How do you survive in the woods without supplies?

There are many rules for how to behave in emergency situations. But are they really effective?

Bright Side found out that some of them are nothing more than myths that can be useless or even life threatening to follow.

The best way to escape from a bear

Man is not included in the bear’s natural diet. Therefore, in most cases, it’s enough just to calmly bypass the bear, staying at a distance and emphasizing that you are not claiming its living space. Here is the instruction of the Ministry of Emergencies , which describes in detail what to do when meeting with this predator.

First aid for a snakebite

Snake venom immediately enters the bloodstream, and does not accumulate at the site of the bite. In addition, poison can damage the mucous membrane of the mouth and esophagus. The best thing that can be done in this situation is to keep calm, keep the injured limb below the level of the heart, provide the victim with plenty of drink and get to the hospital as soon as possible. See also: tips from the Ministry of Emergencies for a snakebite .ADVERTISING

What to do if you get lost in the forest

This is not entirely true. You can do without food for quite a long time – up to 6 weeks, depending on your health condition. But finding water and a place to hide from the weather is much more important. Lifeguard tips will teach you how to behave if you get lost in the forest.

How to build the best shelter

Before you begin to build this or that shelter, you need to evaluate the weather conditions and the surrounding environment. It is necessary to protect yourself from the wind or the scorching sun, and also take care of the warm bedding, so as not to freeze on cold earth at night. Before you gather in the forest, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with these simple tips from the Ministry of Emergencies .

Where to find moisture in the desert

There is only one type of barrel-shaped cactus, the liquid of which can be drunk without risk to health. You can still get moisture from  prickly pears . But another type of cactus liquid contains toxins that can cause vomiting and thus only accelerate the dehydration process. To learn how to survive in the desert, read the instructions from WikiHow .

How to find out what is edible and what is not

In fact, some berries and mushrooms that animals and birds eat without any harm to their health are deadly to humans. This site will help you recognize edible and inedible mushrooms, berries and herbs.

How to determine the cardinal points using moss

In fact, moss can grow on all sides of the tree, depending on environmental conditions. Do not believe this common myth, otherwise get lost in the forest. Here are some ways you can learn how to navigate without a compass .

What to do with hypothermia or frostbite

By rubbing frostbite, you can damage the skin even more, and a hot bath can even cause shock in people with hypothermia. Instead, you should gradually warm the frozen: cover it with blankets and cover it with heating pads or bottles of warm water. Properly act in such cases, you will help the memo of the Ministry of Health .

Reception that helps protect against sharks

In the water you are unlikely to be able to hit a swimming shark hard on your nose. In rare cases, when the attack does occur, try to keep some solid object between you and the shark (for example, a mask or swimming board). If there is nothing at hand, try to scratch the shark’s eyes and gills. Examples of how people escaped from an attacking shark can be found in this article .

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