How do you survive the Troom Troom in the forest? – Five Survival Life Hacks

Survival life hacks

What’s Up Everybody welcome back to my laboratory where safety is Number 1 priority and today I’m going to show You five Survival Life Hacks let’s Check This out for this life Hack we Will Need about four or five Feet? stick and then we’re going to cut this Wood Just like that at the angle and the other side as well Something Like This Looks Good then What we’re going to do is grab one of The sharp Sides and Put It right into the dirt at the angle like this you might Have to twist it or something to get it really really Deep There you Go there’s a Softer dirt Here Okay then we’re going to start the fire down here and on the Hanging stick you Just Need to make Few notches we’re going to hang our pot like This and then we Can Just hang It on one of These Things, right over the fire Boom Very easy to put It together Very easy to take It apart you can take it off Put It on a Higher one boom that Way we Keeping It warm but if you want To cook It even faster put It on a lower One and sits Right Next.

To the fire? And Once You’re ready to take it off Just pull it off Set It aside Easy And Then You can pull it out and take That stick and a pot Hanger for your next camping spot so you don’t Have to keep getting New sticks if you cook Over the open file or camp Stuff Like This Chances are These Handles are gonna be really hot after 5-10 Minutes and of Course the Whole pot Will be Really hot as Well and you’re going to end up with cooking Tones Let’S see how to use them so let’s Say This pot Is really really Hot so What You Will do is grab the stones Put a Tool Like This and Hold It tight Readjust it Well so you can Carry It far and boom That Way you will not Burn Yourself and sometimes you gotta Walk Away from a fire far enough and Who Knows how far you Need to walk This way you can Carry It for a While Without Burning yourself look at That And Let’s Say The Pot is still hot and you Need to put it back on a fire All you have to do is grab the same Way Grab It Steady Set It back on a fire on a stove and boom good to go and it’s Nice To have a Malone in case the fire is bigger so that Way you can grab it from farther away boom Beautiful Very Simple life hack but Very useful because you don’t want to Burn Your hand specially in a Survival Situation They have a quick announcement? and Then i will show you three more Survival life Hacks stay Tuned This video is Actually Sponsored by The Next game the game i’m about to show you many of You already know and Playing It They Work in Dead no man’s land so Guys have Been Playing This game for Few Days Now and it’s pretty Addicting Here’s The Things Why i love This game each Here has different Type of Weapons you Got Knives swords Baseball Belts Pistols Sniper Rifles and of Course there Is a Little Bit of a Strategy Involved with all these different Weapons you have to move? But Once You made youR move you cannot reverse It Because it’s a walker time to move and if You made one move They’re gonna Get You so you have to think twice before You’re going to move somewhere boom did you See there is Just some Be appeared but no problem we have? Michonne With The Sword But Now it got stuck over there and two Zombies Appear Directs to Him so i will have to run away we gotta move all our Heroes To the Green line to get our Mission complete at the end of Every Mission you get to pick lock three out of Nine Cases and You Never Know What you’re going to get you can Get Weapons items Experience it’S so much fun this is probably favorite part of the game i’ve Been Bench The Game for a While to get to level 18 because there is a New game mode the Distance It’S a Brand New event and That’s the best Way to get your rewards You Guys Know i locked the air Why and Now you corruption is available You Will be Able to collect Components for Mission Crates and Corrupt Budgets for Your Survivors you can Also Use charge Attack boom I’m going to put the link in the Description Go download the free game from App store or Google Play Now and you will get Megan for free till the end of the September for This life Hack i’m going to show you how to make Hammock out of a Bed sheet What we’re going to do is Just fold This end Together Like This Comfort Is Very important in a Survival Situation So we’re going to fold It like This and Go with the rope Actually Under This Way Around and Over This Way and then we’re going to go right Here boom That’s What you want leave at Least 4 Inches side Here so it Does not slip out Then you’re going to get the rest of This rope and put it through here And Then Slowly we’re going to tie this all up then we’re gonna pull this back and Then we’re going to pull that I hope You can see and follow it Just pause the video if you cannot follow Boom and i did same Thing on the other side Very? Simple Now Let’s hook it up to the tree and see if it’s Actually Works ok Let’S start to lay Down in this Thing but Keeping in Mind I’m Very tall person also probably give a Little Bit Too Much Slack Right Here so i could Make it at least 5 inches or 6 inches Longer but nevertheless Let’S lay in This Thing ofcourse it’S gonna stretch Out on me a Lot Whoa it’s stretching out quite a bit The rope not so tight But You know What Wow this is Actually Very comfortable Okay i didn’t think it’s gonna Actually Stretch Out so much and suck so much so i adjust it a little Bit okay once again there Goes nothing i hope it Does Not Break on me i hear cracking but first of all you can Just seep Like This and Just Be relaxed this is pretty comfortable but if you want to lay Down and even more comfortable Just Lay Down like That Wow This is awesome i am 214 Pounds so if this Thing Doesn’t break on me i don’t think if you lighter Than That Definitely Not gonna break on you Just Be Careful use your own Judgement you don’t want to Just Lay in something and that it’s gonna break Easily Make sure it’s safe to use okay durability test you see i’m shaking on it nothing happening all Right Good Night Guys This Is so comfortable i can Just Take Your Whole day in the winter time i assume it will be a Little Bit Too cold so would be Nice To have some Kind of Thick Blanket or sleeping bag but this survival? Lifehack We Will Need Power Cord and a stick and This will Help You Gather Wood a lot easier What we’re going to do is Just Make a Simple nut on a stick nothing Special on one side and same Thing on the other side? We Will Need to Just Simple knot then we’re going to get another stick and put It Around on the other Stick Just Couple of knots nothing Special and we’re going to Ended Up with something Like This looks Pretty Good Now when you got it you would lay This out and Just Put all Your wood when you break it in pieces The Longer Pieces on the bottom so the Shorter don’t Get stuck in the between Then Once we’ve done this all We Have to do is put over like This This stick over in here and then Settle It down boom and you can Lift It all up all your wood and boom Never can Carry Firewood super Easily It Looks Like a Little Bag Just lay it like this undo this part, boom There you go and i am ready to go for the next pile of Wood so That way you don’t Have to tie up all YouR Firewood Every time together Every time you Carry It Just quickly up and Around Take It Drop It off and come back Get some more also it’s a lot easier Than Carry It With Your Hands It will increase Your Productivity And Also It will Burn Less Colors Because Colors are important in Survival Situation For This Survival life Hack if you have a piece of Aluminum foil you can make a Lil Survival Pot What you want to do is Just fold It like That find the Middle Then we’re going to fold It This Way and then we’re going to fold this Part Into here Then we’re going to fold It This Way Not all the Way to the Middle Just Like That and same Thing on this side too then what i’m going to do is fold This part in like This boom i’ll Flip it Over fold This Part in Like This and Then we’re going to Unfold it and We Got Ourselves Aluminum pot You can Make Them different Sizes you Get the idea Let’s boil in water and Now and see if it’s Actually going to work Now we Got Ourself our camping Stuff i got Water into my pot and then we’re going to Set a diet on today Pimp and stuff and Boil The Water Let’S try to take it off Usually Aluminum Foil Doesn’t hold Up to much Heat so that Way you’re Kind of still Touchable But It might Be hot boom and we Got Ourself a Boil Water we can Make tea in it you See all the Water is standing there Amazing Alright Guys That’s Pretty Much It Let me know in comments Below of Which hack was your favorite thank you for watching and i’ll see you Next Time

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