How do you make an automatic farm in Minecraft survival?

Automatic Farms

Today on OMGcraft, we are creating six awesome automatic farms. These are easy, beginner-level farms. That will automate the production of all sorts of items for your Minecraft worlds or servers. These are must-have builds, so let’s jump in. (cheerful electronic music) So here we are inside of Minecraft, and this is all of the different farms. That we will be showing off today. I’m gonna consider this farm, these two farms, as a single farm. So you know, if you’re counting and you’re like, “Wait, what the heck?. “He said this number but he showed off this number,” that is why.

Melon Farm

So we are gonna start off with a super simple melon farm. Can be any type of melon. This can be pumpkin, this can be actual watermelon. And by the way, I have my random tick speed set to really, really high. So that these will fire a whole bunch of times whenever I’m showing this to you. You can actually see it in action a few times.

And this one is very, very, very, I mean. Obviously, these are all very simple. So all that’s going on here is an observer is looking at this stalk. This stalk only has two places that it can grow on either side. Once it does that, it’ll update, this observer will see that and send a redstone signal to both of these pistons. Firing off in the direction of the hopper. Then that deposits it into a chest over on the other side.

So let’s go ahead and start off with everything that we need. First you need an area to sort of build everything in. We’re just gonna have a little bit of dirt. Obviously, this could be dug into the ground. Now, you’ll wanna put some chests down on either side. Then grab a hopper and set it into, point it into, both of those chests.


Now you need some water in the middle. Make sure that your farmland will grow. Now you’ll need to actually make that farmland. I’m just gonna go ahead and grab the farmland out of my inventory instead of grabbing a hoe. And place your seed inside of that. Then, I’m just gonna use some bone meal to make sure that it’s all the way grown up. If it goes ahead and makes a melon on either side, that is totally fine. Now we need to get our observer, any type of building block. A little bit of redstone, and the piston to break it. As well as any type of block around the edges.

I’m using glass here for that block, but it could really be anything. So we’re gonna take the observer and point it into the stalk here. That is gonna go into any type of block, and then on either side. There’s gonna be a bit of redstone dust. I’m just gonna go ahead and break that guy. Break him again, just so that we can place down our piston.

Oh my gosh, (chuckles) break him another time! There we go, place down our piston right there. So that it will break that block, and then make sure that wherever the entities end up flowing. They are gonna flow towards the hoppers. So there we go, and this is a completed build! And it’s nice. So far, I’ve obviously got a ton of melon. But I’m on random tick speed 300, so that is to be expected.

Wool Gathering

Next, this is a super-simple farm for gathering wool! This is actually a example that I showed off (water trickling) in a previous video. For some reason, we’re actually getting, why are we getting no wool at all? (sheep baaing) Oh my gosh, I’m so silly. It’s because (chuckles) okay, whenever you make this yourself, remember that you do need some grass around the dirt block, which was in my original video, and so this poor sheep has been sitting here looking for a hungry hungry piece of grass to munch on, and he hasn’t been able to munch on anything because all of the grass is gone!

So let’s go ahead and make this ourselves. We’re gonna go ahead and start off with the chest, so just any chest, I like a double chest, ’cause you end up filling it up. You will need a you will need a hopper, some rail, you’ll need a hopper minecart, then you’ll need your grass block, but if you’re building this in survival, you probably already have a grass block there, some glass to keep everything in a perfect tube, the observer, some redstone, a dispenser, and we’re gonna stop there and go ahead and build all of this.


Place your hopper into the chest, put your rail on top of that, with your hopper minecart into that. Then you’re gonna make sure that your grass is right above the hopper minecart, and obviously, you would probably build this underground, all of this. so this is just two underneath the block that the sheep will eventually be on. Make sure that there is grass around that block, otherwise it’ll never turn back into grass, which would be a big bummer, and would be embarrassing, if you notice that on video.

So now, Put your observer facing into the block that your sheep will eventually be standing on. Make sure that behind that observer is any type of block, then place redstone on top of that, and a dispenser on top of your observer. Now you’re gonna make sure to create a little cage for your sheep, so just make it just exactly like that.


Now, you need to make sure to get a sheep and then also, you’re going to need to have some shears. Now shears have lots of durability on them. I believe that it is 200-and-somethin’ durability. Let’s look at this, here we go, 238 durability, which is actually 239 uses, so if you fill up your dispenser with shears, it’s gonna be thousands and thousands of uses, so you’re gonna get tons of uses out of just this. If you want to add even more shears, you can add a hopper onto the side and a chest onto the top of that and fill that up with shears.

Initial Shearing

Then all you have to do, throw your sheep inside of there. Eventually, he will eat the grass, but to speed up the process, you may wanna give him an initial shearing. That way, he will immediately eat the grass below him. Every time he eats the grass, the contraption will notice that the grass has been updated because he’ll eat the grass, his wool will come back, it will try to shear him, then the wool will fall down into the chest below.

So here’s the whole process, there we go, just like that. And then wham bam, he’s a wool-producin’ machine! Look at that, look at him go! My gosh, twice in a row, you are a superb actor. Next is a fantastic little cactus farm. You can see all of the cactus that we’ve gathered already.

This one is really, really simple. I know that that is the title of this video, but let me assure you, very, very simple. So we’re gonna start off with a corner block and then fill in five blocks, (grass rustling) one, two, three, four, five. Another corner block, one, two, three, four, five, another corner block, one, two, three, four, five, and you get the idea, we’re just gonna fill that in.


Inside of here, you are going to need a little bit of sand. Obviously, the cactus that you will be placing on top of that sand, some iron bars. Make sure that you have one water bucket, a hopper, and a chest. Over here in, whoops, sorry, I didn’t mean to throw my sand on the ground. This is where you’re going to create your inventory, so you’re gonna put down a chest with a hopper facing into it just like that. Over here in the middle of your five by five area, make sure to put some sand, just four sand down.

Place a water bucket in the opposite corner of your hopper, and that is going to fill in perfectly so that it will always push things directly to the hopper. Then place your cactus down, and this is using a technique where cactus will break off if it grows into an area with an adjacent block.

Iron Bars

We’re gonna use these iron bars. If I just place this iron bar next to this cactus. You’ll see, what is going to happen is. The cactus will try to have the space next to a block that’s already there. Then it will break! So we’re gonna go up one, oh, thanks, wandering… If you weren’t already super freaking annoying, you’re gonna get into my, okay, okay, I just, I’ve had enough. Make sure you go one block above your cactus. We’re gonna destroy that temporary block down there, and then you’re gonna fill in this area.

So we’re gonna make sure, bam! Don’t grow, and we’re just making a little X here so that is one, two, three blocks by three blocks, and that’ll stop the cactus from getting any higher. You may have, this an optional next step, is to create a little bit of a wall, because sometimes when the entity breaks off, it goes flying in a crazy direction, although you don’t lose too many blocks. If you like the look of it without this wall, totally fine.

I just destroyed my water source block so we’re gonna have to place that right back. If I didn’t hate the wandering trader already, oh my gosh, the most annoying mob. So there you go, already we’ve gathered a whole bunch although my random tick speed is going crazy.

AFK Fish Farm

Next is another type of farm, this is an AFK fish farm. This may be one of the most useful things early-game, is to be able just to sit here and fish. Pro tip, the water source or the bobber should be able to see the sky, so make sure that you’re not building this inside of a cave or inside of a building that doesn’t have access to the sky, so this block right here is what I’m talkin’ about.

With this setup, you can fish and the moment that a fish gets onto the bobber, you will reel it in. Make sure that you are pointing your clicker or pointing your crosshairs at the note block. So what happens here is, when the iron trapdoor is down, you can throw out your bobber here, so whenever it’s down, you’ll throw it out.

Pressure Plate

Once you throw it down. It will activate the pressure plate. Which will raise it up out of the way. Then you’re looking straight at a note block! That note block is actually getting tuned by you. So if you look at your statistics, you’ll see it going up. That you’re tuning this note block over and over and over again. That takes precedent over reeling in your bobber. But the moment that a fish gets attached to the bobber. You’ll real in that fish, which will bring the pressure plate back to normal. Which will bring the iron trapdoor back down.

Then you’ll be able to swing out your bobber once again. Once again, you’re lookin’ at that note block. So that is how you’re able to gather fish. Let’s go ahead and build this, very, very simple. We’re gonna need a chest and a hopper to gather the materials. You’ll need a oak fence and a little bit of water, and of course that pressure plate which you saw before.

Iron Trapdoor

You’re also gonna need the iron trapdoor in this, as well as a note block and some slabs. So let’s go ahead and start with our chest. We’re just gonna place that down, move to the back, throw a hopper into it. This is where your water source is gonna be, so you’re gonna throw your oak fence right there. I’m just gonna add any type of block on either side of this, just like this, and then one in the front. Make sure the one in the front is a transparent block so that you can open up that chest, and so we’re just gonna continue that all the way around.

Now you’re gonna go ahead and waterlog that fence. Throw a pressure plate on the top of that, and then an iron trapdoor over on the other side. Make sure that that trapdoor is going to open away from you, just like that. Now we’re gonna throw our note block, and if you don’t wanna (piano music) listen to that thing all day long. Throw any type of block on top of it, and then it will not make a sound.

And you just need to have a little area for you to stand. So you could create some stairs if you want. But basically you just need to stand back one block and now everything is ready for you. When it comes to AFK fishing. And the first time that you try this, make sure that your crosshairs are pointed at that note block, like I said before.


You can also extend this system, if you want to incorporate even more of a storage situation. So you can add more storage down here. Then add more hoppers pointed into that and the line’ll just go down. Deposit all of the stuff into the bottom hopper. So let’s say we we caught a fishing rod, throw it in there. The hopper picks it up, moves it all the way down to the bottom chest. So there you go, so now you have expandable storage as well.

Finally, we only have two more to take a look at. Both of these farms are using the observer and a piston to break off a vertical crop. So this will work with bamboos just great. It’ll also work fantastically with sugar cane. We’re using a very similar setup to what we were capturing wool with before. So let’s go ahead and quickly make both of these.


You’re going to need a chest with a hopper. That hopper will need a rail and a hopper minecart sitting on top of that. Both of these, now bamboo can be made on many different types of blocks, but sugar cane can only be made on sand, so make sure you have some sand.

Obviously, you’re going to need whatever crop that you are going to be harvesting. You’ll need an observer and a piston. I also have some transparent blocks just to make sure that nothing bounces around. For this design, we are gonna need some redstone and a few more blocks.

So let’s start off with the bamboo design. Place down your chest, hopper into the back, rail on the top, I always click into the hopper for some reason. Hopper minecart on top of that. Now place your crop block on top of that and go ahead and throw it down.

Now you’re going to place the observer, and remember, bamboo grows. Really, really, really tall. So if you want to, you can wait for this to grow really way up in the air. Then place this down, or you could do it way down here as well. So however you want to place this, you can. Let’s go ahead and stop right there.


We’re gonna put our observer into that. And then we’re gonna place a few more observers all the way down. Except that we will wanna make sure that. let’s say this is gonna be where our piston is. Because you don’t want to destroy the bottom block, otherwise you’d have to replant it. So you want the second block from the bottom. Then place all of your observers going down.

That way, when this block is updated, it’ll send a signal all the way down to this piston, which will fire it off. And then of course, you would conceal all of that inside of some type of glass or something so your items don’t go flying everywhere. Now with the sugar cane, basically the exact same situation here. We’re gonna do the hopper minecart with the sand and place that right over that.

Suger Cane

Now, the sugar cane is a little bit different because sugar cane requires a water block to be adjacent to the block that it is trying to grow the sugar cane on. So you’re gonna have to create a little pocket back here for a water source to be, otherwise you won’t be able to place your sugar cane. Next, sugar cane can only grow three tall, so once we have this at three height, that is where your observer is gonna have to be.

And now I’m gonna go ahead and grab some redstone and any type of block. This observer is gonna have to go into a block with a block below it. Redstone in the middle, and that redstone is going to be what powers the piston to break off the sugar cane. Then it’ll all go flowing into the chest below once you have your two vertical shafts of blocks!

Chicken Cooker

Finally, we are here at this chicken cooker. This is a really kind of old-school farm. They’ve been in Minecraft for a very, (chickens clucking) very, very, very long time. My chickens still have not grown up, oh, there they go. I think they’re all about ready to grow up. This is awesome, (laughs) perfect timing! ‘Cause I just completed this right before I started the video, so all my chickens are growing up all at once.


So how this works is that we have adult chickens in here. They are poopin’ out their eggs. Those eggs are going into a dispenser. The dispenser is firing into this half slab which creates babies every once in a while. Those babies are safe from lava until they grow up. The moment they grow up, they die. Lava cooks the chicken and also kills the chicken. Which gives you cooked chicken and feathers as an output.

In order to build this, we’re gonna need obviously our chest and our hopper. You can use glass, you can use a solid block, it doesn’t matter, whatever you want. You’ll also need your lava, a half slab of any flavor, a dispenser, and it does need to be a dispenser. And you’ll also need a bit of carpet for the chickens up there. Then you’ll need some redstone. So you’ll need a repeater, a comparator, and some actual redstone as well as a few blocks, and we’ll get to that in just a moment. So to start off with this build, place down your collection device, go ahead and put your hopper into that, put the slab on top of that.

Baby Chickens

This is where the baby chickens are going to live, eventually. Make sure they don’t escape by putting blocks all the way around that. You can go ahead and drop your lava into the top. Oops, I kinda got ahead of myself. I accidentally added this right here, (glass crashing) which should actually be. I’m gonna go ahead and destroy my lava, I’m sorry. I got ahead of myself. You’re gonna want to put down a dispenser dispensing directly into the half slab here.

There we go, sorry, that required quite a lot of fake dispensers. The dispenser is going straight into that half slab, and then on top of that is going to be a hopper. Now you can go ahead and add your lava bucket. And here, this is where your adult chickens are going to live, so I’m gonna go ahead and throw a carpet right there.

Glass Tinkling

You are gonna need to cover that carpet with a bit of string. Otherwise the carpet is going to catch on fire, just like it did. Then I accidentally destroyed my hopper, so we’re gonna make sure to put string on top of that. But before we do, let’s go ahead and throw down (glass tinkling) our glass blocks. This glass will also stop the carpet from catching on fire. There we go, go ahead and destroy that, put down our carpet on top of the hopper and then our string, and there we go.

Catch on fire

So that is not going to catch on fire. Now, we are gonna make sure this is two tall so that our chickens cannot escape, and then you would fill this full of chickens. And we’ll do that in just a moment. I’m gonna go ahead and put down my redstone and a few blocks. Out of the dispenser here, you’re just gonna build out, go ahead and and build out three blocks on either side, with one block right next to your dispenser.

You’re gonna put a comparator coming out of the back of that dispenser, with a repeater going into a block. On this side, it’s going to be redstone, redstone, repeater, and that repeater goes into the block next to the dispenser. On the other side, it’s going to be redstone, redstone, redstone. What this will do is, if there is anything inside of the dispenser, the comparator will light up.

It’ll send a redstone signal here, but this will go over and turn the repeater off, so it’ll lock it, which won’t send the redstone signal, so this will continue to click, click, click, click, click. Every time that it clicks, it sends another redstone signal over here to this block, which fires off the dispenser. So it’ll go click, click, click, click, click, and the whole time it’s clicking it will fire off the dispenser at the same time.


So now you can go ahead and, whoops, I grabbed, that is a sheep, I need a chicken. Go ahead and add your chickens to the top. MaxEntityCramming will probably limit the amount of chickens that you’re allowed to add in there. Obviously, you’re probably gonna do this not in creative mode, you’re gonna use eggs and just spam the eggs as much as you can.

Once you are satisfied with the chicken quantity, you can also just throw in any extra eggs, and that will get started with the babies below. And you can throw in as many as you want because this has a really nice timing, that it will always constantly fire as long as that is being fed with items. And we already have babies over here, where we’ve had babies for a little while, we already have a little bit of cooked chicken.

If you are friends with the server manager or you have OP on the server. Then you can raise maxEntityCramming and get like 50, 60 chickens in there. It’ll go very, very fast. Right now on this world, I have it set to 24. That’s why we haven’t gotten a ton of chicken out of that. And those are all of our fantastic farms! And there you have it, our farms. I hope that you enjoyed all of these. Personally find having a farm in my world way better. Than trying to go out and manually gather the materials.

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If you make these farms early enough. Then you can just have the resources whenever you need them next. Some of these are also really good for villager trades. So thanks so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, please give this a big ol’ thumbs-up! Also, make sure you subscribe for future videos, tips, tricks, tutorials, and spotlights here on OMGcraft. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. See you next time on OMGcraft, bye! .

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