How can I make my bow and arrow stronger? – Building A Survival Arrow

A Survival Arrow

Today it’s time to make a survival arrow and I have collected some hazelnut shots and of these free. I have to say that probably this one is the straightest. So first off I’m going to peel off the bark and make sure that you are using your fingernails. Because otherwise with a knife you might damage the surface and then the arrow might break. Okay that’s it the length is perfect. So now I have a tip for an arrow. He needs some kind of fattest and I have found some crow feathers and now I’m going to split them. And if you want to use real feathers be sure that you use feathers from one being only. So they all spin in the same direction.

Okay now let’s talk about the tip of the arrow. If you leave it like that it will soon become stamp and then the arrow gets too short. So today I want to use this old can which. I had at my camp and here. when it comes to survival you need to utilize everything. You have and now I want to make myself a tip which is protecting the arrow from breaking and getting blunt. Okay it’s getting dark and I need my flashlight and now it’s time to do the tip and the feathers to the arrow. Okay now I need a little bit of cordage to secure the fetters and knock point and earlier.

Stinging nettles

I have harvested a stinging nettle and stinging nettles. Actually makes very good cordage for such small tasks. Okay our arrow is ready. We have a steel tin inforced tip and we have some fletchings from crow feathers which are secured with pine resin and stinging nettle cordage. And we have a nice knock point. I did a couple of shots and the arrow is still in very good condition the tip doesn’t come off the feathers are still on. So pretty good arrow yeah,, I have to say this is my favorite flashlight. It’s a headlamp and as you can see I had both of my hands free to shoot bow and arrow.

So I really recommend to take a headlamp with you into the woods and this in particular. One is pretty easy you only have one button. And if you keep it pressed. It selects three different modes low medium and high and it even has an SOS mode. So if you are in trouble this flashlight can really save your life. I want to thank you guys for watching. And I want to thank the company thrunite for sponsoring this video. If you want to see other videos check out my channel and please subscribe to my channel. You can also follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.

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