do now is find some kind of a stick that will fit perfectly into the front piece. Here with just enough of a gap on the top to allow air to flow in. Split over that whistle on the back all we have to do is a little bit of trial. And error until we find a nice Tight fit. Then take a little bit off the top.Now we can use the rock to grind this down. To make a flat surface as well. But essentially we’re looking for something that will just fit very snugly. Inside of that casing.

The last thing to do

Is just to trim a little bit of the stick off. The tops that we Have an air gap for our air to flow through. And split on the whistle, so let’s mark that piece right there. Then either File or carve with a knife a little bit off the top. Just a sliver and that looks good. So now we have to do is break the stick off file it down. We got ourselves a whistle Mm fiber. Hey That sounds amazing so look at the positioning of that.

See how the wood is actually right on the indent. Where it starts sloping upward. So right there is a perfect bullet shell whistle. That we made with stuff. We found right here in the forest. How cool is that guys? Actually hurts my ears. Definitely loud enough to find some help. When you’re in need in the woods. So there you have a guy is a cool little trick for turning scrap bullet casings into emergency survival Whistles.

Thanks so much for joining me for this project. I’ll be looking for you the next video.

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