Be There for ‘Friends’ Trivia on the New Series, ‘Fandom 5’

Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOD. Could you BE any more of an expert on Friends? Well, Fandom wants to help you turn that Smelly Cat knowledge into an actual cash prize. Or at least a really solid meatball sub. Whichever you prefer.

Our new series, Fandom 5, presents competitors with a simple challenge: get five questions in a row correct about your absolute favorite fandom. There’s only one twist — the questions get harder as we go. In each episode, we’ll pick 8 players from our live streaming audience to play along, for a shot at getting all 5 questions correct, and winning $150 each. But that’s not all! One lucky player will even get to return at the end of the show for a super-challenging final round that’s worth an additional $500. Which in the world of Friends will get you six months’ rent in a very nice Manhattan apartment.

For a chance to play, all you have to do is watch Fandom 5 LIVE and raise your hand. You can sign up for our Friends Fandom 5 by clicking here! During the show, our producer will select 8 contestants at random and reach out with further instructions. But be sure your microphone and camera are ready to go! (Otherwise, we can’t see how YOU doin’.)

A few extra rules: to play, you must be 18 or older, and you must live in the United States, DC, Puerto Rico, or Canada – though unfortunately, our Friends from Quebec are ineligible, even though they seem very nice. Also, no monkeys.

The Friends edition of Fandom 5 is happening at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET on Friday, July 31. So don’t say no one told you life was gonna be this way. I just did.

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