Which of the following is very important tool for survival? – Survival Gadgets Put to the Test

Survival Gadgets

Today I’m going to show you survival gadgets. Let’s check this out. So this gadget I got here. One of these things. Pretty cool. It is a survival gadget. I’m gonna open this out, and it comes with a replacement rubber. So, all I have to do is just unscrew this part. And unscrewing this is really easy, it just spins. Let’s take it apart so you see how it works.

You see the little screw that this rubber is put on? And then you screw this back up so it doesn’t fall off anymore. Just screw it tight so it doesn’t fall out and boom. Here you go it stretches out and shoots. What’s cool about this, it stretches a lot. And at the same time, it’s really doable. But, if it breaks, you have another replacement.

Definitely an awesome gadget. You can just keep it in here. Don’t forget about safety when shooting stuff. You never know. It might ricochet back into your eye. As you can see these are pretty big size of rocks. Let’s load one up and shoot it, and see what happens. Woah! It flew like twenty feet. Really easily. So let’s test this out again. Drop a rock inside of it, stretch it out, and shoot. Wow! This is awesome.

Cooking Sheet

I got here a cooking sheet. twang If I hit it, you’ll hear that noise. Boom! Second try! Made it! Wow! Let’s find another rock. These square rocks work the best. Wooh! Little bit to the right. Boom, made it. Dead center! Wow! That’s actually pretty easy to aim. Boom! Wow! twang in distance Wooh! Did you hear it? It ricocheted! So in case I need, so in case there is a little prey over there in a survival situation you have to eat. So, Boom! Dead center. Woah! That ricocheted so fast. As you know, fire is essential, and survival matches, there is a few burns out of it, so I’m going to check out these two burns.

First, I’m going to go with this one. I’m going to stick it into the water, hold it under water for a few seconds, take it out, shake it off from the water in case it dropped it, you know. So now I’m just going to open it as you can see the matches are actually still dry. So let’s try to start it. Oh, it broke off. Let’s keep trying to start it.

Wind resistant

Okay it’s on. It lighted up. Looks like they are wind resistant, that’s for sure. Let see it close up. Alright, it’s lighted up. Wind resistant. But, not so much water resistant. It doesn’t turn back on. So, this match is actually pretty good. Shake it up, and it’s burning again. But, they kind of burn off way too fast. And look, the wooden part doesn’t burn. I don’t know. Now let’s try these matches. I’m going to dip it all the way in with water. You see it’s submerged all the way in water. I’m gonna take it out. Guess what? The striker is actually inside right now. So I’m gonna dry it with my t-shirt. Before I open it.


Let’s see what this one’s all about. They used a lot of matches. Look at this much. Amazing. Way bigger this is. There is a little packet with a lot of strikers inside of it. Looks like there is two strikers inside of it. So, we’re going to stick one a side. All the way in. Boom. And now, by itself, we’re gonna dip the match in all the way. Now we’re gonna dry it out and I’m gonna strike it. No problem. It’s burning a lot longer than the other matches.

Dip it in the water, shake it up. And it’s burning again. How cool is that? Still burning. Let’s strike two matches at once and see which one will burn longer. One lighted out, and look at this. This one is still burning. So my pick is these matches. The container is actually screw on top. It’s definitely a lot more durable. This one is pop on so I think accidentally you could spill it.

Matches burn under water

Let’s see if these matches burn under water. And then I’m going to take it out. And look, it’s still burning. Pretty amazing, huh? Love these matches. Definitely a thumbs up for me. For this gadget I got here survival paracord bracelet. What you can do with the bracelet is unwind it, and use the rope for building a shelter. Also, it built in over here, a fire starter flint. As you can see it sparks a lot.

Boom. So it’s built in into here. Boom. Here’s the flint, and here’s the blade for it to spark. All you need a little bit of a coconut husk, or char cloth. Let’s see what it is going to look like. Look at this. Coconut husk really lighted up. Very very simple. Pretty amazing, huh? As you can see, it’s burning really really well. This survival bracelet works really amazing.

Handheld chainsaws

First of all you get paracord, and you got the flint. Awesome. For this survival gadget, I’m going to compare two different handheld chainsaws. One you already see has better handles than this one. This one has a lot more blades. Only every third one, there is a blade. This one uses chainsaw blades, this one, just regular saw blades. But as you can see one is going in and out, so it should be going through the wood really easily.

Let’s go test them out, and find out which one is better. Here is a pretty good subject, for cutting the piece of wood. So let’s try this out. First we’re going to try out this little chain. Let’s see what it does. So looks like I’ll grab it like this, into my hands and just start cutting it. Oh, not bad. Kinda hurts my hands with the handle. But look, this is pretty fast.

Wow! Almost no effort. I love this. Uh! It kinda gets stuck, so you gotta keep pressure on it. Boom. Wow. That was pretty easy. Look how thick this is. Wow. Did not expect it for this one to do that well. Well now, let’s test this one out. Alright, ready, set, go. Wow. This one is a lot faster. Wooh! Did you see how fast that was? That’s crazy. So, I give this one a thumbs up. A big thumbs up! This one works, but this one works way faster.

Survival situation

In a survival situation, you don’t wanna waste to much energy. That felt so good I wanna try it again. Wow! Did you see that? That’s easy. Look how big of a chunk I just did it. Here’s a dead tree. Let’s see how long it will take me to take it down. Not too big, but at the same time not too small.

Alright, let’s do this. Boom. Wow. You see this? Thumbs up for me for this gadget. For this survival gadget I got here, fire starter piston. What I’m gonna do is pull it out. Do you hear it? So now I’m going to push it back in, and you see it doesn’t push all the way in. What I’m going to do is hold it like this, smash it like that, and start a fire. As simple as that. So here I got a little bit of char cloth. I’m just going to stick it in here. You see char cloth is over there. I’m going to do is just smash it like this. Then you take it out. And you see it’s burning.

Coconut husk

Get some kind of flint, this is a coconut. Coconut husk. If you have to get more char cloth. And boom, we got a fire. Awesome. For this survival gadget, as you can see I’m in this rainforest. In case, if it’s raining a lot, you see everything is wet, I cannot start a fire. Or, if I’m on the move, I wanna drink water, but I don’t wanna stop, boil water, then drink it. LifeStraw. It filtrates 99.999 water born bacteria. So it’s pretty cool. It’s made for the third world countries, where the water system is poor, or there is no good quality water. They can use it and drink water straight out of the river like that. I’m gonna test it out, and see if it tastes good or not. It’s open from the top right here, and now I just have to open from the bottom.

Water Filter

Boom. Check this out there is a filter. Now I’m supposed to just stick it in and drink out of it. There is a lot of mud over here. I wouldn’t drink the water without boiling it, because there is a lot of bacteria in there. So I’m going to put my knee over here. It’s almost impossible to drink it from. I guess I gotta submerge it a lot more. Mmm. Wow. Tastes like regular water. Mmm. Actually tastes really good. After I’m done drinking, all I have to do is, blow it out so it doesn’t clog the filter. Awesome. It says it can filter up to a thousand liters or gallons. I don’t remember. I’ll post it in the description.

It’s really awesome it will last you a long long time. So definitely some gadget to have in a survival situation. Gonna test out this pocket stove. It’s raining outside, really hard to start fire, so here you go, little pocket stove. Let’s unpack it and see what it looks like. Boom. So, looks like it unfolds like this. That’s it. You set it down. And then it comes with a couple of these dry fills. So I’m just gonna open it. It’s like a little tablet. I’m gonna just, you see, it’s a perfect fit over here.

Just like that. Then we’re pretty much just going to light it up. You see, it’s really easy to light it up. It’s already burning. So just place it carefully. You see it works like little legs over here. And this is where you put your pot on.

Heating up water

If it’s too windy, you can kinda close it in this position. Okay, it’s burning well, let’s put the pot on top of it. Boom. You see it sits really well. Just look at this. The pot’s standing on really easily. Even though it’s sitting on a wet log, look how easy it is. It’s already heating up water. You see all that steam? I just put it on for like a minute there. One of these little tablets will definitely make you a meal. What I did is get more solid fuel cubes?

It comes I think in twelve. Each one of them easily will make you a meal. This is awesome. It’s not even close to burning out. Not even half way yet, that cube. Of course, this pot is really dirty. This is just an example. It’s boiling really really wet. You hear how sides of the pan is so hot. pan sizzles So definitely success. Look at how much water we boiled. Awesome. After you cook with that, and you want to use your pocket stove again, all you have to do fold it back in, throw it in your backpack, and it’s ready to use again, later.

Regular flint

Also, get yourself a regular flint. In a survival situation, you never know when you’re going to forget matches, or run out of matches, or your matches are going to get wet. Or the lighter will run out. So it comes with this little piece of metal. And magnesium on this side, and a striker on that side. Do it with a knife if you want to. Don’t need that much magnesium when you start a fire. But I think it will look really cool. This is not the best flint, it’s one of the cheaper ones, but nevertheless, you see it works really well. Puts up the flame pretty good. Look at how much magnesium that is.

We can definitely start a fire with that. Pretty awesome, huh? So simple flint is perfect for survival situation as well. Lightweight, and you can make lots and lots of fires. .

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